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  1. Natchez Trace Parkway

    We have driven it several times and quite enjoy the drive-- once in a 36 DP once in a 38 DP'.
  2. looking for a used toad

    Mel, Here is a good place to start your search: https://site.fmca.com/towing-guides-towing-four-wheels-down/
  3. 2018 Tiffin 34pa suspension upgrade

    Only had diesel pushers, no gas rigs. But career in the automotive industry, so pretty familiar with gas chassis as well.
  4. No power to house, generator, on 2002 Diplomat

    Rich, ?? But, will the large gauge wire to the generator starter run through the salesman switch??
  5. Pac exhaust brake operations

    Yup, use of the exhaust brake switch AND the "down arrow" and in some cases the service brakes to slow you enough to drop to the next lower gear ARE part of learning to drive a heavy vehicle.
  6. No power to house, generator, on 2002 Diplomat

    Tim, If starting the generator is "prime concern", pull your toad up next to it and use jumper cables. Hopefully, someone with more specific knowledge of your 12 VDC system will chime in for that part of the issue.
  7. Inverter turning off

    Lyle, If I understand correctly, the inverter went off just after a 100 mile drive. If so, the alternator should have brought the batteries to full charge. So, unless some part of the charging system is not functioning properly, you should not have had a low battery. But, your remote panel should showhouse battery voltage.
  8. 2018 Tiffin 34pa suspension upgrade

    Chrisk22, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. There is an in-depth article on Liquid Spring in the June 2018 FMCA Magazine. Page 36.
  9. Best New ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)

  10. Inverter turning off

    Let me restate that: if the inverter/charger sees 120 VAC from shore power or generator, it both charges the batteries and "passes through" the 120 VAC to all thing wired downstream of the inverter 120 VAC. If no 120 VAC from shore power or generator, the inverter/charger, if turned ON will take battery power and "invert it" to provide 120 VAC for everything downstream of the inverter 120 VAC circuit.
  11. On FIRE

    REALLY hard to venture a guess without FACTS. But, would doubt that overheating would/could cause a fire. Fires in the engine room are usually caused by fuel leaks or hydraulic fluid leaks. While cleaning CAC's/radiators is a critical part of motorhome maintenance, particularly on rear radiator models, I doubt that neglecting this would do more than just overheat the engine/cause engine to de-rate.
  12. Motorhome Parking At A NYC Airport

    Actually, a fall foliage cruise up the St Lawrence IS on our short list. Not sure we would get as far "uphill" as Lake Michigan and Chicago though.
  13. On FIRE

    Bill, Very familiar with fire suppression systems on boats. Fire when off-shore can be life threatening. The good news on a boat is that the engine room is a reasonably sealed compartment, so fire suppression systems work well. But in a motorhome, the whole underside and back/sides are open to the air, so displacing the Oxygen has limited value-- it is quickly replaced. And, since many fires start while the vehicle is still moving, keeping Oxygen from returning is virtually impossible. I would love to see some scientific studies on this.
  14. 2000 Allegro Bus Freightliner chassis

    sfox888, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. While watching a video can be enlightening, there are a LOT of other things that need to be inspected/done to safely adjust air brakes. Be sure coach is blocked with the proper safety stands. Inspect for oil leaks. Check for heat checking in drums and shoes/disks/pads. Proper lubrication which varies widely depending on brakes. Said another way, this is not where a shade tree mechanic should start on a coach. Now, if you are a trained tech and just new to air brakes, very happy you are interested in learning to service your own chassis.
  15. Coach entry battery disconnect

    You can also locate the solenoid. Then mark the wire(s) on one large terminal. Remove them and ADD THEM to the wire(s) on the other large terminal. This is electrically the same as having the solenoid ON.