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  1. The Manual. Look under "Recreational Towing"
  2. An old thread, but my take is: No more going into a station, giving them your CC or telling them how much fuel you want, going back out, pumping fuel, going back inside to stand in line, retrieve receipt and CC, back out side. Oh, and after fueling move forward before going back in. With the PFJ Card, pull up to the pump run card, pump as much fuel as you need, drive off. Also get 6 to 8 cents off a gallon and I have not seen a 30 cent difference. I'll pay more attention to prices on next leg of trip As stated, it is the service station that sets the amount that can be placed on a CC when fueling. If there were not as many thieves driving off without paying prices may not have been set.
  3. If you drove 9 miles with a flat dual then you have jeopardized the dual on that side that took all the weight and the flat one. Been there done that, but not knowingly.
  4. Me either. It is a good company to do business with. They were extremely helpful during my years of PT-50C purchases. They stand behind their product. Me either. It is a good company to do business with. They were extremely helpful during my years of PT-50C purchases. I can attest that they stand behind their product.
  5. I have been communicating with Safe-T-Plus for the past year. Last time was about two months ago. They said they were close. We'll see.
  6. If you are willing to travel about 150 miles, Master Tech RV in Elkhart, IN has excellent service. Make an appointment if you decide,
  7. Had one on my last MH. Great company, with great support. They are working on an IFS system one. Hope it is out soon - I'll get one. They have been working on it for quite a while,
  8. I use La Porte Tire Center, La Porte, TX. 11011 W Fairmont Pkwy, La Porte, TX 77571, PH: 281-471-3541. They are also a Dually Valve distributor if you need some good vavle stems.
  9. Loved to ride! Then in 2007 riding down the highway at 55 mph, a guy in a pickup truck pulled out and broadsided me. Went 130 feet on the pavement. The guy ran. They caught him the next day when he came home sober (assumption of me and police). He spent 2 years of a 4 year sentence in jail. Leaving the scene of an accident in Texas is a misdemeanor. Failure to stop and render aid is a felony. When riding you didn't have to go North, just let the wind in your face cool you down,
  10. There is reciprocity for driver licenses but rules of the road and safety are State by State. You my have a lower limit in your state but don't leave the state as the next state over may be different,
  11. Sounds great for them. (Okay this answer your last post, just to keep things straight,)😇 BTW: Illinois gas tax, on July 1st, went from 19 cents a gallon to 38 cents a gallon and diesel tax goes from 21.5 cents to 45.5 cents a gallon. Lots more orange cones can be purchases,
  12. Chris, as mentioned most RV parks can accommodate a 43-45 foot coach but on occasion I hve had some say they cannot. I always try and look on-line at their web site - or more exact look at the campgroundreviews.coml to see if big rigs are one of the check boxes. In the past we traveled without reservations and made them as we were traveling, and especially a week or more before holidays. Schools out - lots of rv'ers and the camping is on the upswing, Now with that said, remember that a lot of Federal and State parks were built when rv's were travel trailers 21-23 feet long. Yes, there are some that can accommodate the larger rigs but it is safe to go on-line or call to make sure. We have a 43' and love it.
  13. My post was not replying to your post. I just wanted to point out that a commercial vehicle is defined by weight by the Federal Authorities. States exempt RV's, well at least Texas does.
  14. Far North! We are from the Gulf Coast where the temperatures are in the upper 80's to lower 90's during the summer. We are now in Ohio and the temperatures have been the same as if we had stayed home. Go further North,
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