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  1. test

    It is philosophy 101 Expressed another way: IF anything and anything equals 5; THEN 2 plus 2 equals 4
  2. Dr D

    I have a different approach. I watch the engine temperature gauge, When it starts to get higher than 207˚RR I'll down shift until I can get the RPMs to 2000-2500 RPM. I may have to reduce speed also. I'll notice a drop in temperature almost immediately. You have a 450Hp Diesel pushing you along so you should not have a problem, just keep your engine happy.
  3. test

    Math logic: If 2 plus 2 equals 5 then 2 plus 2 equals 4. (Truism) See what studying can do for you?
  4. 2004 Safari Simba Black Tank Flush

    Carl, time for your annual checkup a the doctor's office.
  5. Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    Paying our SS and Medicare!! I want to add a thank you for your taxes paying my other retirement pensions. Let's see, 1, 2, 3 additional Govt., ones. p.s., they are small ones.
  6. test

    I hate studying for these tests. Really!
  7. Staying With Windows 7

    Depends on who the manager is. In IT Security we had a frugal one.
  8. Staying With Windows 7

    Yes and MAC has the same feature - built in. Hold a key combination and restart the machine, push the suggested buttons and it is back to factory specs. They both have their niceties.
  9. Staying With Windows 7

    Kay, I think they, the Govt., looks at the cost. A Windows desktop for the average worker can be les that $500 and an Apple computer over $1000. The math says it is cheaper to go Windows platforms. Richard, I really understand that the different platforms have to be used to meet specific software requirements. In 2015 CorelDraw worked with Parallels Desktop on a MAC running Windows software. I don't know if that would hold true today with upgrades but I'd be on the wager side it does. One of the other items of the PC World I didn't like was the proprietary software installed by the PC Manufacturer. I had a Hewlett Packard PC and it eventually started bogging down. Took some research and removal of their software to get to run faster.
  10. Staying With Windows 7

    Check into Affinity Photo. I believe it is for both platforms. Great tool and as far as I'm concerned takes the place of the more expensive "Photo Shop." Depending on your needs, Open Office will do most of what the Microsoft Office does and it is free. PDF Expert works very well without having to invest in Adobe. I agree that there are some requirements that operate only on specific platforms but those are becoming less and less frequent, especially for the common user interfaces. Some software is designed for only one platform and possibly in later evolution of the software it is upgraded to both platforms. There is usually a less costly alternative but it may not be as full a version. One has to decide if it is sufficient or not. Don't take my previous post as a gospel for buying any one platform. A person has to decide what they want to do and how much tinkering they want to do. At the time, in 1985, my students would ask the question I knew would come. "What is the better platform to buy?" I would ask what there intentions were in having a computer. If it was for word processing, spreadsheets, and other clerical tasks the answer would be a PC (as know then as a Microsoft platform.) If the answer was Graffias or auto-cad programs the answer would be Apple. Today both platforms can run either programs. For example, MIcrosoft Office can be run on either platform if one wants to pay the premium price for the software. Open Office is a free program that runs on either platform, and opens files from either platform of from Microsoft Office. It will also save in MO format It is definitely a learning curve for transition to either platform but the MAC GUI seems to be more stable, meaning it doesn't change as much as Windows. It really comes down to what one is comfortable with. Some users are just against change because it is change. That applies to either operating system software updates also. Apples IOS updates for the last 10 years has been free.
  11. Staying With Windows 7

    Just for some history on me. In 1974 I worked part time for Radio Shack. Sold the TRS-80 while cutting my teeth on BASIC language and using that as a sales tool. Then the Color Computer. TRS-80 had 64Mb of memory and that was supposed to be enough for anyone. I had a little hiatus being in the military from personal computers but while in the military did operate a satellite terminal connected to the Honeywell mainframe. Then I graduated to a Univac monster using the reel to reel data transfers and binary light display. That led to a 12 Mb hard disk system upgrade with 1 mb on each of 12 hard disks about the size of an LP Record. In 1980 I purchased a VIC-20 (4Mb) and added 16Mb. Did a lot with that little machine including th 300 baud modem. Greatest little thing since peanut butter. Then the Commodore 64 and retiring from the Military I taught the C64 for a couple seasons for Adult Educations classes for a Junior College. From the C64 I graduated to the IBM 8088 Personal Computers. My sort of self taught computeers along with military training eventually, after military retirement led to a job ar NASA . I ended up as a IT Security Specialist and performed forensic analysis on computers that were used for other than NASA work. Out of the thousands of computers a very small percentage was Apple computers. One of the problems way back then was the inability to share programs and work between Windows and Apple systems. NASA decided to go with a predominantly Windows environment. That was just a little after 1994 when the World Wide Web (WWW), or Internet as we know it today, was born. I weened myself on Windows operating systems and became very knowledgeable with the systems. Why am I writing this? Well I retired in 2007 and went out and purchased my first Apple Computer. I can say personally that it is a much easier and stable system to operate and the programs that one has to pay for are much cheaper than Windows systems. I was afraid of the learning curve but it is very very easy to transition over. Yes, Apple Computers are more expensive but so very little in the frustration department. they just work well. Want to keep you Window's programs? Easy, just add the program Parallels ($79) to a MAC and it will perform both types of software. If all you do is surf the internet and perform small operations than the less expensive MAC will work. For more power users the higher priced machines may be best. Love the MAC. What's your story.
  12. Staying With Windows 7

    I have Apple computers, iMac27, MacBook Pro and MacMini, along with other Apple devices. On my three Mac commuters I run both Apple programs and Windows programs. It is a program for the MAC called "Parallels." Just a click of the mouse and you will be switched into what ever operating system you wish to use. It is the stability of the MAC and the easy GUI (Graphical User Interface) that I like.
  13. Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    The nice thing about grinding a spice, hot or otherwise, is that you have complete control over how spicy or hot you want it, I take the cap off the Ghost Pepper grinder, don't turn the grinder but just tap the bottom a couple times and it gives just the right tweak to the food. I use it on all pasta dishes, chili dishes and just about anything that I want a little kick to.
  14. Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    Like hot stuff? I carry a Ghost Pepper grinder for the right touch of hot,
  15. Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    Wow, that equals 8.85786357 Miles per gallon. Yep! I'd be more than happy with that in any language.