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  1. Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    We are here in Gillette and looking forward to a great Convention. If you would still like to get together on Thursday the 19th come to my coach around 5:00 PM. I am located in Lot "A". Front row the only coach with a U.S. Flag and a TEXAS Flag. Sorry there are no site numbers. (Brown and Tan Monaco Dynasty) I will be all over the place as Safety Officer. If you see me please stop and say hello. Look forward to seeing and visited with as many of you as possible. Herman
  2. Mobile App Suggestion

    When signing up for the service you could be assigned a number. It could be your F#. It would take getting all the information one time. When you need assistance the only thing would be to give them your "F" number. Herman
  3. Bedroom TV Mount

    Candl, Most have a frame around the TV held in by 4 screws. If you have 4 wooden buttons, pop then off and the screws should be there. After you remove the frame there should be some brackets of some sort. Hope this works for you. Herman
  4. Deasertdeals69=Bruce. Herman
  5. US 93 Missoula, MT to Arco, ID

    Byron, We hope Betty get better soon. You both are in our prayers. Herman
  6. Bruce, How well can you hear on the Blue Tooth in your coach? And how is the voice transmission? I have tried my Garmin's Blue Tooth but it wasn't very good. C U N Gillette, Herman
  7. Newmar Ventana LE Sewer hose

    This Topic sound very familiar. I think is was discussed before. My best solution would be to contact Newmar. They may know of the issue and have a solution. Herman
  8. Roof sealants

    Paul, The most expensive thing on an RV is something that is FREE. Herman

    Mark, My 02 Dtnasy's key pad is located under the arm rest by the passengers seat. Reach down and you will find it. Herman
  10. Best Emergency Assistance Insurance?

    FMC Assist does provide the necessary mode of transportation to return you to your home or destination deemed necessary by the Doctor in charge of your treatment. Be it a Yellow cab or a Lear Jet. I have heard of it costing up to and over $35,000.00 for the service and it is all covered by FMC Assist. It is a great benefit. Herman
  11. What tire if price no concern

    Mike, Welcome to the Forum. There are some very nice folks at the FMCA office. Give them a call at 513-474-3622 and ask to the Benefits person. They will be able to walk you through the program. Herman
  12. FMCA Roadside Rescue question

    You can wait for a while if not using your coach. Remember to renew for as long as you want coverage. You can purchase 3 years and guarantee the $69.95 price. You will need to renew your membership for the same 3 years. Herman
  13. 50 amp shoreline round hatch

    That is the one I have been looking for. Thanks for the link. Herman
  14. I forgot there is a RV Park up 75 in Melissa called Lighthouse. About 15 to 20 miles north. I know you can park over night in the Sam's lot in McKinney. I have seen coaches there many times. Herman
  15. Richard, If I am not mistaken Meandering Way is in Richardson. We lived on Worcester Way for 8 years. There is a shopping center on Belt Line between Arapaho and Coit. You may be able to dry camp there. There is a hospital on Campbell Road just off Central Expressway (Hwy75) that may work. You could have your brother check on each place. I don't know if Richardson allows overnight parking. Your brother could check that also. Good luck, let me know what you find. Herman