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HID Headlight Conversion

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Bill D, or any other automotive electrician on the forum,

Could use a little HELP here!

I installed some Projector Beam headlight housings,and HID bulbs and ballasts, in the place of the H4656 low beam bulbs.

It was pretty much "Plug and Play" the kit I bought had the same 3 lug electrical hook up as the stock sealed beam lights.

The low beams are fantastic but as soon as I hit High beams, the Highs come on and the LOWS CUT COMPLETELY OFF! that's the PROBLEM I'm having.

It appears that the stock 3 lug elec connection includes a ground, a 9V hi beam source and the 3rd is an 11V low beam source.

Does anyone know how I can wire these HID bulbs to stay on all the time irregardless of

hi/low beam switch position?

All and any help appreciated, thanX in advance. HF

Hop Collin

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Check with the company that makes them before changing a thing. They may have made it that way because of heat. Those new types of bulbs you installed give off a lot of heat. I know of someone that did what you say you want to do and it melted the plastic headlight housing.

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