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  1. Yes and where we are right now most of the coaches look as if they have a water hose running from under them. Herman
  2. hermanmullins

    Dealer Mileage fraud

    When we purchased our present coach, we were told up front that coach had approx. 16,000 more miles then shows on the speedometer. They had to change it out. I can pull up the mileage on my Trip Tec and it shows to be correct. Herman
  3. hermanmullins

    Cooper Roadmaster 295/75R/22.5 Tires

    Disk, Welcome to the Forum. I purchased two ToYo's M-144's for the front after a blowout on a 2016 G670 Goodyear. Like them a lot. Plan on moving them to the tag in February an putting 6 more Toyo's on. The price is right and so far we like the Toyo's. Herman
  4. hermanmullins

    Flat Tow Tow Bar Choices

    Getting a heavy duty (10,000 capacity) tow bar is ok, but I am willing to bet you already had 10,000 lb rated Hitch. Right? Let prefecit with saying there are some Manufacturers out there that will put on a lower rated hitch just to save a $ or 2. Herman
  5. hermanmullins

    Flat Tow Tow Bar Choices

    Hay, if putting a 10,000 lb hitch on inplace of a 5,000 lb hitch and it improves towing capacity then I am going to put a Z71 decal on my Saturn Vue so I can go rock climbing. Herman
  6. hermanmullins

    Rotor Needed

    I know that Colaws RV Salvage has quite a few Generator. And like Brett said, find a good pre-owned and move your LP part to it. 877-548-2125 Good luck Herman
  7. hermanmullins

    Turbo Pressure -- Curiosity Questions

    Not as long as you own a Motor Home. It is what is called continuing and continuing and continuing education. Herman
  8. hermanmullins

    Using MH as a back up

    Motor Homes and Extension cords in a pinch, ain't they great. That is if you fuel tank is full. Herman
  9. hermanmullins

    Passenger Step well cover will not work

    Great pictures John, I bet they will help a lot. Herman
  10. hermanmullins

    Slide-Out Controller Failer

    Thanks for the update. Herman
  11. Too late. I can't remember how I got involved in it but glad I did. Herman
  12. hermanmullins

    She said,Lets get a Motorhome

    Now remember Catman, you now have a Family of 77,000 +. and they all will expect a birthday card. Herman
  13. hermanmullins

    Confused and scared newbie

    There is warning to the public published in the Athens News Paper each Leon get's the coach out. Good gentleman and a pleasure to talk with. Herman
  14. I just thought, by joining the Class Action Suit against Nevercool I am receiving enough money to pay for my Samsung. And heck we have a lot more space to carry food and beverages. So we found that light at the end of the tunnel.
  15. Just saw that Lowe's has the Samsung RF 18 unit on sale for $999.00, a heck of a buy. And a lot less then putting a new cooling unit in a Nevercool. Herman