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  1. Also look ato Magna Shade's tire covering, and their window coverings.
  2. Y'all need to get the DW back in to wife training school. (I'm sure glad Earlene doesn't read this forum!) Dear Steve's Wife Training School Just up the road from us about 10 miles.
  3. ...and, check the manual that comes with the car. Go to a lot, look in the glove box and find "recreational towing." If the manual is not in the glove box ask the salesman to see it.
  4. Dang! Just filled up yesterday at Stripes...didn't know the TSD (EFS) card would work there. If it is not in the TSD system they will charge you a dollar for using it an a non-participating store.
  5. We both have had ours. No problems - go for it.
  6. Jacks down, they are only for stabilization. Wheels are still on the ground so one would have the benefit of wheels plus jacks.
  7. 5'er friend of a friend went on the Merritt Parkway in CT. Tore the roof back on the 5'er for several feet. I like the ability to put in the RV information in the GPS but I rely more on those yellow caution signs for clearances.
  8. Don, (I'm not Carl, but...) My bank let me set up another checking account. Most banks will do this. I populated it with a transfer and when it gets down I add more to it. Works well and should something "happen" it will only be what I populated it with.
  9. In Corpus Christi, one year when we were there, the winds blew constantly at 40 or so. I purchased a wide burlap strap about 5" wide, folded a triangle at the ends and installed grommets. The strap protruded about 2 feet down each side of the topper. Used a rope on both ends anchored to the ground with a spring tension rod. Worked well. A wide strap is necessary to keep a rope from cutting the topper. Think about a piece of paper folder in half and a thread pulled through the fold. Tears easily. We were going to be there for a while and did not want to pull the slides in and extend them whenever the winds picked up. Pulling the slides in is a much simpler solution for a short term.
  10. I leave mine down (levelers). They are called "stabilizers." Real high winds I'll bring the slides in but that hasn't happened to often. Consider in the old 5th wheels that didn't have the auto levelers. Tow little jack struts on the back and two landing gears on the front. What would a person do? In my 5er I left everything down.
  11. Joe, go for it. You will never regret it in my opinion. Tonight on the 36" was griddle onions, griddle mushrooms, griddle zucchini, griddle potatoes and the final touch was two filet steaks. In the picture Earlene couldn't wait and stole a piece.
  12. First time out with the Blackstone Adventure Griddle was 3 weeks ago. Loved cooking on it. Always using the 36" on the patio. If anyone is in to a new outdoor cooking appliance, look at the 22" or 17" Blackstone. My choice is the 22" with strand and can be found at Wally World. Go to youtube and search in their search pane for "Griddle Cooking.." and choose one to watch. Tonight is Filet and vegetables. Grilled vegetables are great with that little bit of searing. p,s search on "cleaning a blackstone griddle," and see how easy it is. DW will love you for not bringing in grills to clean in the sing.
  13. Personally, I don't even like the ability of a non-member to view the forum. Trolls are trolls and social engineering is so easy when they have easy access. I have been lax over the past couple years. Used to be I would never post when I was leaving, where I was going, or when I was coming back. I now have a robust security system at the house, therefore a little more relaxed. It's unfortunate, but life is life and there are those who scan forums just to get information to create an ability to be a thief. Members only-read/write.
  14. Agree. Even though one cannot drive or RV anymore does not mean that they give up the information that they can provide to others.
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