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  1. Supersquid, You could help the members by posting Year of the Coach. This is the best way to get the. best information. How long has the unit been in storage and was the unit winterized, before being placed in storage ? Also ! Was the oil changed before being placed in storage. Once we know this then the members can offer a set of possible starting points. Has the Coach been connected to shore power all the time it has been in storage ? Rich.
  2. Welcome to the FMCA Forum ! Could you post the Model coach you have? and the model and make of the Command Center. Need to know is your Coach is a Gas or Diesel powered unit. I have a feeling you missed a cable some where. There are more then one cable on more then one Connection and it is easy for one to drop out of sight when removing the cable from there connections. You mentioned pictures in your original post, could you attach them to your next post? Rich
  3. Welcome to the FMCA Forum ! Do you have 12 volts at any of the 12 volt sockets? when just the marker lights are turned on. Measure both wires between any or all the marker lights to a good ground. The second or first thing to check i you do not read any voltage between the marker light terminals at the main light switch and ground. You my also have a failed relay in the marker light lights. Is the coach wired with a ICC switch no the or near the drivers seat ? Rich.
  4. This link Might be of some help. https://rvexteriorbodypanels.visonerv.com/cgi-bin/md/M240586/s1.pl? Rich.
  5. Your make and model year of the coach might have an extra Relay and fuse box in the rear marker lights circuit, I'm woundering if the front marker lights are working? Rich.
  6. Tony. The item that you think needs to be replaced might be a Zener diode. Is there a voltage present at on end of the device in question or both ends of the device? What is the reading, voltage wise? Can you include a picture of the board that might have a Board part number on it. Whose Monitoring system is in your coach ? Rich.
  7. Urbanhermit, The attached information might help you get the correct info on you coach setup. Let the group know what chassis you have and if it is built on a Ford, Chevrolet or Freightliner chassis and the make of the Jacks and slide controls. Rich. I just found some of the slide out information.
  8. Billgaro. Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Think you could get all the information from the REV group in Decatur IN. All the files should be on file in there computer base for you coach. Rich.
  9. Andy, Kind of sounds like the adhesive has failed. You might find a shop that reattaches the material in the area. We have one shop in the area that does good work, but it's a long hall from you location and still a lot colder then Texas this far north. Is the material fabric or Vi nail? How old is the Coach? Rich.
  10. Carl, He posted a 2004 Beaver Monterey in his OP. Rich.
  11. Bubba, The picture I posted is one of the style vacuum controls used on the Ford V-10 engines and a number of members know this! Have you checked to make sure there is a vacuum on the control line to this control ???? No vacuum and you will not get any heat from the engine. If you do not understand this information , It might be best to visit a Ford repair center. Is the engine getting hot or warming up? Rich.
  12. ED. Information from the company that made your VIP smart wheel system. There was a change in 2005, so I think this info.will cover the system in your coach. Think this is the correct link. Like Bill not sure of the best service center in Cincinnati OH. https://www.vipwheels.com/sites/default/files/uploads/pdfs/TROUBLESHOOT.pdf Rich
  13. Eric. The first thing that come to mind, Is you'r antifreeze low freeze point is not set low enough. Not nominal temps in your part of the world. Do you have a Coolant Hydrometer ? Think I would see what the coolant low point is reading first. Outsets like auto Zone sell them - If they are not sold out at the time! Up north we set the low point at -35 degrees F. Let us know the reading. That is the best starting point for now. Rich.
  14. This is one style of heater control used on the V-10 engines. The Heater control valve should look like the valve that looks like the one on the left side of the picture. The hose going into the front should be hot with the engine warmed up. If there is vacuum supplied to the small vacuum line at the top of the valve. then the line running away from the should also be hot. This is the hose that feeds the heater core. Check vacuum system is working, before replacing the valve. Rich.
  15. Bubba, Welcome to the FMCA Forum ! Yes ! as Kay mentioned we need more information. When the thermostat was changed was the cooling system flushed ? If you are talking about a pickup truck or a Class series chassis need Model, Make and year of the chassis and is it powered by by gas or Diesel engine. Rich.
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