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  1. I've been using a Traeger Silverton for a little over a year and enjoy it. The coach has a Weber Q1200 and if the Traeger portable had been out when I bought the Weber I would have gone with the Traeger. My son has a bigger traeger and just recently purchased a Blackstone and I am impressed for a house grill. I have not researched any of their models but his is very impressive. Last evening he did Fajitas. Sauteed the onions and peppers, pushed them over to the side with just a warmer burner on, put on a tub full of cut chicken in one row and a tub full of beef in the other row and cooked them at the same time. Looked like a professional restaurant grill.
  2. My wife has more news feeds on her iPad that I never miss the news!
  3. We are Sun Birds also and are typically gone from the heat May-June through Oct-Nov time frame. We also hunkered down for the summer. DW was climbing the walls so in November before thanksgiving we when to Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX for 10 days. While there we followed the same protocols that we did here at home. Wear masks, social distancing, and ordered our food an brought it in or cooked at the RV. We were just as safe there as we were at home. RV's are spaced apart, we sat in our chairs outside and talked to people strolling by and more than 6 foot distance. It's doable. We both had our first vaccine shot on 1/4. DW had a sore arm for a day and I had no problems at all. Second shot will be Feb 1st. We are still practicing the same protocols and will most likely do so after the second shot.
  4. I don't remember any of those. Probably because I don't want to remember them!
  5. Hey y'all, I had the Texas Mega Million winning lottery numbers in my hands tonight. Then they went and drew the balls and posted the numbers. Wasted money, but a good time had by all. On the other hand, I did have 3 of the winning numbers. All on different lines of course.
  6. Mine is mounted on the windshield in the center of the coach at dashboard level. Small little thing but records on a micro-mine sd card. Quality is exceptional but it is only forward looking. I wish I could remember the model/manufacturer. The cable runs along the channel of the windshield and is out of view with my Cig Lighter receptacle below the driver's window. Not intrusive at all. Many come with long cables and even extensions can be added. Mine is about 2 x 3 x 3/4 inches in size. If I go to the storage area in the next few days I'll try and remember to get the model # if you have not found one suitable by then.
  7. Don, can you explain the picture --- just kidding - got a good chuckle out of it.
  8. Take another look at Progressive. We have had it for years and in 2017 Hurricane Harvey totaled our 2008. Progressive policy said I would get what I paid for it and Progressive did pay me what I paid for it. Well worth any money I had put into the insurance policy.
  9. He wears a mask for COVID, but just sucks in the cedar!
  10. I'm putting on weight just read your post!
  11. It doesn't change how I feel about y'all, but I checked the spec sheet and it IS the 450. Feel better?
  12. It's Christmas Day and I'm to lazy after all the food last night to turn around in this comfortable computer chair and pull out the Spec Sheet. So there. Merry Christmas everyone.
  13. I'll bet pulling into a parking space gives some thought for concern. Merry Christmas to all.
  14. Carl, you may be right. (oops, did I say that). I just didn't check my spec sheet.
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