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    Taking broken things apart, because if there already broken I can't brake it and might learn how to fix whatever it might be! Trying to tie trout fly's, learned how years ago and with my love to learn something new let that skill slid away.

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  1. DickandLois

    Cummins Water Pump Leak - ISB 340

    Having the Cap pressure tested is not a big deal. Think a number of parts stores will have a device to test them. The pressure range should be right on the cap. Free service at most locations that offer it. Only remove the cap when the engine is cool !!!! The service shops will almost always question the mobile mechanics unless it is someone they use. Replacing a water pump is not easy in most cases and getting a good seal can be a bear. In your case it sounds like the pump is leaking at the weep hole. That being the case - then the pump seal is good. Bad part, always a possibility. Was it a re-manufactured pump? Rich.
  2. DickandLois

    Cummins Water Pump Leak - ISB 340

    Deas, Was the first leak at the weep hole? or around the mounting gasket? or hose clamp area? Might want to check Radiator pressure cap is working at the correct pressure. What year is the coach and what is the millage. Has the coolant system been serviced? Rich.
  3. DickandLois

    House Battery Equalization Process

    Ray, Do you need to setup the charger to allow for the current load of the chassis batteries when in equalizing mode? Personal never used the setting, keep checking them with a hydrometer and if one cell starts to drop; just replace the week one. Considering going to AGM. Rich.
  4. DickandLois

    pooled water around driver's seat: 2000 Discovery

    Sue, Welcome to the Forum ! From your description it sounds like the slide was out> That being the case the water is leaking around the seal(s) that should seal it when open. There are seals that are installed to keep water out when the slides are in. The cover is called a topper - meant more to reduce leaves and other debris from building up on the top of the slide. You can start by cleaning the vertical seals at both ends of the slide, using silicon on a clean rage or paper towels, at the same time clean and wax the side walls (from top to bottom) will require a ladder ! Second the slide top needs to be cleaned also and the is a seal running the entire length of the top. Note- because it is difficult to clean when the slide is out. It is much easier to clean when the slide is in and the seal is more excess-able. I use a 2 step, fold able step ladder to stand on and good ones are very stable. Starting with the slide all the way in you might find it easier to move the slide out in steps. Wash the top with the same soup you use fore the exterior - sponge and water. wax the top and unless one of the seals is damaged that process should stop the leak. Key is to do the job once a year in most cases. Rich.
  5. DickandLois

    Battery replacement not going so good.

    Ray, Did you just replace the motor or a kit with new control board also? Who did you get the parts from? Have a few different files on file. Some motors come with a motor connection that reverses the polarity of the motor wires and the control board circuit does not like that. Rich.
  6. DickandLois

    1990 Beaver Contessa

    ocdjane, Good Picture. I managed to get the brass fitting out, now the nut is down in a hole, can’t find a tool that will go in there an have enough room to turn it. This is a very flexible pickup magnet that works in allot a places because it is so small. Will not brake the bank, but it is not real durable. https://www.jbtoolsales.com/v8-tools-3826-supercharged-magnetic-pick-up-tool-2-2-lb-to-3-3-lb-capacity-magnets-extends-to-22-pocket-clip/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIg8a44Mfc3wIVwkoNCh2RUQv7EAQYAiABEgLLFvD_BwE Good luck. Rich.
  7. DickandLois

    1990 Beaver Contessa

    ocdjane, Welcome to the FMCA Forum! Sure there are some members that can offer some help ! As a heads up - your post most likely will get moved to the Forum Chassis thread at some point ! No big deal, just wanted you to have a heads up - that it did not just disappear. You got your question asked and the members will offer some information. Rich.
  8. DickandLois

    Stranded in Suffolk

    festag1, Welcome to the FMCA Forum ! The Coach is new, so you should have all the owners manuals in a binder or large briefcase. Look over the information on the Power Gear slide. You might need to reset the slide timing. Sync up the drive motors ! The other item that most new owners run into, is over loading the slide, or someone forgot to tighten up the adjustment bolts correctly. The Good Part is everything is under warranty. Start a file to keep all the repair slips and what was repaired. It can come in very handy down the road. Rich.
  9. DickandLois

    2002 cat 3126 Journey DL will not start

    Tom T. This is the information I have found. That will be of the most help finding your issue. The Winnebago information does not offer any good chassis wiring info. https://library.rvusa.com/brochure/02Journeybro.pdf Engine is a Cat 330 HP/ 7.2 L----- Allison 6 speed transmission. Chassis was built by Freightliner. With the last 6 Digits of the VIN number you should be able to get the chassis electrical wiring PDF Files. FCCC help in Gaffney S.C. Once you have them you should be able to trace out starting, ECM and fuel pump circuits. The one loose end is where the chassis fuse box is located. There appears to be one under the Refrigerator. There are Circuit breakers and relays under the entry steps. Rich.
  10. DickandLois

    Battery replacement not going so good.

    As of last night both parts are here. What could go wrong? Lets Not go there ! LOL Rich.
  11. DickandLois

    2002 cat 3126 Journey DL will not start

    TTRV, Winnebago 2002 Journey DL Model - Do you have ? WKP 32 T, 34 H, 36 C, 36 L, 32 TD, 34 HD, 36 GD, 36 LD, or 39 QD ? Rich.
  12. DickandLois

    2002 cat 3126 Journey DL will not start

    TTRV, Welcome to the FMCA Forum! What part of the country is the coach parked in ? When the engine cranks, can you hear the fuel lift pump running? The Cat Electric Fuel Pump runs constantly when the key is on to provide constant fuel flow and pressure for HEUI injection systems. Rich.
  13. DickandLois

    Aladdin Screen Dark, Hear Audio From Back Camera

    SGWatson. I just stumbled into this info regarding the Aladdin system used in the Monaco Coaches. This mentions where the fuses and power are located. Sometimes ex-stream determination and luck happens. Willsee if the link works when it is posted. file:///C:/Users/Data%20Base/Desktop/Aladdin%20Troubleshooting.pdf Copy the link and past into a new window! It worked for me. 33 pages long - not a super copy but better then nothing. Rich.
  14. DickandLois

    Use of Jacks

    Ray, Welcome to the FMCA Forum ! The length of time the Coach is leveled is not the real issue. One needs to clean and lubricate the cylinders if you have a hydraulic leveling system it needs to be lubricated about every 1 to two months in dry areas - A salt water environment will require lubricating and cleaning every month. Rich.
  15. DickandLois

    Battery replacement not going so good.

    Ray, Unplug the motor from the control board harness. Using a 12 volt battery charger/10 amp setting. Connect it to the motor cable, that will run the motor in - or out it does not matter. Caution !!! When you connect power to the step motor Do Not Lay under the steeps ! It can get very tight between them and the ground real quick. With the step motor connected directly to a power source, the current limiter circuit is not enabled! This process re sinks the step location to the motor gear stop point(s) CYCLE the motor in and out, if the door is closed - run the steps in to the closed point / remove the power - reconnect the motor power cable to the control board / harness. It should then work fine. Had this same problem happen 2 times over the years. Loosing power at exactly, the right or wrong time . depending on how you look at it - The motor gearing to step gets stuck in never never land. It happens when the door is opened an quickly pulled closed or open at that never never point. Happy New Year ! Rich.