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  1. Had them installed on front and rear and tag in 2014. Absolutely WONDERFUL--they work perfectly!
  2. We removed our shield several years ago and glad we did. The front of the coach continues to look new; we intend to never replace it and if the front needs to be repainted it is far less expensive to repaint than the cost of removal of the shield and refinishing. The idea of a shield sounds good until after a few years it begins to deteriorate and proper maintenance will require its removal, repair, and reinstallation.
  3. If there is anything positive that can be said about poor or exceedingly bad performance is that it allows us to better recognize, identify, and appreciate exceedingly-outstanding performance. As customers, we are quick to articulate complaints of poor service and too frequently take our satisfaction with positive service and performance for granted. I have had both the misfortune of experiencing exceedingly bad service at Cummins and the fortunate opportunity to experience exceedingly-outstanding performance at Cummins. The Ocala [Florida] Cummins operation at 321 SW 52nd Avenue in Ocala consistently provides exceedingly-outstanding performance in customer care, attentiveness to detail and craftsman/workmanship. I would like to call out one special person from this location to make special mention, however to call out one would only conclude with calling out the entire staff/technician directory. Precipitating this communique was the performance of another Cummins location wherein we presented our motorhome with the complaint [14 August] of an air pressure loss issue originating outside Detroit, Michigan that threatened the safe braking operation of the vehicle. The motorhome was delivered back to us as “repaired” 7-hours later with a “new" air dryer, which turned out to be anything but repaired; rendering the operation of the air system no better, no worse. Realizing the air leak problem was not resolved, several miles after our departure, we decided on the basis of no-confidence to not return, but manage the air loss problem to make it closer to home and the Ocala, Florida Cummins location. Upon presenting the vehicle with the same air pressure loss complaint [19 August] and failing operating condition to the Ocala Cummins location, the Ocala technician diagnosed the air leak problem, identifying three (3) distinct air leaks [main hose from compressor to air dryer; front pressure valve; rear brake chamber] the other Cummins location missed or ignored. Ocala Cummins completed the repairs—effectively checked and rechecked our air pressure system to assure its successful repair, our safety and security. Notably, we observed the technician who worked on our motorhome consult with other technicians to finalize and complete the repairs—in what appeared from our perspective—to be a team approach. We are immensely appreciative of the people at Ocala Cummins for their dedication to their customers and pride in providing exceedingly-outstanding service and workmanship.
  4. I am sorry for your troubles as these purchases, once made, are not financially easy to reverse or resolved when we find we've been decieved. I appreciate the sharing of information like this as it helps us as consumers to be aware of false or tricky advertising by otherwise trusted manufacturers. This makes me take notice of Winnebago products including their subsidiaries which recently includes the acquisition of Country Coach. Too bad, I would consider buying a Country Coach but this blog informs me that I will need to reconsider a future purchase where Winnebago is involved.
  5. We have both I-Pass and Sun-Pass. According to Illinois I-Pass authority: "I-PASS users do not need to register with E-ZPass, and E-ZPass users do not need to register with I-PASS in order to use the other system." Our Sun-Pass is not only good for Florida but Georgia and North Carolina. Unfortunately I often forget to place the transponder on the windshield and leave it in the cabinet under the dash--and have never experienced a problem because the monitors at the toll area reads the license plate and charges the Sun-Pass or I-Pass account. I never keep the transponder in the car when unattached--and have yet to have a problem or billing issue.
  6. Rick, Please post your findings as inquiring minds want to know. I have a 2008 Dynasty and we also go through that annoying thumping coming from the rear electrical box relay. This happens ocassionally and I am assuming your assessment is correct--the thumping appears to be connected to low chassis/house battery banks. We even added a trickle charger on the chassis battery to aide in the charging process--but this actually seemed to exaerbate the thumping. However, once the coach has been connected to shore power for a few days all becomes quiet and stays quiet.
