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  1. oldmarine

    2007 Tiffin Phaeton electrical issue

    Just like Manholt said , check your Chassis Battery's first , then see if You forgot to turnYour Battery Switch back on right next to it in the same Compartment , all the Things You said that don't work are only working true the Power from Chassis battery .The driverside slideout's are electric , the PS Slideout's are Hydraulic , Check you'r Battery switch & Chassis Battery's First , Hope This helps , OLD MARINE
  2. oldmarine

    RR Door Locks

    Thanks for all you'r Input I sort of like what Roos Boyer did , Sorry Herman . I also loocked at other sides and seen what the called the" Fridge Fixer" ,but its made out of Plastic of some sort , this gives me a uneasy feeling . we live in the Phoenix Area and Plastic Parts just don't do very well .Ross ,I think you got me convinced , its made from Metal and cant be seen until you open the Top Doors . Please this is not to offend anybody , thank you all for you help Old Marine (Ray)
  3. oldmarine

    RR Door Locks

    What Do You use to keep the Doors closed on a French style RR w/traveling? Pictures would be great , and where are you get them from ,Thanks
  4. oldmarine

    2011 Honda CR-V

    + 1 , Bill Old Marine
  5. oldmarine

    Brake Lights On When I Turn On Headlight Switch

    by chance , have you replaced a light bulb in your tail lights recently and used the wrong light bulb . like putting a single contact 1156 bulb into a socket that suppose to have a 1157 bulb (2 contacts) . this could cause this problem . I cant see how the headlight switch could cause this . hope this helps Old Marine
  6. oldmarine

    Kwikkee Steps Not Working

    Blues2go Try E trailer.com , they are very good about finding YOU'r Part hope this helps , Old marine
  7. oldmarine

    Which Outlet To Use For Residential Refrigerator

    I want to thank everybody for your Input. I have watched all the conversations now for the last Year or so on the Topic of RR conversion. I already added 2 more 6 Volt Batteries (now 6- 6Volt batteries). This is in hope to give me enough power on a overnight stay, so that the generator does not start in the Auto Start Mode. The fridge is a Whirlpool 19.7 cu/ft French door, and as per data Plate draws 6 amp, but that's startup Mode .The coach is a 2010 Phaeton. I had checked several coaches at last Rally in Chandler AZ and a lots of Manufacturers used Maytag RR with a 6 amp Draw and 2000 Watt Inverter .With that in mind and this forum's overall input I hope and feel this was a good choice. Thanks again to ALL with Your responses. Will let you know how it all works out. Leaving for a trip the 1st week in June. RAY
  8. oldmarine

    Which Outlet To Use For Residential Refrigerator

    Thanks for the quick answer, Kaypsmith & Brett. My Inverter is a Xantrex 2000-- don't know about pass true feature. I assume it does , since everything worked OK all along. Meaning wile traveling the DW could use the microwave or whatever. Thanks, RAY
  9. I am in the middle of replacing the NO-COLD Refrigerator with a Whirlpool residential Fridge . I have two Outlets in the Fridge Cavity , # 1is from the Invertor , #2 is from Landline Since I would want to use both , at different Times (Driving/Dry camping, or in Campground plugged in) which outlet do you use? Appreciate Any Help I can Get . Thanks RAY
  10. oldmarine

    Lost Electrical Outlets In 2004 Sahara

    Is this Your 110 volt outlets? Check the GFI Button-- mostly at bathroom or kitchen locations. Or check the reset button/breaker on the Inverter. If you are on generator, check the breakers on the generator. Hope this helps. BTW ,Welcome to FMCA Forum . Good Travels ,Old Marine
  11. oldmarine

    Bedroom 120 VAC Power Not Coming On

    look in the closer for a plastic cover (approx. 10inch square) remove the cover ,you find fuses behind them hope thes helps
  12. oldmarine

    Propane Hose

    Hi jleammont . I bought a Marshall Extend a Stay Propane Adaptor Tee from E-Bay .Turn the Propane off at the Tank ,Install the Adaptor before the Regulator ,then bolt the Regulator downstream from the Adaptor so that the Propane Appliances in the Coach are still working with the appropiate pressure .Then You can just hook up Your Webber Grill Whenever You want , just make sure You always put the access cap back on so no Dirt can get in .You may have to rig up up a braket to keep the regulator from vibrating . Hope this helps . Save Travels , Old Marine
  13. oldmarine

    Alfa Roof AC

    Our last coach was an Alfa Gold, and we added a 13.500 Roof Air in place of the front Fantastic Vent. Also had them takeout the Fantastic Fan Control on the end of the Kitchen Cabinet and install a remote Control w/thermostat. This way the DW could easily make changes. The Tech routed the wires in behind the kitchen cabinets to underneath the refrigerator to the 110V access panel. We have not had any Problems running all Units with the Generator .The work was done by Camping World in Mesa AZ .We where Happy with their work-- no holes to cut in roof or cabinets. Hope This helps . There is also the option to contact Alfateers in Fontana California, if you want more insight. Old Marine
  14. oldmarine

    Pueblo to Grand Junction

    I would not know about a restriction, but would not recommend US 50, I 25 to Denver, 470 west to I70 to Grand Junction but at this time of the year? I don't think I would even try. Even in the Summer its a nerving ride, steep up and down grades for long periods, but definitely better then US 50. Hope this helps (don't ask how I know). Old Marine
  15. oldmarine

    Flat Towing

    We have a 2013 CRV with GPS,and I did have the DEAD BATTERY problem after towing 6-7 Hours, I also use a Blue Ox Brake Box . So I really don't know who the battery killer was .But I installed a Charge Wire from the Coach to the Car and I bought a switch and a Fuse with attached wires and made my own fused disconnect for about $ 8.00 .Since then no more problems. I see the same switch on the NET for $65.00-$82.00 I got The 2 Parts at Auto Zone. Hope this helps. Old Marine