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  1. manholt


    You may want to spend more than 2 night's in Big Bend. Where in Galveston?
  2. Ray, we got the same photos, just in bright sunlight & 63 degrees! Heading for St. Andrews today, looked at Reversing River & water Fall yesterday! Will cross over to Main, Sunday am...trying to find a better way than 95 from boarder to past DC! If there is one, please advice...
  3. Hello Nan, been a while. Congrats, your moving up! Got tired of the Pacific NW? Nice looking coach. Utility trailers are like RV's...you have many choices, both new & used in the duel axle, enclosed. It would help to know a few things, height of trailer, drop ramp or cargo doors, roof vent, electric plugs, tie downs, type of flooring? As Ray stated, weight is your biggest concern! IMHO you'll want a Aluminum trailer, like Feather light. How much does the UTV weigh? I found a 14', used aluminum, 3 years ago to carry my HD Trike to Parades..$1,800. It had a drop ramp & nothing else, I had a boat trailer shop add on the tie downs, cut a hole in roof for a small AC unit, got it wired inside for 10 amp plugs...I did the insulation and added a 3KW Honda generator. I pull it with my Jeep or a gas Chevy 2500 long bed P/U. With fuel it weight's 4,270. Carl C.
  4. Agree! 25% fuel, no generator! Could also be a bad oil level sensor, if your tank is more than 25% full.
  5. rickterzo. Welcome to the Forum! For future help, please put make, model, year & type of engine, chassis in your Signature! Good Luck & Safe Travels. Carl C.
  6. Only problem is you got to receive it at home/mail address...I can't pick one up in Main, when we get there! I'm tempted to stay in Canada and take TCH 2 and cross over into UP. then US 2 to WI and straight down to Texas! Less traffic, hassle, stress & cost.
  7. That irreversible problem can cost you or your DW, their life!
  8. Ray. Lifetime anything is equal to unlimited 4GB Verizon or AT&T...LOL. I miss Analog!
  9. I clean all seals in our fridges, coach & 3 S&B's, every 6 month's! Never a problem from any brand, including commercial.
  10. Per the measurement taken at pre-boarding for the Ferry in Canada. My coach is 47' 3", plus toad = 64' 10.5" ! My Jeep is 15' 5" (That includes my spare tire). We took 2 Ferry rides...they measure each time! I have never been stopped by a LEO in any State, Mexico or Canada in 34 years of towing!
  11. Having logged over 4,000 miles in Eastern Canada, 85% at 40 to 55 mph, I can say that any road in the US is smooth compared to here! You also become an expert in 30 amp coach management. We had C$800 and now less than C$150, every where takes Visa CC, have not been asked for a PIN # yet. Rate has been 24 to 30%, currently 30%, so spending C$100 = US$70. For me, box wine, is cheaper here and better than home, Beer is more expensive and Spirit is more (according to friends)! Average cost to eat out, C$70. We have consumed a lot of seafood chowder, lobster, mussel, cod fish and scallops! Today we will walk on the floor of the ocean, at Bay of Fundy, NB...did the same in NS! 40' to 54' tide's!
  12. Any where in the USA that has tractors and farm implement's...someone is doing hoses and connectors!
  13. Make, model, year? Are you willing to pay a driver? If so, how much?
  14. schoonmakerjon. Welcome to the Forum! Are you looking to get a 40 foot or 45 foot? No slide out or up to 2? Remodeling a Prevost is not an easy task, so it will cost more than a "cookie cutter" coach like mine. I would recommend you to call Marathon, Liberty, Featherlight, etc and ask them! Lot's of electronics, plumbing, etc that we don't have. Care & feeding of a Prevost is not cheap!
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