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Military Veterans Chapter Update

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Are you headed toward Brooksville, Florida or are you already there?

This year Southeast Area is honoring veterans. There will be a large turnout with about 1800 coaches expected.

John (our Alternate National Director )and Vicki Ferrari will be heading up the Chapters activities.

Rick Dupuis who is our President is there as well.

We will be represented at the at the Chapter Fair AND our "social" will be held Friday February 8th at 3:30 PM in Lawler Hall.

Stop by the Chapter Fair and offer to help out. Please put up flags, coach decorations whatever and show everyone you're a veteran. This area rally is the largest each year for our Chapter. I've attached a photo of the Ferrari's coach which is in the section where National Officers are located. Stop in if you get lost in the details. If you can bring an appetizer to the social it would be appreciated!

The Chapter Fair or the Social are great places to pay your Chapter dues for 2013. If all else fails or you are not at Brooksville please send them now ($10.00 for renewals) to our Treasurer Phil Shippee, 9613 West Irma Ln, Peoria AZ 85382.

The INTO (International Area) rally which will be held at Lazy Days in Tucson in March. We know that 280 coaches have already signed up including many Chapter members. The Chapter will be present at the Chapter Fair and of course we will have a social. If you are going to be present PLEASE send me an email so that the 3 Officers present know who is there. Tucson is an outstanding place for veterans both American and Canadian. I especially recommend Davis Monthan Air Force Base and the Pima Air Museum. Plan to decorate your coaches in a Fiesta Theme. "Our theme is Veterans -We Celebrate your Service"

There lots of interest in our Pre-Rally in the Surgis/Deadwood SD area. Go to our web-site at www.militaryvets-FMCA.com and then to Special Events to download the registration form. Remember its only 2 hours from Gillette June 7-11 so you can make other pre-rallies with no problem.

The Western Area rally was held in January. Over 1200 coaches were present. The good news is that we had a great turnout at the Chapter Fair and recruited 5 new members. Several current members renewed their membership. We had a great social at our home. Thank God it was inside, the winds blew at least 45 mph. The Rally was great, everyone just kept moving along (with or without the wind.)

Jerry and I will be at Tucson, Sturgis and Gillette. I hope to see you there,

Beverly King, Secretary Military Veterans Chapter-FMCA

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