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  1. manholt

    First Year FT Complete

    We run around $2,500 plus food and fuel.
  2. Got the same payment method on all bills...can't do it on house tax. Will never do it on IRS, but then I don't pay Fed Tax and they never send me the $2,000 a year!
  3. manholt

    First Year FT Complete

    Joe S. I have found that over the past 50+ years, we spend less in RV traveling, than we do at home! Have never been without a S&B, so I can't relate to the full expenses, of full timing in a coach! Guess it depends on where you go, how often you move and what you do! I like golf, hunting, 4 wheeling and fishing. Along with traveling outside the US and taking cruises...don't think, I would save any $$$ !
  4. Wayne, our cost has not gone up! I have AT&T for my phone and it went down 3 months ago, by $32 a month!!! Our DIRECTV has not gone up...same amount for the past 8 years! This is not 1980's anymore. I have had DISH, try cancelling your service...took my Attorney letter, to DISH in Sydney, Australia to get it done...4 years ago! I have a Post on that in this Forum!
  5. manholt


    There is not much clutter in there. Glycol reservoir, water in water out (hot/cold) some bypass valves and a electric harness. Everything else is under cover...forgot the mixing valves. The only time it blows hot exhaust is on diesel, not elect.
  6. manholt


    That depends on the unit you have. Joe has the old 400, mine is probably like yours, 450D and then there is the 600D, that is totally different (Similar to the Oasis)
  7. Bill, been there. Done that. Rett told me that and so did Brett...I still get it. It's particularly frustrating, when your on a cruise or traveling outside the US! Had to have Linda, relay or answer business calls/text for me, her Norwegian suck!
  8. manholt


    Agree, no smell from mine or the last coach I had. A leak will do that. Joe, I asked that too...no answer, just REV, blah, blah!
  9. manholt

    Global Solar Flexible solar panals.

    Only know what I have read on this system & the non flex system. Logic tells me that a non flex system, that raises & lowers, to the suns position in the sky, is a better system! You can mount the flex on a mounting bracket, but why pay extra for the panel?
  10. manholt

    RV Lot Ownership

    I know people who bought into "own your lot", RV Resorts...most bought more then one lot and enjoy the extra income it brings, by being rented out. Mr. "Rett" Porter, our FMCA Sr. National VP, comes to mind and so does a friend in Shriners International...never heard a complaint. Send a email to Rett...my coach is in a shop, 180 miles away so I don't have his card.
  11. Then we can all pay royalty $$$ to the inventor of the internet, Al Gore, he can add on another 56,000 sq. ft. to his current 56,000 sq. ft. house! 🤮
  12. manholt

    Corrosion in battery tray

    If you have any elect in garage, plug into it or put a separate trickle charger on your batteries. You got "phantom draw"! If you are plugged in to 30A or 50A, your overcharging and cooking batteries. You need to keep acid batteries full of distilled water.
  13. manholt

    Newby Again

    Herman. Yea! We need 60+ new chapters to replace the one's we have lost, in the past 3 years! How many of these, "Bad Actors" have we had, in the past 10 years? I'm sure Ross can tell us! How many "Fence Riders", when they buy a RV, will this cause to forget us and join GS or Escapees instead? Most importantly, how many Joe L's. will we loose? Ross, can you replace the knowledge of the people we will loose? I'll get off my box!
  14. Ken, I keep getting email notification, every time someone makes a comment on a PM that has several people on it...how do I put a stop to that? Carl C.
  15. DIRECTV/AT&T has way too many customers and they will not "throw you under the bus"!