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Tow-V-Aire supplemental brake

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I assume you mean a breaking system for your toad. If so I have the following advise.

In my opinion this is a ''must have'' for a toad vehicle.

We have a 33 foot Pace Arrow ''a'' class and we pull an 04 Ford Ranger pick up with a

Port a Boat on top and the back of the truck piled full of stuff.

I have an auxiliary air pump and tank mounted on the frame of the coach that is

wired in conjunction with our break lights. there is a air line that goes to the

truck and to a cylinder attached to the break pedal. When I apply the breaks

on the coach this system puts air in the cylinder and it ''pushes the break pedal''

in the truck. There is not enough power on the cylinder to slide the tires on the

truck but it definitely helps in stopping the complete outfit.

If you have a diesel pusher you probably have air breaks already and it is a simple

task to buy a break outfit to go on your toad using the air from your existing

break system. It will be money well spent to buy this system. You will stop a lot

quicker and easier.

Seajay the sailor man...

(there is a ten cent charge for this advise.... you can pay me later )

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