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FMCA Elections - where to hold

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The following is a fantastic idea. FMCA has had conventions in many of the states that this suggestion pertains too.

"FMCA already has enough issues finding convention locations." This statement is wrong wrong wrong.

Bill Gunther, Tennessee Travelers chapter, moved that Governing Board meetings that will have elections of

national officers be held at a location east of the Rocky Mountains and west of the Appalachian Mountains.

The motion was seconded.

Governing Board members spoke for and against the issue. It was noted that this would provide a greater

opportunity for a more even representation of the membership at the meeting; equalize the monetary expenses for

members of both coasts; the summer conventions would be better attended; host responsibilities could be split; a

central location would be better than going from one coast to another; 2013 would be a viable time to go to one

convention per year because of no contractual conflicts; the Convention Committee has held three sessions in

Redmond, and are already discussing this issue; the stipulation would only apply to an election-year convention; it

was noted that there are only five states with unrestricted dealer laws; and FMCA already has enough issues finding

convention locations.

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