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Freeloader in Los Angeles

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I'm Chet in Los Angeles... San Fernando Valley to be exact. I'm entering the arena as a freeloader because I'm on unemployment and I'm almost broke. lol. I'll join up when I get some gainful employment :D

I grew up near Van Nuys Blvd in the 70's and all that crusing had to offer. My brother had a 1964 Thunderbird and friend had other assorted cars I would ride in. That was 11-15 years of age.

We were a camping family. Our lead sled was a 1964 Mercury Marauder with a trunk full of Colman tents, lanterns, stove and sleeping bags. I went with YMCA and Boy Scouts to tours across the South West in the summer by selling things outside of Hughes Supermarkets (bought by Ralphs a few years ago). Remember those annoying little buggers on the way to the car? hehe I always buy something if I have cash in my pocket. Spending 1990-1996 as a Scoutmaster, I start getting Hives if I pass up a fundraiser :lol:

When I got my license we had moved to San Fernando and I got into 4-wheeling. Muscle cars are always in my heart but I didn't have the money to play. My first car was a '65 GTO 389 that never was much more than stock. My first truck was a Dodge Ramcharger with a 440. I was hooked on 45 degrees LOL The Mojave Desert became my stomping gounds. I'd rather spend money on gas to go somewhere than pour money into a Hot Rod anyway.

I've driven 18-wheelers in the 48 states and lower Canada. When ever I got the chance I would pull into a tourest trap. I went to the Statue of Liberty, Old Tuscon, different Caverns and Transportation museums. One time an aquaintence took me on a foot tour of Nashville. I will never forget going to Painters Alley and watching Mel Tillis's neice practicing a new song. It was truly being in the heart and soul of Country Music. Painters Alley is sacred ground, more than the stage of the Grand Ol' Oprey, if you can believe that.

Today I'm 50 and feeling like I've missed some good hideaways. Most of my travels took me to popular parks and tourist traps. I really want to get to places where people give you a dirty look for your California plates. I'm still finding places I want to go visit. I love historical places like the Cold Springs Tavern near Santa Barbara or Tom's Farm near Corona, CA (did ya like that plug?)

3 years ago I bought a Class A 1976 Harvest 25', Dodge 440 from a friend that was leaving the state. Soon after a partner that had financial trouble gave me his Class C 1977 Harvest 25' also Dodge 440 in lew of some money he owed me. This Class C has a tag axle and rides very smooth compared to the Class A 2 axle truck frame. I'm torn between the two as the C has a better floorplan, but the A had a massive hitch to pull the speed boat and any other thing I would wish to pull. The C does not have a very good frame to put a hitch on. The extentions behind the Van frame is really cheesey. It would take a ton of money to beef up.

My trailer project is a 1961 Lil Loafer by Aristocrat. It's really small but fun on a local weekend trip and I can tow it with my Nissan Frontier 4 banger.

That's about it, I'll see ya in the forums!

Chet B)

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