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  1. wayne77590

    Trip cost

    Al, remember that, "The journey is the destination."
  2. wayne77590

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    Joe, can your wife handle three dogs?😀
  3. wayne77590

    Trip cost

    Besides, I'd rather spend my time with fellow military than all those other jerks. Ooops! Sorry guys, didn't really mean it. 😈
  4. wayne77590

    Trip cost

    Just two questions. Who's sheets and towels do you want to use? Who's bed do you want to sleep on. Depending on the size, figure about a full tank of gas round trip, and go from there.
  5. wayne77590

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    We have the grass mowed every 10 days all year round, so what's the problem? Joe, your wife already had an "Old Goat," why does she want a baby one that will grow up the same?😇
  6. wayne77590

    Dead Battery

    On some RV's the steps are stopped by a current limiting switch. This is electronic so there is a constant current to the step electronics. On my previous 2008 the trickle charge of the inverter was not enough to keep the chassis battery charged. After communicating with the Mfg they said to turn the step "off" so no current could flow. Once I did that I had no more problems. I was plugged into 110 v electrical. Just to be on the safer side I leave the steps in the out position in storage. So far so good. Just a sayin'.
  7. wayne77590

    Full timer - Sanitizing fresh water tank

    Joe, bright minds think alike, eh?
  8. wayne77590

    Bedroom Slide

    I can relate to that. Saying in my house, "I am master of this house. Whatever my wife says shall be done."
  9. wayne77590

    Full timer - Sanitizing fresh water tank

    I sanitized the system before each summer trip of 3-4 months. I drain the fresh water tank, remove the water filter, and pour Clorox bleach into the hose. (Using Mfg Ratio) Connect the hose to the water faucet and fill the tank. Run the faucets in all the areas until a faint odor of Clorox bleach is noticed. Let it sit for 4 hours or more. Drain the tank, refill and drain once more (gets rid of Clorox bleach taste.) Put the filter back in and fill the tank to whatever capacity you wish. Tip: if you have a short hose, hook it to the water faucet and after putting Clorox bleach in the other hose you can keep the Clorox bleach from draining by holding up both ends of the hoses and connecting.
  10. wayne77590

    Curves, anyone?

    Wow! Nice workmanship.
  11. wayne77590

    Texas winter weather

    Yep! We have two weeks of weather. We have a day here and a day there and sometimes it totals two weeks. Just never consecutive.
  12. wayne77590

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    You're not holding your mouth right! (Or left.)
  13. wayne77590

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    Ah ha! So you've been to Texas, eh? Did Ribs in the Instant Pot the other night. Came out with the meat falling off the bone. Traeger takes 6 hours to do them right. Instant pot takes about an hour total.
  14. wayne77590

    I Am Not Solar Savvy

    A couple of those panels hauled in the back of the toad could be set up outside the MH and used for boon-docking, with the right controllers.
  15. wayne77590

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    DB, enjoy your Wednesday.