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  1. wolfe10

    Auto Changeover LP regulator failures

    Don, Can't address the single stage vs two stage regulator-- don't know what pressure (column inches of water) your park model takes or whether regulations on a park model require a 1 or 2 stage regulator. But, can see (from each tank): a ball valve, regulator going into a T.
  2. Yes, Pete--- welcome to the FMCA Forum. If you completely drained the tank, may be air in the lines. If no air, indeed, check the strainer at the water pump. You can also listen to the pump-- does it sound normal or is it racing. If racing, that would suggest air in the lines. If that is the case, open a couple of faucets to help the pump prime.
  3. Carla, Please post what motorhome you have AND what kind of work you need done (chassis or house system). That will get you a lot better information.
  4. Toolio, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. I did a little more research and found this: http://www.deserttruckservice.com/pdf folder/workhorse_chassis.guide.pdf Just to confirm, the 6th digit of your VIN is a 5 (P chassis), not 6 (W chassis) and you have confirmed Allison transmission (external spin on oil filter) and tag on transmission indicates the 1000 series. Very interesting. Page 36 says the Allison transmission is used in the W chassis, not P- again no first hand information on this: Workhorse utilizes to types of transmissions depending on the Series of the chassis. The P Series chassis utilized the GM Hydra-Matic 4L80-E 4-speed automatic transmission on all chassis in the 1999-2002 model year chassis. In the 2003 model year GM introduced the 4L85-E Hydra-Matic transmission, a heavy-duty version of the 4L80-E. The 4L85-E became standard in all P Series chassis with the 8.1Lengine. Prior to the 2006 model year the W Series 20,700 lb. and 22,000 lb. GVWR chassis used the Allison™ LCT 1000 or 1000MH 5-speed automatic transmission while the W Series 24,000 lb. GVWR chassis used the Allison™ 2100MH 5-speed automatic transmission. Beginning with 2006 model year all Allison™ transmissions will provide 6 forward speeds.
  5. wolfe10

    Michelin Tire Program

    Find another dealer-- $35+ each for mount and balance a car tire just tells you they do NOT want your business. Honor their request!
  6. wolfe10

    Journey odd electrical problem

    Yes, good work, both Craig and especially Rich.
  7. wolfe10

    Tire Insurance

    Sorry that we misunderstood your question. So, to make sure there is no confusion, are you asking about: 1. Roadside Assistance coverage to mount a tire (your provide the tire or pay for them to pick up one for you)? 2. Insurance to cover road hazard to a tire (new tire paid for by insurance)?
  8. wolfe10

    Transmission Indicator Light/Power Loss

    susanvenditte@gmail.com, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Don't know which Allison transmission/shift pad you have, but if yours has the ability, have you checked for diagnostic codes from the shift pad? Check in your Allison owners manual or on Allison on-line.
  9. wolfe10

    Tire Insurance

    The devil will be in the detail. What is specifically covered/not covered at what price? Tire failures are uncommon if not aged out or abused. In general, insurance is for expenses that one is not prepared/able to handle. Insurance companies look at loss ratios and then ADD THEIR PROFIT when determining premiums.
  10. wolfe10

    Cummins generator

    Unplug from shore power and repeat the "test". Really depends on which source your coach maker made as primary.
  11. wolfe10

    Air tank purge on Dutch Star

    Indycrazed Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Actually, your coach is equipped with an AIR DRYER. So, the tank drains, particularly the wet tank drain is basically a REPORT CARD on the condition of the air dryer. All you should ever get is clean dry air. Water, oil or worse white powder (an indication that the air dryer desiccant has disintegrated and contaminated the air system) all indicate a failed air dryer. Either your Newmar owners manual and/or chassis owners manual should give specifics on which is the wet tank. If wet tank dry, the other two will be as well. Only exception would be if you have air leveling with an auxiliary air compressor that does not have a dryer on it (which could put moisture into the air system).
  12. wolfe10

    Dashboard Vent Air VERY warm

    Bob, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Certainly, the Ford E's have a lot of under-hood heat that will warm the HVAC incoming air. BUT, It would would not hurt to install an in'-line ball valve in the line to the heater core so you absolutely know that you have no 190 degree water circulating through the heater core.
  13. wolfe10

    Selling MH

    The Houston location is by far the largest and the original location. The Houston location currently has 84 diesel pushers listed-- this IS their big location! https://www.pplmotorhomes.com/used-rvs-for-sale/diesel-motorhomes?sortBy=price+asc&facetValueFilter=tenant~rv-location:houston
  14. wolfe10

    Journey odd electrical problem

    Odinthewanderer, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Sounds like you have something "backfeeding" the ignition circuit. ?Alternator? ?Ignition solenoid? When this happens, what voltage are you seeing (where you shouldn't)?
  15. What codes does it throw when Check Engine light comes on?