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  1. When in Perry at the Convention and you are at the entertainment, look up high on the left hand side. It is an awesome sight. The chains are run through shackles. Herman
  2. Hopefully he will come back. He joined 13 hr ago. What Dallas traffic?? Herman
  3. They are called 'The Dallas City Council" 🦃's Herman
  4. And still going strong (thanks to the good Lord) I don't think I will be hijacking the topic if I mentioned the so many thing I have seen change in my lifetime. At least 4 wars. 14 US Presidents Crank phones to cell phones Cars you had to crank to start, to cars that park themselves Pencil and paper to computer From talking face to face, to sitting across from each other and texting to one another. From the first non stop flight from coast to coast to putting men on the moon and bring them back From the bi-winged plane to jumbo jets. I can't wait to see what is next!
  5. Joe although they are quite the same I have run Yokohama's on my 2011 Silverado 1500 and are very pleased with them. I have about 27,000 miles and them and the wear has been good. Those are miles on the speedo but add about 10,000 more towing. I will go with them again when I need to. Herman
  6. What was that, when car had to be started with a crank in the front and you wrote with an ink well and a quill pin on parchment? Herman (PS: I know I am older than you)
  7. But Carl those may cost more but they aren't on the program. Herman
  8. I never heard of Toyo tires and they are not listed in the FMCA offerings. Sorry no they aren't on the FMCA Tire Program. I got them because, IMHO, they are good tires. I have about 15k miles with no issues. Ride is a bit better than GY G670s. Herman
  9. I sent a PM to the OP, but no response yet. Herman
  10. Great picture Ray, thanks for reminding us what it's all about. Herman
  11. Goodyear G670's have a tendency to wear the outside of the steer tires. I have had good luck with my Toyo's. They wear good and are 1/2 the price of Michelins. Herman
  12. I remember that Joe once said he was once a Volunteer Firefighter. Herman
  13. Bill, have pick up your's yet? Herman
  14. Congratulations are due for two reasons. First on the purchase of this beautiful coach. Second, it is soon to be Carl and Linda Christensen! Congrats on both accounts. Herman & Bobbie
  15. Wayne, our chapter, Lone Star, had a Rally scheduled for Miller Creek this coming April. They contacted us to let us know that they were cancelling the Rally and that they would no longer have Rallies at their park. They are full of snow birds for the winter and very few if any groups have rallies in Texas in the summertime. You are correct it was a nice park and the Rally room was adequate. Lone Star's April Rally, the 16th to the 18th, will now be at Bushman's RV Park in Bullard, Texas Bullard is about 8 mile south of Tyler on US Hwy 69. We would love to have you or anyone else out their that would like to attend. If you would be interested just send me a PM and I will be more than happy to send you the information. So from a swabbie to a jarhead Semper Fi. Herman
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