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  1. I have a 2010 Phaeton + repl. the Fridge . Put in a 20 cu/ft Wirlpool , had to take out the side Window on the Driver Side behind the Couch .The OLD + the NEW Fridg. would not go true the Door .It was not to difficult , just take out all the Screws from inside Window Trim and have somebody catch the Window Assy. on the outside . I used a Equipment Hoist (rented from Home Depot)To take the old one out + new one in .OH ,You have to lay the Fridge on its Back . Good Luck . OLD MARINE
  2. I had a Alfa Gold w/Slideout Problem , Was not easy to fix . Had the ALFATEERS fix it , They call themselfes now Leisure Coachworks . Located in Fontana California ,909-428-6775 14620 Rancho Vista Dr. , They are great People to work with + have most all Parts on hand for Alfa's right at there Site . Sorry I cant be of more help . Good Luck , OLD MARINE
  3. We have a 2010 Tiffin , We put Continental H rated tires on . Just as good a ride as the Michelins + saved me about $ 400.00 on a set of 6 tires .
  4. Check in the compartment for the house batteries . see that the Terminal for the Battery temperature Sensor is tight , if it is ,next step , disconnect the sensor + leave it off . then check the charging Voltage at the House Batteries . if thats OK , Replace sensor . if not , tap with a hammer handle on the Dual Charge Selonoid , its verry Possible its stuck . I hope this helps You out .Good Luck + safe Travels . OLD MARINE
  5. Not all Direct TV remotes will work with Your Receiver , i have run into this situation myself , had to contactDirect TV (now AT&T) & they send me a new Remote (free) . but i dont know if You are using a Receiver from Your House . If You still have the Problem where you have to get real close to the RF spot on the Wall ,You can take a small piece of black Electrical Tape & tape it over halve of the RF Spot that is closest to the Mirror , this will stop the bounce back & forth from Mirror &RF Receiver (black Spot), this was the fix as per Tiffin .there Tech just took his Boxcutter & trimmed around the Spot , then you cant see the black tape , works for me . I hope this is helpful to You , Regards OLD MARINE
  6. I have a 2010 Tiffin Pheaton just like Nightcrawler and have had in the past the exact same experiences . I know what Your saying that the Wipers along with other Parts should be on the Chassis battery , but they are not on a Pheaton .I also had work done on my coach at a Repair Facility ,when I picked up my coach 4 Days later ,Guess What .same Problem as Nightcrawler My house Battery's where dead , no rear Camera no Wipers no DS Operation of slide Outs ,Warning Beeps and so on . I went home and checked it all over ,Recharged House Battery's and everything worked again , thats when i found I had the Inverter on , and this in 2 Days depleted the house battery's to almost half . This is not our 1st DP and the other ones where not wired like this , but this one is . I was Auto Tech for 50 Years and made no sense to me either .I dit not build this Coach . Just living with it Regards OLD MARINE
  7. If you have florecent overhead Lights and they are on they can And will interfear with RF Signals . You might try and open the Mirrored door to stop the Reflection . Good Luck , OLD MARINE
  8. Hi Nightcrawler , All the Things that are not working get powered by the House Battery's . make sure those batterys are charged and the 200 Amp Fuse in the House Battery compartment is Ok , Oh, make sure somebody dit not turn the Battery disconect off. also make sure when You leave Your Coach with somebody for service ,turn off Your Inverter , it will Kill Your House Battery's . Hope this will Help , good Luck , OLD MARINE


    All the Best to YOU & a SPEEDY Recovery . Our Prayers are with YOU
  10. Richard 5933 , go to a Shop that raises Pickup Truck Suspensions , they have Pinion Angle Shimms for Differentials .they come in all different Degrees ,thes changes also the thicknes ,the are made from Aluminium i think and also have a Diamond type off Pattern to make them slip proof . Hope this helps . Save Travels . Old Marine
  11. sorry i dit not look at this Post since last time that i posted Night crawler , like I said before , the residential Fridge dit not come from the Factory . we upgrated to a RF and also to a 3K pure sine wave Inverter .It has a lot bigger Battery charger as well, the problem is ,the coach does NOT charge the House Batterys while traveling ,and the power needed to keep the Fridge running will deplete the House Batterys Quickly .If ,like You said the Beeping starts after 30 Minutes into Your Traves , I would suggest YOU get the House Batterys Tested , they might not be good anymore or you have A bad one that is drawing the others down . If you repl . the House Batterys and go with 105 AMP batterys ,go with 6 batterys , if YOU go with125AMP Batterys You are OK with 4 . Please dont ask how I know . All i can tell You I found out the hard way . I hope this helps You . All the best to You + save Travels . Old Marine
  12. HI to all . I decided To go to Storage + crawl under the Coach + lock . it has a Bendix Dryer . And because Freightliner was not helpful ,i will not get my Parts from now on from them . And thats Ok for me , someone else will be verry willing to take my Money . I just can notget it as quickly as from them .But when you areas old as me , Time does not mean this much . Thank YOU all that answered back , w/best Regards . OLD MARINE
  13. elkhartjim , I called # You gave me <say's its a none working Number ?? But Thank You for trying
  14. I have a 2010 Pheaton (36QSA) Freightliner Chassis w/Cummins 8.3L . I have called Freightliner and ask for the Part # , they told me "we dont give out Part #s . I ask them for a Price on a Air Dryer Cartridge . He said $ 34.89 , I Questioned the Price , and he told me we also need Your old Filter . He said is is a reconditioned Filter . Has anybody ever heard anything like this? Then after continuing the conversation , He said a new one is $202.49 + tax .What would YOU say I am wide open to any Answer , Thanks in Advance . OldMarine
  15. Hi Nightcrawler , we have a2010 Phaeton with a Residential Fridge . same Problem .2010's dit not come with this Fridge from Factory . To me this happens about 6 Hours out when driving have to start the Genny + run for about 1 -1 1/2 Hours . this stops the beebs , I dont think it was wired for this or this Electrical Load , We dit not ever had this until after we got rid of the NO COLD Fridge . I just learned to live with it . Old Marine
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