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  1. Flat towing 2019 Jeep Cherokee

    That is true, ever since they came out with digital. Before then, you could (with a little effort), reverse the counter.
  2. Inverter turning off

    I'm thinking you have the same problem as FIVE had...Electrical, page 14. June 2016.
  3. No power to house, generator, on 2002 Diplomat

    Thanks, I can now stop scratching my head.
  4. No power to house, generator, on 2002 Diplomat

    There is also a CB on your generator.
  5. Class A towing trailers

    Allbrite. Welcome to the Forum! Need some information. Make, Model, Year of DP. 10,000 or 15,000 pound hitch rating?
  6. Slide out Repair

    DDSDHAIDER. Welcome to the Forum! Thanks for the information.
  7. 2000 Allegro Bus Freightliner chassis

    In August, when we are in Europe, Texas Custom Coach is not only doing my brakes, but also replacing my seals and bearings !
  8. A/C Charge on '02 Freightliner

    Roland. PM Joe and/or Bill E.
  9. Buying A Diesel Versus Gas Motorhome

    Wish you would check back in periodically & let us know how your coming along! We are always available.
  10. Staying With Windows 7

    My computer crashed and it had W 7 Pro. Now I'm on Linda's spare & it's a W 10...problem is, it's a 2016 model and MS does not support the original W 10. Yes, we can up date, but that is 6.4 GB + all the security patches! I have always felt that MS creates it's own breaches, to generate more $$$. My next stop, is the Apple Store, in Oslo, Norway with my, "computer for a brain", Cousin! Do like Wayne!!!
  11. A/C Charge on '02 Freightliner

    Riichard. Ditto that. Way too much high tech today!
  12. Mobile RV Repair in Houston Area

    Mike. When Linda and I were in Rayne, LA., last April (Crusin Cajun Rally). We both had our coaches serviced by RV Mobil Lube of Houston 866-785-8237. I will use no other! Give them a call, he will come to you! CC are the only ones, he will go to LA for.
  13. 2018 Tiffin 34pa suspension upgrade

    Chris. Welcome to the Forum! First have your coach weight, front/back and side/side, loaded as you would on a trip. Have your alignment, toe in checked. Make sure your tires (cold) have the air pressure to weight in them....don't go by the air pressure chart inn the coach. Please let us know what you come up with.
  14. Buying A Diesel Versus Gas Motorhome

    After 50+ years of Class A's, both gas and DP's. I find the DP to be quiet, safe and a dream to ride in! DP's will cost more than gassers, but the upside is, it will last longer and ride better. Just depends on who built it, size of coach, size of engine and how was it taken care of before you!!! Winnebago of today, is in no way the same as it was pre 2006! Same with Tiffin! If you wan't a good, used DP, 40 foot or less, then look for any pre 2007 Holiday Rambler, Monaco, Safari, Country Coach or Foretravel. 100,000 miles in a DP is equal to 10,000 in a gas!
  15. Motorhome Parking At A NYC Airport

    Byron. Cruise ships do round trips from Baltimore to Chicago every fall, Caribbean in winter, Southampton & Harwich, England in Spring, Summer and Fall. Lot's of RV's park at CC Terminal lot...some private lots have 30A. Not cheap, but secure!