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  1. There should be a micro switch located to stop travel in both the extended point and the retracted point or there is a loose Allen screw on the motor or the track drive and that is letting the motor to keep running at both ends. There might be something loose in the mechanical system. Rich.
  2. Fred,, This is a link to the Factory address and contact information. they might be able to offer some help regarding the backup camera. It was an option on you model and year coach. http://business.mordenchamber.com/list/member/triple-e-canada-ltd-triple-e-rv-lode-king-industries-1705 Rich.
  3. This link might help find some help even if your slide is in so you can drive to a service location. https://fixonroad.com/home/ Might get you started in the search for different mobile services Rich.
  4. F 353196, Welcome to the Forum! Could you post the Make, Model and Year of the coach? That information helps because builders use ducts, trim or some other method to run the wiring. Sounds like a splice has failed from your post. Do you have a short piece of wire connected to the camera and an end that was pulled out of a routing hole behind the camera mount? Can you take a picture of the end the came loose if you have pulled it out of where it was coming from ? Pictures are very helpful because we can see how the bedroom sealing and the cabinets installed for possible wiring paths. Rich.
  5. Suddenly during wet driving ABS light and alarm came on when engine ignition turned off, Shortly thereafter engine wouldn't turn off either. Sure sounds like a ground connection and with the ABS light coming on at the same time, they maybe sharing a common ground point. had to disconnect battery cable. What cable did you remove ? positive or ground. Fuel supply solenoid needs power to maintain fuel flow, but in some systems the injector pumps can still pull fuel from the tank even if the lift pump is not running. Occasionally now engine won't start - just clicks- What is clicking? The ignition 12 volt supply solenoid or the ignition circuit starter relay that supplies 12 volt high current to the started motor? In any case it could and sure sounds like a contaminated ground at the frame or a oxidized wire connection in the battery bay. Rich.
  6. Don, The setup looks like one used to position the older receiver dish. As the steps are extended the link gets longer, lowering the steps. In that case the long black item under the motor is a gear driven gear link, the motor spins and the end connected to the steps should move closer to the end connected to the inside wall where the motor was connected. The motor appears to have pulled away from the end plate and there are 4 to 5 screw holes that line up with the ones in the motor when the motor is orientated properly. The condition of the screws and the end plate have probably been damaged as things loosened up. Good luck Rich.
  7. Andy, wabco does a good job of hiding the physical dimensions. I have a flexible scale that works to wrap around circular items to get there circumference measurements. Small and picked it up a a fabric store. Most of the industrial flat tapes cost an arm and a leg. Do not use it very often, but when needed it works fine. The Lisle wrench's use a 1/2 in. socket extension in many cases and slandered handle . Rich.
  8. A question: what tool is recommended to reach upward 24" through a narrow gap and muster enough torque to loosen the desiccant filter? Andy, Thinking of something like this, the proper size and a-will it fit up into the space ? Adjustable Filter Wrench Manufacturer: Lisle Manufacturer Part No.: 53100 Our Part No.: LIS53100 Adjustable Oil Filter WrenchFor trucks and tractors. Fits John Deere, Case, Caterpiller, Mack, Detroit Diesel and others. Tough, stainless steel band with special "teeth" for extra gripping power, won't slip. Professional quality. 1/2 inch square drive. Range 4 3/8 inches to 5 5/8 inches. Rich.
  9. Wondering if it might be the drive shaft. What year is the MCI Coach? Did it start after some rear end work? or was it tower to a shop for repair before the problem started? The later question could be in play if the drive shaft required work or was reinstalled out of phase. The second part that could be the ride height being off causing some miss alignment. If one starts moving and the air ride is not up, the shaking will get ones attention very quickly. Good luck ! Rich.
  10. The jar also works good to check the DEF. That can also prevent some problems. Rich.
  11. Ray, You might have run into the use of neoprene fuel lines. A large portion of the lines on my coach where - are neoprene, but short sections where rubber in the supply side and the returns. They where probably cheaper and held up better to the bio. For the generator supply that was not the case. Somewhat a mixed blessing. Rich.
  12. Russ, Welcome to the FMCA Forum !!! Your second post was a good Catch. Have a feeling that you might be new to the forum, but have been around coach's or something that uses set belts. We tend to take items for granted and new owners tend to be overwhelmed. Rich.
  13. Frank and Carl . Thinking The one jack has a sensor issue. The computer will auto level when it has all the data required to complete the task. The jacks have sensors that tell the computer a particular jack has made contact with the ground and the the next jack in the sequence is lowered. When all the jacks are on the ground the level of the coach is checked and then the low corner is raised until coach is level. A defective sensor, bad wiring or connection will cause a problem. I have witnessed a problem with blown fuse causing leveling issues. The appropriate valve an powering the hydraulic pump in short quick pulses can blow the main power fuse. Although that is not the issue in this case. Rich.
  14. Mark, The Fuel lines and some other items in the supply system where used before the introduction of Bio Diesel. Bio brakes down the fuel lines, seals and the lift pump. the particles wind up in the fuel tank and filters. The best fix is to replace all the fuel line with B-20 grade, the fuel return lines,the lift pump if it is older and a Cummins and any seals that have not been replaced in the supply and return system while the conversion was is progress. Rich.
  15. Welcome to the FMCA Forum ! Could you post the Make, Model and year of you coach along with leveling system installed? To Get relevant information. Could be a sensor, calibration or something else. Rich.
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