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  1. I think it was BIRDS not a bird strike. Herman
  2. I have heard of tailgating but never by a bird. Herman
  3. d, As you said "IF" you decide to do it yourself then that would be good time to check several things. First look at the back of the panel and see if there are any signs of water. If so then go further and see if you can see any signs of a leak. If there is no signs on the back side of the panel then you are good to go. Another thought. If you have the panel down and get the fabric from Winnebago, why not take it to an auto upholstery and have them glue the new fabric on. They are experienced in headliners and know how to do it without wrinkles. Let us know how you make out. Herman
  4. Joe you are right that is why I mentioned a trip to the factory. Richard's suggestion of using the 3m spray might work. However if it doesn't work it may prevent a proper repair later on. dbrown's problem is not one I would want to have. Good Luck d, herman
  5. Jim, Since you are talking about 2020 vehicles my suggestion would be to go take a look at the owners manuals for directions and then call the company tech departments. Also consult with tow bar manufacturer and brake manufacturer. Good luck, Herman
  6. In the second picture you can see an approx. 2" wide strip. There will be another one on the other side of the panel. They have to be removed to expose the screws or clips holding the panel up. I do not know how the strip is to be removed. A call to the manufacturer of your coach would be in order to find our how everything is secured to the overhead. At the same time ask how the ceiling panel is secured all the way around. It may be simple or it could be very difficult. It may require a trip to the manufacturer. Sorry I can't be of more help. Herman
  7. Bob, did your licence office tell you that you had to have a person with a class B with you? When I took mine in Texas fellow that was going to go with me had a health issue and couldn't go. I called the DPS office and they said and I quote "We don't ask how you got here.) You may get the same answer. If you have a friend with CDL they may be able to go with you. Herman
  8. I have found that it is easier to remove the drive motor and do the replacement on you workbench. You won't have to worry about parts falling out and you can also lube the gears at the same time. Herman
  9. bob, If you got you unit through FMCA contact Jgabberd@fmca.com. Jason can direct you to someone that can help. Herman
  10. dbrown048, Welcome to the Forum. Sometime the overhead liners in motorhomes are put in as panels. Maybe you could remove the saging panel and take it to a auto upholstery shop and have them re glue it. Herman
  11. Carl asked Bobbie to let you try some that she makes. It's really good. Herman
  12. Here are my blinds before and after. Before After Herman
  13. Yesterday morning we had a dusting of snow with temperatures in the low 30s with wind chills in the 20s. Herman
  14. A bit different in the Navy and Marine Corp. In 1959 when I went to PR at Lakehurst, NJ, we were required to pack our own chute and jump with it. I was the first man, first stick, in the first load on the first day of April 1959. I was asked by a lieutenant (equal to an Army Captain), to pack his chute for his jump. He was a Major Frank Burns before there was a Frank Burns. I packed his chute and after the jump he said it was the hardest opening shock he ever had. I was very proud of myself. Herman
  15. Richard, if all else fails could you trim the cover plate like Factor shows and secure it to the old plate. With the two mounting screws and Gorilla Glue and a bit of paint you should be good to go. It should last until you are able to find old/new stock of the old plate. Herman
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