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  1. 1kgr@bellsouth.ne, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Have you checked for power to the outlet? A lamp, hair dryer as well as a voltmeter can tell you.
  2. Oh, Carl, so early in your marriage to go into TIME OUT.
  3. wolfe10

    Bottoms out.

    Please tell us what chassis you have Ford or Workhorse? What GVWR (should be a plaque in the coach with that information)? Have you weighted axles/coach? How many miles on it? Are shocks OE or have they been replaced?
  4. UrbanHermit, VERY unusual for an inverter to be large enough to power a roof A/C. And, if it were, you would likely need an oversized alternator to keep up with it. The other appliances you mentions ARE usually shore, generator or inverter powered. The exception is on absorption refrigerators, most are not wired off the inverter-- they run on propane when no shore power or generator.
  5. Said another way, have you verified that you have 120 VAC to the outlet that the TV is plugged into?
  6. Go to https://www.fmca.com/rv-tires-discounts Sign in/register (free) Click on "How it works" under the tire brand you are interested in.
  7. nurseruth90, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. A matter of risk vs reward. Everyone has different risk (hassle) vs reward (less chance of water intrusion, damage to topper, etc). We do exactly as you are suggesting-- close the slides if storms are predicted. Do the same if we are in the coach.
  8. jvd357, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. This answer is on the FAQ on the webpage: https://www.fmca.com/fmca-rv-roadside-assistance Is there an age limit to tow my RV or vehicle? I own other vehicles besides my RV, is my Pick-up, Harley and if necessary a rental car covered? With the exception of “Classic” cars – show cars from the 70’s or earlier – there is no age limit to have your RV or vehicle towed, as long as the vehicle is able to be moved. Our program covers your RV and most other street legal vehicle(s) you own, rent, or borrow. Please contact SafeRide RV Club if you have additional questions regarding coverage for additional vehicles.
  9. Linda said something about them throwing in a free lobotomy. Will just have to see.
  10. That depends on the solar controller. If it has an AGM setting or one close to it (volts in Bulk, Absorption and Float) you are OK. Best advice is to compare those three stage recommendations for your brand batteries VS what is set/what you can set in your controller. Same for reprogramming your inverter/charger.
  11. (Thankfully) no first hand knowledge of DEF fluid. But several points: 1. If it has been parked for 3 months, the DEF fluid may be a LOT older than 3 months. 2. Part of the degradation of DEF depends on the climate under which it was stored. Someone more familiar with DEF may know if there is a test or way that an owner can identify good/bad DEF.
  12. A first simple test: disconnect the power connection to the fan. See if there is power to it with engine running, dash A/C on. Yes, will have to do this quickly (like having someone else start it, as no condenser fan means the A/C will fault to high pressure pretty quickly. Alternately, supply an independent source of 12 VDC to the fan to rule the fan in/out as cause.
  13. wolfe10

    Tire size issue

    Mike, Dual spacing is dependent on the WHEELS. Yes, the 295/75R22.5 is a common replacement for a 275/80R22.5. You do need to make sure the extra width in the front doesn't cause the tire to contact suspension or body components when at maximum cut-angle. Also, be aware that Continental DOES have the 275/80R22.5 as listed on the FMCA Tire Discount page for Continental tire. In fact, that is the brand and size we had on our 2003 Alpine.
  14. Yes, a more common/accepted delta is intake air temperature (air return) which is usually at passenger's front bulkhead to center vent discharge temperature. 18-20 degrees F is considered good. Humidity will lower the delta, very dry air will raise it. Yes, it takes BTU's to condense that moisture that drains out the condensate hose.
  15. Easy to find in any marine store.
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