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  1. Ross, you are correct. The 50 amp breaker is for both L1 and L2 in this case and the 2 - 20 amp breakers are for the roof AC units. My gut feeling is that the 3 remaining circuit breakers are for other circuits, plus 2 other circuits are supplied from the inverter. That often supply power to the microwave(one circuit) and the second supplies power to the dining and entertainment circuits. Circuit barkers located in the output of the of the inverter. This is a link to the insulation manual for an Onan series generator. pages around 41 and 42 picture the wire runs between the shore power, generator and transfer switch. The tingling feeling sounds to me like you have lost the generator ground to chassis frame. The Wiring clearly show the common earth / chassis grounds being bounded together. file:///C:/Users/Data Base/Desktop/Onan Generator Install_8076_ky_spec_p_install_2015.pdf This drawing is for the 30 amp application, for a 50 amp application, the only difference is the addition of the L-2 circuit that parallels the L-1 circuit. When running both roof Ac's from the generator, There is a time delay relay frequently installed in the area of the main power panel. that allows time for the generator to settle down and the EMS system to monitor the load currents Rich.
  2. Reading over your post and wondering if you have an Intellitec control system for the Heat and AC system. I included a link to one of the more popular wiring setups and hope it might help pin down the real issue. Many times there are issues, like connections and logic control chips that can make it look like the thermostats are an issue. file:///C:/Users/Data Base/Desktop/intelltec ECC wiring..pdf Rich. After reviewing the information I offered - there is a intellitec system for the 50 amp coaches also. So depending on your particular setup a different file may be needed.
  3. As suggested in one of the reply's to your question. Start each roof AC and note the Current requirement of the rear and the front units. When the generator is running. You might want to make sure that all the electrical connections are tight at the generator, transfer switch and ac breaker panels. I see that your coach is wired for 50 amp shore power. That equals 100 amps of current load. You need to remember that when running the generator you have just a little more then 50 amps of current supplied from the generator. Not a lot of extra load capability beyond the 2 AC units. Link to the information covering the Onan 5500 series and the different configurations for LP and Gasoline. https://powersuite.cummins.com/PS5/PS5Content/SiteContent/en/Binary_Asset/pdf/Consumer/specsheets/a-1425.pdf Rich.
  4. The 12 volt system powers the water heater LP and 120 volt control systems. The original poster should be able to disable the 120 volt heating element to see if that keeps the 120 volt circuit breaker from tripping. If the ac power still trips - it sure sounds like a defective or short circuit in the 120 volt portion of the water heater system. Rich.
  5. The following information might prove helpful in finding technical help for the Freedom 458 series, Heart series and newer Xantrex series inverter / chargers. TROUBLESHOOTING AND INSTALLATION SUPPORT Need technical information on our products? Need help with troubleshooting? Go to Xantrex.com to access comprehensive resource of technical documents including FAQs, white papers, installation manuals etc. These resources can help you diagnose and resolve majority of product related issues. Our friendly and knowledgeable tech support team is just a call away if you cannot resolve your problem using available information on the support pages. • Hours of operation 6:30am-4:30pm PST, Monday-Friday • Customer Service / Tech Support - 1-800-670-0707 or customerservice@xantrex.com Rich.
  6. From the information you posted and the Magnum is displaying some good information. Now, if you have the owners manual and can fill in the model of magnum you have that way we can help fill in the gaps a little for you. Magnum Power is the most common name I know your equipment by. Rich.
  7. Welcome to the Forum. The high pressure port is larger then the Low pressure . The plumbing changes with model and Year many times. The Low pressure is after the drier and before the evaporator and the high pressure side is located at the condenser input. I will say this ! If you are not familiar with the system - one can get in over there head quickly. Seek good information before jumping in to the project. Checking the system charge is not complicated, but needs to be done correctly. Other repairs and test require the proper equipment. Rich.
  8. Richard. Push the momentary switch once and the pump turns on, push it again and it turns off. Is this correct? Yes ! I hate to admit it but have not worked on or replaced any of the latching relays for the water pumps in years, but it sure sounds like you have a handle on converting the system. The system works very well and is quit robust. The one thing that will do them in is over current and the wrong sized wire for the current load that supplies voltage to the module when it is turned on. Rich.
  9. chollenback, this is the closest wiring diagrams I have for your model coach. They should be real close. The biggest problem I have is if your coach is wired for 50 amp or 30 amp shore power. There is no mention of it in all the post made. Could you clarify if you have 30 or 50 amp shore power ! Rich. 98 Sahara120InputDist 120 AC.pdf 98 Sahara12V BR FUSE DIST.pdf
  10. Sounds to me that the charger / inverter is drawing a high bulk charge current and that current requirement is tripping the house circuit breakers. The second item I would check is the shore power cable connection, wire ends and the recepticles at both ends. The house? and the Coach. Rich. Transfer switch issue is a possibility. The charger / inverter could be having issues. Do the input beakers on the inverter trip? How old are the 6 volt house batteries and what is the water level in the cells?
  11. Richard, what is causing a steady 0.09 volts is a sticking point for me. If everything is disconnected then the meter would read a varying volt caused by the alternating voltage inducing the varying voltage induced into the long wiring used to power the 12 volt pump. With only Vacuum tubes, resistors and capacitors to work with our ancestors made some amassing strides in developing a modern world. DC voltages where supplied by using vacuum tube diodes or DC generators before the advent of any solid state items. Rich.
  12. Richard, the latching relay referenced to do come in different current ratings. So you will need the current requierment of the current pump or maybe a larger one . if you are considering an upgrade in the water pump in the future. Rich.
  13. Richard, By chance is the LED indicator still lighting? The voltage reading is real close to the voltage one would read on a old geranium diode, leakage voltage. The only location that would have something that old, would be the charging circuit for 12 volt battery circuit originally installed in the Perkins battery charging system and you have or are using a different system to charge the battery. Rich.
  14. Mel, Welcome to the FMCA Forum! There are number of members that have different levels of information on there HR coaches and HR an Monaco information does cross over to different model years. There will be others responding to you request and there might be others that have the files you are requesting. There are members that have had issues with the bay heaters installed and made repairs. I feel for your lose of information and suffered a number of files being lost when Microsoft tried to up load some updates not compatible to the older operating systems and computer mother boards. Rich.
  15. Fantastic! With the number of ground wires running around the coach's they can be the top issue and one of the hardest to find. Great job Rich.
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