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  1. DickandLois

    Atwood Oven door adjustment

    Squire, Not knowing your skill sets - It could be a challenge, but here is a PDF file that should cover the parts. The flat rate repair for the oven door repair is .3 hrs. for a qualified service center. Rich. atwoodrange Parts Manual.pdf
  2. DickandLois

    New to us 1997 Monterey startup/airbag/jack procedure

    Rick, Welcome to the FMCA Forum ! Regarding your question(s) about leveling sequence. One should dump the air ride before using the leveling jacks. The air supply gauges on the dash also supply air to the air ride system. The Leveling system uses a hydraulic pump to level the coach. Before you air up the system to travel - retract the leveling cylinders. The leveling system information is offered - in an information file from SMC in many cases ! This PDF might be close to what your system looks like and operate like. Hope this helps. Rich. smc_leveling_system_2001 to 2003-Beaver.pdf
  3. Mike, Using surge protectors in series is OK, but that will not keep the same issue if the connection issue if the connections loosen up . That is why checking the all the electrical connections between the shore power riser an generator to the Transfer Switch and the connections in the main 120 volt power panel and in the sub panel are tight. When driving down the road, the constant vibrations and bumps will - over time cause loose connections. Rich. Good game between LSU and AU last week ! That kind of game keeps everyone on the edge of there seat !!!!!
  4. DickandLois

    false low air pressure alarm

    Mark, Welcome to the FMCA Forum! Kind of sounds like a failed VDU Module. Do you have a list of the parts that where replaced? Do you have a way to forward a copy of the repair order? Rich. The VDU units are reparable - if the problem is the one that pops up the most?
  5. Bud, Welcome to the FMCA Forum ! The Owners Manual covers most of Systems, do you have one? This is a link to get a PDF copy! https://media.thormotorcoach.com/media/6098/2012-astoria-owners-manual.pdf It is 142 pages and covers the operation and systems quite well. The last page list the Contact information for THOR. Page 15- in the owners manual lists all the contact phone numbers for the suppliers used to build the Coach. WATER HEATER SWITCH-There is no reference to water heaters - Just where the water heater switch is located depending where they where placed depending on the Model. The water heater start switch is located on the wall in the galley, bathroom, or monitor panel area. The light illuminates when the switch is turned on. The light goes off when the burner is on and the water is heating. If the light comes back on, the burner is not yet lit. It may take several tries to light the water heater burner. When the element is turned on the red light will glow. Be sure the tank is full of water before using. Rich.
  6. DickandLois

    Fuse location

    Gary, Welcome to the FMCA Forum! I have found the fuses behind panel / behind the Toilet. Do you have your owners manual ? Monaco does a good job regarding information in the owners manuals. Depending on how they wired your coach, or the floor plan can affect the wiring layout . 12 volt panel should should have labels for each fuse. Often refereed to as the front and rear run boxes. From your post it sounds like you have 3 items without power. That would make it sound like there is a common power point and that one fuse has failed or there might be a loose 12 volt connection in the fuse box - The 3 items should all have their own ground. Rich.
  7. DickandLois

