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  1. Have You been in rainy Weather? if so, take wire connector apart + and dry out ,then apply Dielectric Grease to therminals +around Plug to keep Moister out . Good Luck Old Marine
  2. Hi Everybody , Got my SW 3012 12V 3000W Inverter/Charger this past Friday , Installed it Saturday ,Installed new control Panel + Adapter Cables .But then got lacy + used the old Battery sensor Of course , I got a Red Light (fault) on the Panel .First I thought ,better recheck all my Wiring , well this was OK ,had to get a Bier and mulling everything over + over , Then I saw the new Battery Sensor , I almost brushed it off , But what the Heck + Plugged in the new one . Well wouldn't You know ,The red Light is off .Went true the all the Test's .A OK HURRA !!! I guess it Pays off not to do Short Cuts . Thanks Everybody for Your Input , Richard 5933 , I did not take Pictures , but made a lot off Notes + marked my wires W/Tape so as not to mix up the 2 Different Loads Donco 234 , I am not a Electrical Engineer and don't claim to be one . But after My Wives Tablet got messed up + got told at BEST BUY , that it got a Jolt by something Electrical and everything was OK before our last Trip , it must of had something to do with the Coach . On all Forums this discussion comes up at Times + always goes back to the Modified Sine Wave Inverter being the Culprit . So , Happy Wife - Happy Life . Sorry Donco 234 , That's my only Defense Cheers + happy + safe Travels OLD MARINE
  3. Hi , just a little more on the Conversion. Got the new Inverter/Charger , had to get a new Control Panel + a Adapter , ok , no big Deal (or so I thought) I was all Gung Hoo and removed the old one (Xantrex RV2012GS), made sure I have it all written down where all the Wires go . Unpacked the New one +opened the Panel for the electrical Hookup , O BOY !!! , Completely Different . The old one has 6 Places to install 2 Loads In +out , the new one has only 4 places to install 1 Load In +out . Also there is no Place to Install the Wires For starting the Generator + to keep an Eye on it for possible Faults . Called the Factory . They told me I have to go to a 3K Model in order to be able to install 2 Loads , and I still will not be able to hook up the Generator unless I buy another Control Panel + another Wiring Harness ( $ 180.00 + $ 38.00 respectively) +maybe bigger Charging Wires + Fuse , depending on whats in the Coach right now .Well ,so much for Plug+Play . The Ventor is willing to take the Inverter back , Providing I buy the bigger Inverter .but this will be aprox. 2 weeks or so . So if any off You consider this , Watch Out . Its not always PLUG + PLAY . I will keep You in the Loop as it happens. CHEERS , OLD MARINE By the way , the Coach is a 2010Tiffin Pheaton
  4. Just a small update , was in Contact w/Xantrex and ordered a new Pure Sinewave Inverter/charger ,Had to get a new Panel + a Adaptor . I want to Thank everybody for there Input . Just have to wait until it gets here + install it . As per the Xantrex Tech it will be a pretty much a pluck+play Thing , and offered Tech Support , should I need it . I am looking forward to getting updated since we ruined a Tablet with the old Inverter + not wanting to loose a Computer or other Electronics .Again , many thanks , I will Keep You updated once I got it installed Old Marine
  5. I want to replace a modified Sinewave Inverter /charger with a Pure Sine wave Unit of same size , is this a plug + play , or do I have to make other Mods ? Please Help , Thanks
  6. Just like Manholt said , check your Chassis Battery's first , then see if You forgot to turnYour Battery Switch back on right next to it in the same Compartment , all the Things You said that don't work are only working true the Power from Chassis battery .The driverside slideout's are electric , the PS Slideout's are Hydraulic , Check you'r Battery switch & Chassis Battery's First , Hope This helps , OLD MARINE
  7. Thanks for all you'r Input I sort of like what Roos Boyer did , Sorry Herman . I also loocked at other sides and seen what the called the" Fridge Fixer" ,but its made out of Plastic of some sort , this gives me a uneasy feeling . we live in the Phoenix Area and Plastic Parts just don't do very well .Ross ,I think you got me convinced , its made from Metal and cant be seen until you open the Top Doors . Please this is not to offend anybody , thank you all for you help Old Marine (Ray)
  8. What Do You use to keep the Doors closed on a French style RR w/traveling? Pictures would be great , and where are you get them from ,Thanks
  9. by chance , have you replaced a light bulb in your tail lights recently and used the wrong light bulb . like putting a single contact 1156 bulb into a socket that suppose to have a 1157 bulb (2 contacts) . this could cause this problem . I cant see how the headlight switch could cause this . hope this helps Old Marine
  10. Blues2go Try E trailer.com , they are very good about finding YOU'r Part hope this helps , Old marine
  11. I want to thank everybody for your Input. I have watched all the conversations now for the last Year or so on the Topic of RR conversion. I already added 2 more 6 Volt Batteries (now 6- 6Volt batteries). This is in hope to give me enough power on a overnight stay, so that the generator does not start in the Auto Start Mode. The fridge is a Whirlpool 19.7 cu/ft French door, and as per data Plate draws 6 amp, but that's startup Mode .The coach is a 2010 Phaeton. I had checked several coaches at last Rally in Chandler AZ and a lots of Manufacturers used Maytag RR with a 6 amp Draw and 2000 Watt Inverter .With that in mind and this forum's overall input I hope and feel this was a good choice. Thanks again to ALL with Your responses. Will let you know how it all works out. Leaving for a trip the 1st week in June. RAY
  12. Thanks for the quick answer, Kaypsmith & Brett. My Inverter is a Xantrex 2000-- don't know about pass true feature. I assume it does , since everything worked OK all along. Meaning wile traveling the DW could use the microwave or whatever. Thanks, RAY
  13. I am in the middle of replacing the NO-COLD Refrigerator with a Whirlpool residential Fridge . I have two Outlets in the Fridge Cavity , # 1is from the Invertor , #2 is from Landline Since I would want to use both , at different Times (Driving/Dry camping, or in Campground plugged in) which outlet do you use? Appreciate Any Help I can Get . Thanks RAY
  14. Is this Your 110 volt outlets? Check the GFI Button-- mostly at bathroom or kitchen locations. Or check the reset button/breaker on the Inverter. If you are on generator, check the breakers on the generator. Hope this helps. BTW ,Welcome to FMCA Forum . Good Travels ,Old Marine
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