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  1. Yak - I did a quick search with Google and found 1157 type LED bulbs on Amazon for $5.70 for a pair. This will reduce the load and will most likely prevent the fuse from blowing. That is if it is just a load problem. Other sites had them in different colors and ranged in price from about 5 to 20 bucks. I might even try this myself.
  2. pscarey1

    Remote Entry

    I also have an interesting issue with the remote entry. It is on a 1997 Holiday Rambler Navigator. The remote entry worked for the storage bays but not for the door when I acquired the unit. I found that all of the wires had been disconnected, taped up and stuffed into the door jam. After reconnecting them I had everything working and it worked well for almost a year. The issue I am having now is that whenever I turn off the ignition, the door pops open and sometimes I can not make the door stay closed when I close it. Right now I have some tape over the contacts and it closes well and stays closed. Any ideas?
  3. Pete's Road Service in Fullerton. I have gone there and they were very helpful. http://www.petesrs.com/
  4. Thanks Brett and Herman - I will follow your suggestions.
  5. Evedently, last weekend on the way home from Death Valley I lost the cover on my rear AC unit and did not know it. I did not notice it was gone until yesterday. I was able to find an RV supply nearby that had one in stock and was open on Sunday, so the cover has now been replaced. The cover must have cracked or broken around the mounting screws and then blew off as the screws were still there. It rained on Friday night. I found that the bedding was soaked under the vent - actually most of the bed was wet. So here is the question - Is there anything in the AC unit that would be damaged by the rain with the cover off? The coach was not plugged into shore power at the time and I have not tried to see if it will turn on yet. Anything I should check before trying to power it on?
  6. Also if anyone knows of a place in So.Cal. please post
  7. Thanks - I look forward to seeing Kia's response
  8. Thanks - I look forward to seeing their response
  9. According to the Towables for 2012 article in this month's FMC magazine, KIA representatives state that they no longer approve their vehicles to be towed four wheels down. I just purchased, in October, a KIA Soul with the intent of 4-down towing. Prior to the purchase I called KIA and they directed me to service bulletin GEN018 which states that all KIA vehicles that are 2 wheel drive with manual transmissions can be towed 4 down with no restrictions. They do give a procedure which entails putting the transmission in neutral, key in ACC position etc. I called KIA again today after reading the article and the rep confirmed that service bulletin GEN018 is still in effect. So that I have it in writing, if anything should happen to the car, they are sending me a letter and a copy of the service bulletin. They phone rep was interested in who at KIA provided this information. Do you know?
  10. I have the same issue in my coach. I usually turn off the brake controller when using the pac brake downhill. I have a Tekonsha Prodigy controller. From what I can gather the brake controller is activated by the brake light circuit. Once activated it works like a surge brake using momentum to vary the amount of braking applied to the trailer brakes abd based upon the amount of bias you have set. Unfortunalely I have found no solution to the issue of burning up the trailer brakes while going downhill with the pac brake on.
  11. Last year we took our 40 foot class a to the Grand Canyon Railway in Williams AZ. There is a Hotel and RV park there. The facility is only pavement, but has good clean restrooms/showers and laundry rooms. Walking distance to the train to ride to the Grand Canyon. Here is the link to their web site. http://www.thetrain.com/
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