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  1. Maybe not shorter but with less traffic and hills, here's my route. Pick up I-10 in Florida to Louisiana and take I-49 north to Shreveport. In Shreveport take I-20 west to Lindale, TX. At Lindale pick up US Hwy 69 north to Bells, TX and US Hwy 82. Take US Hwy 82 west to Gainesville, TX and I-35 Take I-35 north to Wichita, KS which turns into I-135. Continue north on I-135 to Selina, KS to I-70. Go west on I-70 to Denver CO. Very little traffic a few hills but mountains. Biggest town you would go through would be Oklahoma City, OK
  2. One thing I learned years ago about tires is that heat can cause lots of problems. On semis the tires, although caring a heaver load, have lots air circulating around them where on a motorhome they are more enclosed and hold the heat in more. JMHO Herman
  3. Justin, Welcome to the Forum. By some chance could you attach a picture of the cabinet? That might help folks come up with some suggestions. Again Welcome, Herman
  4. A Plastic Welder would be where I would be looking. It does take a special torch to do the process. The last time I saw it it was a hot air gun using heated nitrogen with a feeder tube for the plastic rod as a filler material. Kind'a like a Hot Glue Gun. Seeing your tank, it may have to be removed to do the weld due to space restrictions. However that may have changed since I last saw the process working, Herman
  5. Yes, but it is a good thing that I don't drink either Whiskey or Bourbon. Herman
  6. Darren, Welcome to the Forum. Let us know about the BC 3596RE. Herman
  7. Also know the height of your RV. In our small town there are two bridges that the signs on both read 14' 4". 8 miles North there is an 13' 6" and all three are on US Hwy 69, a major US Highway. Herman
  8. Diane, We are with Texas Farm Bureau. We live in Grayson County, Texas. We have had several claims and their rates have increased less then 5% since we have been with them, 6 years. I am not sure if they cover outside of Texas. Herman
  9. Many folks already know this but for those that don't here is a hint in case of an Emergency. Each of you have that one or more people that you want contacted if the need arises. Edit you contacts on your cell phone. Add "ICE" to the person or persons name who needs to be contacted in an Emergency. This is incase you are incapacitated, emergency personnel can go to your phone and under contacts type in "ICE" and up pops the person to contact. I hope this helps folk and at the same is never needed. Herman
  10. 10-4, IMHO if a manufacturer was going to put in overhead cabinet in an area they would have structured the area to support the weight. From what Carl said Alpha had no intentions of putting overhead cabinets in their slide outs and may have saved money by using less costly materials. Just thinking off the top of my head(and yes that is open for intrastation). Herman
  11. A few year ago there may have been 6 Wineries in and around Fredericksburg. Now they are so many it is hard to decide which 10 you want to see each day for your month long stay in the area. Herman
  12. I believe the OP is asking about adding cabinets to his slide on the inside of his coach. It can be done if the coaches structure is strong enough to carry the weight. If the OP wants to add some his best bet would be to go to an RV Salvage yard and purchase ones that would fit. Herman
  13. Thanks for the info. on the Freightliner chassis. It appears the Alpha See Ya is on a Freightliner chassis. Herman
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