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  1. Chris, so sorry for your health issues. What I have heard about National has not been good. There is another gentleman with your last name, Carl Christensen, here on the Forum. His handle is Manholt. He maybe you're long lost old uncle. 😃 Herman
  2. I will add one thought, replace all 4 on the rear. Same size and wear. Herman
  3. JZ, are speaking of the icemaker in your Dometic refrigerator or stand alone. If it is in you refrigerator I would replace it. It is 14 years old and is most likely cored. My suggestion is to pull it and take it to a refrigerator service center and they can match it up. This is what I did in our old nevercool before we replaced it for a residential. Herman
  4. Correct, it's always nice to hear that the folks on Forum helped. Happy travels. Herman
  5. Yes Wayne, the Verizon Jet Pack is like having a Land line router for your internet. I have had 4 different computers on it at the same time. Herman
  6. The Verizom jet pack is a wifi unit. It is what I used both at the house(all metal building),and in the coach. It is plugged in an turned on 24/7. Just move it between the two. Herman
  7. There are so many thing we never thought would happen. Like getting married wearing a mask or going into a bank wearing a mask and asking for money. Herman
  8. Check out FMCA's MiFi Service by Verizon. You can have it on in the coach all the time and your camera can be on full time so you can monitor the pups. Herman
  9. A veteran that plays TAPS at Military Funerals has asked for all trumpeter all over the USA to play TAPS at 3:00 tomorrow. I am sorry I don't know if it is Eastern, Central, Rocky Mountain or Pacific Time. If some one out there knows please let us know. Tomorrow please say a prayer for all of our active duty service men and women & retired Veterans, active or retired First Res-ponder and all medical workers. GOD bless each and everyone. Herman
  10. If you start the engine it will put power to the batteries and if the inverter is on to the inverter which should give you power to the shades. Herman
  11. That is very dependent on what state your drivers license was issued in. In Texas a Class "B" Operators permit is required to drive a vehicle weighting over 26,001 Lbs and towing under 10,000 lbs. A Class "A" Operators permit is required to drive a vehicle weighting over 26,001 lbs and towing over 10,001 lbs. Herman
  12. It hurts a lot less when you keep quiet then when you don't. Comes from 56 years of experience.
  13. No but they can get you into trouble. I have found that a Map can help along with the GPS. I will relay on the GPS when in the truck more than in the MH. I can get out of trouble easier in the truck than in the MH. Herman
  14. Have you discussed this with your insurance company? What have they said? Herman
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