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  1. And, engine build date may be well before chassis build date. Particularly true right after the date of tightening of EPA standards. So, common for chassis builders to buy large quantities of engines that are less expensive and less complex just before tightening standards. All perfectly legal and ethical.
  2. moorep01, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Have you checked the transmission for diagnostic codes? Very easy from the driver's seat. Instructions in you Allison manual, or we can post that information here.
  3. wolfe10

    Trip cost

    Al, Answers will range very WIDELY. Older or brand new? Factoring in depreciation? For only a single overnight, can't fathom that an RV would be the less expensive way to go. But if cost were the most important/only factor, doubt many would own RV's.
  4. wolfe10

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    OK, mowed grass for third time. Probably should just get a GOAT.
  5. wolfe10

    Dead Battery

    skgershey,. Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Either with that test light or better an ammeter (digital voltmeter with 10 amp ammeter): Should not be many loads on the CHASSIS battery with ignition off. If this is the HOUSE battery-- Remove all fuses and install one at a time. Likely something like basement light that is not readily apparent.
  6. wolfe10

    Bedroom Slide

    But, even a brand new one will NOT be trouble-free!
  7. wolfe10

    Full timer - Sanitizing fresh water tank

    francie1229, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. If used frequently, no need to sanitize the whole system-- no different than a sticks and bricks house. The main "got-ya" is continually using shore water, allowing the water in the on-board tank to sit and sit and sit...... If that happens, then, yes the tank needs to be drained and the whole system sanitized.
  8. wolfe10

    I need help finding a electrical gremlin

    What is actual voltage reading at the batteries after two weeks (or whatever time period you used) assuming starting from fully charged?
  9. wolfe10

    I need help finding a electrical gremlin

    Yup, different battery technology has different "self-discharge" rate. AGM's much slower than wet cells.
  10. wolfe10

    I need help finding a electrical gremlin

    Yes, it is puzzling. Electrons need a complete path, returning to the battery in order to move. But, the path can be different than just a wire. Moisture, dirt, etc can allow small amounts of current to flow. Have you insured that the tops of the batteries are clean and dry? BTW, nothing at all wrong with an older P chassis Georgieboy-- many here on the FMCA Forum have fond memories of just such a coach.
  11. wolfe10

    I need help finding a electrical gremlin

    Let's go back to this statement. If. indeed ALL connections between battery and house are disconnected, chasing phantom draws would be unnecessary. If battery drop in voltage is more than their self discharge rate, either they have a problem or there IS some connection to the house. Also, a help if you tell us what coach you have/what batteries and converter or inverter/charger you have. Someone with your same coach may have experienced the same thing and be able to assist. Putting coach info in your signature means it is there on each of your posts.
  12. wolfe10

    New tire purchase/ old DOT dates

    llademan Welcome to the FMCA Forum. In a word, YES. You will be replacing them based on time, not wear.
  13. wolfe10

    Texas winter weather

    Well, yes. At least enough of one to sweeten the grapefruit on the tree across the street!
  14. wolfe10

    Charging Batteries

    As Richard suggested, voltage and inverter/charger output should be EXACTLY the same on generator or shore power. The inverter/charger has no way of knowing what the source of external 120 VAC is (nor world it care)-- 120 VAC=120VAC. I have no first hand experience with an Airpax inverter/charger. Have you properly programmed it? Per this manual float voltage for wet cell batteries is 13.2 VDC. Higher for sealed batteries: https://www.rvtechlibrary.com/electrical/dimensions_owners.pdf If it is properly programmed, next thing I would do is have the batteries fully charged and then load tested.
  15. wolfe10

    Charging Batteries

    kimenker, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Which battery bank (chassis or house) reads 12.8 VDC when on shore power? What does the other battery bank read? Some coaches only charge the house bank from shore power, others charger both banks. Also, what converter, charger or inverter charger do you have. The "smart" ones need to be properly programmed for : battery technology (wet cell, AGM or Gel), battery bank size (amp hrs @ 12 VDC) and also ambient temperature unless you have the optional temperature probe on the battery.