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  1. wolfe10

    Single Phase Electrical in Coaches, Why?

    I think this thread has run its course. With the urging of several members it will be locked. If further discussion of RV wiring is desired, please feel free to start a net thread. Thanks, Moderator
  2. wolfe10

    Single Phase Electrical in Coaches, Why?

    With the same configuration as RV 50 amp connections (two outer straights are hots, center straight is neutral and center round is ground)?
  3. wolfe10

    Single Phase Electrical in Coaches, Why?

    Yes, I have experience with house-type 30 amp/240-- two hots and a ground, but only in older construction. Not seen that in house-type 50 amp-- at least the ones built in the last 30 years I have experience with are all two hots, a neutral and a ground. Just the same as RV 50 amp.
  4. wolfe10

    Firestone FS561

    Richard, Certainly understand your reasoning. Ya, our coaches allowed reasonable under-coach access-- even with safety stands positioned correctly with the coaches at normal ride height. 7" vertical access-- not even on a really skinny day!
  5. wolfe10

    Firestone FS561

    Richard, Yes, adjusting the Sheppard box is exactly the same. Set the physical stops to prevent tire contact with body and suspension components. Use the adjustment screws on the steering box to achieve some clearance with the physical stop. The screws are what control pressure drop off. Dianne and I did it on two of our coaches (takes someone turning the steering wheel and someone under the coach). Takes about 20 minutes.
  6. wolfe10

    Firestone FS561

    Yes, if the steering box is a Sheppard M100 (very common in DP's and OTR trucks), all it takes to adjust cut angles is a small standard screwdriver. Screws are external, so not difficult. Screwing them (one on top of steering box/one on the bottom) reduces cut angle.
  7. wolfe10

    Michelin vs Michelin

    Nope, but I would still suggest that the OP call Michelin Corp/U.S. HQ direct.
  8. wolfe10

    Michelin vs Michelin

    Because most tires are "batch made" and the RV tires are a small market, there ARE times when they are out of them. I would contact Michelin directly to verify status/schedule for delivery. Michelin 866-866-6605
  9. wolfe10

    2002 cat 3126 Journey DL will not start

    If you have the Caterpillar manual primer pump, pump it. If hard to pump, no air in fuel system. If easy, you have AIR in the system. Pump until hard. Be sure to screw in the pump when you are finished.
  10. wolfe10

    Pulls to the right

    Ch1ckad19, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Pretty familiar with the U240-- sold our 1993 U240 with 170,000 miles on it. With vibrations in the steering column, my first thought is out of round tire. So have any good truck tire store check for RUN-OUT. Also, check for play in the TORSILASTIC SHACKLES-- the metal part should be centered in the rubber. If wallowed out, can allow for play/vibration. For pulling, first thing I would do is swap the front tires-- left for right. While wheels up, verify no brake pad drag. As far as pull, raise the dash-- front end alignment specs are on the right side. Caster on right side needs to be higher than left to compensate for crown in the road. Have you checked RIDE HEIGHT? That can also affect tracking. From the horizontal area behind each wheel position to the ground should be 32-33". Removing one of the 1/4" thick shims from in front of and behind a wheel position RAISES that wheel position 1/4". So count number of shims at each wheel position to verify that you can achieve correct ride height. Will be out of internet range for several days, but will check back when back in range.
  11. wolfe10

    Directions To The FMCA Round Bottom Road CG

    On the FMCA main site, under Benefits, you will find info on the FMCA Campground on Roundbottom: https://www.fmca.com/rv-discount-clubs-benefits
  12. wolfe10

    Generator or inverter

    Yup, propane is the FUEL. 12 VDC runs the fan and powers the PC board that controls all functions.
  13. wolfe10

    Generator or inverter

    Check for your coach, but most coaches heat the basement when the propane furnace is running. A VERY GOOD IDEA TO PUT YOUR COACH INFO IN YOUR SIGNATURE-- MORE LIKELY TO GET INFO FOR YOUR COACH, NOT JUST "MOST COACHES".
  14. wolfe10


    While on shore power, leave any battery bank that has a smart charger charging it ON. Note: many coaches do not have smart chargers/any chargers on the chassis battery.
  15. wolfe10

    Generator or inverter

    Yes, the propane furnace runs on 12 VDC and will be supplied by your alternator while driving. No problem.