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  1. wayne77590

    Keeping Mice Out Of Motorhome

    Be very careful. Moth balls are very poisonous to pets, livestock and children that may come in contact with them.
  2. wayne77590

    Happy Veterans Day!

    Thank you, and many more for you. Yesterday was the 243rd Marine Corps Birthday. I get to celebrate two in a row. The San Leon, TX American Legion put on a shindig yesterday in celebration of Veterans Day. The had a parade, and then provided food and beverages. I belong to the Elks and we assisted in food preparation. There was 250 pounds of sausage, 300 pounds of chicken, 350 pounds of brisket, and hot dogs. Beverages was soft drinks and beer for the of age people. Live music was provide. It was all free. Thanks San Leon American Legion Post 291. Many facilities in the area gave discounts to shopping veterans.
  3. wayne77590

    Journey odd electrical problem

    All I can say is, "Wow!" That would have cost me a fortune at a repair facility. Great work you two.
  4. wayne77590

    advice for southern california

    Frank, Take a look at this Web Site. It is RV Park Reviews and will tell you what is in the area you are looking at.
  5. wayne77590

    And so it begins.....Hybernation

    Thing is that on any Christmas day ( or any day ) we never know if we will be running the heater to take the chill out or the AC to cool down. Majority of the time it is the AC. Richard, I live on the Gulf Coast and this past summer I was comfortable at 80˚ or less. No, I was not slitting in the house under the AC. However, I was not in Texas. That is what the wheels on the bus are for. Every year we become "Summer Birds." We move North. Only 4 months on the road this year, June to October.
  6. wayne77590

    Campground Discounts for FMCA members

    I don't ask for specific discounts anymore but I ask, "What membership discounts do you offer?" They usually hit on one that I have. On a few occasions I have had an FMCA discount. Sometimes I have gotten a 15% discount being retired military. Now that was nice.
  7. wayne77590

    Schwintek slide binds

    Those Schwintek systems sure like to be level! I'm always concerned i my driveway since it is between 1 and 2 degrees of back to front slope. That is after it is run up on 3 2x10's covered with 3/8" treated plywood. I'm going to make some new ones with thicker plywood that should give me the levelness I want. The plywood not only gives it the added lift but keeps the 2x10's from splitting and falling apart.
  8. wayne77590

    Schwintek slide binds

    Do you also have the magnetic pick-up device? I never could figure out that device. When I dropped something down beside steel walls the magnet would stick to the wall. Never could get to the dropped piece. Next was the push the end of the device and a set of prongs opened up to grab what you dropped. Was great for a little nut or washer, if you could see it, but for a wrench the claw just wouldn't hold. String tied around a wrench was a saver.
  9. wayne77590

    Thanksgiving in Westfield NJ - Where to park the RV?

    Debra, Westfield per say does not have any rv parks according to rv park reviews. Here is a listing of what is nearby it can help: Nearby CGs They may not be as close as you would like. Most likely you will need heat instead of AC so 110v should sustain the propane furnace. You just need to keep the batteries charged by plugging in. Another important factor is how level the driveway is. For propane refrigerators typically 3˚ side to side looking at the refrigerator and 6˚ front to back. If it is a commercial refer it is not a problem but you still want to be as level as you can to be comfortable.
  10. wayne77590

    Schwintek slide binds

    That is what internet search is for, but just for you,😀, Obsessive-compulsive disorder. Bill probably just walks around with a mechanics mirror he is so used to using one. 🤡 Michael, What's the status on the slide. Anyone figure out the problem yet?
  11. wayne77590

    Schwintek slide binds

    Is it called OCD? 👺
  12. wayne77590

    Schwintek slide binds

    Well, at least it is a Lippert Tech in the video. Those guys are good, right.
  13. wayne77590

    And so it begins.....Hybernation

    I spent the first 18 years of my life in Central Mass. It was an accident of birth. Left when I was 18 and only go back to visit and always in the summer time. Shovel all that snow back up to Eskimo land. With that said, it is 09:23 and 57˚ outside. Expected 79˚ today. Monday it will hit 80˚ then in the 70's the rest of the week. Lows will be in the 60's. Good night time sleeping. Sorry DB, couldn't resist. Oh, did I mention? I'm in Texas City, TX, down by Galveston, 40 miles South of Houston.
  14. wayne77590

    Schwintek slide binds

    Michael, I read your OP again. My manual for the Schwintek/PowerGear slideout systems says to not lubricate the tracks, just the motor gear. I think you could verify that by calling Lippert and talking to their tech support. As for your slide stalling on one side, well to me that is what my problem was and I ended up having to replace the motor. It is a possibility that the controller is failing or intermittent. Seems like you have done some research, as I did, and learned a bunch about that system. I ended up cancelling some of my travels this past summer and went to LCI in Goshen, IN. Found them to be very accommodating and they troubleshot and replaced the motor in about 1 hour. Here is a video of lubricating a Schwintek slideout: Lubricating Schwintek Slideout Notice no mention of lubricating the rack. I purchased my CRC PTFE from Amazon.
  15. wayne77590

    Schwintek slide binds

    I had a slide problem on our last trip. Ended up taking a detour to Lippert factory. They recommended CRC PTFE Dry Lube. Holding the power button after extending and retraction for at least 5 minutes allows the motors to sync. When the motors are out of sync they can cause what you have described and can even be more problematic. Once the light is blinking use the power button to operate the slide in the override mode. Working the slide in and out is actually more detrimental to the system. Lippert recommends continuing in the direction of travel until the slide stops, hold the power button for a minimum of 5 seconds - longer is okay, even very long is okay. They also do not support lubricating the tracks, just the motor gears. There is a video out there using just a spray can of lube and the extended sprayer that comes with the can. Pull the flap back and lube top and bottom of motor. Do that outside and inside. That is the only lube necessary. If the slide binds find the controller push the controller button next to the led 7 times and on the 7th hold it in until the LED blinks. This is the electronic override. In this mode ALL safety systems for the slide are turned off. Letting the slide come in or out in this mode can really damage something if the slide motor is bad and only one side comes in. Watch very carefully that the slide is not coming in more than an inch or so on one side or the other. If it does, stop using that mode and do a manual retract. That requires removing the motor from the gear sprocket(s) and pushing the slide in manually and then either put the motor back on the gear sprocket or use the locking rods to hold the slide in for travel. I had to have a motor replaced. After having that done I operated the slides as I described and when the slide comes in and I hold the button down I can still hear the one motor turning for a few seconds synchronizing. No problems since.