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  1. Ray, et. al. we have about 10 rigs of the RV Mutants coming in on the 9th for a weeks stay. Come on by and say hello. We are in site 102 at the back of the park. On the 13th we have the club house,
  2. E & S Sales Bulk Foods. Don't forget the Flea Market open only on Tuesday and WednesdayThis is our third or so time to this area. We like it. Laid back, easy going, nice horses and buggies. Our place to go to in the summer time and get out of the Texas heat. Sundays the sidewalks roll up, and also many places on Monday.
  3. Ross, We stayed at Pla-Mor in 2018 for the month of August. Say Hi to Joey and his nice wife, Just down the road from there, in Nappanee, IN, is the Newmar Plant. It was interesting on how they assembled their product. Yes, lots of things to do in this area. We'll most likely take a ride down that way..just don't know the date yet. Oh Carl, ye of little searching capabilities.😇 Just type in "where is shipshewana" and you will get a map. Can you say "Ship she wanna?" Okay now put it all together. SORRY COULDN"T RESIST. Temperature here today at 9 a.m. was 61˚, and at 10:38 it is 64˚. Hi today will be 75˚ and tonight's low will be 52˚.
  4. Welcome y'all, nice to meet you.
  5. We arrived at Shpshewana South RV park today and will be here for the month of August...come on down Temperature today was 76 and no humidity that I noticed.
  6. Had the burning look on my old MH on the prongs, changed it out like you did. Now with my PT-50X I leave the RV line plugged into it instead of unplugging it all the time causing the female prongs on the inside to get week. All I have to do is pick up the PT-50X, make sure the breaker box is switched off, plug in and turn on the breaker. When ready to go I only need to unplug the PT-50X male plug, carry that end over to my reel and push the button. Getting close I stop pick up the PT-50X and put it in the bay still attached to the RV plug. So far so good.
  7. Don't forget to ask Earlene if it was funny...I thought so also and had all I could do to control laughter when it happened. Or were you talking about the movie clip??
  8. So funny. Year 2007. Fifth wheel setting up. My back had acted up and the drain was about 2 feet back under the front of the slide. I asked Earlene to help me. I showed her the black cap, told her to remove it and twist the sewer hose on. She asked, "I'm not going to get dirty, am I?" I told her, "No, it's what I do all the time." She removed the black cap. I had forgotten to close the grey valve. She doesn't get near sewer lines anymore. Wonder why. Could have been worse, could have been the black valve!
  9. What are you striving for, pulled pork??
  10. Carl, you got the serious AFib??
  11. Joe, isn't talking about heart problems sort of like being in the toilet? Carl, happy to hear not a major problem.
  12. Carl, all the best of prayers for you. Please don't bother the nurses...except as necessary.
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