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  1. A rock did in the side window on my Fourwinds Chateau. I want to replace it myself, either with auto glass or plexiglas. Has anyone done this. The main issue is do I pull out the whole frame, or just the outside framework. There are two slits in the frame that look like spots to insert a blade to separate it from the main frame. Any help folks? Thanks Paul
  2. We are also Canadians who split our time between the US and Canada. In Canada, I use Rogers cellular internet. I use an old smart phone as the hotspot. Since I supplied the phone, I can pay monthly, with a small disconnect fee. It works well in most places. I use it most for email, and non video surfing. I also download movies and TV, but I do this for free at the local library. For the US, we use a combination of resources. I have a stick from Virgin Mobile. I can buy a month's worth of data on a pay as you go card. Again useful for email and non video surfing. Not so good for Skype of internet phone. Most parks have some form of wifi, which ranges from excellent to indifferent. In many parks, the wifi is free in the clubhouse. In some its also free at each site. Tengo has contracts with many parks, but I find it poor service.at a poor price. Speed is dsl at best (or just dialup speed) When on the road we stop at a McDonalds or other free wifi provider, like the local library. This year I will see whats new in the wifi world before setting up a plan.
  3. I tow a 2012 Hyundai Accent on a dolly. One major problem was the ratchets. I had the large ratchets that are needed for a 2 inch belt, which is recommended for that weight, Then I found that the car has very tight margins in the wheel wells and under the front bumper. When I tried to connect the ratchet to the front of the dolly, the ratchet would creep under the wheel well. There was no way one could butterfly the ratchet to release the belt. I tried a number of solutions, using smaller ratchets etc. The only thing that worked was tying the ratchet to the Y frame of the dolly farther up. This was OK, but I was not thrilled. While on the road I saw the solution. There was another RV towing a dolly with a car loaded, but not held down with a ratchet. They had welded a small winch into the frame of the dolly. This prevents it from creeping into the wheel well. I was able to get 2 10,000 lb strength winches on sale at Princess Auto and paid 50 bucks to have them welded in place. Now I have a much more secure setup. Paul
  4. Problem solved!! I had been told quite often that the circuit was protected by an 80 amp fuse. This is not the way it is. On my system, it is the 130amp buss that acts as a breaker. In my last post, I indicated that I had reset the breaker and nothing happened. Today, a buddy and I were looking at the system, and tried again. At that point my dear wife noticed there was no green light on the kill switch ( our RV- and probably most, has a switch to kill all power for long term storage.) Ours is near the outdoor light switch, and I suspect it was turned off in error while the breaker was out, but of course we had not noticed because the 12 volt system was down. Wifey hit the button, and the 12 volt lights came on. With the three of us working on it, it proved that old Chinese proverb " many hands make light work!"
  5. I used a camera to look more closley inside the battery compartment. I got a clear picture showing the part I think is the problem. There is a HI-AMP Buss 135A breaker in the circuit. Using this info I went to the net and found a video showing how this is used. Sure enough, the breaker was open. I have closed it. Then I disconnected shore power and tried my cabin lights. No cigar, but there may be a delay if the batteries need charging. Is there any other fuse or breaker near this location? Thanks for all the suggestions. Paul
  6. The batteries are fully charged. I have pulled a battery out and will take pictures of the innards. if i can't sort it out I will post a pcture. Paul
  7. I would not use this service. They offer nothing but info you can find elsewhere. They may just give you lists of things like Good sam or FMCA parks. Ask them what parks offer discounts THEY have negotiated, WE are Thousand Trails members and also use Passport America and we never had problems finding camps at good prices. Paul
  8. I have a class C Fourwinds on a Ford 450 chassis. My 12 volt system only works on shore power. I have been told there should be an 80 amp fuse on the main circuit right near the battery. This is probably blown. I took a look but could not see anything familiar. I expect I will have to pull out the batteries to get a better look. What am I looking for? Where is such a fuse mounted, and what kind of fuse is it. Thanks for any suggestions. Paul
  9. My wife and I will be spending the upcoming winter in South Texas. We have 1000Trails and Encore memberships, but the rates seem inexpensive enough that we may try other parks. We are looking for recommendations for the Rio Grande valley. Pool or other water is a priority as is a Hot tub. pickelball would be nice, as would decent wifi. Any suggestions? Thanks. Paul Note, we have been to Florida and California up the coast to Washington, so we have info on those areas if anyone is interested.
  10. I found that the surface-mount type receptacles work well. They are also useful to put a power point in a part of the unit that is not well served. For example, I used a good quality extension cord to plug into the outlet where the Tv antenna controller is (there is a receptacle there that is not easy to use. I ran the cord across the overhead section and fixed a box on the edge of the slider. Now were have a spot for a reading lamp on that side. Paul
  11. Still working on the problem. I don;t know if its a problem because Thor took over Four Winds, or its a four Winds problem, but they have been unable to pinpoint where the slide fuse is. As I suggested to them, this must be a single fuse problem. the motors work if power is supplied directly, and they bot stopped working at the same time. So where is the fuse? their last schematic suggested it was on the fuse panel, but that was not correct. then they suggested it might be in the wiring under the bed, but there is only the AC outlet and the water pump under the bed. So where o where did my little fuse go? What does it look like, cartridge or bayonet. What is the amperage. help!! paul
  12. Thanks for the prompt reply. The schematic is a PDF file and too large to submit here (90K) I can email it , or figure out how to reduce a PDF file. The slides are currently out. We used power from a battery pack to move them. Now, they do not move on their own, but we do hear the click from the solenoid when we try to pull them in. The schematic shows DD as the fuse for the slide motor, and on the schematic the DD is right beside each motor. We don't see anything near them. Also, since both motors are non responsive, it seems to me that there is one source for the disconnect, so its likely that one fuse protects both circuits at once. I sent the pics to Thor and they say they will get back to me. The good news is we are parked for the summer, so I have time to get this right. I am not good with electrical, so it will be a week or two before my buddy comes back to look at the connections and answer the other questions. Paul
  13. My unit is a 2008 Fourwinds Chateau. The truck is a Ford 450. I wrote previously about my problems and am following up. I have two issues -- related, I think. One is that my 12-volt system does not supply power when not connected to shore power. When connected, all is well, EXCEPT there is no power to the slide motors. The motors do work if power is supplied externally as in a battery. I have been told it is most likely fuses. Here is where it gets interesting .... The electrical schematic supplied by Fourwinds shows the layout of the power panel. They say they have no other schematic. But of course, someone must know which wires go where into that panel. I removed the panel under the fridge. Behind it are several sets of wires. There is a black box the size of a pack of cigarettes -- I think it may be the isolator. One lead going into it has power. One does not. There is another set of wires leading down (I suspect to the slide motors), again without power. So my question is, where are the fuses located? I have attached the pics. Comments will be appreciated. Paul
  14. Pxr177


