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  1. Have you tried? La Porte Tire Center 11011 W Fairmont Pkwy La Porte, Texas 77571 Phone: 281-471-3541 They are a Michelin Authorized Dealer and honored the FMCA discount when I purchased tires 2 years ago. I have used them in the past also, plus they are an authorized Dully Valve dealer.
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    Welcome and happy travels.
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    Gas or Diesel

    We have friends parked in our driveway with a Pace Arrow gasser, 2009 model. It's 38 feet (I think it is longer) and his biggest peeve is finding a gas station, towing a car, that he can maneuver in. Diesel pusshers can use truck stops or other easy access lanes. Others on here will say they have not problem with finding or maneuvering but that is individual opinion, like my friends. We have a very nice 43' DP. It is in storage from October to June(ish). every 5 to 6 weeks I take it out for about 25 mile ride just to exercise it. Hardly run the generator during storage months and have never had a problem but I do get it serviced when time/hours/just want to, is up. It comes down to what YOU want. What you will be comfortable with. They all have their good points and bad points.
  4. 150Amp. Who woulda thought! Thanks for posting the update and pictures.
  5. Our bank allows a separate account. I created the account, populated it with money and use it exclusively for diesel fuel. I can write checks on it if I wish to, or, I can transfer any amount to or from that account. Most banks allow multiple accounts, just ask. I use the bank draft from the fuel account for TSD.
  6. Need may not be the correct term I would use. Convenience better describes it. Most of us sit around in the morning having coffee, etc., then as the morning goes on we meander the tour circuit or go do something exciting. Having the W/D running while having the coffee frees up that hour or more in a laundromat not including the time to traveling to and from. Yes, CG's have laundromats also but many times it is full, broken, or to small. Personally, we go for the W/D and stackable is better than the combo. With a stackable you can wash a second load while drying the first. with the combo it is one wash and dry before another load can be done. The combo needs small loads and the drying time is long. Mostly because it is 110v instead of 220v
  7. I really enjoy the TSD app for fuel planning on my route. Used it all last Summer.
  8. Try TSD Logistics and their Open Roads Fuel Discount program, According to their web site, in 2022 they will come out with a gasoline discount card.
  9. How about Orange, TX to Anthony, TX, 873 miles. That is 22 miles longer than from Fort Kent, ME to Washington, DC, going through 5 states.
  10. Got AD for Hou show and buy one for $15 get one free.
  11. Mike, I totally understand. My wife is also the right seat GPS. If we could count in-state travel I could increase our count a few.
  12. Houston RV Show is February 9th through 12th.
  13. Yes, it could span a 15 foot crevasse by lowering the front nose, sliding across with the wheels picking up, then lowering the rear end and sliding across with the front wheels giving the power. Each wheel was powered by an electric motor. It was abandoned and over the years disappeared either buried or sunk.
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