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  1. Hammer55, most of the larger cities have Freightliner/Western Star shops. You can go to the Freightliner: Find A Dealer and see if there is one on your way. Out of your way, but if you are coming through Texas, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston have Freightliner dealeres. I live near Houston so I use them annually. Here is another link for Freightliner Oasis RV Service and you can "find a dealer" on their web site. There may also be some mobile repair services, check the area through a google search. Edit: If you use the Oasis find a service, put in the city, state and then choose a 500 mile (or what you wish) radius. There are a lot of Oasis service centers between Nevada and NE.
  2. I have to plan our routes but I will take roads other than Interstate Highways. My biggest problem is not really able to boondock. In order to use the bed I have to extend the bedroom slide. It is a small slide and sits up a little higher than the other two slides. Extending a slide in a Walmart parking lot is not a good RV practice. Yes, I know that you can position the MH so the slide is over a grassy area. My other problem is residential refrigerator. I can set the generator auto-start but then again, not a good RV'er in the parking lot. So, we have to plan ahead a little to get a CG space. That has been harder and harder each year. Back in '08 when things went belly up you could just pull into a CG and get a space. Not so anymore, in most cases. We know where we want to go so we will try and find a campground near where we want to be. We don't care if it is short of where we would like to be or past it a little ways. Just nice to know we have a place for the night. If we have to be somewhere at a specific date we will make reservations ahead of time for the entire distance.
  3. Right now there is a boom in RV sales, which means there are going to be more people reserving and staying in campgrounds. Remember that the journey is the destination and enjoy the journey. We pick a point 250 miles down the road. In the past it worked well to find a place within that range give or take 25 miles or more than 25 miles on the low side. Stay in that place for a week or more and enjoy the surrounding area attractions or just sight seeing. Summer time is going to be the worse because kids are out of school and everyone wants to go camping. When they are in school it is 3 day weekends or just weekends that can get booked up. Holidays are always booked so if you know the direction you want to go, reserve the Holiday ahead of time. Using KOA web site for that had been extremely beneficial for us. Yes, KOA is more expensive than other campground but hey,, it is a holiday and the other ones are full. With KOA you can see what is available without leaving your chair or using your phone. If you join KOA you get a 10% discount and rack up reward points where you can sometimes use they and stay free. Last year we wanted to go to Flagstaff for a month during the Summer. I called about 5 months before and the said everything is full and mostly permanent oil field workers. One CG I called said that I wouldn't find anything with 90 miles of Flagstaff. We cancelled that trip and went East and North but we did make reservations ahead of time. Remember when traveling from point A to B to C to D that if you do that in 4 days it is two tanks of fuel or thereabout. If you travel to point A to B to C to D in 4 weeks with a week at each stop it is still 2 tanks of fuel but over the month the retirement funds have caught up with you. With this COVID-19 going around everyone is camping, and some campgrounds are closed or limiting occupancy so my next trip will be making reservations ahead of time.
  4. Want to avoid Houston coming from the west on I-10? Pick up Hwy 36 to Brenham, then Hwy 105 to Beaumont. Completely miss Houston and Metropolitan Houston traffic. There are RV Parks along the way on Hwy 105. Nice easy relaxing drive. To stay off of I-10 pick up Hwy 12 and don't forget to stop in Kinder, LA and the Casino, then pick up 190 for the rest of the trip.
  5. Besides dropping the "R", window becomes winda or winder, and pizza is pizzer, and yes is yuh and bath is bahhth. Oh, and hard becomes hahd.
  6. Now Joe, I can speak Bostonian pretty good. I spent the first 18 years of my life in Central Massachusetts, but it was an accident of birth!
  7. In Texas Bourne, TX is pronounced Burnie. What say you.
  8. As Carl pointed out, 190. I'd take that all the way to Covington and then drop down to I-12.
  9. Sorry, I didn't see this thread until now. Progressive is my go to insurance for the RV. thinking of switching my car insurance to them also. My previous 2008 MH had hail damage and Progressive paid the $19,000 new roof without any type of squabble. That same MH about 3 or 4 years later got totaled by Hurricane Harvey. Progressive paid me what I paid for it, no squabble. When I say what I paid for it - NO depreciation. That gave me the full value I declared when I purchased it. Nice down payment on my present one. Present MH had mouse damage. First time in 14 years parked at the storage unit. Crap happens. Progressive did ask questions and the important one was "Did you check on your MH at least every two weeks." Yes, we did and still do. Yep, Progressive would be my go to answer.
  10. Ray, sorry to hear that but one must do what they have to do. If you can hold out on the purchase of a TT there should be plenty of used ones to go around when the virus ends and people have to go back to work.
  11. I was an Assistant Instructor for PADI but when I got back to the states I wasn't diving so let it lapse because of insurance costs. I still have my PADI Dive Master card but I haven't been diving in years and would definitely go through a refresher course if I though of diving again. (Not at my age.) The saying went, "There isn't anything in the ocean that is not edible." I believe that. Take the lowly Jelly Fish as varieties are edible. Who would of thought! Just be careful of anything in quantity. The picture I posted was on a visit to Okinawa where my son was stationed. We were only there for a couple weeks, but 20 years prior we spent 3 years there. Got invited to some Japanese homes which is quite an honor. Always had their food and it was delicious. The Japanese keep a pot of rice going all day long. It is their staple food.
  12. Here ya go! Sashimi and sushi at its best. We were in Japan in 2003 or so and a Japanese friend of my son took us all to dinner at a hole in the wall Japanese restaurant. The food was excellent.
  13. I'm just expressing a choice. Wherever anyone would like to go to purchase anything is not a big deal to me. Yes, I do believe in supporting the organizations that we belong to. I don't think Kiley makes plates anymore but they sure do make the brackets. I don't know if FMCA offers that same commodity. Research is the key to purchasing anything.
  14. So what are we trying to say here Richard. To me, Kiley Mold is a good product and I still support them. Who has the contract with FMCA, and just what does that mean? The brackets are still sold through Kiley Mold.
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