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  1. Such a very unfortunate emotional experience. Having lost our 2008 to hurricane Harvey we know the feeling well. I wish them well.
  2. I have acquired a habit of checking the breaker before plugging in, and I always turn it off before unplugging. Good article Roger, thanks.
  3. Welcome Tony & Pam. I like your flags. Your rig looks like it might be the same color as our Winni. Guess you'll be coming to Texas to visit GC's so if you do, stop by Galveston area and we can do a visit. Good size back yard and the pups would enjoy Lexi.
  4. Wow! Sorry to hear that. Nope! Never leave keys in the ignition. I don't even leave them in the ignition if I'm alone filling up with fuel, or I lock the door with the FOB.
  5. So true Ray, so true! Stood up in the back yard after bending over and took a deep breath. Son said, "Dad, you're out of shape!" I reminded him that ROUND IS A SHAPE!
  6. Sorry to hear that about Progressive. They have been good for me. The 2008 needed a new roof from hail damage and $19.000 later Progressive paid. In 2017 Hurricane Harvey totaled it. Since I bought the MH new and had Progressive, 10 years later they paid me what I paid for it. No deprecation. Page 26 of my Progressive policy. The present one had mice eat through a water line. Progressive paid. I did have to state that I checked the MH every two week, which I do and sometimes more frequently. The "two weeks" is one of their clauses.
  7. It's cold here also at 58˚ but tomorrow it will be 68˚. Waiting on summer when it stops freezing here. To me, anything below 70˚ is freezing.
  8. It is to bad that Flag Etiquette is not Flag Law. Presently it is not enforceable. However, with that said, my two pet peeve's are placement and ragged flags being displayed. Placement being that the American Flag is always on its own right. that means if there is a wall, podium, etc behind it when looking at it it is on the left. On a car, looking from the front, it is on the right fender. That is its own right. Ragged doesn't need a description but in my MC days some of the MC members I rode with (MC being the two letters on the back of a vest or jacket) would stop when a ragged flag was flying and take it down for proper disposal. Don't start with that stuff of a good way to get hurt. This was an MC - and don't mess with MC's. My riding days and colors were retired in 2007.
  9. Dennis, Jeep has been having a problem for some time now regarding the "Death Wobble," Maybe this article can give you some information to use: Jeep Death Wobble It wasn't/isn't just towing. It can happen driving the Jeep. Subject has been covered on the other forums also.
  10. Are you going to keep the Jeep?
  11. You don't need the foil if you also have a wire surrounding the white phonelic insulator that caries the center copper conductor. The purpose of the aluminum shield is to reduce radio frequency interference, RFI. (electromagnetic interference) Strip it back and cut it off then use the wire shield and center conductor.
  12. Ray, it's okay to use them as a reference but I agree that the only true way is the Mfg's manual, and even then it's a crap shoot. I called a Mfg for a specific car when I was getting different answers. The vehicle was not towable and they said it was a cut and past from an earlier manual and they were putting out a revised edition. Best way besides manuals is to see if anyone else is towing the vehicle and if they have problems. Then the manual again.
  13. I do the same but if there is a specific auto you are interested by looking at the 2022 list you can then jump to the manual and see if it is still applicable. Happy hunting.
  14. It's nice to have the guide but if anyone is interested in a specific brand an online search of the vehicle manual will give all the details for towing or not towing. Yes, I know it is simpler to look at a guide, but when push comes to shove the manual is the place to go.
  15. So very sad! Rest in Peace Herman.
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