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Using motor home levelers while parked

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Hi Everyone,

On an overnight stop-over when you are not going to unhook your toad, do you use your levelers on the motor home? My reason for asking is that last night, after I leveled the motor home and put out my slides, the back end of the MH was quite a bit higher than my towed vehicle. The arms of my blue ox, were on quite an angle, not perpendicular like they are when I am driving. Just wanted to check to see if I am messing something up?



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A multi part answer:

Doubt you will damage the hitch as long as the toad brake is off, etc.  Guess if a really severe angle, it could do damage, but the hitch is designed for a lot more "jerk and pull" loads while driving than you will expose it to parked.

But, if you are boondocking in a parking lot, lowering the jacks and extending the slides is often viewed as quite different from just overnighting "buttoned up".

Also, if on asphalt, you will very likely damage the parking surface with the jacks-- so you will need to put boards under them to spread the load.

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