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  1. She going over Wolf Pass? That's a huge safety issue! 🤬
  2. Welcome to the Forum! Is there a GFI on this line? I have had them for TV. The other thing could be, your ATS is not fully engaging when disconnecting from park power to Inverter/gen power. 90% of our electric problems is a bad ground.
  3. Joe's right. Hydraulic is used on the slide that has the heavy appliances and longer slide...mine is 27' 7". My other 2 slides are electric! I would say, Newmar King Aire is high end (New replacement cost on mine is $1,300,000). Back in 2002, Joe's was high end. I had a Allegro Bus, high end, with the cable slide in bedroom, constant problem! IMHO, Bean counters will do more cheap stuff on high end coaches than middle or low!
  4. Some extent that's true. The rigs that are heavy and have big HP engines are on Spartan chassis, not FLC. IMHO, Mike does not have a foreseeable DEF issue.
  5. Ditto! There was a girl who ran the body work/paint shop, until she re married and got pregnant...she spent 7 months teaching the guy who runs it now....like Eric, my whole rear and a bay door got wiped out in 2015 on a AC Tradition 45'....9 days later, you could not tell it had been in a accident. I've used them since 2011. Don, where you at?
  6. Hi Mike! Enjoy San Antonio. You have a 2nd or 3rd generation DEF, they seem to last about 70, 000 miles on avg. The ones that go out at 10,000 to 25,000 miles are the 5th or 6th generation heads...chassis has nothing to do with it. Now they are on 3 month back order! Carl C.
  7. Interesting subject. Hot water & Clorox, works on Sugar Bees and Love Bugs!
  8. The FMCA Sprint is retro. We got a T-Mobil (they own Sprint) hot spot and 100 G for $50 per month....
  9. The Itasca Vectra is a 40TD, not 39'....actual length is 41'. I had the WB Tour 40KD...same coach! Price is a little high, IMHO. The Foretravel is a good buy!
  10. OK, so in my coach about 500 feet + another 100 to 150 foot reaction time! Not a nice thought...that's on a dry surface!!!
  11. Welcome! A lot of ex boaters on this Forum. Gillette, WY., is the place to be the 7th of July! Lots of informative seminars, things to see, folks to meet. We'll be there!
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