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Slide Problems

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We are in a Class C Fourwinds Chateau. We are having slide problems.

I had a 1500 watt inverter installed to watch TV etc. It runs directly to the battery and powers two dedicated receptacles. It has done so without problems for two years.

When I was boondocking I was on generator power, with a small space heater plugged in. I turned off the generator and switched to the inverter. By accident, the heater got left on the circuit and was plugged into the inverter. After a few seconds, the inverter squealed. I realized my error, and unplugged the heater. Apparently I was too late.

At that point, the 12 volt system went dead. When I turned on the generator, or plugged into shore power, all the 12 volt systems worked fine. When unplugged, all dead.

The next few times we set up, we kept the cabin plugged into shore power while we extended the slides and again when we packed up. This worked several times.

Then, the slides stopped working, even when plugged in. Everything else works fine. I had a Good Sam guy come by. He tested all circuits that he could reach easily, and they were fine. The cabin batteries were fully charged. No Go. To get us mobile he tapped into the motors directly with a battery recharger. Each slide motor did its job and retracted, so I don't think I have a slide motor problem.

Now we are in summer quarters and used the same technique to extend the slides.

So, do I have two separate problems, or one problem with a side effect?

The truck chassis wiring guide gives no clue, and there is not one for the cabin circuits.

I have read that there is a solenoid that allows the cabin battery to charge when driving, but isolates the truck battery from discharge when not driving. I read it was under the cooling system reservoir, but found nothing there. I also know that the slides will not work when there is a key in the truck ignition. I assume from this, that there is some fuse or solenoid that looks for this situation and shuts down the slides. perhaps something in this circuit has malfunctioned, and the slide thinks there is a key in the ignition.

Any suggestions?

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You did not state whether the Inverter is a "stand-alone' unit or whether it is single unit acting as an Inverter or Converter as required.

It sounds like your converter is still working because you have 12vdc House power when on SP or Genny. I would check the mainline fuse(s) between your House Batteries and the Converter, One probably blew when you overloaded your Inverter. Many converter have two outputs, one to the House DC Distribution panel (DC Fuse Panel) and the other to the Batteries.

The converter, by itself, generally cannot provide the current required by your slide motors.

The fuse(s) I am speaking to is generally a cartridge type fuse in line with the large Cable coming from the positive terminal of the House Battery(s).

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