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  1. If on a MAC hold the option key and hit the k key, like this ˚ It's cold here today, only 69˚. I hate the cold!!
  2. Willie's Roadhouse if I get my way, otherwise The Garth Channel, Outlaw, Highway. Herman, that's what I like about Willie's Roadhouse, it plays all those artists. If we have bad reception I can turn on the iPod I received back in the 80's and it has 6700 songs on it of all genres. I can play for 15.6 days without repeating a song. It is a 64Gb iPod and only has 24.17Gb used.
  3. Stayed at Shenanigans. Had a top level site and was able to back out onto the main road to leave. Once past the first 3 or 4 sites it is 10% down hill. Glad I didn't have to do that. Also stayed at Escapee's park, Hollister, MO. Price was definitely right and 1/2 mile from The Landing.
  4. Wish I could read it but one has to subscribe to Washington Post. Not happening for me.
  5. Mine is on the ladder. I first used tie wraps then bought the FMCA fasteners. For the front I purchase some small suction cups with hooks. Hooks go through the holes on the plate and sticks to the lower front passenger window.
  6. I'm not familiar with Verizon but that sure doesn't sound right. MiFi should be nothing more than a link between you computer and the nearest Verizon cell tower. I connect to MiFi through my WiFi connector on the computer. Once that is accomplished I can open my browser and surf the Internet. I'm thinking this is where your browser is directing you to different ads. You also may have "Malware" on your computer. A good way to check that is to download "Malwarebytes" and scan your computer. I'm also hoping you have some type of virus protection on the computer such as Norton's Internet Security. I suggest Norton's because I worked for a Gov't agency that used it on over 10,000 computers in that complex and throughout the agency in other areas. It is good. So, how do you connect to the MiFi? When do the ads appear?
  7. Phone! You use a phone to post pictures! I only use this thread on my 27" MAC computer and it is so easy to post pictures or links.
  8. I always remember to pull the Patio and Rear awning in and many times do it the night before. Twice we started to leave a CG with the door awning out. Good thing there were no poles on right hand turns. Saved!
  9. We used to travel by "whim" and now we try and make reservations if we can, and have the time. We have noticed over the years that after the 2008 economy crash and RV Mfg's closing shop there was a decline, and then the economy returned. It seems that there are a lot more RV's on the road today then yesterday(s). We travel 5 or so months out of the year getting away from the Summer heat of Texas. (Yeah, everywhere was hot in 2019) We had originally planned on a month in Flagstaff, AZ and then maybe points West. Made two reservations from the Gulf Coat to San Angelo, TX than decided to see if there was anything at Flagstaff before proceeding. Called, nothing available for the month of July/August and it was stated there wouldn't be anything for 90 miles around the area. Cancelled plans and traveled north to Ohio and Indiana. Even then it was many calls to find spots. Next trip we take we'll plan ahead, even though I don't prefer to do it that way.
  10. I received information from another RV'er that TOGO by ATT is shutting down with no renewal.
  11. Hee hee! Leave her there. Better yet, send her to Walmart. Sorry Hana, just couldn't resist.
  12. Personally, I'd disconnect and find a propane dealer near me. I'd leave the TOAD at the campsite.
  13. Carl, send me information and details on what you have, please.
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