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RV Repairs in Ontario, Canada

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I have never posted here before but after the grief, I have gone through the past couple of years I figure I will give this a try. For information purposes, we have a 2004 Newmar Dutch Star, model 4009 , diesel pusher, under 50,000 miles.

I live in SW Ontario, about 70 miles from the Windsor/Detroit border, 5 miles if I take the ferry across the St. Clair River which is not an option with a Class A motorhome right now.

I also have an extended warranty for the RV through Good Sam Club. This is a very extensive warranty for both mechanical, coach and tires. My problem is finding a repair facility in the area that can do the roof, and other repairs and will also deal with the underwriter's agents when diagnosing/describing the repair issues.  I have taken it to the Newmar dealer, a 7-hour drive, only to be given a bill for $3,500  and no work having been done except for setting the tire pressure and replacing the drive belts on the generator. Not going back there!

Does anybody know of a repair facility in the area that is reputable and will work with both the customer and underwriter? I realize that I may have to pay for the approved repairs and submit the bill for reimbursement. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Love the colors!   On the Forum, look for a post by IanBullock.  Send him a Personal Message, before he retired he lived in Ontario, now he's in Ottawa.

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