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I would like to note that the FMC magazine is a fine publication, although I think that it could be improved further by not insisting so much on our members that have unfortunately passed away but focus instead on the living -- of which there are a bunch, of course.

Specifically, I would respectfully suggest deleting the "Final Trip" column from the magazine and post it instead in the FMCA web site, and also not wait until past FMCA officers die to write an article about them (such as the current issue's fine article on Mr. Duane Pindell) but instead focus on living officers and members. For example, the articles about the famous football player of last year, or the baseball hall of famer, or the nice couple that have traveled all over the Americas. That's the type of article that I think should be included.

We are all going to die anyway, so why focus on it so much?


FMCA #403467

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Hello, Ray. First of all, thank you for your kind words about the magazine. I certainly can appreciate the sentiment you expressed -- in terms of focusing on life and the living -- and I agree with you in most respects. That said, the Final Trip column tends to be a popular feature in the magazine. We learned this with a prior redesign of the magazine that, in all honestly, made the Final Trip column prettier but a bit more difficult to read, as we received more comments about that than any other aspect of the new design. (By the way, we quickly fixed the problems in response.) And, of course, we want to honor those national officers who have served FMCA faithfully, such as Duane Pindell. Your point is well-taken, however, and offers food for thought. After all, the motorhome lifestyle is all about living life to the fullest! Again, thanks. Keep those ideas and comments coming!

Pamela Kay

Director of Communications, Publishing

Family Motor Coaching

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