  7. Air Force One has been the braking system for us for the past 4 years. Once installed there are no adjustments--you forget it is there. Air Force One does exactly what it is advertised to do. In addition we purchased the SMI Care coverage--this coverage will replace any or all parts at no cost or shipping fees if somrthing gets damaged. In October, our toad (unattached) was involved in an accident in which we were rear-ended and pushed into a vehicle in front of us. The front impact destroyed the breakaway device and the air-line connection. We called SMI and they sent all new parts to the repair shop to be installed--we paid nothing for the Air Force One replacement parts. During the repairs we noticed the wire cable on the solenoid device attached to the brake pedal was slightly frayed. We called SMI and they sent this $350.00 replacement part to us at no cost or handling charge. Needless to say we love Air Force One!
  8. Have used SMI Manufacturing Air Force One Brake System. Install it and forget it. Have towed over 40,000 miles thus far without an issue.
  9. We carry Hartford Insurance on autos, home, and motorcoach. Have experienced two claims with them: 1 on auto and one on the motorcoach. Hartford has been great to work with. Also worth mentioning, Hartford provides an annual policy on auto, where most carriers provide a 6 month policy on automobiles--with a 6 month policy you end up paying 50% more versus an annual policy!
  10. We tow a 2012 Grand Cherokee 4X4 Limited; currently over 20,000 towed miles. Have experienced no problems. Transfer case works everytime without exception.
  11. Is it that the glass wobbles due to excessive vibration of the arm? When I experienced the wobble or vibration of the center mirror/glass I chaulked [with clear adhesive chaulk] the top and bottom of the area where the arm enters the mounting bracket-- as it attaches to the cap. The chaulk provided a perfect cushion to absorb the vibration--the results were achieved--nor more shaking or wobbling when driving.
  12. Is the dual breaker for the A/C that flips the breaker share space with your central vacuum? Do you have a toe switch for the vacuum? If yes to both of these--check the toe-switch as ours [even when we were not using the vacuum] was causing the center A/C to trip sporatically. Once the vacuum toe-switch was repaired problem went away. Good Luck! Ray
  13. We purchased our 1st coach in 2012; we purchased the exterior and interior protection plan. We purchased out of fear of the unknown and today I can say I am thrilled that we did. The 1st claim was for the interior--small holes appeared in the upholstery. The warranty paid the $2K repair bill to replace the upholstery. The 2nd claim came this past Fall when the sun's UV rays started to fade and flake the clear coat on the top--along the side wall roll coming from the roof. They paid nearly $4K. The thing we forget about when purchasing these protection plans is the warranty. These two claims totaled $6K, but I paid nowhere near $6K for the protection plan. Would I buy these again? You can bet I will! Ray
  14. Phil, Your experience with the carrier of your extended warranty is unfortunate. We purchased an extended warranty when we acquired our 1st RV out of shear fear of the unknown. Fortunately, after numerous claims over a 3-year period on a 4-year contract, we have not had a single disappointment, all claims have been paid without an issue; we purchased ours from Cornerstone. To resolve your issue with Nationwide you may wish to file a complaint with the BBB and file a written complaint with the Attorney General in your State of residency. The Attorney General will investigate and most importantly, make you whole. I hope you choose to fight back as complaints to regulatory bodies keeps abuse and fraud in check.
  15. I believe Tom and Louise have it right. I am new to this RVing lifestyle and sought to find places to wash the coach like I wash my car. After a couple of years I realized the coach really doesn't get dirty--at least not the kind of dirt that requires a car wash-like response (at 45 feet I don't drive unpaved back-roads nor dirt roads). What I have found is that using a couple of micro fibre towels and a bottle of spray-on water-less wash products like "The Solution" or "Griot's Spray Wash"--and there are lots of waterless wash products on the market. I am a fanatic about keeping my toys shiny and I obsess over keeping a shiny coach. I frequently use waterless products and I wax my coach almost as often as I wax my cars--including the coach's roof-- at least 4-5 times a year--its become my mental relaxation activity and my gym for the physical exercise. Keep It Shiny!
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