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  1. Welcome to the Forum. You might get O'Reillys or Auto Zone to run a scan on it. Thay may pin point where the issue is. Herman
  2. Frank, I am not in my coach now but I have a fuse panel in a cabinet to the left of closet. There may be a fuse that may be for the slide. Other than that I can only think of switch. Herman
  3. I am sorry for your issues. On Monday call FMCA (513-475-3622) and ask for the IT department and they will contact you to a tech to assist you. Sorry you have to wait till then. Herman
  4. Welcome to the Forum. I have Sprint Connect from FMCA to we use in the house for Netflix. I also have Verizon MiFi that I use both at home (for the computer) and in the Motorhome (for the computer and Netflix). Both work well for us. Herman
  5. In our motorhome we have HWH Air Bag Leveling. There are two buttons that say "DUMP" and "RAISE". When you put the transmission in Drive or Reverse it will return the Ride Height for driving. My question is, "Is there a way to move the coach with the air dumped in case you need to get a bit more clearance for a short distance?" Herman
  6. Not to sure how relevant this information is since this is a 7 year old posting. You may want to start a new topic on the handling of an RV. There may be some new commits out there. Herman
  7. Glad to hear about your Coach. With that happening to your coach maybe we need to get those old ground strap that we used to have two of because it looked cool. Ed will contract you I am sure of. To all concerned, If you have an issue with any of our Benefits you may voice your concerns here but when you do, I will send you a PM and request your Name--F # and a contact number. This will help me get it taken care of for you quickly. Thanks, Herman
  8. I have passed both incidents on to the folks at FMCA and the proper people are working on them now. Herman
  9. Eric do you having to constantly correct your steering when driving? If so as Rich said, it is most likely Toe-In. Herman
  10. Try the simple things first. Replace the plug and check to the bulbs and switch. Maybe that may help. In the mean time you will get other ideas. Herman
  11. Jeff, Welcome to the Forum. Your have a nice looking Coach. Hope you make many great memories. Herman
  12. Give this lady a shout, Gaye Young. Gaye is the Eastern Area National Vice President and can give you all the info. on the Rally. gyoung@fmca.com Herman
  13. Estes, Welcome to the Forum. Was your RV pre plumbed for a Washer/Dryer? And yes do call the Manufacturer and have picture ready incase they want to see where you would like to install it. Again Welcome. Herman
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