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Does Roadtrek Build Quality Class B's?

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If you currently own or have owned a Roadtrek Class B of any particular model in their line, please report how you think the coach quality is and whether it's holding up well over time.  I'd really like your candid comments.  Don't let the fact that I own one influence you one way or another. 

If you have had a good or bad experience, I'd like to hear it. 

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Building a Class B is very close to the custom vans from the past. Both take a manufacturer's basic model van and do a remarkable job of converting them into nice units. Where Class "A" and "B" " basically start from scratch.  That is the main reason A & Bs have so many more issues with slides and other items.

And yes Mercedes, GM and Ford have much better QC.


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Thanks Herman.  Did you ever have a Class B in the past or consider one? They get outstanding fuel economy, about 18 to 19 MPG. 

Don't know about other coach manufacturers conversions, but, it takes about 9 months to do a Roadtrek conversion.. mine is a 2011 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500 with the 2012 Roadtrek RS Adventurous conversion. We saw the brand new ones on the lot about a month ago..they were 2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500 with the 2017 conversion.. main difference is the new ones are driven to LA from Canada with 2300 miles.. and have are double the price of ours that had 26,000 miles when we took possession.  All solid cherry wood interior. 

Double the purchase price for saving 23,000 miles seems pretty expensive to me? 

Recently discovered that since 1974, approximately 43 years ago, Roadtrek finally completed 30,000 conversions, that's an average of 700 units per year, overall although they probably ramped up more units in the later years.

Someone told me that entire coach will fall apart before the Mercedes does.. we'll see. It's a turbo diesel engine so I'm hoping to be able to get a long service life from this. 

And, no slides on our coach at all, just a custom interior.   Here's a picture inside. 

Good to hear about Mercedes Benz Sprinter quality. 




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