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Winter Storage

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I just wanted to thank everyone out there that took the time to answer my many questions about winter storage. My wife Susan and I left for Palm Springs California on Feb.24th/10, it was -38C and -45C with the wind chill. I had installed a 50 amp service on the side of my garage and was able to bring the coach home from the storage yard 3 days before we left. I had purchase a portable furnace and had it running inside the coach while it was at home, it is a great heater with a thermostat and managed to keep the temperature inside the coach at 20C or 68F. The hardest part about leaving that morning was trying to get the power cord back into the bay without damage. I had all the the oil in the 8.8 L cummins changed to synthetic as well as the oil in the generator. I took the coach out about every two weeks for a 100 mile run, at which time the generator was running as well as my portable furnace and sometimes my two gas furnaces as well.The coach had been well winterized in the fall and when it was really cold I was able to plug in my block heater to start the engine. I had used high heat silicone to glue a 300 watt heater to the oil pan of the generator but found that the generator would start at -30C with no problem. I had nitrogen put into all the tires and had no problem with tire pressure fluctuation. I didn't mind taking the coach out in the cold, I had my coffee with me and I didn't have to worry about bugs on the windshield. I also had my cooling systems in the engine and generator flushed and fresh anti-freeze put in. Until Sue and I are able to travel down South at earlier time its nice to know that we can do it this way and still enjoy ourselves. Just in case anyone was wondering, it took about 60 miles to get the oil temp. and the tranny temps up to operation temperatures. Thanks again for your help. Kane and Susan 2003 Monaco Windsor 8.8 L diesel,7500 watt onan quiet diesel.

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