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  1. psavage9, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Was there an event/action that triggered the windshield falling out of the frame? Something like substantial twisting of the body while moving? While using jacks?
  2. pandphawaii1976, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. If the wire hooked to the middle battery is a telephone-type wire, probably a temperature probe for your inverter/charger.
  3. Dutch, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Do you have a replaceable bulb accessible from the back of the headlight assembly? If so, remove the bulb and use a hair dryer to dry out the assembly. Do not overheat the plastic doing this.
  4. I think this thread has pretty well run its course. I am going to close it. Brett/moderator
  5. Assume this is 50 amp service. And, only way for voltage to be HIGHER in the coach (vs false reading) is for there to be a problem with the neutral. First thing I would do (with shore power off, generator off and inverter off) is open the ATS and also the box where shore power cord come in and make sure all connections are clean, tight and not burned.
  6. Sue46, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Closest is 265/75R22.5.
  7. wolfe10


    No, the tire section IS the proper place. We just need to make sure we identify the use the tires will be put to. So, you are good here.
  8. Yes, wheel alignment can cause a coach to pull. BUT (yes, large BUT) could also be something as simple as tires. If the pull is always in the same direction (yes, unless strong wind/road camber from the other direction) first thing to do assuming no unreasonable tire wear patterns is to swap the two front tires left/right. If tires are directional, please ignore!
  9. What system do you have? Exactly what is/is not happening? Said another way, how far into the "level and deploy slides" do you get?
  10. wolfe10


    Let's be sure to separate comments about tires for a trailer (5th wheel) from those for motorhomes. Stresses and tire design are not the same.
  11. Assumption (and only an assumption-- there ARE exceptions): Breaker= 120 VAC Fuse= 12 VDC
  12. And, depending on year model and possible frame damage, and cost of return to the U.S. it may be totaled. I would definitely be visiting with your insurance agent as well as looking up NADA retail values, etc. Also, ask for recommendations on a good repair shop and send them enough pictures (that you can share with you insurance company) to make an accurate assessment before moving forward.
  13. Lloyd, So that we may be able to help, you need to tell us what a "40 diesel pusher" is. And, what is wrong that it is not driveable.
  14. Curb Weight plus anything you will carry. Sorry, don't know on SUV's whether Curb Weight is with fuel or not.
  15. wolfe10

    New Tire Balancing

    OK, BEST way is to find one of those very rare dealers who checks the front tires for RUN-OUT and has the equipment to TRUE them. Then spin balance on the rig. Next best is to spin balance the fronts on the rig. (assumes hub, wheels and tires are absolutely round-- no more than .035" run out). Next to use an off vehicle machine to balance (assumes that hub and brake drum are in perfect balance and no excessive run out). Lots of debate on whether to balance rear tires. My vote is yes, but have been in other coaches where they have not been balanced and have not been able to feel any vibration when feeling in the bedroom floor with someone else driving. Centramatics are another option for balancing. Expensive up front, but if you are keeping the rig for a long time, a good one as they take the place of balancing not only this set of tires but the next one as well.
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