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    Taking broken things apart, because if there already broken I can't brake it and might learn how to fix whatever it might be! Trying to tie trout fly's, learned how years ago and with my love to learn something new let that skill slid away.

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  1. Thanks for the up date and the detective work! Rich.
  2. urbanhermit, Kind of sounds like the PVC check valve is sticking open. Might check it out and the big vacuum line connected to it for age brake down issues.. Rich.
  3. Reading some of the threads that have been inactive for weeks. Members might not realize it is up and running!! After trying a few times, I used my old password instead of starting a new account. Rich.
  4. Maybe a PM to the Original poster, The forum has been off line for an extended time. Rich.
  5. ttbikes, Are the any numbers stamped into the fitting? What does the left side in the picture connect to if anything? or could it be a pressure adjusting point? I took it to Freightliner and they found a leak in air line fitting of the air ride system at the driver side rear.(is this a picture of the part that is leaking?) Where is the leak in relation to the part pictured? As a note to the issue, most air ride systems have or use Preset pressure valves in the ride height air supply. The common preset pressure is 65 Lbs. Good information may require more information on the Air pressure level at the supply point of the part pictured. Rich.
  6. After reading your post. The transmission needs to be in neutral to enable the neutral safety switch. You might read through this link SAME problem and the fix. Good luck Rich.
  7. Joe, It is a new one to me also. If he has a heat issue with the Allison, wondering if it has something to do with the crossover pipe or hoses. The cooling system splits in the area. Think you have the info I sent you a while back . Aftermarket is kind of in you back yard, if it turns out to be NLA. That part of the system is 15 years old. Rich.
  8. Does you coach have a ICC switch ? Not all work the same way, but it is worth checking out. Look at this link. Did it drink some coffee or tea by chance? Rich.
  9. This link might help, but a number of them have been canceled because of Covid-19 https://www.rvingwomen.org/page/driving_school Rich.
  10. Marvin, Have you Googled RV Technician School locations? There are a number of possible options including home study. Rich.
  11. Look at the post with the Manual link ! Think the wire you found goes to the circuit pictured on the last page . The wire looks like it might be a faded yellow wire, related to the remote starting switch. wire number 3 in the drawing. Rich.
  12. Carl, with today's 3D printing capabilities, one can make a number of items. If you or someone you know in into Auto Cad software or a related field. Rich.
  13. The latch mounting loosened up on our's. I was able to repair it and some of the plastic catches at the same time. Not a simple repair and not all latch systems work the same way. 50 plus years in the electronics, design, repair and production helps. Rich.
  14. Ross's information is a good base line mix, but it can be stronger. Kind of depends on how dirty the CAC and radiator are. One does need to use water generously when flushing the system. Water pressure at 175 lbs should clear all the dirt and grease from the spaces in the fins. Then repeat the job each year to keep the system in top operating condition. Rich. The attached picture is of a unit that is way to dirty and often beyond repair.
  15. I have to go along with Joe, Steering gear, Ball joint(s) or drag link. Would take the coach to a medium duty truck shop. This would cause an X access wobble The shocks tend to correct the Y access motion. Rich.
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