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  1. That might fill me up. And don't forget, I'm in shape. Round is a shape!
  2. DD, I noticed on the battery picture that charging is 14.4 volts. I'm ignorant so is that what our converters put out?
  3. Also watch out for dielectric absorption. Dormant capacitors can recharge themselves. Maybe not to a degree of intense electrical short but will definitely surprise you. Watch out when you take the new capacitors out of the package, although dielectric absorption is more strongly related to a capacitor that has been charged for a long time.
  4. Joe, it was this one Jim linked. It was so easy. I first called them because I want an expedited reply and just general questions. I then filled out the application and submitted it. I called them back to tell them it was submitted. Later in the day they called me for some additional information not on the application including SSN. SSN is needed in case of litigation later on. Or so stated. Jim, what oil company was the discount at?
  5. We have taken it from Amarillo area. A few bumps here or there but okay. It is 10 degrees cooler than I-10 or I-20. As you get to Kingman, AZ and points west until the Coast it will be hot, I mean it will be hot, this time of year.
  6. I think they are all pretty standard with a 14" opening. Besides the electrical hook-ups the seal that comes with them is important. You don't want to compress them all the way. Check with someone that knows more than I do.
  7. Know anyone nearby with a fork lift? Even a bucket loader.
  8. p.s., the journey is the destination, enjoy the journey. Don't forget that being retired means you don't have to get everything done in one day. Being retired is difficult. You never know when you are finished.
  9. Consider all of the people posting that they have experienced good customer service with BO. I'll bet if you take a poll there would be more favorable results FOR BO than negative. Consider all the alternatives given to you and just don't purchase Blue Ox Products. You'll be happy and those of us getting good CS will be happy.
  10. Right across the street from the Alamo is "The River Walk." Take the boat ride. Also, the Alamo is one of the "Missions." Take a half day or more to visit the missions on the mission trail.
  11. Alv is posting on other forums the same information. Seems like just a slam at BO,
  12. Had my previous BO for 10 years without a problem. New one , well I just wanted a new one, had been in service since 2017 and about 7000 miles with no problem. My coiled cable is BO and has been in service 11 years and is still working and coiling very well. I have not had any problems with customer service when I contacted them with information requests, and replacement plugs for the snap in bar.
  13. Well let me know when you'll be there and I'll put the burgers, sausage or hot dogs on. We'll be there starting on the 15th of Aug. and leave on the 5th of Sept.
  14. Carl, no one around the permanent address to forward it to you? BTW, if you take that route keep in touch. We leave Thur. for Rising Sun, IN., (3 weeks) then to Escapee park, Racoon Valley, TN, (two weeks) then Redstone Arsenal, AL for about 1 week. Don't know where after that. COME ON DOWN!
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