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I like to read a newspaper and of course that isn't compatible with full-time travel. I'm sure many of you have found online newspapers that you like to read. If you haven't done so and would like to do so, read on.

Many newspapers are available online at no charge. Sometimes there is a charge for selected sections or premium articles, etc. The New York Times is my chosen paper. I am signed up as a regular e-mail recipient. What I get in my e-mail each morning is the headlines from the sections of the paper I am interested in and choose to receive. If I click on an article, I get the full contents of the article. I am signed up for several special articles (also at no charge), one on technology and the other on travel.

A recent article on the travel section was titled "Taking Your Home With You" and was about a Canadian couple who have a web site, www.frugal-rv-travel.com. They did an excellent job of describing the RV lifestyle. Not full timers, they travel in a Class B and their specialty is frugality! Anyway if you want to read the article it can be found at: http://frugaltraveler.blogs.nytimes.com/20...-home-with-you/

You might find the comments with the article interesting as they represent our friends and those who see us in an unfavorable light. I have added my comments and perhaps you would like to as well. You will likely have to sign up to read and certainly to comment on the article.

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