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  1. Joss, Welcome to the Forum. Never had an issue with mine. Works well. Is this the first time you have had an issue? If so it could be just your location. If it doesn't get better once you move try calling FMCA during working hours and speak to the Tech Connect person. 513-474-3622 Herman
  2. Sometimes but that shows that they are full and I just wipe them off. Herman
  3. I have always used Buddy Bearings on my trailer hubs. They are replacements for your dust caps and you can grease the hubs through a zerk fitting in the cap. they are spring loaded and will always keep grease inside the bearing where you want it. They are used a lot on boat trailers and helps keep water out of the hubs. I check mine about once a year (when I remember to), add a bit of grease and go on my way. I use what ever the auto parts store has on sale. I'm not picky. Herman
  4. John, Welcome to the Forum. Need a lot more information then you have given. What are you quoting or asking for? We have some very smart folks here but as far as I am aware none are Psychics. Sorry. Herman
  5. Take the parts with the manufacturer of the axle to a good truck parts house. I have found that "Inland Truck Parts" does a good job of locating parts. Either or both may be able to match the parts. A good parts man loves a challenge. Herman
  6. Clark, did this just start or has it done this since day one? Herman
  7. I have had a awning that would blow out at times. I took a length of PVC pipe that was long enough go up the awning arm and extend down below the arm. I put foam (like what is used to wrap A/C tubing)on each end so it would not scratch to coach and secured it with a velcro strap. I had to do this when in Utah with very high winds. I later did tighten the tension on the roller. The manufacturer called for 21 turns and I went with 23 and never had a blow out again. Hope this helps. Herman
  8. korte500, Welcome to the Forum. Listing of the make, model and year of RV would be a lot of help. Several things, Dirty Radiator, bad radiator cap, loose or no fan belt. Sounds like the sensor is doing it's job. Let us know what you find. Again, Welcome, Herman
  9. sdllc03, Welcome to the Forum. If the batteries have had the cable disconnected for any reason, your Inverter my just be turned off. Had it happen to me more than once. Please list what RV you have plus year and model. That help with lots of answers. Again, Welcome, Herman
  10. I have this picture in my mind of Roger standing in front of his coach with a jaw full of tobacco spitting on the windshield. I have used a Brillo Scrubbing Pads to clean stubborn bugs and such off my windshield. Herman
  11. Welcome to the Forum. When I am coming to a hill, just before it starts to rise I will accelerate so my turbo will kick in and my RPMs increase. This helps me on most inclines. On really long climbs I will down shift to help get the RPMs up. Again, Welcome. Herman
  12. You are right, keep it interesting and they will come. (sort of a take from "Field of Dreams" but true). Herman
  13. John10ey, Here is what FMCA has for all types of RV Services. www.fmca.com/rvmarketplace. The brake down is by services. So you look to what type of service you need then you have a smaller group of companies go though but it isn't in state order. Herman
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