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  1. What year? Your right about complicated. Since Linda is going on 73 and I'm 78, we have found that the King Aire is very nice, but we really need to start thinking about KISS! Foretravel is a great choice!
  2. Not knowing the USA/Canada border opening....we made all our reservations for this summer, in June 2020! We could cancel some if needed....Now it's needed to keep, Canada will not be open anytime soon! Trying to do 5,800+ miles in 5 weeks and visiting NP's for 2+ weeks....does not compute! Especially without reservations, in a motorhome....forget about Glacier! You have 2,700+/- miles to Yellowstone, by your route and a 1,800 mile trip back home with no stops! We have around 9,000 mile trip planed, in 5 months....
  3. Duramax and Cummins? Yes! Never had a PS, so I can't comment.
  4. Wayne, it depends on the country your flying to. Norway is closed. Sweden is open. It also depends on your Nationality and the reason for leaving. If your American it's not a matter of buying a plane ticket and leave! You need a viable reason and it's constantly changing! We want to fly over to Sweden and stay with my cousin for a week, he's my age and the only living relative that I still have there! Not a viable reason per US Customs & CDC! My only aunt died in March and the funeral was March 26th, got the same response! 🤬
  5. Bill, his coach is a 25' Class C, Sprinter chassis...some have a small toad, some don't. Some have EBikes! Most that I have seen, can't get out of their own way, so adding a toad is no fun in the mountains!
  6. Joe, if you don't have a problem with tight spaces (Most of the Movie stars of today are under 5' 4"), the Airstream trailer was/is the best !
  7. Ray, Cracker Barrel has filed for Bankruptcy protection...along with another 100, like IHOP! I have found any where from $45 to $70 (10% off for GS), between Cortez, CO. to Gillette. I don't see an increase yet, but suspect I will as we head for UPMI later this summer....Our Alaska trip got canceled, not by Canada, by our POTUS!
  8. Herman, not Chevy! Ford. 🙂 pbandj.rv. A friend has 3 off them...wife a 2 daughters, they haul show horses and living quarters in 3, 51 foot, Fifth wheel trailers built by Newell in 2012. The M2's are Insured by Allstate! Trailers by Farmers!
  9. Ken, welcome! 🙂 I like your plan! On the way back, I suggest you take in Zion & Bryce NP, relax and go see the place or places that you would like to have had more time in, on the way! We will be in Cortez, CO., the 27th for 5 + weeks...it's a summer thing. I still have not been to all the places we want to visit, 10 years now! Last summer we spent 2 weeks in Kanab, UT., Zion, Bryce, Vermillion desert, Peek a Boo Canyon, etc. a lot of 4x4'ing in our Jeep KJ. After spending 1 night in Pagosa, you'll want to spend weeks in that area! I hope you have a reservation in hand, for all the places you wish to stay! Herman is right....take your time going home!
  10. Yes, they go every year! Look them up.
  11. We'll miss you! At least you'll have a dry, clean & warm place to work on it next winter! Will you be buffing out the Aluminum skin? I noticed most Airstream restoration shops, will clear coat it....same with the Argosy. As you progress, photos would be nice! 😃
  12. Bill, last time I was at the Balloon fiesta was 2014, in the field. We are going with Fantasy Tours next year! 😁
  13. Ray, interesting! We have a water softener for the house! We have the same for coach, but a much smaller unit....our coach fresh water tank is 145 gallons, I would think a full packet would be over kill.
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