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  1. wayne77590

    Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    Everyone knows! It was getting a pushed jump start.
  2. wayne77590

    Toyo tire who's riding on them.

    Had them on the last 2008 MH and they were fine. Considerably cheaper also. When these need changing I'll go to the Toyo.
  3. wayne77590

    Power gear leveler system

    press and hold the enter button and the retract button at the same time for over 5 seconds and see what happens.
  4. wayne77590


    Yes, when the cover is off their is a safety switch that opens or closes and the system will not run. If you want to run it with the cover off you have to depress or somehow push that switch. Another thing is that the antifreeze that is used is not your typical bought antifreeze from an auto-store. There are two colors, pink and green and they should NOT be mixed. Did your system come with a refractometer? It is one way to make sure the glycol is the proper proportion.
  5. wayne77590


    Eric, Use a turkey baster (don't tell wife) and if the fluid is hot remove enough to get to the hot fill mark. Then as Herman stated check the solenoids. My conversation with Rudy Leggett of Houston, Aqua Hot expert, AND Aqua Hot customer services, the system needs to be run every 30 days (or as Herman stated up to 45 days) and at the same time turn the thermostat in the coach up to exercise the heat exchangers. This will ensure a long life. (Supposed to anyhow) By running every day, turn the burner on and let it cycle at least once. On start up you'll hear a whine and then a poof when it ignites. Check the exhaust and feel for a steady flow and no diesel smell. A diesel smell indicates a partially clogged, or starting to clog, nozzle. The clogging happens when the system is not run regularly. The residual diesel around the nozzle will gel causing the clogging condition, According to Rudy, if they are exercised like they are supposed to be exercised they should go 2 and maybe 3 years without needing service. I'm still going to work on a shorter time frame for servicing.
  6. wayne77590

    Rockport/Corpus Christi

    Mission Bell has not been reviewed since 2017 but it was a 7.7 out of 10 then with 2 good reviews and one bad from 2015. I'd throw the bad one out. RFSod, please post a review in RV Park Reviews after you have stayed there. It helps us other travelers.
  7. wayne77590

    Do Not Buy A Winnebago 5th Wheel!

    Care to elaborate?
  8. wayne77590


    Texas City Disaster Yep, Killed over 500 people and injured over 5000. When the Grandcamp exploded residents went to the dock area to watch the fire and firefighters. Kids were let out of school to go watch. The Grandcamp's anchor was blown across the city. Another ship, the High Flyer also exploded because of the Grandcamp's fire and a ghird was destroyed. The High Flyer propeller, it is huge, was found over a mile away. Some old time videos: Texas City, TX 1947 Explosion Parking lot 1/4 mile away from blast.
  9. wayne77590

    Texas Drivers License

    Richard, The dealers will tell you that you don't need any other license but a car license, just to sell you any RV. My first Texas DL test was in 1984 when I retired from the military. So many things have changed in the handbook since then that I almost don't recognize it.
  10. wayne77590


    After the 1900 Hurricane, Galveston was raised 17 feet at the seawall and sloped downard 8 ft per 1500 feet. Some house were raised 11 feet. Source: The Galveston Raising
  11. wayne77590

    New to forums.

    Dic.k, nice work, you are truly a craftsman. Check in frequently and tell us how it is going. Welcome to the forum.
  12. wayne77590

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    It was 72 here today, tomorrow will be 74, then a cooling spell then back up. Earlene had cabin fever last month so we are now in NOLA.
  13. wayne77590


    Fisherman's wharf and other's in the area. Don't know 'bout Don's. Where is that?
  14. wayne77590


    Unfortunately I don't have any window that anyone could climb through. They are all to small. Herman, I need a reminder to put down the Antenna so the ignition key goes near the Winegard controller. I also have a little red cord that I slip on the top of the steering wheel. It hangs down to remind me to retract the jacks. Someone mentioned the brake button. I took a piece of PVC, cut it to length, cut a trough thru it and just snap it over that little yellow button. Brakes cannot be released without taking the PVC fitting off.
  15. wayne77590


    Moody Gardens is another place to visit. In Texas City at the Grey Hound Park is a festival of lights plus some rides. If the weather is nice it is worth the $10 (was last year.) All the places bill stated to eat are good. On the mainland, Texas City, Gringo's Mexican Food. If you want less expensive Mexican go into town and Taqueria Valencia and Taqueria Jaliance (Sp on both) Also is Grand Prize BBQ and it is good. Further on up the road off the Interstate is Masa Sushi if you are into Japanese food. On the other side of the highway is a Gumbo bar and I enjoy the heck out of their gumbo. It is next to a 5 Guys Hamburger joint. If you have never had a 5 Guys you need to try it. Here's the kicker - travel East on Hwy 646 to Hwy 3 and turn right. You are in Dickinson,TX, and just down the road about a mile or so on the left hand side is "The Fish Place," and you can get all you can eat catfish and 2 sides for around 12 bucks, Whe you leave there just take hwy 3 back to I-45 and Galveston. They have a diverse menu. If we were there we'd put on a lunch or dinner for you but hey, we are going to enjoy New Orleans food. For a quick and cheap buffet we enjoy the Golden Coral in Galveston.