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  1. I have found LCI very helpful when I have called them. I sent you their number. Keep us informed.
  2. Rich, I'm out of pocket today but I'm about 45 miles South of you. If you need a tool, I might have it. I can deliver tomorrow if needed.
  3. Does this help: Possible manual Oops got PM not the right one
  4. Rich, Bob Jones and RV Masters both have 4-1/2 stars if that means anything. I have not used them personally. If they are busy there are a few more in that area. Bob Jones: (713) 910-2949 RV Masters: (713) 461-2300 What year is your Bounder.
  5. What campground? US-90 runs right through Houston, and you could be in several of the cities South of there. Email me if you need to keep it on the QT.
  6. Rich, it might help if we knew what campground. On the other side: have you done the reset on the electronic controller?
  7. In regards to the OP, pay the fine just in case you travel through that state again. If you don't pay the fine there will be a warrant out for your arrest and that can cost you a bundle in the end.
  8. Prior to having a 50 amp service put in I ran off of 120v in my prior 2007 Montana 5th wheel. I ran 1 AC with no problems. We learned quickly that if DW want to run the vacuum cleaner the AC needs to go off. I used the shortest 12 gauge cord I could from the garage outlet to the RV and used the 50 to 120v adapter. What worked for me may or may not work for you. As Brett stated, measure the voltage with the AC load on it and if it is above 108v you should not have a problem. Also, check with your hand at the power connections for excessive heat. If it is hot to the touch, stop using it. It will not take long to heat up if there is a problem, just monitor it.
  9. I would suggest reading Article 2 and 3 of the UCMJ. It's online. Also. Army and Air Force can be retired after 20 years. Navy and Marine Corps are transferred to the Fleet Reserves and after 30 years. retired. In all probability a member would not be recalled but it has happened in the past. If it is a crime against National Security then a recall and punishment under the UCMJ would most likely happen.
  10. Five, that is absolutely true, but it does not apply to my original post as the post refers to prosecution under the UCMJ. Doesn't mater how long one has been out. My personal opinion is that the mention of being recalled to active duty should not have been part of that article.
  11. What he said. Now go out and buy a six pack of beer with the savings and relish the moment. I just love it when a plan comes together.
  12. This does present some serious problems as well. Convictions by civil authorities can cause you to lose retirement benefits. Drunk driving while retired? Smoking marijuana where it is illegal? Adultery after retirement? Disrespect to the President? Just to name a few. Military Retirees subject to UCMJ
  13. Whether DTV or DISH, they all have their problems. I switched from DTV many many moons ago to DISH and never regretted it. Now I have the Hopper 3 at home and it is capable of recording 16 channels simultaneously. I can't watch that many channels so we just record a few we like. As for local channels when on the road, and I have the Wally receiver for the MH. It is not as robust as the Hopper 3 but serves our purpose. We pay an additional $7.00 a month to have the Wally in the MH and we can turn it off for the months we don't use it. Lorne, consider asking to speak with a supervisor and when push comes to shove tell them you will not consider moving to DISH Network. That usually starts some kindling smoldering and you may get what you want, a switch of all to one account. Good luck.
  14. Try looking at a GM Windcruiser. They have a protrusion on the back that may fit the bill. I"m at Fort Sam Houston and we have one in the park.
  15. The article had me worried there at the beginning as I was wondering how thr DEF in the tank would be affected. I find it strange that DEF stored in its original container is affected but DEF in the vehicles DEF tank is not.
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