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  1. You're correct. I don't use my aluminum anymore, but I do use the hard plastic & its my understanding that you can order it.
  2. I have wondered, who gets the "Report Post?" Unless its Moderator or IT, it does no good! We also got some non-RV owners, when we offered Verizon! How so? There is no verification of coach ownership by FMCA, its on the honor system! If you want to be dishonest, throw a F# out there & pick an Avatar & your on Forum! To my knowledge, there is no cross check.
  3. Joe, that info need to be posted on Forum, where everyone will see it. No matter what Herman thinks, this all came on the new computer system!
  4. manholt

    New Member

    Back in the day, of cast aluminum plate, we had one inside on dash facing out. Never a problem with LEO's in any state or Canada or Mexico!
  5. Since 1967, I have never had any, but if that's what you want, then go for a solid material in black! My tires gets changed out every 6 years on avg, been a couple of times at 5.
  6. That's great...another Troll. 🤬
  7. rlbarkleyii, Sorry for your loss! 🙏
  8. george, since you joined in 2014, the home page has changed a few times! You and kjschrag are in good company....total of 3 posts since 2013 between you!
  9. Saw nothing about a 19.5" tire....I would not trust any Wanli on my cars or light trucks!
  10. manholt


    Ray, I had a 400 ISM in a 1997 Allegro 34'....smoking! Felt I could do a wheelie in 4th gear going up a 7% grade! 😂
  11. manholt

    New Member

    geofk. Welcome ! I have no ladder, so mine is low center of front windshield, by suction cups.
  12. Wanli? Nope! Since you got 6+ years on the Goodyears, why change brands?
  13. manholt


    The above Ray is patethic and has no place on this Forum....another troll.
  14. manholt

    rv mobile wash

    OP maybe asking about outside base. I have been to Benning, but got mine washed before entry & don't remember anyone getting washed on base at Campground.
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