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  1. Gillette 2018

    I'll take second...nice, quiet, clean looking place! I can picture a swinging sofa on that deck! Everyone I know, that sold the family farm, regret not keeping a piece of it. You can only travel so long, then what? Assisted living, or a peaceful country retreat ? We all got to face that eventually!
  2. Recommendation For Diesel Pusher Brands

    You forgot Foretravel...New or Used. I don't agree on Tiffin! American Coach is not bad either! Would be nice to know your make, model and year coach. Also DP or Gas?
  3. Gillette 2018

    Herman. It may not be as cut & dried as you think! There are always something unexpected that come about, that is not on the Calendar each year. This year is not an exception! We will be parked in Governance Section on 30A full H/U...will be there the 16th! See what I mean by unexpected Herman? Whether you host the get-together the 17th or 18th, I will be there, with Linda (She's been a member of Forum since 7/2014)!
  4. Best New ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)

    DD69. Totally agree and I hope Mike understand that now! Mike, mine is the same as FIVE has! When I had the 2011 Tiffin, Allegro was the same as now. Have only had one Progressive on a 2007 WB Tour and it kept sticking in Shore power mood, had to hit it to get it to accept Generator (exchanged 3 times by WB in 5 years)! The last time was in 2009 and it was a Surge Guard...worked great until I traded for the Tiffin in January 2011. Hope it's been some help!
  5. Class A Coach Cover

    Sorry, my bad...we live in the country, outside City Limits! I forgot to mention that. We are also AG exempt. Homestead and over 65! Most important part, we live in Texas!
  6. Created a Electrical Problem

    Yep, very informative reading from all. Great that the problem got fixed.
  7. RV flooring replacement in Las Vegas

    Ernie. Wish I had known that, the Lone Star just had a rally at Coffee Creek RV Resort off 281 about 13 miles South of Mineral Wells! Herman and I would have called you!
  8. 40' Holiday Rambler-- Cummins ISM Fuel Mileage

    Joe. The proper placement of Stuff, will prevent you from having to crawl on DS. DS side on mine, has water hoses, extra sewer hose's and extra length of 50A cord & 30A cord. After hooking up, there is no reason for me to be there! Everything else is on PS in bins, I take out what we need, then let all slides out...I have no "Bling" inside coach. I do have a sofa, that I should have thrown out a long time ago & replaced with a recliner. OH well. Besides, your both shorter than us!
  9. 40' Holiday Rambler-- Cummins ISM Fuel Mileage

    I agree, got to have at least 2+! I remember the first 5 class A, gas coaches, all to well. They where, 96 inches wide and gave you 92 inches interior...6 foot of head room, I was 6 foot 9 inches. Then in mid 1980, they came 102 inches wide, with 98 inch interior and 6 foot 6 inches interior height...that was a big change to us! Basement models came at the same time, along with DP and 34 foot. First coach with a slide out, 7 foot celling height and I was in Nirvana! Joe, want's a no slide coach, so he can get at all the "Stuff", he carries and his DW, thinks it will be easier to clean! I find, that the longer the "no slide" coach, the more furniture, the harder it is to keep clean! IMHO, the "Stuff" you carry, is limited, by the bays you can carry it in and the weight, you can carry!!!
  10. Class A Coach Cover

    OBIWAN. What your referring to, is sold mainly for Farm & Ranch storage of hay or farm equipment. They come in various sizes from 20' x 30' x 10' to 80' x 200' x 20'. Cost for a 30' x 60' x 18'...perfect for any DP coach or 40' + fiver is $11,000-$16,000. Not permanent, movable, but withstands wind to 85mph and totally weather resistant. No permit required.
  11. Weighing new coach

    Enjoy your new coach and hope your troubles are behind you!
  12. RV flooring replacement in Las Vegas

    Herman. I think he has moved, still in Texas, but closer to Red River. I do not believe he does tile/rug!
  13. 40' Holiday Rambler-- Cummins ISM Fuel Mileage

    Even the older model, no slide out Prevost, has redundant back up systems and probes....Not much in the way of storage, they never where, converted for extended road trips. Even more so now!
  14. From what I have read...none. Still best to read the owners manual as to best way to set it up! What are you towing it with? Welcome to the Forum!
  15. 40' Holiday Rambler-- Cummins ISM Fuel Mileage

    We really need good mobil service in most areas of Texas! Right now, I only have one that I would recommend...He did my chassis and Allison last month. I did not have to tell him to put grease in U Joint, until it comes out the other more "klunk" between 1st and 2nd gear!