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  1. cagauthier@juno.com, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Sorry for your loss. Was the cause of the fire determined? Matching toad braking system requires knowing what MOTORHOME and what TOAD you are considering. Also, whether you change toads often, or you will keep your toad for years. There is no "one system is best for all".
  2. Verify you have clearance to body and suspension components. If insufficient clearance, those things could do some SERIOUS damage.
  3. wkass28, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Steel or aluminum wheel?
  4. Do an internet search for "Fuel Polishing". The very high volume/pressure of the pump really stirs up any contaminants. Picture a bucked of water with mud at the bottom. Now, use a hose nozzle to "blast" the bottom of the bucket. And a high volume pump to remove and filter it many times. Yes, the fuel takes many passes through the pump/external filter to get the whole system clean. First hand experience in the marine industry (diesel boats have the same "storage issues" as some motorhomes) says it does work.
  5. Herman, It is known as FUEL POLISHING and is very common in the marine industry. Volume and speed are high enough that it does a pretty effective job of stirring up any gunk on the bottom of the tank. And the filter(s) in the machine remove it. I know Keith Risch at MOT in Nacogdoches has the equipment and those with fuel contamination issues have reported being shocked at what fuel polishing removes from the tank. And, with the Foretravels, you can look down into the tank with a strong flashlight to verify that "all is well".
  6. Assume you have a Suburban water heater, as Atwood water heaters only use nylon drain plugs.
  7. "Bad Fuel Tank" Would sure want to know what is wrong: Bad fuel (thought that was already addressed) Bad fuel pickup in the tank. Bad fuel hose at tank allowing air into the line. Other.
  8. Be aware that on start up, particularly when cold there are two large draws: Starter Intake manifold heater-- it also takes a lot of amps.
  9. Are you talking about GOOD SAM CLUB membership? I.E. this one: https://www.goodsam.com/club/ If so, do you want for a moderator to change the title of the thread?
  10. The other driveline question is which transmission. Transmissions also have weight limits, particularly GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating). Big difference between an Allison 2000 and 3000 series.
  11. Excellent trouble-shooting, Mark. Keep us posted if anything changes.
  12. Excellent news-- far better than a serious mechanical issue. Guess the stone is now in "TIME OUT".
  13. Yup, lubing the PacBrake is a routine maintenance item: https://pacbrake.com/product/c18037-superlube/
  14. Your coach, including starter are all 12 VDC-- no 24 VDC. You already have a battery parallel/boost switch to allow house bank to augment chassis battery for starting the engine. Yes, you could also add a remote start switch, but very few have done this or found a need to do so.
  15. Start by turning OFF and back ON the on-generator breakers. Please tell us what generator you have for more in-depth advice.
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