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  1. We have a 18 year old and a 19 year old, that pulled in front of us yesterday. Got to talking to them after set up & gave them a FMCA flyer and last months magazine...they filled out the form, wrote a check & it goes out in today's mail. 42' Fifth wheel...they both work for Goggle and been married for 6 months!!! They are full time.
  2. I used Progressive on my Race Boats, not cheap, when a 1,000 HP Merc blew, they paid the 110k replacement and did not raise my rate. Like Bill, in my coach, I self insure for extended repair's! State Farm for coach & everything else...no boat's anymore!
  3. IMHO. I would go with a soundproof/fireproof material from America!
  4. We like 90 from Houston to Beaumont, I-10 to Vidor and take 12 to 190, drop down from 190 to I-10 in Baton Rouge, then I-10 to I-12 to I-10 again....unless you wan't New Orleans. You can also take hwy 1 before you cross the river and it will take you to 90E in Raceland, LA. Another is I-49 to hwy 67 to NO. Lot's of options and do/see in LA.
  5. White Eagle, I do believe you hit the nail on the head. After 53 years and now 77. I'm still going to be here! So many memories, so many Chapters that are no more, now we are members of two Chapters and Six State rally for South Central Area!
  6. Bill, I think it was Polly. Wilmotte, your right, it was 440...the 1981 had the 454.
  7. Nope! try Provo, Utah for FMCA Discount, or Denver.
  8. Give those idiots, half a chance and we'll all be eating soy! Ugh. 🤢
  9. Don't know about crystal ball, but we are all trying real hard to come up with a possible solution to your problem. 😃
  10. The wonderful world of having a Wrangler for a toad.
  11. UH, there is an auction in Paris , Fr., coming up and they have one in mint condition. Estimated value is 8,000 to 12,000 EU. No Reserve.
  12. I had that coach new! If memory serves me, it was a 454. 4 barrel Holly, engine, on a Dodge chassis. Twin 75 gallon fuel, a separate tank for Generator. ours had twin bunk beds, rear bath, fresh water tank was under the driver side bed (bladder type). 19.5 tires....I'll try to remember more specs. Since we had 3 Apollos in 5 years, they run into each other in my mind. Apollo 3300 and the 35' diesel. There is an Apollo club in Calif. & we used to have an Apollo FMCA Chapter in Texas that held rally's with the Renegades Chapter...Herman, you might know some of them, that was members of Renegades back in late 1980's to late 1990's! Apollo, lost when it came out with a DP, the same year as Blue Bird 35' DP and Foretravel.
  13. I had a folding A frame on a Jeep, hooked on to 2" ball on coach! Nice part, if you need your toad serviced, hook on to back of any vehicle that has a hitch, leave at garage and go about your business!
  14. Yellow or red light? If it's yellow, drop down a gear & keep your RPM up, it will help with the heat build up....also, as suggested clean your radiator and CAC, it's important. As Kay said, could be a bad coolant sensor...normally on outside of your overflow tank by radiator and looks like a spark plug with a two wire clip connector. Un clip and see if sensor goes off on next hill, then reclip. About $35.
  15. Take your coach in to fill with propane and ask them. Even if the tank is full.
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