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  1. Also the original poster has no information on his motorhome. I have posted elsewhere that the information on moving the slide 8 inches and back out/in is not in keeping with current Schwintek policy. Never change direction and always continue in the same direction if for some reason the slide has to be stopped. I visited Lippert last year and had a motor replaced. I got some good information there on how to properly operate their Schwintek mechanisms. They also use Schwintek controllers for their power gear slides. (Schwintek uses the serpent rail and Power Gear has the rack/pinion type rails.)
  2. I would not do that, but that is because I went to the Lippert factory and had a motor replaced. Here is what I found out about Schwintek systems The below is very dependent on year and controller model - CALL Lippert for exact instructions. There will be a controller box that is the brains of the slide system. On it will be instructions on how to electronically bypass the controller. Once the light on the controller is blinking rapidly go back inside and run the slide. Never change directions. Once the slide starts moving keep it moving until it reaches its stop. When it reaches its stop do not release the switch. Hold the switch in the IN or OUT, depending on travel, position for a minimum of 5 seconds. Holding the switch for the 5 seconds or longer will sync the motors. You may even hear one motor running longer than the other and then it will stop. Keith, it would help if you put the year, make model, etc., in your signature line and those of us with that exact model would be of better help. p.s., be extremely careful when bypassing the controller as ALL safety systems for that slide are disabled. If you notice one side coming in more than 2 inches - stop. You can seriously break something. Those small motors are very, very powerful.
  3. I like Glamping, however Earlene doesn't like it if there isn't a Walmart somewhere near the campground. She likes to go there and play cards - Master Card, Visa, etc. Plus get 10% off camping fee if FMCA member - and those little 10%'s add up.
  4. Richard, what stations does the TCS card recognize?
  5. Re-reading the thread and members vacating because of price AND because of allowing towables, I have this to say. Take the motor out of a motorhome and what do you have if you tow it? An RV. There are some really nice towables out there now that would put the inside of a MH to shame as far as luxury and comfort. Also, how many pieces of equipment are the same for MH's and Towables? Think holding tanks, water supplies, heaters, air conditioners, microwaves, and on and on. Leaving FMCA is a personal choice and I respect that, I'm just personally thinking the reasoning is not right.
  6. wayne77590

    Tire Pressure?

    "The other guy" is mistaken. Never exceed the tire placard. If it says 120 psi max, never put in 5% more,
  7. The TSD EFS card is only good for the discount at participating PFJ or any of the other stations. If the PFJ station is listed on the daily discount list it will be about 5 cents. With the PFJ card it is 6 to 8 cents. FYI, using the TSD EFS card at a participating Love's today I saved $25.86. Pump price was $156.04 and my cost was $128.18. Folks, that's a hefty savings with TSD. Here is how I plan my route. First is typical Google maps, Then I use "truckrouter.com" and with that web site I plug in my start and end point, then click on "run trip" then "truck stops" (looking to see if the route is the same as Google. I pick a truck stop towards the end of the trip so I have a full tank to start off with when I depart the next place. Today I was 30 miles from end stop when I fueled up. Plenty fleft or my next trip.
  8. Carl, you youngster you! I have two more on you. I don't think I'll go the longer term. I don't know how many years I have left driving but right now I feel great doing it. DW says I'm an excellent RV driver but she hates me in the car.
  9. My my Herman! That's 908 years of service. Tell me your secret, please.
  10. Also, checks can be whitewashed and modified. Easiest method is to set up a separate free banking account and populate it with a small sum to cover fuel costs from the other account via a transfer. Just make sure to transfer money to cover fuel costs. With a separate checking account even if the ACH is hacked the loss would be a minimum of the sum remaining in the account or maximum you deposit into it. We also have been using ACH method for many many years and never a problem.
  11. I have the TSD EFS card and it may be nice to save 6, 10, 13 cents a gallon but my TSD EFS card saved me 48 cents a gallon today. Pump prices was $83.15 and my TSD price was $68.79. Sign up for what you wish to. Me, I'll stick with TSD for now.
  12. wayne77590


    Mine is 450Hp and today running the hills of Missouri and Arkansas Ozarks it did just fine. My GVWR is 45,600 and GCWR is 20,000 more.
  13. I"m due. Have a running crack about 2 feet long from bottom of windshield over to passenger side and up about a foot. Hasn't gotten any worse but the day will come.
  14. Say what you want about different programs but I'll stay with TSD Logistics, Inc. Today I save $0.52 a gallon. Bill on pump was $136.20, and my price was $115.10. Pump was $3.099 a gallon and my price was $2.577 a gallon. Location was Memphis, TN.
  15. Rich, The newer rigs have "Auto Start" and should power be lost at the pedestal the generator will start up. After the reset time of the air conditioners they will restart also. usually around a minute or more. How is this going to affect the ATS?
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