    Hydraulic Cooling Motors update

    It is almost a full time job keeping up the information on the OEM suppliers as they are bought out ! and merge with other companys This information is no longer supported http://www.hainzl.at..._02-2009%20.pdf http://www.turollaoc...re/l1022491.pdf Side cooling systems are very common and these links might be of help for getting them serviced and or repaired. Many of the OEM Danfoss Hydraulic motors self destructed - internal motor veins deteriorate and the entire system must be flushed This is the up dated information I have found or have on file https://www.informationvine.com/index?qsrc=999&qo=semQuery&ad=semD&o=603917&l=sem&askid=628fe355-5d54-472b-8973-c12e2894edc3-0-iv_gsb&q=danfoss company&dqi=&am=broad&an=google_s Second link that might help find info or replacement https://www.informationvine.com/index?q=Danfoss+Hydraulic+Motors&qo=relatedSearchNarrow&o=603917&l=sem Sauer-Danfoss Pump information, you will need, copied from the OEM pump installed. Sample information only Date code: 09ddcd3 Type code: 551101303210 Note! Each pump is custom and setup to match the OEM specifications. This is the current information. When the pump information listed was used when contacting them – a Replacement pump that was setup to match the OEM unit - shipped in about 2 weeks. Sure hope it will still happen. We did contact a location in Fl. Contact Us Hydraulic.net, LLC www.hydraulic.net 6980 US-1 #107 St. Augustine, FL 32095 [email protected] Phone: 630-543-7630 Toll Free: (877) 574-8197 Fax: (630) 543-7631 Contact Us To fill out a Quote Link https://hydraulic.net/contact/ The PDF Files are ones that where saved before all the latest changes in the corporate structure Possible sources for Hydraulic Fan Motors. http://www.nwrvsupply.com/category/05-05.html The pump must match the current or OEM unit, so asking questions is a must ! http://www.concentrichydraulics.com/_downloads/Catalogs/FanDrive_US.pdf Rich. Danfoss_Technical_information_11040345_SGM2Y_and_SGM3Y_Fan_Drive_Gear_Motors_TI_REV.AC_02-2009.pdf SGM2Y, and 3Y hydraulic motors l1022491.pdf Concentric_Hydraulic_FanDrive_US.pdf
  8. DickandLois

    New Diesel Fuel B20 Biodiesel

    Richard, this is the only product that helps minimize the water level in Diesel fuel when it is stored for extended periods of time. Diesel fuel and water issue. The only additive I know that does have an effect on water build up in diesel fuel that is stored for extended periods. At least quarterly or as needed Treat with Clear-Diesel Fuel & Tank Cleaner to remove water, disperse contaminants and ensure fuel is stabilized for long-term storage Did You Know? Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel has more problems with microbial contamination than previous higher sulfur fuels. Since ULSD can no longer carry water dissolved in solution, more water is shedding to the bottom of fuel tanks, creating a life-support system and breeding ground for microbes. Parrafin content has increased as sulfur and aromatics decrease, providing a major food source to microbes. Additionally, sulfur is a natural poison to bacteria and fungus and its reduction has further exacerbated microbial contamination problems in ULSD. Rich. Note ! Remember- if you drive the coach and run the Generator, you will use up some fuel. So fill the tank and add the correct amount of Bio- kleen and Clear Diesel to build up the protection you had 3 months earlier. The dilution of the Octane and gel point will be only slightly affected. Your geographical location will have more or less affect dependent on the local temperature range , The farther North you are from Dec , Jan , Feb and March or the altitude may require 911 or something equal to keep the fuel from gelling. Should you plan on using the coach in cold weather for any reason ADD a good anti-gel and run the engine before placing it in storage.
  9. DickandLois

    New Diesel Fuel B20 Biodiesel

    I always fill the tank if the coach is going to set for an extended period. Summer or winter. You just add the correct amount of Bio side to treat the total number of gallons the tank holds and take a trip in the coach to clear all the untreated fuel from the fuel system and then run the generator for an hr. to flush the fuel system. Then you can run it every month for a couple of hrs. under a heavy load the get it real warm for a time to remove the collected moisture. On a nice day if you live where they DO Not use road salt run the coach for an hr or more. sitting is hard on everything. I Use Power service Bio Kleen and Power Service Fuel supplement in the White container. The Silver Container is used for cold weather and is considered safe for use South of Rt. 40. North of 40 use the White container and when you are in freezing conditions add 911 to the diesel to keep it from jelling. The power service mixes are formulated for different temperature ranges, and one needs to aware of the temperature difference caused by elevation. during cold weather., Rich.
  10. DickandLois

    Lost bushings

    What chassis do you have? Frightliner makes a kit with both to bolts and the bushings. that connect between the frame and the ends of the of the "U" shaped bar that connects to the front axle - on a solid front axle common on Coaches. The independent front axles would use a different style stabilizer system. I think that one could get a similar kit for most chassis builders, but always ask if the stabilizer bolt kit includes the bushings. The stabilizer bar bushings - that connect it to the front axle are not supplied with the above mentioned kit. IMHO - the bushings should be inspected every year and a new kit installed - replaced every 10 years. They can cause the coaches to loose stability, most noticeable in cross winds on PD coaches. Rich. NOTE - Defective bolt bushing can cause the chassis leveling system to twist the coach enough to crack the windshield. BTDT
  11. DickandLois

