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  1. We certainly will try! We leave today & will move in tomorrow, then 2 days of walk thru & will be home again Sunday! A 1,000 mile trip the 4th of March, then Tucson, AZ!
  2. So I also found out, when I went and talked about why I had $1,051.58 in roaming charge from Canada! I was going to change, then they told me about why I should not, $51.58 a month pre-pay is a good thing! Linda has a totally different plan, but she needs 250 to 300 G a month for her research!
  3. That bit of information is good, but it invokes a lousy picture in my mind.. Ray, when are you getting the new coach?
  4. Kay, clapping after entertainment on Bora Bora Island 2012. Linda picked it, now she want's to go there! Grrrr.
  5. We did Mass Pike last summer, coming out of Canada...Insanity for one exit, then took the long way around. We got on no Toll road going back to Texas..A lot more scenic and we still got back in 3 easy days!😂
  6. RayIn, read it..unreal. Wayne, I feel your pain! 50 A. and water hose at Alamo RV Park, San Antonio, Texas 2012. Drug it all for 40 miles to next Rally..$450 replacement + Mobil RV. Not a good day!
  7. Also, please let us know what leveling system you have. Attwood, Power Gear Jacks only or Air/Jacks, HWH ?
  8. MNWilliams. Welcome to the Forum! When your coach is in your garage, does the tires sit on wood or cardboard? We use that as a moisture barrier, we also put down our jacks to take weight of tires and air bags. As Rich said...he beat me, while I was Typing. IMHO. I would get 6 Toyos or Continental tires, since you will be riding on them for 8,000+ miles this Summer! Peace of mind and no stress is golden! Happy Tales & Trails!
  9. That also goes for Engine number...VIN is on insurance card.
  10. f442485. Weigh your coach, could be you have to much air in tires for load...that will give you a harsher ride!
  11. Yep! 1964, Desoto, TX. Then again on a big Texas map in 1976...Lake LBJ, Texas! 😂
  12. ST230's is what I have now, all 315. Love them. Bill, as I'm sure you noticed, we changed my Avatar..no problem. The signature? Big problem!
  13. That's a first for me! I missed most of the 70's, I had coaches, but was only able to use them for 45 days every 367 days away. 1968 to 1980 I worked in Europe and middle east. Back then, if you worked 1 year + a day outside US it was Tax Free...POTUS Carter changed that. 😡 I'm now off the Box!
  14. Would help to know Make, Model & Year of coach!
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