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  1. Nice to know, I have quite a few of the chargers heads. Is there a way to know how much charge the head puts out? Herman
  2. If I remember correctly, the engine manufacturer doesn't supply a dip stick for motorhomes. The manufacturer of the motorhome decides where it goes and supplies the dip stick. Herman
  3. Yes, eventually the battery will start to swill and you will need to replace it. Herman
  4. This it the type of 12 volt continuous solenoid you need to be looking for. Most are silver. If you have, with the key on, 12 volts at each large post solenoid is good. If you only have 12 volt on one post, again with key on, you have a bad solenoid. Herman
  5. Steven, Welcome to the Forum. After you speak with Dometic you might call a couple of RV salvage yards. Try Colaws in Carthage, MO 877-548-2125 or Visone in Kentucky 606-843-9889. They might have a glass, door and/or a complete oven. Again Welcome, Herman
  6. Cv, Welcome to the Forum. Not familiar with your TV lift but here are a couple of thoughts. Fuse, have you checked for a bad fuse? Switch, and a possible bad or just disconnected switch. And a bad ground. A bit more information would help. Make, Model and Year of your RV. Then maybe someone with the same, may have had the same issue. Again, Welcome Herman
  7. To all you Pluggers, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Herman
  8. I am sorry I miss read your OP and thought your coach was a 2021. Sorry. Herman
  9. You seem to be throwing money away on something that is surely a warranty issue. My suggestion is to take it to where you bought it and have it fixed at no cost to you. JMHO Herman
  10. As Bill said, Welcome. Login to fmca.com, on the tool bar click on EVENTS. There you will find the list of Exhibiters and Vendors for Tucson. Herman
  11. Welcome to the Forum. I am sure you might be better off making the part you need. If you could attach a picture of what you have we might be able to help you fabricate something. Again, Welcome, Herman
  12. Welcome to the Forum. Check your starter solenoid. Mine is in the panel in front on the drivers side. With the key on you should have 12 volts on both sides on the big bolts. If not you can put a jumper across then tow and see if you have lights and starter. If you find the solenoid is bad be sure and get a 12 volt continuous. I believe the number is a #55. Gook luck and again Welcome. Herman
  13. There is a National Chapters just for Road Tracs. Lockhart to Austin some of the best Bar-B-Que in the world. And it is "BURN-IT, DERN IT, NOW LEARN IT". Herman
  14. We are drifting away from the original topic "Road Side Assistance". Herman
  15. I had an issue with my Residential Refrigerator I pulled it out of it's location had it sitting in the kitchen area of the coach. Tech came out repaired it and I put it back in. Appliance shops don't take refrigerator to the shop for repairs. I think you had a shop that just didn't want to do the job. Find another shop. Herman
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