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  1. The wobble started with Ford, long before Jeep! Don't know what Ford did to stop it. You don't hear about it, from Wrangler 2 or 4 door, Jeep Grand Cherokee or Jeep Gladiator! There could be a variety of reasons, why Cherokee...??
  2. John. thanks, we appreciate the feed back! Hope you & yours are all healthy!
  3. gsimmons68. Welcome to the Forum! It should be in your owners manual, under towing...if you don't have a owners manual, you can get it online and download the PDF. Enter 2013 Lincoln mks.
  4. Mike, what's mileage got to do with it? Its 70 to 80 month's!
  5. Bill, they still make them that way....moore and more, European coaches are coming into the US and Canada. They are popular among the minimalistic crowd. 40' to 42', most with tag axle, driver down, co pilot above! MANN, Skagen and Prevost are the biggest.
  6. Joe, they are available Dec. 5. Updated version is a 360 surround sound for $199. Your's $119.
  7. Ian, good to hear from you again! How much for that speaker? We got Bose, inside and out, came with coach! As you will note, the American Tradition has been replaced by a Newmar King Aire!
  8. OMG...is that a Prevost, Newell or Foretravel? Looks like an entrance to a H3. Did not think it possible, but your getting better after all these years!!! 😁
  9. breezy2. I don't know anyone who have had any problems with Continental, Hankok, Michelin or BFG on our member fleet service. Maybe Herman has, but I doubt it. What I personally have found, and so have others, is that I could get tires cheaper by not using the FMCA Fleet price, because of a special price inhouse! Happened in NJ, June 2019 at a large truck tire facility. I got 8 BFG 315/80 for $5,616 Total. That included the Fed disposal fee, ballance, front end alignment and all corner weight...In TX it would have been over $9,000! They asked me if I wanted to use their price or FMCA Fleet. DOT was 5/19. IMHO, Michelin is overpriced and I have never gotten over 5 years before sidewall cracking! Wish you luck!
  10. Some are running the 6.2L diesel.
  11. Any online RV supply store, such as PPL of Houston, TX. or Camping World, also West Marine or large Marine parts store! As Richard said, it has tube's from a central fill port to caps that fit over each (add water cap) each battery...you get rid off original caps!
  12. 8+ years! Sorry, I would not go beyond 7 under any circumstances! At 6 if I see no cracking or spider webs on sidewall, I'll take coach to tire dealer and let them take a tire off and remove same from rim...what you can't see on the outside, you can see on the inside! For all you non metric knowing....100 KM is 60 miles, 4,500 KM is 2,700 miles!
  13. I have AGM's ( 8 ), no worry about water...NAPA! Same with Series 31 start batteries ( 2 ). Good for around 6+ years!
  14. Is that $975 for analysis? You do realize this post is 18 mos old.
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