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  1. Sorry to hear that Ray. The rule of our MH is; drinks for 6, dinner for 4 and sleeps 2 so you will have to get a motel room. There is a nice one right next to the CG. Probably cost as much as the CG so come on down.
  2. Yep, done the Left Coast about 4 times from San Diego to Whidbey IS. Temperatures on the Left Coast are typically mild, like mid 70's and especially the further North one goes. Lived in New England the first 19 years of my life, but it was an accident of birth. Left as soon as I could. Weather up there was iffy. Some times during the summer the humidity would be real high, like in the 60's. Ha, not like here on the Texas Coast where Humidity gets into the 80's. Your post seems to indicate that you want to stay relatively close to home so the mountains with elevation would be the better choice. As for driving in the mountains, watch you temperature gauge and as it starts to climb above 205 or so, down shift and keep the RPM's are around 2000. I've been up a few mountains at 25 mph but never had an engine overheat. Good luck and happy trails.
  3. If'n you have a hankering to spend the money, Flexsteel but they may have already closed their doors on RV furniture, call them, Otherwise Coach Supply Co.
  4. We live on the Gulf Coast of Texas. For several years we have tried to escape the summer heat. We are near the same latitude as Orlando, FL. With that said, this will be our 4th trip to Shipshewana, IN. Not NC or GA and about 1200 miles for us. Google is your friend. Pick a location and query Google for weather in that area. But remember that weather patterns do change. Last time in Shipshewana the temperatures were in the high 80's during the day, however in the evenings we had an outside fire and light jackets on. I'll take that over mid 80's temperatures in the evening here in TX with humidity close to the temperature. We will be in Shipshewana from August 1st through Sep 7th. Come on down.
  5. Four or 5 years ago broke down on a very busy intersection (hwy 6 and Hwy 35 business, Alvin) Made it to a good spot. Called GS. Tow truck showed up and towed me 40 miles to the Cummins Dealer. I asked what it would have cost me if I had to pay for it and he replied, "Around $750." Never had a problem. Prior to 2008 I had Coach Net and was towing 5'er back then. Truck would not start. CN towed it to the diesel repair place. Computer chip and not covered so it was out of my pocked except for the towing.
  6. Ha ha! After you posted regarding 10 gallons I went back and changed it to $10. Yep, got you good!
  7. Ray, you need to read between the lines and words. Let's say $10 worth of fuel today is not going to get you as far as $10 worth of fuel yesteryear! Send you to school, buy you books, and what do you do. Rip the binding off and smell the glue! Sheesh!
  8. 10 dollars is not going to go very far right now.
  9. I did receive a reply from FMCA basically stating that the savings were from the old prices, like a single year being $75 back then. They probably need to look at the wording. I personally found it confusing. But hey! $50 is still a good deal.
  10. So, I renewed my FMCA Membership for 1 year. However, the information I received in letter form says: PAY THIS AMOUNT 1 year - $50 SAVE $25 2 year - $100 SAVE $45 3 year - $150 BEST DEAL SAVE $55 What am I missing here. I would have signed up for 3 years but I just don't follow the math!
  11. I found it but somewhere else. Not many 2022 TOADS listed.
  12. What happened to the FMCA page for TOAD vehicles? Am I missing something?
  13. Why do you turn the house disconnect switch off? It is my understanding on WB's that both switches need to be on to keep the batteries charged. Once the house batteries are full the trickle charger will switch to the chassis batteries. Not a real answer to your particular problem, but, have you called Winnebago?
  14. Thank you for you taxes that are supporting my retirement.🌈
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