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Starting Diesel Engine For Short Period

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I have a question about starting a CAT 300 for just a few minutes at a time. About two times a month I start the engine to extend the jacks and open the sideouts to have more sleeping area when the kids and grandkids come over, it is bad to do this or will just a few minutes not hurt the engine?

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Short answer: It is not good for the engine.

Long answer: Moisture in the crankcase is one of the major problems for stored engines. Moisture is one of the natural byproducts of combustion, particularly in a cold engine.

If you can not run the engine UNDER LOAD/at highway speeds long enough to get the OIL, not just coolant up to operating temperature, you are adding moisture to the the crankcase.

Will your slides and jacks work with just the ignition turned on, but engine off? I would sure recommend that if it would work.


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