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How to Report an Accident

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On a recent trip to OK. from Mo. my MH was side swiped, causing damage to the rear passenger side, ripping the bumper and fiberglass sheathing, which is connected to the bumper. The bumper is a fiberglass cover. The steps also were hit, as they were left out.

This tells me that the vehicle was parked at the time of the accident , as I leave the steps out and turn off the breaker. I did not notice the damage right away and cannot pin point where it occurred. However, there is green paint transferred to the damaged area and that is all .

PROBLEM: How do I report this to the proper people if I cannot be sure where it occurred, as I stopped at many different places for gas etc.?

Can someone help me with this problem, please?-

I do have full coverage.



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I'm retired now, but when I worked as a police officer in New York and something like this happened, on the accident report we would just write "unknown" under location. No one ever had a problem with their insurance company that I know of. The insurance company wants you to report it to prevent fraud.

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