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  1. Keith, Have you checked the fluid levels? Herman
  2. A good two sided tap is good you can put it any where. Front, back, sides, high or low. One nice thing about tape is if you don't like it you can move it easily. Just display it. Herman
  3. If you take off the top of your air filter you can remove the filter and get the number off of it. Herman
  4. anna, Welcome to the Forum. I checked with M&G Engineering and they do not make a unit for the 2017 Ford C-Max. I would check with Invisabrake and see if they make a unit for your vehicle. Blue Ox makes 4 different setups for your vehicle with removable tabs where nothing shows when you are not towing. Herman
  5. 10-4 on that Rich. That is why when I am looking for what I think is a blown fuse I will check them all if the correct one is not obvious or labeled. You never know what the factory decided to put on with another circuit. Herman
  6. Great idea but you will have to remove the dryer to instal it. But still a great idea. Herman
  7. Mark and Terri, Also Welcome to FMCA and The Forum. To add to Richards invite there is also another event that you should make plan on attending. The FMCA's 101st International Convention & RV Expo. It is being held March 26-29th, 202 at the PIMA County Fairground in Tucson, AZ. There will be over 250 vendor, Show RVs, Seminars, Ice Cream Social, Coffee & Donuts every Morning, Games and three night of great live entertainment. You may register on line at fmca.com, by mail or by calling FMCA at 513-474-3622. Come and meet your new Family. Herman
  8. Just check out this Topic since it started. 28,788 Views 520 Replies Just goes to show we all like to just talk about anything without being told to get back on the Original Post.👍 Herman
  9. When all else fails look to RV Salvage Yards. They are all over the country. Herman
  10. Wayne, my friends Entegra Aqua Hot runs off his large mounted propane, 30 or 45 gallons size I believe. What he has been told is that he doesn't have to do the yearly maintenance required on the diesel units. His coach is all electric except for the Aqua Hot. Carl, Wayne in Lone Star, hasn't said how the temp is at low temperatures so I can't attest to either. Herman
  11. I have used Blue Beacon twice. Once in coming back from the Madison Convention where they did an excellent job. The second time was this year on our way to The Convention in Minot, ND, where they go too aggressive with the pressure washer and blew a hole in the paint on the front of the coach. I was dumb and didn't tell the manager at the time. My mistake. So as been said some are good and others not so good. Herman
  12. Five the reason for the Propane may be that the Aqua Hot might be the Propane Model. As I understand it is very efficient and much less maintenance. A friend of our has a 2017 Entegra that is all electric with the Propane Aqua Hot and he really likes it. Herman
  13. Thanks to all, it was my Honor and Privilege to serve the great people of the United States. Herman
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