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  1. Jason. Welcome to the Forum! You should have a "Salesman Switch" inside coach, close to door on Co-Pilot side, may or may not be marked. Mine is the only toggle switch in coach! In most coaches, it's easy to accidentally turn off, by you or a dog. Can you start the coach & Generator?
  2. Ray, I would never put that on my steering wheel
  3. We got in at 3 pm..AC on, it was 81...now at 8:45 pm it's 66. Ernie, enjoy your Rally & Merry Christmas! If you want to come to a Lone Star Rally, we'll be at Coffee Creek RV Park, Feb 13-16, 2020...Just down the road from your Hill.
  4. We will see you at the tire seminar! Herman, we'll be there the 24th, 50 amp Handicap!
  5. manholt

    Odd Tire Wear

    Pop, that "expert" is pure nuts!!! All summer, I had 115 in my front tires and 110 in the other 6...I was close to max weight. 7 weeks ago, after removing a bunch of stuff that we carried but didn't use, I had my coach weight again and per the chart, I now have 110 psi on steer tires & 100 on the other 6, rides smooth! Tread. We do not go by tread, sidewalls will go long before the tread does...time to change is normally 6/7 years! You should be looking at new tires in 2020, please get new front tires NOW! Merry Christmas!
  6. FIVE, what's your tranny? Mf. Welcome to the Forum! FIVE is right, we need more info, including make of leveling system, coach, DP or Gas? Merry Chrstmas to you all.
  7. Bill, we have 3 acres & a barnominium, with 3 full 50 amp hook up's, 4 miles west of town. It's 10/15 degrees warmer than Burnet.
  8. Wayne, you got a heat wave compared to us..7:55 pm & 47, going to 42 tonight. We decided to go to our camp in Three Rivers tomorrow instead of Sat or Sun! There it's 68 an hour ago and 63 in AM. DB, wash under that coach before you put it away!
  9. Mike, if your floor is cement, put cardboard under tires. Also use your Jacks to level coach, it does not hurt the jacks!
  10. SACIL. Welcome to the Forum! What system do you have? HWH or Lippert?
  11. Mike, all my awnings are elect. except one (I did not want to pay $2,100 for a 14' window awning), that's why I have a awning rod. It collapses into 14"! Linda found it at CW, in Kathy!
  12. We decided on ham...we are heading south Saturday for a month...Three Rivers, Tx.!
  13. A Very Merry Christmas Season to ALL !
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