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  1. wayne77590

    Aqua Hot 450D

    Thank goodness my post was so short with the link to all that has been said, whew!😇
  2. I have used Progressive Industries for 10 years and now have the PT-50X. It can be purchased on Amazon fo the same price as Camping World if you are not near one for the same price of $334. There product has saved me from electrical problems several times over the years.
  3. wayne77590

    Valve Stem Stabilizers

    Dually Valves may have some.
  4. Progressive Industries has some, here is a link: Progressive Industries
  5. wayne77590

    Aqua Hot 450D

    Yes, just don't want anyone to think that automotive antifreeze can be used anywhere but there. I sometimes get confused on topic!😹
  6. wayne77590

    Aqua Hot 450D

    For Aqua Hot only use boiler antifreeze. it is different from antifreeze in composition: Aqua Hot Boiler Antifreeze Also there are two different colors, pink and lime(yellowish) green. Do not mix them,
  7. wayne77590

    Beating the high cost of fuel

    I'm with Joe S and I'm not going to drive around city blocks seeing if I can get my 43' footer with TOAD into a station. --------------------------------------------- And as Jim S stated I also remember the very close to $5 a gallon days and it still didn't stop us from traveling. Many RV owners got rid of their rigs because of the ever increasing fuel prices, same in 2008 when the economy was dwindling down. --------------------------------------------- Yes, when using the PFJ card he pump display will ask for your "control" number and it is a pin number that you set up. First time I ever used it i thought it was a "trucker control" number and, as easy as easy does, it had me confused for 2 seconds. -------------------------------------------- I just found out something that I'm going to have to test on the way home regarding Loves Truck Stops. I hate having to go in and tell them how much i'm going to pump. Talking to another Love's card holder he stated that with the MyLove's card you swipe the card at the pump then swipe your credit card and you don't have to go in. Can anyone confirm this?
  8. wayne77590

    Beating the high cost of fuel

    I also use the PFJ RVPlus card. Drive up, swipe card, pump fuel, drive off. To me that is worth the slightly higher cost of fuel at a PFJ and it saves me from running all over creation trying to find a station that can accommodate me. I hate those stations that have you go in and tell them how much fuel you want. I know they are asking for dollar amount but I always tell them 1/4 tank. I get that "Dear In The Headlights" look. Then I open my calculator app and ask how much is it a gallon, then do the calculations and tell them how much $$. Then go out and pump and it never comes up to what I told them. Go beck in.....blah blah blah - preaching to the choir. Carl, I can't store that much food.
  9. wayne77590

    Power Gear Slide Issues - Country Coach

    Sounds like the motors are out of sync. What Controller do you have?
  10. wayne77590

    Petoskey Motorcoach Resort-Michigan

    We are at the Petosky KOA. Very nice. Leaving tomorrow for Mill Creek. We are in Site #2 an good afternoon shade.
  11. wayne77590

    Beating the high cost of fuel

    I'm not on this journey to save money. I buy fuel wherever I can and whenever I can. With a 43 foot MH towing I tend to stay away from Ma & Pa fuel stations. Now there are some stations that have a truck diesel pump but I have not save much that amounts to anything versus the PFJ's. I stay away from Loves an TA only because I have to go inside and pre-pay. With PFJ I pull up, swipe card, fill up and drive away. Saving $360 is just money I'd spend on something I don't need anyway.
  12. wayne77590

    Slide-Out Controller Failer

    We pay 'em off twice a month. Never a balance. I like the cash back when using
  13. wayne77590

    Knee Replacement

    Very happy to hear that. Tell her to be careful with extra PT as it can damage as easily as it can heal. To much can hurt.
  14. wayne77590

    Slide-Out Controller Failer

    Oh, she's like Earlene, she plays cards. (Visa, MC, AmEx, etc.) I don't know why they like to play those cards so much. Canasta is so much cheaper.
  15. wayne77590

    Dash Cameras

    I have the Thinkware X500D dash cam. Just a simple one that records in 1 minute or so segments and will loop when the card is full erasing the oldest. I'll wager that most dash cams do that. It will also record and save 20 seconds of any crash. Mine will do that when we hit a good bump, thinking it is a crash. It also has a rear view camera with enough cord for a car. Don't know if it is enough for a MH. As previously stated I don't worry about behind me as I already have a rear view camera and mirrors that I check. Thinkware has newer cameras out and based on the one I have I would purchase another from them. However, I would look for reviews first.