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  1. We got the tools and still got most equipment for a small tool machine shop.
  2. We also get discount at Stripe's.
  3. Wait until Joe L., comes on or send him a PM...He became an expert on bug removal about 3 years ago!
  4. F430040 It is now a 2.5 year old thread....we get lots of newbies every week. I enjoy reading old threads with new answers....I might learn something, even after 54 years!! ramsaypk....keep em coming.
  5. Linda thinks it was being delivered....nothing in the bays and it was a used coach.
  6. Spartan chassis with HWH air bag adjust, it has air ride, lower and rise adjustment....I can go down, up to 2" or up 2" (Steep drive or high center, wheels will turn). Herman, I have not heard of that on the Roadmaster chassis
  7. Mine is 13' 4", that gets your attention....86/6 and Hwy CC is the real deal in Racine, MO
  8. Marathon is a Prevost bus conversion company in Oregon....a few others would be Liberty, Featherlight, Outlaw, Millennium and Fortravel
  9. Bill, that's the way I did mine....still got the trike not the truck
  10. Bill, don't ask....its going to be getting worse.
  11. I have a 96' HDCC, trike and put it in my 96' Chevy p/u 2500 LB. Worked great until 2011, then I threw my hip out...Its a Shrine Bike 3,000 miles on it.
  12. DB,, what tour? We did Eastern Canada for 61 days in 2019, Fantasy was great and we are signed up for 60 days to Alaska in June 2022! Party on...
  13. keithl, It don't pass the smell test. The owner and inventor is, Roger and Clare Hunckler of Hunckler LLC a multi million dollar a year company in 70 countries. Headquarters in NC and I met him at a Winter FMCA Rally in Lebanon, Tenn. in 2002 or 03. Roger started MS in 1996 for the sole purpose of giving Featherlight Bus Conversion something special that the others didn't have!
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