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  1. But,,,,,if you actually want it delivered after you place your order, you may want to consider this! http://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Swivel-Couch-Bedside-Table/dp/B00JX7PWCM
  2. I had progressive for about 5 years. 1st Claim was a comp claim for $5k, when during a storm the roof and hood on the class c was severely damaged by a tree limb. Progressive was out the next day, handled everything. Great customer service. 2nd Claim was a comp claim, boat was in storage and a winter RV'er set his Motorhome on fire trying to start it by pouring gasoline in the carb inside the RV where the doghouse is located. Poof. Progressive paid off a guaranteed value policy for $16k within 3 days after totaling the boat. I assumed they went after the RV'ers insurance company. RV'er burned up his motorhome, his brand new truck, my boat, damaged another boat, and destroyed a 5th wheel. I think his part time job was Rocket Scientist! But the pictures were great, and no one got hurt, even the mental giant. Lived in Florida at the time. He was a Buckeye. I still say is was get back for the Gators teaching Ohio how to play ball. Progressive slowly raised premiums. I discussed the premiums with Progressive, and would like to have still been with them. But, they became less competitive. Now, using Geico for about 7 years, no claims, except roadside assistance for the Motorhome, good customer service. Very little premium increase during that time. Went from Part time to full time, then back to part time Rv'n. Premiums adjusted appropriately. Still check every premium period, and just can't beat Geico rates. The comprehensive claims did not impact my rates with Geico. Bottom line, I had great customer service from Progressive in handling claims without a hassle.
  3. The cvt tranny has been around for awhile. Our previous 2007 NISSAN had it. Japan developed the cvt tranny and began using it in 1979. If my memory glands are still working. We left Japan for the last time in 79. When we bought the Nissan I didn't know anything about the cvt tranny and was leery of it and did some research at the time. I like the cvt, gas mileage, etc. A car with cvt can't be towed 4 down. But can be towed on a dolly, which we did.
  4. 2012 was the last year the Liberty was made. It was a nice vehicle for towing, trail rated off road. Not great on gas mileage. Overall, if it was available it would probably have been my choice again.
  5. We just went through the purchase of a new Toad. Our Three choices came down to the Jeep Unlimited, Jeep Cherokee, GMC Terrain. After weeks of research, we decided the Terrain was the best choice for us. The kid in me almost went with the Unlimited. Our 4-wheeling days are not what they use to be. The Terrain will take us where we need to go. The only reason I ruled out the Jeep Cherokee is that the 9 speed transmission still appears to have problems that I did not want to potentially have to deal with. Is Jeep, Fiat afterall? After 350 miles with the Terrain, think we made the right choice for us. Now to set it up for towing. We previously had a 2008 Jeep Liberty 4x4. If they still made the Liberty, that most likely would have been our new Toad. Oh well, Lib no more. With a Liberty, I could have gone where I don't need to go, but might want to.
  6. When we went to Smartphones, the hotspot replaced the cradlepoint. I can connect up to 8 devices using our HTC One Hotspot. Pulled the plug on DTV 2 years ago. We use the hotspot with 2 smartphones, 2 laptops, tablet, and BluRay DVD Player. And a wireless printer. We Stream a lot of movies and TV episodes through the Bluray from Vudu, Amazon, etc., using the hotspot. our plan is 40g which has proven to be enough for our monthly use. This month viewed 2 seasons of SOA and a few movies. Our data turns over Sunday, and still have 3g remaining for 2 days. $160 monthly ATT, oops, after the 15% Vets Discount. Our primary phone, internet, TV viewing, etc is through our Hotspot. When traveling, we use a Wilson booster for low signal areas. Have not been without service anywhere we have traveled, East, West and in Between,,,,,yet! The 3g's we didn't use was carried over to use during this billing period.
  7. FMCA National Office = Great Customer Service, quick response. It's nice to see. Good Job!
  8. The Rollover as I understand it will be only for one month. If I save 5 gig this month, next month I will have 45 gb to use. It's not like the rollover minutes as I understand it, they don't accumulate, but each month is evaluated independently on that months usage, and that months difference is carried over only to the next month. That is how I understand it to work, which is still better than a sharp stick.
  9. Thanks, the action you took seems to have fixed the new content issue as well. Thanks again, Todd.
  10. Thanks Todd. it's been like this, I finally got some time to try and fix it on my end. Hopefully it will work. Thanks again
  11. Tried to change email address and this is the code I'm getting and actions I tried to use to fix it. Logged out of main site, closed browsers, logged in, cleared browser history, cache, etc., out of ideas. Get sorry, no new content. Any thoughts, or fixes? Error: 0 - SOAP-ERROR: Parsing WSDL: Couldn't load from 'WEBSERVICE' : failed to load external entity "WEBSERVICE" You may not be able to visit this page because of: an out-of-date bookmark/favorite a search engine that has an out-of-date listing for this site a mistyped address you have no access to this page The requested resource was not found. An error has occurred while processing your request. Still Trying: Here is another code I get when trying to access the profile page to change Email: Error: 403 - Access Forbidden You may not be able to visit this page because of: an out-of-date bookmark/favorite a search engine that has an out-of-date listing for this site a mistyped address you have no access to this page The requested resource was not found. An error has occurred while processing your request.
  12. Upgraded the Kitchen Sink to Stainless Steel. Even though the Glacier Bay was working fine, decided to change out the Kitchen Faucet. Went with a higher faucet to allow larger pans to fit underneath. DW didn't want the extended sprayer. Went with a Pfister faucet this time. They got the Money, we got the N. I try to review most purchases to infinity,,,,,,and have learned that Name is not always indicative of quality or being trouble free. Although, the moen's I purchased in the past were nice and liked them. Never used a Grohe. Variety is still the spice of life. Scratch that! Older you get the less Variety! (in some things)
  13. Geico has the typical collision and comprehensive deductibles which I can select, and an option for Glass Coverage for the Motorhome which is a $50 glass deductible. If I have to replace the windshield, my total out of pocket would be the $50.
  14. I just reviewed an ATT promotion that started today. I was able to increase my wireless data significantly through my ATT account. It may be worth your time to review your data plan and evaluate whether it is cost effective to take advantage of this one month promotion. This is not meant to be an AD, but other full-timers may find the additional data plans available beneficial. Mods, if it's not appropriate, please remove. As a full-timer, this promotion is a great value to me, and may be to others. You can read more about it at CNET. CNET
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