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  1. My Cummins 400 ISL has a large black reservoir in the back. It has a dip stick on it to check the fluid level. It holds 5 gallons of #46 hydraulic fluid and 3 filters. Herman
  2. Thanks Ray but I always live up to my mistakes no matter how dumb they are. (well maybe not every time) Herman
  3. Dale, Welcome to the Forum. Do you have a "Trip Tec" that displays on the Monitor? If so try punching "VIEW" and see if the screen comes on. Has happen to me several times. I have hit without knowing it and would loose the monitor. If that doesn't work it sounds like it may be time to up grade to a new color camera and monitor. Good luck, Herman
  4. Sue, I believe the recommended Toyo Tire for and RV would be their M144. Just purchased 6 for my coach. Not sure on the Hankook.
  5. Agree with Brett with one exception. I would start with your Cable. With it disconnected check all pins for corrosion (arc burns) caused by plugging in and unplugging with power on. I had the same issue at my home and found that the cable was the culprit. Cleaned the Male Plug and the power was back to level and even on both legs. Easier to start with the simple items first. Herman
  6. No thank goodness just a little oil on the rims. I check the brakes Tuesday when I had 6 new tires. Just have a bit of cleaning to do. Herman
  7. On June 11 I wrote that I would update my results to over filling my oil bath hubs. I am going to need to drain the hubs to get the oil level down. My bad. They both slung oil bad. Now drain, refill correctly and clean my wheels. Herman
  8. I had a Winegard in motion satellite and yes you were able to switch carriers by changing the dip switches. However it stopped working when Dish made changes to their programming. Winegard offered my a Traveler 1000 for a discounted price. I got a remanufactured satellite for $799.00 that installed myself. Very easy and I swear the unit I got was brand new. Steve the one draw back is the 1000 is stationary not in motion you were asking about. Herman
  9. Brian, Bilstein can tell you what shocks to use. Drifting right or left can be caused by alignment (Toe In) and or wind. Here in Texas the wind causes havoc with your steering. I think an all wheel alignment is a good idea. Herman
  10. The camera cable on our Back Up camera looks like a telephone cable and had the same plug. Easy to replace. Tool sold in big box stores. Either plug may be bad. Herman
  11. Ray, Didn't you try jumping up and down on the bumper to see if your shocks were good? Herman
  12. Jocelynn, Sounds like a nice adventure. Many folks here have made your upcoming trip. I myself have not. The one thing I do know is "DO NOT TRY TO CARRY A GUN OF ANY TYPE INTO CANADA" Herman
  13. dr, that is what I'm saying. Just dump the air till the mechanic is able to change out the valve. Herman
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