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  1. Don, The VAST majority of the drop in PSI was because of temperature. Altitude has very little effect. And, yes, if you will be operating the coach in cold conditions, you will need to inflate the tires to the correct PSI for your load. Going from Texas summer heat to winter driving, I always have to add air.
  2. Rick, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Suspect this is the place: https://suncoastdesigners.com/ They are in Hudson, FL. In many cases they can reuse your old glass and just rebuild the windows. If the glass is badly etched, yes, the glass may need to be replaced.
  3. You need an ALGAECIDE, not a stabilizer. Here is a common one: https://www.biobor.com/products/biobor-jf-diesel/
  4. The OE size will be on a plaque, usually found near the driver's seat area.
  5. wolfe10

    Parking Brake

    ???1998 Monaco without a built-in AIR DRYER??? Assuming it does have one, one should never get anything but clean dry air out of it. If either water or particularly any powder (desiccant from the dryer) you are well past proper service interval for the air dryer.
  6. Would be VERY surprised if you don't have an AIR DRYER on your air system. If you do, the tank drains are little more than the "report card" for the condition of the dryer. Said another way, if you ever get anything but clean dry air from the drain, the air dryer has FAILED! Air dryers are a service item.
  7. I do exactly the same. Have a clear glass jar with lid in the compartment next to my diesel fill. Pump 10 ounces or so into the jar. If it looks good, pour it in the tank and insert nozzle to fill.
  8. As posted above, the Diesel RV Club is an FMCA Chapter. Dave Atherton, a retired Caterpillar tech is to GO TO man: http://forum.dieselrvclub.org/index.php/board,100.0.html
  9. Thanks, John for you efforts to keep us up with this ever-changing world. Never know what the automotive engineers, their warranty administrators and their corporate attorneys will decide next.
  10. Yup, and pushing them again brings you to the diagnostic code reader.
  11. No an Allison ECU is NOT an inexpensive fix. But, first step is to verify that both 12 VDC hots to it and its ground are good (12+ VDC). Without that, the ECU will be "stupid" and can throw random codes. Only takes a few minutes to check and THE place to start. If the Allison ECU is diagnosed as the issue, next step is to contact John-- he makes a living repairing them: https://www.transmissioninstruments.com/ Substantially less $$ than a new one. Obviously, if a bad solenoid in the transmission, the above will not fix it.
  12. wolfe10

    Coach Weights

    How tag axle ride height is controlled depends on which chassis. Some are proportional off drive axle, some are adjustable PSI for the tag itself. So, check with your chassis maker to find out how YOURS is designed. Said another way-- there is no "here is how they are all designed/built"
  13. Max of 200 degrees F is just fine for your ISL. You DO want a temperature delta between "thermostat wide open" and fan speed spooling to max.
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