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  1. Leveling blocks

    Let's not forget that it is a "stabilizer" and not a leveling jack, although I would not take a bet that it is not used for that.
  2. New RV Sat TV

    I don't think I was disappointed. I have had the external hard drive for 3 years or more and I used it along with the VIP-722k. I had two 722's here at the house. Not wanting to interrupt the one in the main viewing room I would take the second one with me. The main viewing area is where I would hook up the external HD and transfer any recording that we wanted to take along with us. It was very nice when I did not want to set up the portable antenna for a one night stop. We could watch our recordings. Much more aesthetically pleasing display when you load from the Ext HD back to the 722k. With the new MH and the SK-1000 I had switched over to the Hopper3 and the MH has the Wally. I needed to hook up to the Wally and reformat the HD the last time out. It worked as it should work. Now I'm wondering, and I'm going to find out very soon, if I pull the HD out of the MH, take it to the house and plug it into the Hopper will I still be able to transfer programs to the Ext HD? I'm going to find a separate power supply for the Wally and another USB to SCA cable instead of having to fish things out of the cabinet. I wish the Wally had a built in OTA but alas I'll have to use the in-line OTA. I just need to figure out which of the many OTA antenna cables, if any are close to the Wally.
  3. Ideas on stopping a rocker/recliner from rocking?

    Is there anywhere on the mechanism to drill a hole and put in a pin like we use on our tow bars? Pictures are worth a thousand words.
  4. Satellite & TV Confusion

    Ob, the Wally can record but you will need the DISH Expansion bundle or just go out and purchase a 1tb or 2tb usb hard drive. It will need to have its own power supply. The Wally does not have a built in DVR and only uses an external hard drive. There is a $40 one time activation fee for using an external hard drive. Because you have an S&B Hopper and an On-The-Go Wally (Outdoor account) you will not be able to use "mydish" app to change your location for local channels. You will have to call in each time. This may change in the future but right now that is the way it is.
  5. Black Tank Pressure Cleaning

    I'm impressed with 14 days. Both of my toilets are electric macerator so there is little control of water flow. We do not have a direct drop into the tank and that is most likely the reason for the macerator toilets. Winnebago puts the sensors on the outside of the tank and in a previous 10 year old RV they were working well when it went bye bye. The new one works well and when the tanks get full the macerator will not flush and a red light is on. So far we have gone 4 days before flushing, but that's okay as DW thinks roughing it camping is not having a Walmart nearby.
  6. We have Progressive.... may be overpriced?

    I have progress and for the last 10 years. Last year my 2008 MH was totaled by "Harvey." Progressive paid me what I paid for it. Read your policy and ask if that is worth it. It sure was to us. In 2014 we were in Hot Springs, AR. Hail storm bigger than golf balls put holes in the roof. progressive paid out $19,000 for new roof with out batting an eye lash, so ask, is it good to have good insurance. Yes, it is expensive and it is there when you need it. My money is staying with Progressive.
  7. Ah Carl, Texas should be labeled US Highways, but alas, Hwy 6 in Texas is not a US highway. For those coming from the West and just have to avoid Houston I'll tell them to take Hwy-6 to get to this area. From the East, or North, I'll give the the option of Hwy 146.
  8. Westward winter migration

    I don't think it will matter. Just remember that the wind always blows down there. The only month without wind is August and trust me you don't want to be in either place in August. When I speak of wind I'm talking 35-45+ mph.. One time in Corpus we were at an open CG and winds were up to 52 mph. Had to pull in the slide on the side of the wind for the night. If you don't have slide awnings then it is not a big problem.
  9. Westward winter migration

    Roland, as Carl stated 3 nights will give you two full days to sight see. Four nights wold be a little better. Moody Gardens is a full day. Walking the Strand is almost a half day and just driving around the island is a half day. Tons of restaurants and all good with $$ to $$$ prices. Move out off the Island and you can find some very nice restaurants for $ to $$ to $$$. An example is The Fish Place, Dickinson, TX and driving there will give you some other areas to explore, like The Kemah Board Walk. Make sure you carry the credit cards. Lots of places to shop.
  10. Exterior Maintenance - Cleaning and Waxing Fiberglass

    Also, do not use a soap of any kind that has citrus products in it on the roof. The birds are attracted to the scent and it has been told that they can peck a hole in the roof or skylight trying trying to get to the fruit.
  11. Freightliner service

    Roland, nice to know and it is great to have a good service center. We do have a Freightliner Oasis service center in Houston. I have been using them for 10 years with excellent results. Just to let anyone know that is in the area, but they are very busy.
  12. Galveston TX RV parks/resorts

    Joe, Look forward to the visit. As Carl stated, there are tons of RV parks around this area. Depending on your pocket book. Some for under $500 a month with FHU included. It all depends on what you are looking for. Most are between $450 to $750 a month and some include FHU and some require separate electric. Be glad to scout around when it gets close for you.
  13. Galveston TX RV parks/resorts

    Joe, We live 14 miles from Galveston. We have recommended both Sandpiper and Stella Mare as places to stay. Stella Mare is relatively new and is a very nice park. I think the sites have more room than Sandpiper but both are good. Dellanera is okay but rather tight between rigs. Further down is Galveston Island State Park. No sewer but dump stations are available. Past GI State Park is Galveston Island RV Park. It is much further out and closer to San Luis Pass. Beach access along the Blue Water Highway for cars/jeeps but the ride from Stella Mare or Sandpiper can be made in a TOAD easily. There are many more RV parks around the area so if you look up any on rvparkreviews.com and see one you might be interested in let me know and if I haven't checked them out yet I'll take a drive and look them over. JUNE??? That or before is when we leave her for the summer. Last two days it has been 90˚ here. Glad we are on the coast as there is usually a nice breeze. If we are in town please let us know when you will be here and we'll let you buy us a coffee, or come over to the house for a beverage or two. Do you like Glenfiddich? p.s., April is a much better time in Texas.
  14. Diesel Motorhome MPG-- Honest Answers Please

    Carl, I'm not sure but I don't think twin turbos need DEF. Looked a a Knight, later than 2010 and it did not have a DEF tank but it had twin turbos. Someone enlighten me on this. Struthers runs a twin diesel.
  15. Westward winter migration

    There are some nice CG's in Galveston. Sandpiper and Stella Mare are two that come to mind with Stella Mare being the nicer for space. Sandpiper is at the East end of the seawall and much much closer to downtown Galveston. Stella Mare is just past the West end of the seawall. Sandpiper has a view of the Gulf. Stella Mare you have to go across the street somewhere but there are beach accesses where vehicles can drive. Further West is Galveston Island State Park but no sewer. They do have a dump station. Further on down is Jamaica Beach RV Park and further down is Galveston Island RV Resort and is close to San Luis Pass. Any of those I mentioned would put you on your way down the Blue Water highway (FM-3005) and heading South to Corpus. For Corpus I would stay in Rockport. We had a small rally at Drifter's RV Resort and it was nice. Look on RVparkreview.com for the areas you want to stay in and look at the ratings.