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Exceedingly-outstanding performance...

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If there is anything positive that can be said about poor or exceedingly bad performance is that it allows us to better recognize, identify, and appreciate exceedingly-outstanding performance. As customers, we are quick to articulate complaints of poor service and too frequently take our satisfaction with positive service and performance for granted.  I have had both the misfortune of experiencing exceedingly bad service at Cummins and the fortunate opportunity to experience exceedingly-outstanding performance at Cummins. The Ocala [Florida] Cummins operation at 321 SW 52nd Avenue in Ocala consistently provides exceedingly-outstanding performance in customer care, attentiveness to detail and craftsman/workmanship. I would like to call out one special person from this location to make special mention, however to call out one would only conclude with calling out the entire staff/technician directory. 

Precipitating this communique was the performance of another Cummins location wherein we presented our motorhome with the complaint [14 August] of an air pressure loss issue originating outside Detroit, Michigan that threatened the safe braking operation of the vehicle. The motorhome was delivered back to us as “repaired” 7-hours later with a “new" air dryer, which turned out to be anything but repaired; rendering the operation of the air system no better, no worse. Realizing the air leak problem was not resolved, several miles after our departure, we decided on the basis of no-confidence to not return, but manage the air loss problem to make it closer to home and the Ocala, Florida Cummins location. Upon presenting the vehicle with the same air pressure loss complaint [19 August] and failing operating condition to the Ocala Cummins location, the Ocala technician diagnosed the air leak problem, identifying three (3) distinct air leaks [main hose from compressor to air dryer; front pressure valve; rear brake chamber] the other Cummins location missed or ignored. Ocala Cummins completed the repairs—effectively checked and rechecked our air pressure system to assure its successful repair, our safety and security. Notably, we observed the technician who worked on our motorhome consult with other technicians to finalize and complete the repairs—in what appeared from our perspective—to be a team approach. 

We are immensely appreciative of the people at Ocala Cummins for their dedication to their customers and pride in providing exceedingly-outstanding service and workmanship.

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