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  1. So far, other than a trickle charger...nope! I have to run a separate cord from batteries to a forward bay or a shore power post (if it has a 30), at home I have 50, 30, 20 so no problem.
  2. Moonwink. I looked at it on Web and was impressed, by what it had as standard equipment. It's a want to be Trek!
  3. manholt

    To All

    LMAO ! 🤣 Taking coach to TCC in Pipe Creek, this morning & leaving it until we get back from Norway...some items are still on their nickle and some mine...fix before Canada! Got our Mobil Tech coming to house 28 May, to Service my engine, generator, chassis. Got to replace 2 probes, speed for turbo & low coolant, also new serpentine & hoses! Fun.
  4. Ernie, is that your yard? Coach looks like a WB Advantage or Freedom.
  5. I only wish the reverse was in mine! No engine battery charging, on shore or generator...
  6. manholt

    To All

    Bill, what you know, is what you missed, (me too) by not reading Playboy...LOL! I always wondered if they had one in braille! Jeg ma spore Linda, wa dere snakket om!
  7. Welcome. Go to Class A motorhomes and click on it...you'll see Tire covers, right click, & 3 more choices!
  8. I used to have a collapsible, "A" frame ball hitch, on my Jeep. Real handy for any vehicle, including Jeep, that had to go to a shop!
  9. manholt

    Firestone FS561

    Joe, does that also mean that you bypass the federal mandated disposal fee? I had to pay it at my last change, even though they where loaded into a pick up and went to the Ranch, south of Dallas...hay trailers that never leaves property! Richard. I would have my front tires, pulled & inspected. Have seen too many perfect tires fail from the inside...you don't ever want to experience a front tire blow out at any speed in a coach!
  10. Make, model, year, 5'er, pull behind, gas or diesel coach...would help? !
  11. Linda. Welcome to the Forum! Is it used or new? Did you drive it before purchase and if so, how did it handle then? Brett beat me!
  12. manholt

    To All

    Bill. Agree! I'm not sure if I want to see them... DB, my Linda is half Portugues, from Santa Maria Island, Azore. We will be there, 3 May! I'm Swedish/Norwegian, we will be in Oslo, 12 May!
  13. manholt

    To All

    DB...I'm 6' 8", no bunny suit for me! Man, can just picture you as a Bunny, please no picture!
  14. Retired in 2/85, feel the same as you!
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