    GFCI Outlet No Power

    Bburns, Yes it is time to move. Get some starter batteries for back up and run south West to Rt 40 West. Find some fuel and look for a truck stop that pumps LP. you mentioned that it is low. Take some pictures of the battery wiring and before they are removed label every cable and take pictures again. Please keep us informed as you travel - Kay is in Georgia and is the one person that is closer as you travel to RT. 40. Safe travels Rich.
  12. DickandLois

    Using MH as a back up

    Being in the North East and Ice Storms and wind damage makes me a very popular power plant. The worst was after the Ice storm in 1991. Had to use Carabiners to string power cords across the road to a 4 x 4 J box . Telephone or cable feeds make good carriers. A friend and I where able to get permission to travel in 2 counties to get and supply fuel to a number of friends and pick up 2 large trash pumps from our Rod and gun club to assist the fire departs pump out flooded basements. Very little sleep for 3 days. Rich.
  13. DickandLois

    Turbo Pressure -- Curiosity Questions

    The path to understanding and knowledge is in the members of the forum! BTDT. The lesson is one a person never forgets and those that are often to comfortable walking out on a limb. Learning never really ends, because there are always changes. Unless one is happy to set and watch the world go by. Rich.
  14. DickandLois

    Intermittent trouble downshifting with WOT

    Allison list it as 2500 MH Trans is a four speed with OD. So the coach builder must have requested an option for a 6 speed setup. Ed, The 102 code is a intake manifold - pressure sensor code. Reading is ether high or low. In the Cummings error code and is at a level 2 code. It has thrown this code 4 to 5 time. A level 2 code has a fix when detected rating - A level 3 is fix at the next oil change and maintenance. Level 4 is just information - no work required. A level 1 code is shutdown the engine code. The sensor is around 50 to 60 dollars. Labor ? No info regarding the manifold pressure or flow, but if it works like a map sensor - engines with a low or restricted air flow do not work to well. Have you looked at the air intake system components for any openings, restrictions or dirty air filter? Rich. https://www.amazon.com/Cummins-2897334-Manifold-Pressure-Temperature/dp/B0734CDMX5
  15. DickandLois

    Intermittent trouble downshifting with WOT

    Ed, Some interesting feedback. This is some Kick down information for your trans. 2500 MH Trans is a four speed with OD. 3.6 KICKDOWN Some vehicles have a “kickdown” feature that allows the operator to choose between an “Economy” primary shift schedule and “Performance” secondary shift schedule. The throttle pedal will have a detent feel when full­throttle is achieved using “Economy” shift points. When the operator “steps through” this detent, the function is activated and “Performance” shift points are achieved. There might be an issue with the throttle point on the pedal, to activate the performance shift point. You might also run the manual ECM codes with read out switch's. They are most often located under the dash, near the steering column. 3.9 RANGE INHIBIT(ED) LIGHT The red or amber RANGE INHIBIT(ED) warning light is located on or near the shift selector. The purpose of this indicator is to alert the operator that transmission operation is being inhibited and that range shifts being requested by the operator may not occur. When certain operating conditions are detected by the TCM, the controls will command the transmission to be locked in the range currently in use. If the torque converter clutch is applied when the condition is detected, the clutch will be disengaged concurrently with the activation of the RANGE INHIBIT(ED) light. Each time the engine is started, the RANGE INHIBIT(ED) light will illuminate, then turn off after two seconds. If the light does not illuminate during ignition, or if the light remains on after ignition, the transmission system should be checked immediately. For the conditions under which shift inhibits occur, see the SHIFT INHIBITS section in this manual. Over Range sounds like the issue - you are reaching 3200 plus RPS at the point the engine is limited to 900 RPS - Limp Mode. Rich. The (MAP) manifold absolute pressure sensor senses engine load through pressure in the intake manifold. A faulty MAP sensor will really affect engine performance, but can also affect transmission's shift timing. This is because the PCM uses this signal as an indication of engine load.