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Towing Ford F-150 Four Wheels Down

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In Family Motor Coaching magazine's January 2012 towing guide, I noticed that the Ford F-150 no longer shows any restrictions for flat towing. I hope that wasn't a typo.

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The owners manual for the F-150 shows no restrictions whatsoever when towing the vehicle. Here is what the manual says:


Note: Put your climate control system in recirculated air mode to

prevent exhaust fumes from entering the vehicle. Refer to the Climate

Controls chapter.

Follow these guidelines if you need to tow your vehicle behind another

vehicle, such as a motor home. The guidelines are designed to prevent

damage to your vehicle and its transmission after it is hooked-up to the

tow vehicle or tow dolly.

2WD vehicles cannot be towed with any wheels on the ground as

vehicle or transmission damage may occur. The vehicle must be towed

with all four wheels off the ground (i.e. with a car-hauling trailer).

4WD vehicles can only be towed with all wheels on the ground by

placing the transfer case in its neutral position and engaging the

four-wheel-down towing feature. Perform the steps outlined in the

Four-wheel-down towing section after positioning your vehicle behind

the tow vehicle and properly securing them together

Four-wheel-down towing

1. Turn the ignition to the on position; do not start the engine.

2. Press and hold the brake pedal.

3. Shift the 4WD switch to 2H.

4. Shift the transmission to N (Neutral).

5. Rotate the 4WD switch from 2H to 4L and back to 2H five times

within seven seconds.

If completed successfully, the instrument cluster displays NEUTRAL


TRANSMISSION IN NEUTRAL, indicating that the vehicle is safe

to tow with all wheels on the ground.

If the message is not shown in the display, the procedure must be

performed again from the beginning.

An audible noise may be heard as the transfer case shifts into its

neutral position; this is normal.

6. Leave the transmission in N (Neutral) and turn the ignition as far as it will go toward the off position (it will not turn fully off when the transmission is in N [Neutral]).

The key must be left in the ignition while towing. To lock and unlock your vehicle, use the keyless entry keypad or extra set of keys.

7. Release the brake pedal.

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