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Webasto Hydronic Heating System

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Can anyone tell me how to do self maintenance on my Webasto hydronic heating system.

I have been looking on the internet for a step by step maintenance procedure and not finding anything.

I have one in my Country Coach that is working find, but I'm sure its going to need cleaning in the future.

Please help.



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hi DON

the biggest issiues w/them is to change the fuel filter once a year and run the heater for at least 20-30 minutes

every month, this reduces the possibilety to have varnish build up in the sray nozzle, onze the build up acures

then there is no resorse but to take it apart and replace the nozzle.it is not verry complicated ,but care has to be taken

i dit mine myselfe ans it took me 35-40 minutes .the hardest part was beeing on your knees during this time.get

one of those gel/rubber kneeling pads ,you need a 10 mm deep 1/4inch drivesockets 8 inch extesion and a rachet

a 3/4 inchcombo wrench,a 5/8 combo wrench a wire brush,a clean cloth,if you have compest air it will be real

helpful,startand take the cover of to expose the burner ,you need a 1/4 or a 5/16 nut driver,look over the top ,you

see the burner,there you can see the 2 10mm nuts ,there is one on each side,yuo dont have to take them completly

of, the will move of to the side then take the burner out,(also have to disconect the wires,they only go one way)

take the burner and wirebrush the cabon out ,and blow out w/air.You can see the spray nozzlein the center,there is where

care needs ti be taken, dont bend the 2 electrodes in any way and dond get your dirty fingers on the new nozzle,it has

to be tight but not like wheelock nuts,then take the clean cloth and clean the little mirror that reflects to the 2 electrods

perhaps use a little rubbing alcohol,then put your burner assy. back on and the wiresback together and you safed

aprox. $150.00 .it may sound hard ,its not. go slow if you never done it ,im sure you be ok

good luck and god bless . old marine

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Thank you Old Marine,

Can you tell is there any websites with pictures that show what you were talking about?

Also where is the best place to get parts like the nozzle you were talking about?

I have two fuel filters and can't find replacements for them and I haven't figured out how to get it to run during the summer.

It will only run in colder weather, is there a way to make it run in warm temperatures?


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This is an alert to all Aqua Hot and HydroHot users.

Our AquaHot's boiler cap was stuck and allowed the boiler to boil out 11 gallons out of 16 gal of coolant over a period of I don't know how long! The cap was so deteriorated (brittle) that the rubber seals came apart in pieces when I removed the cap, which I had to use Channel locks to remove. This was causing the temp of the hot water to fluctuate. I thought it was the mixing valve, but after circumstances led me to check the coolant level I found out differently!

After cleaning the Boiler cap neck, which was very difficult on our 04 Monaco Exec, because of where it is located and the size of the AquaHot and filling it with coolant, the Electric Heating Element burned out and I had to replace it.

The Heating Element Replacement requires that you drain the boiler. Well there went the 11 gallons of Coolant I just put in along with the other 5 gallons! I did have an unused 40 gal blue tank, that I was able to use to recycle the coolant.

Note: Use Distilled water along with the coolant to achieve the 50/50 solution. This will keep the corrosion down in the room heat exchangers and save you money and trouble in the long run.

The AquaHot Owner's Manual & the AquaHot Repair Manual says to check the coolant level in the reservoir tank and neither manual mentions checking the level of the fluid in the Boiler tank OR what type of Coolant to use!. The tank has a radiator cap on top of it like a car's radiator.

I would advise everyone with an AquaHot to check the boiler's coolant level. Wait until the boiler is cool. If you can feel that the radiator cap on top of the boiler (Just like a car's radiator cap) is cool to the touch, along with the area around it remove the cap slowly and if the level is correct and full, the coolant will be right up to the cap and may even overflow as you remove the cap.

If you cannot see or feel the coolant level go to: http://rvhydronicheaterrepair.com/RVHYDModelInfo.htm and see what type of coolant your AquaHot uses and fill it up. Note: you should find out what type of coolant your AquaHot uses anyway!

In any case you should check the boiler cap once a year and replace it every 2 years! You will save yourself a lot of headaches & heartaches, along with a lot of money in repairs!

God Bless and have a super day.

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