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  1. manholt

    Higher Diesel Prices Starting Q4 2019

    Have had my daily, Brain short circuit.
  2. manholt

    Higher Diesel Prices Starting Q4 2019

    Thank you Brett. That brings up another question...I have a 150 gallon tank, per original "Owners Manual", so I thought, until I ran out of diesel last week (don't ask). Found out, I have a 180+ fuel tank! Do I put in a quart or 2 quarts of Kleen? If I use 2, will it hurt anything...other than the wallet?
  3. manholt


    I fully understood that, Bill. In my case, because of the 30" opening, I can bring it in/out with no modification! You made the blanket statement, "most RV doors are 24 inches in width"!
  4. manholt

    Higher Diesel Prices Starting Q4 2019

    Rich. So, does that mean that I need to add White Kleen in Canada, this summer? we'll be in the Maritime Provinces for 2 month's! Normally I use Gray! Carl C.
  5. manholt

    Hydraulic generator Bay occasionally moving forward

    Manual or electric, the latch needs adjusting or spring needs to be replaced.
  6. manholt

    Ditched my Towing and Roadside Assistance

    That's 100% correct in any consumer service or purchase! "You get, what you pay for"!
  7. manholt

    Higher Diesel Prices Starting Q4 2019

    Ditto, X4. Gray, 9 month's a year...White, 3.
  8. manholt

    Long Haul or Regional Tires

    bm02tj. That is correct...I often wonder why, out of all tire manufacturers available, every new DP comes with Michelin Tires! Both RV industry and Commercial...got to be a reason! In the secondary market, folk go out and get every brand in the book, mostly to save money, on a toy/hobby, that cost more, than most houses & it's a rolling earthquake!!!
  9. manholt


    Yes, welcome! Splendide combo is 24" wide. My coach door opening is 30", If I removed my door, it would be 32 1/2 inch! I'm guessing yours is like mine!
  10. manholt

    Lowering coach

    Sorry Mike, lousy mechanic...he should have seen it right away! As mentioned, pictures are what tells the story!
  11. manholt


    Looks a lot warmer than it is...Great Job by all. We are in Rayne, LA. Balmy 55 and 8 days of rain, will start at midnight...should be interesting to see, how many coach's, will get stuck in the mud. I'm on hard gravel and grass! Cruisin Cajun Mardi Grass Rally! 103 coach's.
  12. manholt

    Recommendations- Nova Scotia

    That's what I call, "Good Eats"! Nice boat.
  13. manholt

    Battery replacement not going so good.

    I run my big awning out, several times a year for inspection, cleaning and maintenance...Also apply some low pressure bug killer inside awning cover...no bees, wasps, hornets, etc taking a trip with me!
  14. manholt

    Ditched my Towing and Roadside Assistance

    Keon. I ditto Bill. Where have you been? You did not renew FMCA, so you left the Forum. Then you renewed and your still not on!
  15. manholt

    Recommendations- Nova Scotia

    You better find out first, what's the cost of a fishing licence? Don't think they have a "Get your beef license"!