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  1. Ray, when Itasca was still being built, it was not wired or plumbed the same as Winnebago. Kind of like Toyota and Lexus. Some things are related, but most are to a higher standard in Itasca....like your Freedom!
  2. Sounds about right. Nothing new here!
  3. DEF part & model....is yours a single or double heating unit? Particulate Filter, part #. Your AC unit's...when where they last serviced, same with CAC.
  4. Flash, would help to know, where are you located? 3 separate systems. Spartan, Newmar and HWH or Lipper. The 50A is not going to hurt anything....what is the DC voltage on house batteries and engine batteries?
  5. It would be informative to know, what the actual problem was.
  6. CAT, Detroit and Cummins, I would take any of them today! As Herman said.
  7. Under "Carl C" it say's, 2012 Newmar King Aire 45'...We travel about 14,000 miles a year!
  8. I don't have the Tradition anymore, look under my signature. I'm 78!
  9. Lou Nobel. Welcome to the Forum! Cost, average. 2003 coach, diesel with 16,000 miles on it...you will be very lucky indeed if you get away with another $3,000 to $5,000! What is your age on tires? Where was the coach living before you bought it?
  10. I did not need this, 5 min before breakfast....🤢 It was funny! 🤣
  11. On my 2010 Tradition, to get to monitor was to remove the drawer in the center consul, then remove 4 screws and take out back panel, that gave access to the monitor....helps to be young & skinny!
  12. Wayne, Joe has a big party today! We where hoping to be there....
  13. Any Afib is not a good thing. Mine is in the chamber and it can be fixed by Laser surgery, but I'm still learning about the surgery. There are so many variables
  14. Thank you one and almost all. Don't need an English lesson, thank you! Kay, I bleed red, unless I'm 14+ feet below the ocean surface, then its green....just like Ray's! 😂 Joe, Ray and I are flowing...mine is a little slow in the legs until the DR fixes the right upper valve and stops the vacuum.
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