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  1. That's what this site is for, you can talk about most anything. Good luck with your Airstream, now let the new adventures begin. Herman
  2. Chaffee, Welcome to the Forum. Since you were able to change the lock, I would remove it and use the outline of the old lock and mask it off. Go to a parts house and get two rattle cans of paint. One Auto Black and one Auto Clear coat. Spray it a couple of coats of Black and then clear. when it dries and you replace the lock you will hardly tell the difference of the two since the outline will be the sane color as the lock. Herman
  3. Welcome To the Forum. I just had both of my two A/Cs replaced. I had 2, Dometic 15,000 BTP units with heat pumps and 2 new thermostats installed for just under $4,500.00. Love them, they did not have to rework any duct work. Herman
  4. Thanks for the feed back. I did find some information on the M/T. The chapter is currently listed as an Inactive Chapter and that is why they aren't listed. I also have reached out to to the contact person. I am sure they would like to speak with you. Let's see how it turns out. In the mean time go to FMCA.com click on menu, when the menu comes up click on chapter search. Under chapter search type in Mississippi in the State. there you should find all the chapters in Mississippi. Good Luck, Herman
  5. Welcome to FMCA and the Forum. I am sorry but I couldn't find a chapter by the name of "Mississippi Travelers" in FMCA. This could be a Good Sam's or maybe a Escapees chapter. If you can send me a bit more information about what you may be looking for in a chapter I may be able to help. Where are you located, what are your interest, Sport, Hiking, or maybe just relaxing with friends and family. Again Welcome, Herman
  6. There's always a silver lining, if you look hard enough. 😃 Herman
  7. Welcome to the Forum. You might contact roadtreckchapter.org. That is the Roadtrek International group. They might be able to direct you to a window. Herman
  8. moonwink, I got this in the mail the other day, went on the website listed (fmca.vehicleadminservices.com) and renewed with no problem. Herman
  9. Keon, Welcome back! Buy the biggest coach you can find and then compromise. Prayer wouldn't hurt. 👍🙏😀 Herman
  10. Sorry but I would be putting a person's email address out for all to see which is not a good idea. Herman
  11. Welcome to FMCA and the Forum. I have set you a PM (personal message) with information on the Rally. Herman
  12. I have a Source for Cast Aluminum oval FMCA plates if anyone may be interested. If so, PM me and I will send you the name and contact info. Herman
  13. DB, All you need is your Credit Card, which doesn't hurt too bad while you and the family are having the time of their life's 😀 and your Nitroglycerin Pill to help ward off the heart attack you may have when your get the Credit Card Statement. 😒😲 Herman
  14. A 2013 to 2022 Chevrolet Silverado all show to take the same universal kit #55999. Herman
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