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    Taking broken things apart, because if there already broken I can't brake it and might learn how to fix whatever it might be! Trying to tie trout fly's, learned how years ago and with my love to learn something new let that skill slid away.

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  1. Jon, The one item you will need to get information on regarding changing the exterior lights to Led's is installing steering Diodes in the positive 12 volt supplies to keep them from back feeding other lighting circuits. Rich.
  2. Orrin, Welcome to the Fmca Forum ! You might look at this web sight for some pricing information. https://www.4statetrucks.com/engine-parts/semi-truck-ac-condenser-tri-pac-12-5-x-20-5-inch_180346.asp?gclid=CjwKCAjwr56IBhAvEiwA1fuqGpgD5Y06UIF7GXSGwHICBoUh9qhwaCBB4_6k76zBIz3FrgyLxRVHwxoC3zAQAvD_BwE Rich
  3. The unit is called VDU Module It was used on a number of Freightliner Chassis. Not common on the Monaco Chassis There should be a Red and Green 1/4 " lines connected directly to the dash gauges. Have you checked for an Air leak at the dash Red and Green Gauges. Does the low air buzzer, continue to buzz? It could be a defective Gauge or something is crimping the air supply line between the frame and coach floor! https://www.monacocoach.com/rv-owners-manuals Monaco Owner Manuals cover a number of the internal connection information! https://www.monacocoach.com/resources/media/manuals/2006_Dynasty.pdf Rich.
  4. Welcome to the FMCA Forum! you can Google High Quality Solar power sources. This should give you a good start on the size and parts kits to install the required system you hope to build ! Rich.
  5. Carl, I kind of thought the coach is equipped with smart wheel setup, The OEM system often used a fusible link to power the system. However, The OP does not mention any other issues ! and the picture offered does look like the proper wire colors for the turn and flasher wiring. So NAPA might be a good choice to find the item pictured ! Rich.
  6. Does the Coach have a smart wheel setup ? Rich.
  7. Welcome to the FMCA forum ! Could you post the Make, Model and Year of your coach for the group ? Rich.
  8. Simon3766, Welcome to the FMCA Forum ! Could you post the Make and Model numbers of your slide system installed on the Coach ? Rich.
  9. Jim, Welcome to the FMCA forum ! This is the controller for the auto leveling system if this is what is mounted on your coach ? If you look under the coach it is mounted on under the coach and is set up at the factory to the proper settings to level the coach . The cables run between this box and the controller mounted on the dash area of the coach. You should have an operators manual with the coach paperwork ! You could Google LCI.com and ask there technical staff questions. Always work safely under the coach by having jack stands under it Rich.
  10. We use the kids Bubble mix to find the air leaks. Works grate in a spray bottle, the size of the bubbles is helpful gauge regarding the size of the leak. A fine foam =s a small leak and the larger the bubbles, the bigger the leak ! Rich.
  11. Thanks Joe ! That could mean a defective Battery Isolator - 130 Amp , Alternator issues or the relay that others have mentioned . Rich.
  12. NavyJoe, Welcome to the FMCA Forum ! The first question I have, is do they charge while running the Generator? And if your in a campground tonight is the Charger / Inverter Charging the batteries ? Rich.
  13. Rowdy, Welcome to the FMCA Forum ! Think you need to offer some more information regarding the drive train! What trans mission is installed in the Coach? The biggest problem with increasing the Engine HP, is that going this way also increases the Engine Torque out put. Should the transmission not be able to handle the added HP numbers , You need to change the transmission, Drive train component's and maybe the rear axle and that can continue on and on !!! Rich.
  14. Yes welcome to the FMCA Forum ! You might try this information! The Navion System info is held close to the Vest. There is also a Rev Group Center in other parts of the Country, Rich. REV Recreation Group 1010 Commerce Drive Decatur, IN 46733 US Call customer service 800-509-3417 Send us an email revrvparts@revrvgroup.com
  15. Roger, I'm wondering if your gray water tank is equipped with one of these devices? They work like a one way valve to keep the black water fums from entering the coach. Just a thought! Link to some information. https://hepvo.com/ Rich, HepvO can be installed on a bidet and any other bathroom / kitchen application where a 1 ¼” or 1 ½” tubular p-trap is normally used. HepvO is not suitable for use on toilets which have a 4” trap built in as part of the complete fixture.
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