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  1. Needed to go grocery shopping today. Decided to go to Cosco as it is in Harris County and anyone in that county needs to wear a mask. Everyone in Cosco was wearing a mask except one. That on was the police officer on duty at the front of the store. It did feel good to see everyone with masks on. On the way home there was an item that they did not have so I stopped at H.E.B. and Earlene went in, with mask on, and purchase about 4 items. We were in Galveston County now and there is no "mask" regulation. Ninety percent of the people going in and out of that store were not wearing mask. Oh, and we stopped at a Walmart for some pharmacy stuff. Walmart has initiated at one-way isle policy. The floors are marked with arrows directing the flow or do not enter signs with the arrow pointing away from the sign. Guess what. Freakin' idiots do not heed the policy. Come on now. The purpose is for social distancing. Think about someone walking your way, coughing, sneezing or just talking without a mask on versus someone behind you doing the same. At least when they are behind you at the proper distance you are moving agains molecules of possible virus. I sure hope it ends soon but I have my druthers!
  2. Run to Lowe's and get some LIquid Tape. After cleaning the connectors and after getting the steps working use the liquid tape to seal the contacts. It applies with the applicator brush that comes with the can. Great stuff. There are several reasons why your steps are not working. Jammed, broken tooth on step pawl, broken tooth inside step motor, bad step motor, low or no voltage, broken ground wire from motor to chassis ground and usually a separate wire than being in the harness. So many possibility. Start trouble shooting and call Lippert Customer Support.
  3. Now Ray, let me tell you a little story: You do know that when getting ready to go somewhere, anywhere, that the husband is always ready first. Then he sits around waiting on his dear wife. Well, as I got dressed to the hilt I walked to where 'she' was getting ready and said, "How do I look?" She replied, "You're wearing that!" and I said, "What?" "That tie," she replied, "Does not go with that shirt." So we go to where I have the ties and she picks one out for me and I diligently replace the one I'm wearing. Several eternities later she comes out of the "get ready" room and asks, "How do I look?" NOW I'M THE GUY THAT CAN'T EVEN PICK OUT THE RIGHT TIE AND SHE IS ASKING ME HOW SHE LOOKS. Do you know how I answered? I said, "You look great!" See, 59 years of togetherness can soften the man
  4. Carl, when she comes out and asks, "Does this blouse make me look fat?" For gosh sake don't say, "No, the blouse doesn't make you look fat, the fat makes you look fat." Nope, don't say that.
  5. Listen to TXicman. He is a certified refrigeration guy. What chassis do you have. I have Freightliner so I took mine to the Freighliner place. They determined it was a leak. Replaced what had to be replaced and the problem was solved. Prior to that I took it to two garage (mechanics) and the fix they did, did not last.
  6. All GPS's are dependent on the manufacturer's updates and those can be few. So roads change, overpasses change. What are dead ends are now open. What was open may now be a dead end. A friend followed his GPS and about 4 miles down a narrow road he came to a railroad track. it was elevated about 10 feet or so above the road with grass embankments down each side. On the other side of the RR was the continuation of the road he was on. There was no turn-around. He jackknifed the 5th wheel, unhooked, put the truck in 4 wheel drive, drove down through the ditch with a little water in it, backed up to the 5'er, hooked up and drove off. Can't do that in a motorhome, especially some of the bigger rigs we have. It may seem like a lot of trouble but before I travel I look at the route I want to take. I use Google Maps and Satelite view to get an idea of the road. If it looks like a 2 lane very narrow I re-plan. The GPS is nice and it will get you to where you are going. Garman has some nice new ones out that allow you to put in the specifications of you RV. It then routes you on RV Friendly roads. If you turn off the route they will notify you that you are traveling on a road that the GPS does not now is RV Friendly....or words to that affect. Up in Iowa corn country one year we followed the GPS and we were on a rough gravel road for about 10 miles. You never know.
  7. Oh my! My 450D is a nightmare to get to. Bay is just wide enough to house the AH Cabinet. Left side has the inputs. Right side has the panel to access the burner and nozzle. I'm not a contortionis so accessing the burner plenum and nozzle is a no go for me. I've seen it down twice and it is all by feel. Now the left side is a different story, but a difficult one. Had water falling underneath the MH. Found out it was the input hose going into the Aqua Hot. Called the guru and he said that the fittings are just like water hose fitting, plastic and only need to be finger tight. The fittings as you look at the left side, IF YOU COULD LOOK AT IT, are in the bottom left. To get to the fitting you have to go in through the pull-out compartment but instead of pulling it out you push it all the way out the other way. Then there is a SQUARE cut out about 2/3rds of the way up from the bay floor and about 15 inches right of where the fittings are. I could get my fingers on the fittings by my arthritis would not let me tighten them. My neighbor, helicopter pilot, was out one day and I asked if he could reach in and tighten them. He could and he did. The very next time have that situation there is going to be another cutout in that compartment.
  8. Carl, now you will always get the last words in, "Yes Dear!"
  9. Well DB, if you left them at the pier or on shore that is not a friendly wave!! I did talk to an RV that stated he left his wife at a gas station. Thought she was in the bathroom when he came back from paying. She wasn't. Went inside for something. Had to borrow a cell phone to call him and have him come back. What happens if an out of stater comes into NH with a boat but never had a course.
  10. Five, the guru has to come 90 miles to my house. Worth it to me.
  11. I'm envious DB. We want to get on the road so bad but Earlene doesn't have enough hand sanitizer.
  12. 1955 was the first year for the Fairlane. They came out with the 1955 Fairlane Crown Victoria. Nice looking car. 1952 to '54 was the Crestline. A friend had a '55 convertible and in the dead of Winter in New England you could put the top down and be comfortable up front. The heater used gasoline for heat. Turn it on and instant heat and it got warm.
  13. Ray, to my knowledge the engine pre-heat has nothing to do with the hot water. If it is like mine you have two choices for hot water, Burner or Electric. Both will provide hot water. You can save diesel if you run just electric when you are plugged into shore power. Now, if you want to be nice to the wife, switch the burner on and leave the electric on. She will have continuous hot water while washing hair. You can leave them both on but it is not necessary. Occasions to have them both on. Washing dishes in the sink, washing dishes in the dishwasher, and showering. We use electric all the time except for those occasions I mentioned. Some information. Run the Aquahot burner once a month, even when in storage. Just turn it on and let it cycle one time to off. You can hear it buzzing. You can also put your hand by the exhaust and it should be a nice clean exhaust. If you smell diesel there could be a problem. Firing it up once a month keeps the nozzle clean. Since you are firing it up, turn the thermostat to gas heat and turn the thermostat up to a high setting and allow the heat exchangers to do their job for a minute or so, then turn the thermostat off. The burner will still be running. When the actual fire in the burner stops the fan will continue to run for a cool down period. The Aquahot should be serviced once a year. Service will include checking the fluid, replacing the nozzle, cleaning the combustion chamber. I have a gentleman that will do a house call, provide all the parts and service for $350. He would also allow me to do the work and he would supervise me and I would be able to do it myself. Unfortunately with my MH I'd have to be a contortionist. I'll let him do it. p.s., checking the fluid is done with a refractometer.
  14. The '51 had chrome extending from the back tail light down the side of the car tapering to a point. The '49 had a short bar through the center circle in the grill. The bar stopped short of the edge of the fender by inches. The '50 had the same bar but it went all the way to the edge of the fender. Neither the 49 or 50 had the tail light chrome strip. The '51 was the easiest to identify because of the chrome strip, In '51 they got rid of the center circle in the grill and had two smaller circles (bullets) towards left and right fenders.
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