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  1. wayne77590


    Get better sooner Herman - miss you. (Well, I had to say that last part!)
  2. Ray, it is not automatic. You have to sign up for Google Groups. I'm not sure if any of the substance on Yahoo can be migrated, but we started out on Google Groups without stuff that was on Yahoo. I have an email client, not web mail, and as such anything I want to keep is on my computer. With web mail I don't think you can do that. There are so many free email clients that run "stand-alone" on computers. I use Apple Mail. Over a decade ago I ran Outlook, and Thunderbird. Outlook came with MS Windows. It is pricey now as a single purchase. Thunderbird is a free open-source download and would be my choice of clients. .
  3. Ray, we knew a few months ago Yahoo was shutting down "groups," and we migrated over to Google Groups. Works well.
  4. I get Melanie and Ross. Last three 829. First time I got the other ones also. This time only you two but I narrowed my search to last name, city, and state. Just brought up the two of you. Yep, I do think there is a problem with the directory. I searched for names I know are FMCA members and they did not come up. I also don't like the new format.
  5. I believe that shotguns are allowed, but not positive of that. Traveling since the 1970's rv'ing with hiatus here and there. Not once in all the years have I ever needed a firearm. I have been LTC (License To Carry) here in Texas for over a dozen years. In all those years I have never had the urge to unholster my weapon. When we know we are leaving the State of Texas I leave my weapons home because we go aboard military installations and not all are acceptable to bringing in firearms. Some do, with armory privileges, but many do not. Really not a big deal for us.
  6. If you had come by Texas City way I'd have treated you to some ice water on the patio.
  7. Ross, I found you by last name and state in Anderson.
  8. But then the states would not make any money on licenses and arrests of people carrying without licenses. You need to be careful of any state you travel through and be aware of their laws. Yes, the federal law allows a person to pass through a state with firearms but if you stop for fuel or anything else you are not "passing through." Be careful. Know the law.
  9. I just tried it using the Dashboard to get to it. I put in my city and it gave me the names of people who are registered.
  10. That's funny!! log in using the URL "community.fmca.com" Just type that in the URL or bookmark it and you should be good to go.
  11. wayne77590


    Oh wow! Same Herman. Prayers are with you.
  12. My back yard is adequate but bring your own chairs.
  13. YEAH! My withdrawal pains have eased considerably. Now I can talk to my many friends that run around in my computer.
  14. Just don't log out and all should be fine. Don't delete cookies either. Joe, Hope I helped but you may have struggled and did it all by yourself, eh?
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