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  1. Andrew, Welcome to the Forum. There are a number of locations to look for motorhomes. Try these two. Motorhomes of Texas motorhomesof texas.com PPL pplmotorhomes.com They ae both upstanding companies but are both in Texas. Again Welcome Herman
  2. Carl, it was not greed. By having members only access to the Forum it dropped those that did not have an F #. As you can understand she did not have an F# so she was dropped. Hers was an unusual case and will be corrected. I have reached out to the IT Department and they are working on it for her. I will PM you when it is resolved. Herman
  3. Sorry but we can't pick and choose. It will be for FMCA Members only. They will be able to view but will need to join FMCA if they want to participate in the Forum. Herman
  4. Unfortunately if a member stops paying their dues they lose all the benefits. However they may still be a member by continuing to pay their due after they no longer have an RV. They just become an associate member with all the benefits except being able to hold office or vote. Many folks will continue to pay their dues so they can keep Assist. Herman
  5. Please read "Forum Rules (Read Only). There you will find find the announcement about the Forum. Herman
  6. I have been working with FMCA President Jon Walker and FMCA CEO Chris Smith about the issue of Troll, Spammer and Hacker on the Forum. President Walker went to the Executive Board and it was agreed that the Forum would be opened to FMCA Members only. The IT Department is going to make the changes and they should be done by Monday of next week April 12th. Thank you Jon, Chris and the Executive Board. Herman Mullins FMCA Monitor
  7. Willow, Texas is more than outside of Dallas, it is close to 240 miles south. Herman
  8. Ok folks let's get on topic "Tire Pressure vs temp?" Thanks, Herman
  9. Air chuck, Impact Wrench, Sander, Blow Gun, the list goes on and they all must connect to an air hose by a quick disconnect either Industrial or Automotive. Herman
  10. There are two types of Air Chucks that are used on most hoses used in the auto industry. There is the Industrial which is the more common and there is the Automotive which is the less common. My Monaco has a Automotive chuck for my air connection in my bay, but I have an Industrial for the air chuck (same on all my air tools). That being said I have made adaptors for Automotive to Industrial and visa versa. Hope I made sense. Herman
  11. CathyL, Welcome to the Forum. Here is the information on the Roadtrek Chapter. Roadtrek International Contact person Gary Scalise, 863-666-0014---------rtisecretary@outlook.com The Chapter website is----roadtrekchapter.org Herman
  12. hubabrajpoot9, Please stick to the Topic. "Hurricane System" is a heating system for RVs. not toys. Herman Mullins FMCA Forum Monitor
  13. Keep a look out here and I will set something up. It will be closer to the Convention. Herman
  14. I am also registered. The last time we were in Gillette I had a social gathering for members of the Forum at my coach. I can set up another one this year. I will put it together if any one is interested. Let me Know. Herman
  15. Mike Thank you, it is good to hear thoughts and opinions from a health care worker side of an issue. Thank her for being one of the front line health care hero's. Herman
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