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  1. Bill, if inserted incorrectly they will break. Call Cummins with your engine # handy.
  2. It starts Monday! Covid card for International and domestic travel. I have lived in America for 68 years, been a US Citizen for 61 years and I like it here!!!
  3. I have been a member since 1987, it came with a 1987 Barth DP. We still have it. Got Good Sam in 1973.
  4. I would call Winnebago tech.
  5. Dons, long time no hear! Hope your well. I'm back on Governance!
  6. manholt


    I used Superior in Eugen, 2014, saved me a ton!
  7. Thanks! Now I know what my DW was talking about....🙄😂
  8. Pat, we (big class A) use them inside out toads and front window in coach....crystal clear, no dirt and no water marks! 😍
  9. db....comes with the coach, part of security.
  10. In the current coach I have 10 cameras outside and one inside.
  11. Pat, have a great thanksgiving on the Lake!
  12. I used to mount them high up. behind the TV or elect cabinet.
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