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My Positive Experience With PPL Motorhomes

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This experience with PPL, to me, is more important than the $15+-

I ordered the Brake Buddy from PPL.

Email to PPL:

Hi,,,,on your ad on the Ebay site,,,,it indicated free shipping...

However,,,,I could not find a code and the shipping cost are in the price of the order.

Please advise whether the free shipping is in effect......

Either way,,,I still want the Brake Buddy...just trying to save a few $$$$.

Thanks for your response,,,,,my first order for the Blue Ox tow bar was handled excellently,,,,that's why I am returning for the Brake Buddy from ppl.

Thanks for the great sales prices on very expensive rv products.

Email From PPL:

I am sorry, we do not advertise on Ebay. Our site www.pplmotorhomes.com is our original and only site. I did some looking around and found a company with the name PPL (Pacific Precision Laboratories) not us! Other than that I don’t find anything that links PPL Motor Homes with Ebay. If you will send me the link I will have our IT department research it.I looked you up in our system and see there is an order going out today in your name and a Brake buddy is on the order. I see that you ordered via our site. I also see that you wrote this email last night and you must have ordered it after you wrote this email. I am assuming your order went smoothly.

Email to PPL:

Thanks for your reply,,,,here is the website http://shop.ebay.com/items/_W0QQ_nkwZbrake...fromZR40QQ_mdoZ

If you go down to the bottom it will show ppl as a sponsor. That is where I came up with the free shipping. The sponsored website is www.pplmotorhomes.com.

Here is the actual Ad:

Sponsored LinksWhat's this?

Brake Buddy on Sale

Classic & New Vantage Brake Buddy Tow Braking Systems. Free Shipping.


Also if you do a google search for Brake Buddy,,,,the following Ad appears for pplmotorhomes also.

Google Search: http://www.google.com/search?source=ig&amp...mp;aq=f&oq=

Here is the sponsored Ad on Google:

Brake Buddy on Sale

www.pplmotorhomes.com Classic & New Vantage Brake Buddy Tow Braking Systems. Free Shipping

Anyway,,,I am a satisfied customer,,,,,,,just trying to save a few dollars like most folks,,,,,,,,I just could not come up with any code or a way to input the free shipping...

I do appreciate your response.....Like I indicated,,,,you folks have been outstanding to do business with,,,,,,and I believe provide not only competitive prices,,,,but also a good value for the $$$$$ for on sale items,,,,etc.

Email from PPL:

Thanks for the link, I will have our IT department look into this.

Email from PPL:

Sorry for the inconsistency and confusion with the shipping for the Brake Buddy you ordered. It appears that Ebay is some how picking up on an old ad that PPL was using in Google? I am not sure how this is happening but PPL will have the ad changed as soon as possible. PPL did not intend to sell the product with free shipping but due to the fact that the ad stated “Free Shipping†PPL will honor the ad and credit you shipping. PPL will be crediting you credit card today and you should see credit in the next few days. If you have any questions please feel free to call.


Boyde McMakin

Email To PPL:

Just Simply,,,,thank you very much for your consideration in this matter.

As previously stated, I ordered the Brake Buddy even without the free shipping because I considered it a good value and only raised the query because there was no place to input a free shipping code.

Before doing business with any company I do the best research I can to determine their reputation,,,my first introduction to ppl came from rv service reviews,,,,,and comments on RV Forum(s)....When I needed a tow bar,,,I started checking online prices,etc.....PPL had the best price on the Blue Ox Aventa LX that I could locate locally or online,,,,,however, my final decision on purchasing from ppl was information I found regarding your commitment to customer service. I have not been disappointed, even without the free shipping, the sales price on the Brake Buddy is a good value.

Customer Service after the sale is the reason I drive a Tiffin Motorhome, towing with a Blue Ox tow bar and now a Brake Buddy. I believe PPL is in good company, and please accept my thanks for your commitment to Customer Service.

Also, my thanks to Barbara for her kind followup and initial response to my question.

Please keep up the good work,,,,and I am positive ppl will continue to be a successful company,,,,,especially in these times.......I believe a lot of your success will be a direct result or your commitment to customer service.

Now, if I could make $15 every few minutes that it takes to send an email,,,,,,welllllllll,,,,,,,,,gues I could own a Prevost,,,,,,How's their customer service,,,,,R they still around??????

The bottom line,,,,I already bought the Brake Buddy,,,,just thought it was a nice touch for a company to followup on a minor issue and even credit the shipping cost on an already purchased item....

I will still compare shop in the future,,,,but if it is a matter of a few $$$$$ difference,,,,ppl will get my business,,,,,just because,,,,,

It's easy to report bad experiences with a company,,,,,but sometimes all the good guys win,,,,,,,,

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Guest Wayne77590

A good company, and only about 1 hour ride from me.

Last year I was in there with DW, just looking around at what they had on their lot. As Texas is HOT, I of course was leakin' water from all my surface areas. I was soaked. I just made a simple statement to my wife that I wish I had brought another shirt with me. In no time at all a sales person handed me a blue "T" shirt with the PPL log on it. I still have it and I still wear it.

Thanks Xplorer, and thanks PPL.

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