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  1. Breaker Location 03 Monaco Dynasty

    Bill Fighter, Check out your power cable in your Automatic Transfer Switch. See if you have 110 volts on both legs. Also how does it work with the Generator. Does it have power on both legs then? Herman
  2. Test TEST

    I'm sorry but test what? Herman
  3. Gary you may have an issue with height. Herman
  4. Breaker Location 03 Monaco Dynasty

    Mine is in an overhead cabinet in the bed room. Do you show no power on one leg? Had an issue recently and found a cable issue. Replaced the plug. Herman
  5. Gary, Do you have anything under your current refrigerator ? Herman
  6. Jeep Cherokee Flat Towing 2014-2018

    It is just IMHO your Jeep should be alright. I would go with a quality Tow Bar and Base Plates, not something with just a lower price. Herman
  7. Bill, I think we have a bunch of 8 Tracks that will work in your system. Herman
  8. Best New ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)

    I would suggest a full set. A 15 to 55 and maybe larger. If you haven't bought any dry wall screws, they are now Torx Drive. They include a driver bit in each box. I know the drive system well. I sold they in 1969 through 1972. Great system. I introduced the screw to Lufkin Trailers for their floor boards. Herman
  9. Gillette 2018

    Nice looking place. Shame you can't return for the summers. Herman
  10. Frieghtline Dealer - Diesel Truck Sales Review (Saginaw, MI)

    Bill, As has been said, Welcome to the Forum.Happy that you found a good place to have your coach serviced. If you use them for all of your normal service, they will have all the records if you have troubles down the road. Herman
  11. Gillette 2018

    Ross, If I know the Governing Board it will drag on until it gets close to 4 or 4:30 then move like lightening. It shouldn't be too bad this year, very little is on the calendar. We will hold a set for you. Herman
  12. RV flooring replacement in Las Vegas

    Carl, He is still in Weatherford but he did move.If I remember he said that he still does the work at his shop but has move his residesnt. I know he doesn't do carpet but not sure about tile. Herman
  13. Class A Coach Cover

    I am just curious, how much does a cover weigh to cover a 40 foot motorhome, TT or Fifth Wheel? And how do you get it up on top to cover the unit? I'm not trying to be funny I would really like to know. Herman
  14. RV flooring replacement in Las Vegas

    R. LeBlanc, Not in Vegas but we have Erniee her on the Forum that does nothing but RV flooring. However he is in Weatherford, Texas. One of the Best. Herman
  15. Pets and Rallys

    Pet are welcomed at all Rallies. Is is best if you have power and are able to keep your pet cool with A/C when the weather is Warm. They must be on a leash and under control when outside. I see may dog walking their owners all the time. I keep doggie treats with me in my golf cart all the time and have made friends with quit a few of them. But to have them with you when entering any building for vendors or entertainment or such, they must be certified as a "Service Animal". Bring your pets but "PLEASE PICK UP AFTER THEM." Thank you, Herman