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  1. hermanmullins

    Phoenix American Warranty or Extra Ride

    How about the dealer that sold it to you before. I am sure they would like to sell it to again. Herman
  2. hermanmullins

    Auto Changeover LP regulator failures

    Auto change over regulators on fuel gases have always been a issue due to low pressures. The welding industry has been trying for years to produce one but haven't been successful. At least it was still an issue when I retired 6 years ago. Many welders tried the units used for fuel tanks on RV's without success. Herman
  3. hermanmullins

    Cummins generator

    Thanks for letting us know the results of your problem. Good Luck Herman
  4. hermanmullins

    Texas home

    West Texas although it is fairly dry it can get very hot during the summer. The hill country is not as bad as West Texas but still can get quite hot. There are a lot of folks that live in Texas go to New Mexico or Colorado during the hot summer's. We live in North Central Texas and are going to go to the mountains for the summer this next year. But we welcome all from the North Herman
  5. hermanmullins

    RV Discount Camping Options

    I just renewed our membership for the additional 6 month. I have made back my cost many times over. Most of the time it is just for a quick over noght. Yes they have some restrictions but the saving, to me, makes up for the restrictions. Herman
  6. hermanmullins

    cluster panel gauges

    jawopw, My best guess would be to check for a loose connection. A loose ground would be my first place to check. Herman
  7. hermanmullins

    Illuminated Entry Door Grab Handle

    Yes, they are in junkyards and haven't moved in at least 5 years. 😉 Herman
  8. hermanmullins

    Thanksgiving in Westfield NJ - Where to park the RV?

    Debra, Is it possible or permissible to park at your relative's place and run an extension cord to your RV? Herman
  9. hermanmullins

    And so it begins.....Hybernation

    Iran It's lovely to look at, And nice to hold. But it's time to pack the coach, AND GET OUT OF THE COLD. Herman
  10. hermanmullins

    Cummins generator

    Now is the time to swallow ones pride and go to a service center and have it checked out. It's seems as you have gone through every suggestion and nothing has worked. If you find out what the problem is please let us know. Good Luck, Herman
  11. hermanmullins

    And so it begins.....Hybernation

    Ryan, Sorry to hear about your wife. Give her all the love you can. We will keep you both in our prayers. Herman
  12. hermanmullins

    Campground Discounts for FMCA members

    This is a post started by an FMCA staff member in 2011 who is not with FMCA now. And until 4 hours ago hadn't had a reply since Sept. 2016. Maybe that is why there is an error. Hasn't been a great push to solicit parks to become members. I will be checking to see what is offered to a park and what or if we can to push for getting new parks on board. Herman
  13. hermanmullins

    RV Basics Seminar

    Judy, I have heard from a number of folk that have many years of RVing and said they really enjoyed it and learned alot. If you are thinking about Perry, at last count it is filling up fast. So you might want to sign up soon. Herman
  14. hermanmullins

    EGR temperatures & coolant level

    Ed said that it is a 300 Cummins in an 2006 Tiffin Allegro 34 foot. I am assuming it would be ans ISL but would need feed back to be sure. Herman
  15. hermanmullins

    Something to avoid

    It looks like a tour bus. The driver need to have a talk with the person that schedules his route or he was using a rand mac GPS. Herman