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  1. I have replaced my pump several times but never thought of carrying a spare. That is an excellent idea more especially if going off in the boonies. I got my last pump at Walmart 3.0 gph at 55 psi. Sorry I can't remember the price but it was the best priced. Herman
  2. Any time you are using your Jack's to level and your tire come off the ground, it's time to raise the jacks and reposition your coach. Herman
  3. To the best of my knowledge there is no LP to a roof top A/C with a heat pump. Herman
  4. Joe your pumps micro switch may be burnt closed. About $5.00 for the switch. Been there done that. Herman
  5. Yes but he is in Plano, Texas. His name is Buck and works at Plano Marine. One of the best I have ever seen. Herman
  6. Kilrya, Welcome to the Forum. To get the best answer to you question, you would need to call FMCA and ask for Membership & Marketing. The number is 513-474-3622. And again Welcome, Herman
  7. D, I had a laugh when I saw that you even write with an accent "rememba". Herman
  8. With your above statement I would lean towards dirty Radiator and CAC. What that tells me is that it is trying to draw as much air across to radiators as it can but need more air flow and a clean radiator will give it that needed flow. JMHO Herman
  9. Call FMCA and ask for Membership and Marketing. You may ask someone there if there is someone that can help you. 513-474-3622 Herman
  10. Doc, since you don't seem to be in a rush and would like to take you time and see a bit. Here is a route you may enjoy. Hwy 59 north to Livingston. You could make an appointment and have your coach weighted. On north on Hwy 59 to Lufkin then to Nacogdoches Tour the Foretravel Plant and stop in at Motorhomes of Texas. Who knows you might find a coach you can't live without. From Nac you can take Hwy 21 and Louisiana 6 Natchitoches, Louisiana. Take Hwy 84 to Natchez, Mississippi then Hwy 61 to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Take I-12 out of Baton Rouge to 1-10 on to Biloxi, MS, Pascagoula, MS and into Mobile Alabama. While you are in Mobile you could also venture over to Pensacola and maybe see the Blue Angles. Not the most direct but a heck of a lot of great things to see and do. Herman
  11. Mark, you can check the inside of the transfer switch yourself but before you do please disconnect the shore power, turn off the inverter and just to be on the safe side disconnect the ground cable on the house batteries. By doing that you won't have any shocking surprises. Good luck hope you find your problem. Herman
  12. Mark, Two different Items, the Transfer Switch changes to power from shore to generator power. The Surge Guard is to protect the coach from a BADLY wired shore pedestals. Before coaches had transfer switches you would have to plug in either the Shore Power cable or the Generator cable into the coach receptacle Most of the time the builtin surge guard is mounted on the side of the transfer switch case. Removing the cover will tell you of the surge guard has blown while protecting the coach. If you find that the surge guard is good then a good way to test the Transfer Switch is to run the generator and see if you get power to the coach. If you do get power then your relay may be stuck or burnt. Herman
  13. David, how about going to Clarion and purchasing another NX 501? Or even having yours repaired. You may have to rely on a map or your phone till you get yours repaired or replaced. By having it repaired or replaced by the same unit you wont have to learn a completely new system. JMHO Herman
  14. Blanksam, Welcome to the Forum. Where are you starting your trip from? That will help other to give you alternate directions. I know that I-70 West of Denver is passing right through the Rockies with a number of passes. I-80 West does have long hills but no passes to go through. So let us know where you are starting from and lets see what comes up. Again, Welcome, Herman
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