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  1. manholt

    Election Day

    Rich, glad to hear, you got a hobby! 😂 You must have some darn good reason to spend winter in Lake affect snow!
  2. manholt

    And so it begins.....Hybernation

    Richard, interesting thought to a point. My first cousin, who lives by the Baltic Sea, in Southern Sweden, has been after me to buy a house there. We are thinking about it, but only for May thru September....the winter is brutal. We are first going to rent a place...see what happens! I do agree with you in regards to Texas, May-October!
  3. manholt

    advice for southern california

    Frank. Welcome to the Forum! How far South and is this for the Rose Bowl?
  4. manholt

    Towing A Smart Car

    Last reply was 3 years ago! All the ones, I have seen in the past 2 years, are siting on trailers! Some things should not be towed, Smart Car, Fiat 300 & 500 come to mind.
  5. manholt

    Illuminated Entry Door Grab Handle

    Mike, I feel your pain & like Herman said. It's an on going saga!
  6. manholt

    2019 Rallies

    MatnKate. Welcome back. You can get 50 or 30A. Don't know about water or sewage. Ask FMCA Conventions about that. They will have Trams running, they are good. Bike? By all means, you can take them anywhere! FMCA National will be in Minot, ND for 2019.
  7. manholt

    Campground Discounts for FMCA members

    Joe S. Unless you winter in AZ...you'll do Tenn. like we keep stopping in NM and CO every Summer! We will be doing the Maritime Providences next Summer, starting from Quebec, Canada, June 19. We will stay away from Appalachia (or get stuck there.lol) on the way up, not down! Bill, I tried sending mail and phone calls to FMCA in 1983, ref Camp Grounds...here we are 35+ years later, it's still falling on deaf ears! We missed the boat on that one!
  8. manholt

    Cummins generator

    My only question at this time is, why would both sides of the bus bar be hot? With nothing going into coach? While on generator.
  9. manholt

    Cummins generator

    $395 for a portable Progressive Surge Protector is a sound investment. Saved my circuits, many times!
  10. manholt

    Monaco Cayman [2003] Bedroom Slide Out Leaking

    Where in So. Cal. you at & do you get rain?
  11. manholt

    RV storage doors

    Hope so! In the meantime, we are getting some useful information, that will be of help!
  12. manholt

    Cummins generator

    You have a faulty ATS...I would have it replaced.
  13. manholt

    Cummins generator

    Like Brett indicated, there could be a separate CB for the generator, between ATS and main panel. I'm thinking that your ATS is stuck open on the shore power. I had one that did it on Generator & I could not get shore power! I have seen coaches that had a plug for generator & had to unplug to get 120v from shore power! Used mostly in 24VAC coaches, but it can be done on a 12VAC. The plug would be in your ATS compartment.
  14. manholt

    RV storage doors

    Now, that's a great idea...most cities also have Muni or Jr. College, don't know if they do body shop anymore.
  15. manholt

    Monaco Cayman [2003] Bedroom Slide Out Leaking

    Welcome back! I assume you have done the same water test, after the fix?