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  1. Ronald, I had a similar issue my SK-1000. My Dish was bent ever so slightly. The technician bent it back and all worked, but he found that there were cracks in the dish. I had old unit at home, replaced the reflector and it is now fine. Hope yours is as easy, Herman
  2. Tim, contact Generac and see if they have an independent service company that services more than one Generator. They may service tour unit, Herman
  3. Morning Stephen, my name is Herman Mullins. My wife Bobbie and I are members if the Lone Star Chapter of FMCA. Although there are no children in Lone Star that doesn't mean they are not welcome. I know that they would have more Grand Ma's and Grand Pa's then they would want. Lone Star has members from mostly Texas, but we have several from other states. We have 5 Rallie through the year, February, April, May, September and December. Most of our Rallie are held mostly through the middle of the state, (Durant OK to Rockport TX). We try and find at least one new site each year, although it is getting harder to find places to camp. Our members range in age from their early 50's to their 80's. We would love to have you and your family visit with us and get to know our people. Our next Rally will be December 8-10 at Skyline Ranch in Bandera, Texas. Please let me know is you might be interested, Herman
  4. Cummins only made that engine for a couple of years. They had issues from day one and stopped making it all together. Myself, I would run the other way as fast as I could. Herman
  5. CC, FMCA is very sorry of the issues you have had. Please find the statement issued by Chris Smith FMCA CEO. Yes, we are aware. When we issued checks, there was a batch that were did not enter properly into US Bank. The reissued checks were sent out Thursday, so members should start receiving them early this week. There is a letter explaining what happened, and that they can send proof of bank fees to FMCA for reimbursement. Chris Smith Chief Executive Officer, www.fmca.com 513-388-5217 Thank you for your understanding. Herman Mullins FMCA Forum Monitor
  6. kirish, Welcome to the Forum. Did you get a copy of the settings on your alignment? Your Camber on that side may be set wrong. By some chance are your tires Goodyear's? I had two sets of Goodyear's that always wore on the outside but have run true on the Toys I now run. Herman
  7. John, need a bit more information. Year of RV. Have you checked your shocks, checked all bushings including stabilizer, balanced your tires, had tires inspected, had RV aligned. These are less expenses than before going to Sumo Springs. Herman
  8. Is there a question or comment here? Herman
  9. That depend in where you a located. There is one that is a commercial member of FMCS, RE Fog Dr. in Searcy Arkansas and another FMCA member, RV Glass solutions. Both are very good companies, just depend on where you are located. Herman
  10. Monty, Welcome to the Forum. Due to many reasons HWH is shorthanded. If you call for tech help, a person will call take your number. Call you in a few days and setup an appointment for a tech to call you in about 2 weeks. But when he does call, he will be very helpful. I have sent you a PM. Herman
  11. Check your dash solenoid. It controls all of your DC on your das. Herman
  12. Wayne, thanks for the info. on "measure". that can come in handy. Herman
  13. CDR, Welcome to the Forum, Here are some folks that can assist you in finding a chapter. Gaye Young, Outgoing National Area Vice President for the Eastern Area (919-632-2367) Phyllis Britz Incoming National Area Vice President for the Eastern Area (484-990-0609) Either of these ladies will be able to help. Again Welcome. Herman
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