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A/C Dehumidifier Suggestions

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There have been a number of discussions on this topic. I am going to refer you to one that I started. Dealing with Moisture in Your Motorhome will help you understand the problems associated with water vapor and how to reduce those problems. The article is followed by a number of discussions that you may also find helpful. Much of my article relates to winter conditions but the same procedures that apply in winter will help reduce moisture in the motorhome in humid climates.

I suspect that rather than turning to a dehumidifier to help control moisture, your problems could be solved by making some small changes in how you handle moisture inputs into your motorhome. Dealing with moisture from showers, cooking and damp towels and clothing will likely solve your problems. We've never found a humid climate that the AC couldn't handle if we do our best to remove heavy moisture from the motorhome by direct means. Venting out moisture from showers and cooking and drying damp towels and clothing outside at least partially will reduce the load the air conditioners must remove. Yes, you will bring in some moisture when you vent but the quantity you bring in will be much less than the amount of moisture added by a shower or a boiling pot on a stove. Using a squeegee to remove water from the shower walls and floor after the last in a series of showers will greatly reduce the moisture added to the air in your motorhome.

The forum topic referenced above is a thorough discussion of factors affecting moisture in your motorhome. It is worth taking a few minutes to read and the entire thread with its follow up questions and answers add further understanding.

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