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  1. Flash 7381, Welcome to the FMCA Forum! You might try this link, https://newpar.newmarcorp.com/instance1Env99NEWMAR/html/images/2001MADPOG.pdf. It is a copy of the owners manuale .That might help you find what you need to find your issue ! With the LP detector. Rich.
  2. Look for the Red and Green airlines going from the VDU module . Under the Bed is the most common location Rich
  3. Chris, The rear air pressure sounds a little high> All the air bags on my coach are set using PPV( Preset Pressure Valve)set at 65 LBS. Supplied from the same point of a manifold. Are the front Ride height control's set properly? Sure sounds like there is a leek somewhere in the front Air system. If you can get under the coach safely spray some of the kid bubble soup on all the front air line connections, small bubbles mean a small air leak and the bigger they are the bigger the leak . will not go above 75 PSI unless idle is up around 1600 rpm's, Your compressor is making more air at the higher RMPs that means a leek some place in the system. Rich.
  4. Welcome to the FMCA forum ! You might need to check the Reset Button on the Inverter / Charger. Who replaced the batteries for you? Do you have a picture of the house battery wiring ? What is the DC Voltage at the batteries when the Coach engine is running ? Can you connect a picture of the inverter / charger remote control ? What lights are light on the Controller? Does the remote indicate any charging modes? Have you Cleaned the battery connections and made sure they are tight ? What is the series number of the House batteries and the Chassis Batteries ? Rich.
  5. Andy, Do You have any information regarding the module Freightliner used? Is it manufactured by Smart Wheel.. Rich.
  6. Richard, This is the information regarding using the listed Biocide and the tank cleaner. Bio Kleen Diesel Fuel Biocide At least quarterly or as needed This will kill the microbes, then use Clear-Diesel Fuel & Tank Cleaner to remove the residual water and contaminants. Clear Diesel Fuel and Tank Cleaner This will remove water, disperse contaminants and ensure fuel is stabilized for long-term storage. At least quarterly or as needed, IF you use there products, you do not need to polish the tanks. Should you have a bad case contact Power Services ,https://powerservice.com/connect/,orhttps://powerservice.com/learning-center/ Rich.
  7. Andy, A nice setup ! Looking like a pro. Thanks for your update ! Rich.
  8. DEB, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. This information might help find the part you are looking for. 2002, 2007 Motor: 238-1002, Arm: 741-2801, Blade: 302-1280 This the part numbers Made by AM Equipment at the time your coach was built. Coach builders try to use somthing that is all ready being built to save some money. Hope it leads to the part you are looking for. Rich.
  9. Eric, Looks like the Tow in or Tow out setting is off! Rich.
  10. The GFI tripping. This link might help explain how they work. http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/electric/bregnd.html#c3 The bay light not working is another issue. They normally are powered from the 12 volt system. The only item I can think of is that when the Vacuum trips the GFI it Might have caused a spike in 12 volt Circuit. That should not happen and could also indicate a defective Ground connection in the 120 Volt system. This link might explain the GFI operation better http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/electric/gfi3.html#c1 Rich. The fact that the Vacuum worked on another circuit and tested OK leads me to think there is a week or loose ground or Neutral connection somewhere in the 120 volt system. Common point to check is the breaker box ground terminals and the common ground points in the coach. Then do loosen up over time !
  11. Does the GFI trip when you are connected to Shore power? Does the GFI trip when the Generator is running? Does the GFI trip when you turn on the Vacuum cleaner Or when you turn it off ? There is an imbalance between the Neutral and ground connections. My personal opinion is to check the difference between the Neutral and Ground not connected to shore power and the reading when connected to shore power. Rich.
  12. John, FMCA Forum will not allow me to send it to you ! Sent you a Personal Message through the PM function of the Forum. http://www.serenitysys.com/beaver/Beaver Service Manual (Electrical Diagrams).pdf Rich.
  13. Motorhomer, THIS is the model of the time delay relay, it is used when you start the generator. It keeps the load off the generator for set time before connecting the generator to the main 120 volt power panel, LPT30-TIME Time Delay TD 30 This is the model of the main shore power 20791-84 Relay DC 30A DPDT. This relay transfers the main power between the generator side and the shore power side. This information form should be in or mounted to the main 30 amp breaker box . This list should inform you of the wiring to all the 120 volt circuits are going or what each breaker powers. This is the area you need to decide what circuits you want the Inverter to power when running and when the inverter is connected to shore power so these circuits get 120 Ac from the bypass output of the 3000 Watt inverter.( need to figure out how to power the inverter input from the shore power or generator output.) This is the tricky part of the circuit to figure out . The Inverter installation manual does cover this well in most cases. Rich.
  14. The OP stated that the coach is currently wired with a 30 amp shore power setup. To do this job correctly, I think it will be necessary to install a 50 amp shore power, to a dual 50 amp main breaker box with the necessary number of circuit breakers. The roof AC units can not be run on a 3000 watt inverter. This means one needs to split them out of any load on the inverter. Does the current coach have one or two roof AC units? Thinking the OP needs to decide what he wants to power from the Inverter and supply how OP Owner would supply them from what source, is a key factor in setting up the inverter; supplied circuits. Rich.
  15. Motorhomer, The best thing you could do is see if the Coach builder can supply you with a PDF file that cover your 120 volt system drawings, There are a number of ways they wire the Coaches. Then a member or members of the Forum can offer there thoughts on why the coach was wired the way it is ! Does the coach currently have an inverter / charger? A number of Class A coaches come with an inverter Or they offer it as an option. Rich.
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