    I have a 2008 Fourwinds Chateau Class C. My slides are 36" deep by 71 in long.. When extended 18 inches extend from the sides. I have 18 inches into the main body of the unit. I want to cut off about 3 in off the slide to make it 33 in. wide. It looks like a wood composite. Can I cut the 3 inches off without creating a problem? thanks Paul
  15. Pxr177

    Slide Problems

    We are in a Class C Fourwinds Chateau. We are having slide problems. I had a 1500 watt inverter installed to watch TV etc. It runs directly to the battery and powers two dedicated receptacles. It has done so without problems for two years. When I was boondocking I was on generator power, with a small space heater plugged in. I turned off the generator and switched to the inverter. By accident, the heater got left on the circuit and was plugged into the inverter. After a few seconds, the inverter squealed. I realized my error, and unplugged the heater. Apparently I was too late. At that point, the 12 volt system went dead. When I turned on the generator, or plugged into shore power, all the 12 volt systems worked fine. When unplugged, all dead. The next few times we set up, we kept the cabin plugged into shore power while we extended the slides and again when we packed up. This worked several times. Then, the slides stopped working, even when plugged in. Everything else works fine. I had a Good Sam guy come by. He tested all circuits that he could reach easily, and they were fine. The cabin batteries were fully charged. No Go. To get us mobile he tapped into the motors directly with a battery recharger. Each slide motor did its job and retracted, so I don't think I have a slide motor problem. Now we are in summer quarters and used the same technique to extend the slides. So, do I have two separate problems, or one problem with a side effect? The truck chassis wiring guide gives no clue, and there is not one for the cabin circuits. I have read that there is a solenoid that allows the cabin battery to charge when driving, but isolates the truck battery from discharge when not driving. I read it was under the cooling system reservoir, but found nothing there. I also know that the slides will not work when there is a key in the truck ignition. I assume from this, that there is some fuse or solenoid that looks for this situation and shuts down the slides. perhaps something in this circuit has malfunctioned, and the slide thinks there is a key in the ignition. Any suggestions?
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