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  1. I can see those things chewing into a tag wheel in a hurry. Herman
  2. I would go with steel for a spare, then it can go in any position. Herman
  3. Brett. i could understand pumping out into a clean tank and pumping it back into the coach. Through a filter either way or maybe both ways. That way with the coach tilted one way or the other you would be able to remove almost all the gunk. JMHO. Herman
  4. I is never a good idea to park any type of vehicle for an extended amount of time with a half full tank. On gasoline vehicles I would alway add a fuel conditioner. On a diesel I would also add a conditioner and an algae prevention. I would have the filter changed asap. I can't understand pumping old fuel out one side and pumping it back into the same tank of fuel just on the other side. Cleaned (filtered) fuel will just be mixed with contaminated old fuel and be recontaminated. I have a 2002 Monaco Dynasty and unless something drastically was done you only have one tank with the ability to fill on either side Sorry just doesn't make any sense to me at all. Sorry, Herman
  5. That's OK even the Original Posts title is misleading. "Sam's Club membership discount". Which Sam's Club; Good Sam's Club, Sam's Wholesale Club or Sam's Club Bar & Grill in Out of Town, Iowa? Herman
  6. Lafery, As Bill said welcome to the Forum. On the FMCA Michelin tire program they list dealers in a particular area. You might check there for a dealer. When you find one ask them if they know of a good shop to have a PM (Preventive Maintenance) done on an RV. Good luck and if you find a good on be sure and list it here so others can add them to their list. Herman
  7. ali, Wow I wouldn't have believed those pressure but I looked it up and you were correct. You said 45 front and 80 rear, and the chart says 50 PSI front and 80 PSI rear and 80 PSI Spare. Close enough. I go back to either incorrect Toe-in or bad tires. Herman
  8. Floyd, I am not an electrician but drawing 38 amps on the refrigerator seem very high to me. My residential refer. only draws about 5 amps on startup and less then 3 amps when running. Are you sure about those draws? 140 amps with ref. and microwave ? Herman
  9. T., Welcome to the Forum. What you saw was the 99th FMCA National Convention and RV Show in Perry, GA. We have on the average 2,300 RVs at one of the Rallies. There are two of these Rallies each year. Our next one will be in Minot N.D. August 14-17, 2019. It will be our 100th. If you are not a member of FMCA please send me a Personal Message and I will guide you through the process and then you and Sarah can get all the benefits and a wonderful magazine. You can send me a PM by clicking on my picture and select the envelope and send me a message. Look forward to hearing from you. Again welcome. Herman
  10. Richard, I agree with you statement. However when we dry camp I will run the generator for a couple of hours then shut it off when we go to bed. Then I will start it up to run the Microwave and coffee pot. Maybe not needed but that's just how I do it. By the way I like your coach, looks good. Herman
  11. I replaced our Never-cool with a Samsung RF18. It runs just fine on the modified sine wave inverter. The Never-cool has two seperate outlets. One is 120 volt from shore power while the other is 120 volt from the inverter. I moved both of the outlets so if I could plug into power supplied by either the inverter or shore power. However I have had it plugged into the inverter since the day I installed the unit, 4 years. Herman
  12. Correct, if you want to keep your batteries on some sort of charger when stored, get a charger that is a maintainer and not a trickle charger. A maintainer will only charge as needed while a trickle charger will be on low charge all the time and can and will over charge a battery. Herman
  13. Carl, The OP sound as if a coach like Linda's would be just what he is looking for. PS: Welcome Home. Herman
  14. I would start with the fuse . If I remember correctly there is a fuse for the stop lights in the panel , driver side in front of the front tire. Do the brake lights work on the Jeep when disconnected from the coach? Herman
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