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  1. hermanmullins

    Question about roof repair

    I wonder why they didn't place the large piece over the pieces they added to the edge and then Fiberglass the seam. Am I being just too simple? Herman
  2. Jim, I took my cabinet down removed the front from the cabinet set my skill saw for to the angle of the cabinet. I then cut both top and bottom. Then cut the sides on the table saw. It came out perfectly. I will send a picture soon. Herman
  3. Joe, I cut our cabinet back 7" and even Carl can enter without hitting his head. And to the devil made me do it. Herman
  4. hermanmullins

    Warning light on 2008 Holiday Rambler Endeavor

    Yes, Welcome to the Forum. Just a guess on my part, Sound to me that you are having problems with your "ABS" system. Herman
  5. Jeanne, Welcome to the Forum. Weber make several small grills, the "Q" and the "Baby Q". I have the small one, the Baby Q. It is ok but not very high BTUs. Everyone has their favorites but may I suggest you Google "portable gas grills". Pick out a few then ask who likes one over the other. Good hunting and again Welcome. Herman
  6. hermanmullins

    Texas 130 toll road

    No, Natty Flats is just about 4 or 5 miles south of I-20 on Hwy 281. Home of the world larger Mesquite Rocking Chair. Not familiar with the one in Hico. But in Hico is a house, I believe is called Asher House or something similar to that, that make handmade chocolate candies that is to die for. Herman
  7. hermanmullins

    Clear Bra Removal

    I was very fortunate when I had mine removed. It only cost me $500.00 and the front look great. Now I will tell you why it only cost $500.00. I had a Boo Boo on the front of the coach and that was my deductible. James Stalling the owner of Xtreme Graphic in Nacogdoches Texas convinced my insurance companies adjuster that there was no way they could match the color of the paint without removing the 3M #&^%$. It worked and as I said it looked good after it was buffed and waxed. Herman
  8. hermanmullins

    Texas 130 toll road

    Roland, Coffee Creek is a nice park, we have had several Rallies there. Don't forget to go to Naty Flats (just a bit south on 281) for BBQ. Good BBQ, Great Potato Salad and Peach Fried Pies that are to die for. Herman
  9. hermanmullins

    First Year FT Complete

    Thanks for the update. Give him a extra squeeze for all of us. Herman
  10. hermanmullins

    Trip cost

    Al, that is question that has so many variables. 300 miles on tires is no biggie unless they are worn or aged out. What will the price of fuel when you go, gas or diesel. Do you like carrying bags into and out of a hotel.??????? Herman
  11. hermanmullins


    Try "Fishing Bridge " in the park. There are many around the out side of the park. Call now they fill up quickly. Herman
  12. hermanmullins

    Monaco production video pre bankruptcy

    Just like me, an Oldie but Goodie. Herman
  13. hermanmullins

    I need help finding a electrical gremlin

    Yes and no. A bad cell or weak cell can do strange things. Is there a way you can keep the coach plugged in when in storage. If so your inverter will act as a charger and maintain the charge in your batteries. Sorry to hear you had surgery, hope you recover nicely and get back on the road soon. Herman
  14. hermanmullins

    Texas winter weather

    There is one constance in TEXAS weather. That is that it can change in a moments notice both good and bad, any day, any time of the year. Herman
  15. hermanmullins

    I need help finding a electrical gremlin

    Fully charge the batteries and test each cell with a hydrometer. I'll bet you have a bad cell or several. Herman