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  1. Thanks Don. Good to know he is on the mend.
  2. Well, consider the MH being in the shop was fortunate otherwise you could have been in Ft Myers!🤡
  3. wayne77590

    Air pressure

    A four corners weighing is much more efficient that axle weighing. Allows for better distribution of load. With that said, if you have not weighed your RV then by all means inflate it to the Mfg placard weigh, in your case 120 psi. I have yet to weigh mine, only because the opportunity has not presented itself. My GVWR is 45,600 and I run 120 psi. I'm going to get it weighed soon, but so far I'm happy with the placard tire pressure.
  4. I'm 81 years old. I don't know how many more years I have driving the RV. DW tells me now that I'm a good MH driver but a terrible car driver. When the time comes I'll stay in the bricks & sticks that we presently own until the time comes when either is called up. My sons inherit everything in the garage, shed, and junk rooms. We enjoy traveling and typically leave Texas for cooler areas in the Summer. This year we were gone 15 weeks. I'm sure next year will be the same or even longer, God willing.
  5. Be nice to know where he is. If'n he has an HOA...Oh oh!
  6. Ray, you have to be nice to everyone if you want FMCA emails!!
  7. Cold everywhere. It's 47˚ here at 5:30 p.m. Thursday though it is going up to 70˚, then back down to the mid 60"s.
  8. Yep, I got the email also. Good deal for someone just joining FMCA.
  9. Big Sur 11.7. My iMac is a Late 2014.
  10. is this the link you used: https://www.fmca.com/fmca-rv-roadside-assistance I just tried it using Safari and it worked.
  11. Ross, totally understand. Good luck to you and as stated, don't be a stranger. Fill us with BS of your new endeavors. 🤡
  12. I would suggest anyone interested in joining look up FMCAssist. The price of membership is worth that program in mhop.
  13. Yes, please. I have used AF1 for over a decade and about to put another one in our newer ride.
  14. Private messages usually go to an email and maybe she is watching that for him.
  15. Yes, also glad! Most likely will be our last car. Rather late in life but I still have life left to drive the Beauty. Watched the video on the base plate install. All I can say is that I don't want to stand around and watch. Reminds me of my day back in 1984 installing two way radios. Gentlman cam in with a Porche for an install. Was going to do the simple lip mount on the hatchback. Nope, to tight trying to close it so I asked the person, "How long are you going to have this car." He replied that he was going to keep it for at least 4 years. I told him that a 3/4 inch hole for an antenna could be patched up and repainted and look like new. He shrugged his shoulders and said to go ahead. He was standing by the car, I got the 3/4 drill bit, put it in the drill, pulled the trigger and it when zip zip. I said, "Are you going to watch?" He looked at me and quickly walked away. Most likely what I would do with a base plate install on a Lincoln Nautilus. Just looking for someone with some experience towing it.
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