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  1. Do you by some chance have a "TripTek"? If so try pushing the "Screen Button" or the "View Button". Happens to me that from time to time the button get pushed off. Herman
  2. Lymak, Welcome to the Forum. If you find a dealer close to you be sure and call them to be sure that they participate in the program. If you find one then you can start the process to get the tires you need. Please remember that when you use the program you are just paying for the tire. The mounting and balancing will be up to you to cover. Good luck and hope you are back on the road soon. Herman
  3. Thanks for the picture. I will have to bow out of this one, I have no knowledge on your step cover. I hope someone on the Forum has a history with it and can help. Good Luck, Herman
  4. Sorry Don, I guess I don't understand. Do you mean your outside step that go out and in with the opening and closing of the door? If so is it a Kwikee Single or Double step? Or do you mean the Step Cover that is used to cover the step well when traveling? Sorry if I am confused. Herman
  5. I am sorry Don, I missed the Oasis in you question. But the same would apply. Sorry I can't locate their number. Herman
  6. Don, This may be a tough one. Not too many of us have the lift you have in your coach. Is there anything on the lifts web site that may help? Herman
  7. lyle, it could be there is inadequate insulation in your Aqua Hot unit. Just for grins lay a layer of some sort of insulation on top of the unit to see if that cut down on the heat. If so it may warrant a call to Aqua Hot. 800-685-4298 Herman
  8. 14Fleetwood, Could you tell if the screws had sheared off due vibration, too much tension or too much torque with the power driver when they were put in? A side question, is that the A/Cs air filter i can see in the picture? As Brett said "Excellent diagnosis and fix." Herman
  9. Finding a Manual is just a click away with any vendor for their product. However most if not all manufacturers don't include instruction on things as simple as how to remove a piece of trim to how to remove a full body slide. If they did just think how huge that stack of instructions would be. As far as Eric's trim my bet would be that it is glued in place and secured with some very thin nails that you most likely can barely see. Eric, can you see anything on the back side through the cabinet? Herman
  10. Let me add to the drive shaft. Have the universal joints been checked. As speed increases so does the angle of the drive shaft which could affect loose or bad "U Joints". Herman
  11. There is a connection on the filter. I would unplug and then replug the connector. It may be just not be making good contact, a bad connector or the tech forgot to plug it in. Herman
  12. Yes Carl National Indoors RV Center does handle Newmar however their Location is in Lewisville , Texas on Business Hwy 121. Granbury is approx. 75 miles from Lewisville. But I agree that is the place to go to for an answer to the question. They should also be Andy's go to place for Warranty service. Herman
  13. Joe and Jim, I would like to invite you both to a Lone Star Rally. (Joe is a member and Jim should be). Of course you both would have to bring your smokers and demonstrate your technics for about 30 people. Maybe 150 people if they know you'll will be cooking. Great job both of you. I love Brisket and Pork Chops, heck lets face it I LOVE B-B-Q period. Herman
  14. Do you know how to say salivate? That's what I am doing looking at your Brisket. Looks like it was smoked just right. We are eating whatever our sons fix. It's their turn now. We have done it for over 50 years. Now it's oir turn to go and not cook or clean up. Herman
  15. To me and it is just my opinion so please don't bombard me with attacks. The increase was not in response to cost per member we pay each month it was because of the administrative cost. Seven Corners has done a great job handling the cases where needed. There were l believe 145 or so cases where members had to be transported due to either health issues or deaths. Seven Corners handled in excess of over 8,000 phone calls. The large number of calls had little or no relevance to health or worse. I won't start to mention some of the ridiculous things people called about. Seven Corners handled each call politely and courteously. But each unnecessary call took time and man hours. That is the main reason for the increase. Will those kind of calls end, I don't think so. So for $25.00 a year for this kind of coverage is very inexpensive. I will gladly pay the increase and pray to God I never have to use it. So I will get back off this very reckady soap box. Remember "It all about having FUN" Herman
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