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  1. manholt

    Odd Tire Wear

    Yes! A highway patrol station can tell you where to get corner weight done.
  2. Mike, I buy my wine at specks and get about a dozen of their wine bottle socks (free), then I put a wine glass in each & turn up side down in coach...no breakage in 12 years! Use on any glass wear, including bottles...some friends prefer non wine! Self liner between plates.
  3. Joe, you would have enjoyed the Gumbo Cook Off. The entertainment was the best yet...just wish we could have 3 nights of Zydeco, when in LA...
  4. Deadhead. Welcome back. 884 miles +/- on I-40...would help to know, what kind of RV & length?
  5. Kay, I have only run across one...mobil service. He does my engine, tranny & chassis now. Next service in Nov. in Frog City (Rayn, LA)! Mike, Tigers are #2 now!
  6. Ian, same here...tan! Everywhere, even fridge!
  7. Mike, it can work in reverse also. First time I had Progressive was through USAA, second time was via an Independent agent...35% less!
  8. Even so, I hope you take Brett's advice...I have experienced both sides of that issue!
  9. Not just USMC...any military service! It takes a "Special Woman", to stay with her man for 23+ years in the Military! Your a Lucky man..
  10. I used to think the same about USAA...but times change. Started with them in 1963 and now they have my umbrella coverage and some Mutual Fund investments, dropped everything else in 2002! My home insurance on Galveston Island is $1,400 + Wind storm & Hail $1,800 + Flood $1,600. Since I don't have a Mortgage, It's not mandatory to have Flood, not throwing that Dice! Don't know what Mike carries, but in Harris County/Houston, I would have everything I have on mine..replacement would be around $430k. I carry $10k deductible.
  11. State Farm, same coverage and replacement value at $170,000 for 1/2 price of Progressive! Apparently Progressive took a big hit from Hurricane Harvey! Cars, RV's and lots of Boat's...Clear Lake, TX. Has more pleasure craft's than any harbor in USA! Hartford Insurance is another good one! Along with Herman's.
  12. Herman, Earlene did 12+ months...no retirement on that, that I know off, other than 100% disability from combat. She got out, when I got in USAF 1961.
  13. You did not say where in OH. But Columbus, Yellowstone, Columbus = 3,500 miles...15 days for all you want to do, good luck! In a coach, your more restricted than in a car, such as weather, road construction, speed that you can safely travel...time of year has a lot to do with Campgrounds & Traffic, in and around the Parks! IMHO, I would need 30 days to be on safe side! Every Park your thinking about, is going to have several hundreds of thousand visitors a day, during peak season...some like Yellowstone will close down, without warning, due to maximum capacity!
  14. DD69. My Tyron on DS failed because I hit a crack on I-10 in Houston, Tx. My tire's air was not affected, but by the time (Sunday) I drove to Cummings, about 15 miles and parked. Tire was removed the next day (we did not know it was the Tyron that came apart, I thought it was bearing problem), the inside of tire was being shredded. Tyron is metal and very heavy! I will never trust anything like that again!!! There are tires made, that will never have a blow out...unfortunately the Military took control, we can not get them!
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