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US Veterans Day and Canada's Remembrance Day

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Happy Veterans day to our US Military veterans and a

respectful Remembrance Day to our Canadian Military veterans.

Today is the day that we remember all the men and women that served in our military.  Your FMCA Military & Veterans Chapter officers wish each our US veterans a Happy Veterans Day and a heartfelt wishes for a dignified day to our Canadian members on Remembrance Day.  Thank you all for your service. We also extend our thank you to the family of the service member for your support and sacrifices.  Our families sacrificed a lot for us.

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The day after Veterans day I was at my regular Tuesday volunteer position at Fort Snelling National Cemetery.  We preformed 12 Honor ceremonies.  It reminds me every time what a sacrifice it is to serve in the military. I see how proud the family is when we play taps and fire the rifles 3 times.  Last Friday I listened  to a speech give on the meaning of the 13 folds of the flag that we present give by Richard Middleton, ( Ex-instructor at West Point).  If you have not heard this explanation, you should.  Now when I am folding the flag and presenting to the family it will mean so much more.  Also, visit our website for the Fort Snelling Memorial Rifle Squad, there are 130 men and women that volunteer every week to ensure that it the family requests, they will witness full military honors.  There is a demonstration video of how to fold a U.S Flag.

Thank you to all who have served out country.  Thank you to our neighbors to the north for their service to there country too.

Jerry,  USS Decatur DDG-31, 1971 to 1975, service during Viet Nam.

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Howie1234.  Welcome to the Forum! :D

Thank you for your Service and thanks for still volunteering! 

In your profile, you can list the make, model, year and length of your RV.  It will come up on your posts...see my signature.

Carl C.

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