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1994 Newmar Mountainaire Slide Out Manual Operation - How?

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My 1994 Newmar Mountainaire slide out recently refused to slide back in. The electric motor did not operate. I had several RV savy friends try and help me figure out how to manually operate the slide out mechanism but we were unable to do so. I put everything back together. Then moved the unit very slowly for a couple hundred feet with the slide out extended, and turned the entire coach off (disconnected batteries). I came back with more tools to try and work it, and then the motor worked fine...

My question: How do I manually operate the slide out in case this happens again? Attached are two pictures, both of the gear box and electric motor which are at one end of the drive shaft. I do not have an owners manual, but I know that the instructions appear to be different if the motor is in the middle of the pop out or at the end...

Also... the third picture is of some plastic broken bits that came out when the slide out moved out into position. These plastic pieces were on the floor and came out from under the slide out. There were no nasty noises or crunching sounds, and the motor did not appear to strain or buck or do anything differently while the unit was moving out, and while it was going back in.

Appreciate any/all insight into these two issues.





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Your drive set up as I view it, looks like a motor driven gear box with a coupler connecting it to the slide drive wheel / gear.

The coupler should have a set screw holding it it in place. you should be able to move the coupler left or right, that might allow you to remove it. Then a socket driven by a power drill might move it in or out.

You might need a shallow socket and a socket extension, there is one called a (wobble bar / Extension) that allows the socket to stay square on the shaft and the drill motor to be at an angle. Sure makes it allot easier, if your slide is setup that way.

I have no clue to what the plastic pieces might be from, a leftover from a prior owner?

The rubber looks like part of a seal.


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