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  1. seynel, Could you post the Make, Model and Year of the RV you have? There are many different wiring circuits used by the RV manufactures. The more information you offer, results in better information from the Forum members. Rich.
  2. Richard, It would be nice to know what was ON at the time the picture was taken, but I think you are correct regarding the fact that the load required 4.8 Amps more then the solar panels could supply. The difference was being made up by the batteries and the time the load could be maintained was about 2 Hrs. at the time the picture was taken ! Rich>
  3. Plowjockey. Refrigerator is a Norad model 1210im, current draw when on ac is 3.6 amps.From the OEM spec sheet. Refrigerator is a Norad model 1210im OEM, current under a/c 5.5 amp 660 w, per Plowjockey ! This refrigerator is not, what I would call a heavy load. *the refrigerator and all a/c plugs are in the secondary (inverter) panel and all coming off of one 20 amp breaker, Per Plowjockey! What is the power requirement of the Microwave? What is the AR ratting of the battery(s) used to power the inverter? Rich.
  4. Plowjockey , Could you post the Make, Model and year of your coach? What refrigerator is install in the coach? Is it OEM or a replacement? Note, Many of the LP / electric refrigerator that are connected to the AC outlet behind the refrigerator is intended to power the Ice maker only and is not intended to supply power from the inverters. Rich.
  5. ****, thank you for the suggestion about a sticking PVC valve. There is a Vacuum line involved also. It supplies vacuum to the PVC valve. One can use a vacuum gauge on the intake manifold to check the negative pressure level. Low vacuum level equals poor performance when engine is under heavy loads. Rich.
  6. To both of the posts on this thread. There is indeed an added fuse / relay box added to some of the Model year chassis wiring circuits. Frequent after 1999 model year and added in later year coach builders. It helps the forum members when the Model year and chassis coach year information is posted with issues related to this issue. The catch 22 is the coach builders install the box in question where space is available. The right rear curbside location is quite common, however the box can be located in a rear bay on the drivers side. Some coach builders then cover the fuse /relay box . This makes them difficult to find. Like a treasure hunt. A call to the couch builder is often the best source of information, but not always ! Many companies have limited staffing because of Covid . Safe travels and Happy Holidays ! Rich.
  7. equinus, Welcome to the Forum ! The items mentioned could clear the issue. I had a similar problem, but it turned out to be a ground issue. Found a bad ground between 2 different materials used to construct the furnace and some oxidation on and in the primary wiring harness between the furnace and the interior wiring harness. That and issues with an intermittent sail switch located in the furnace blower being finicky. Has sidelined our LP Hot air furnaces. There are 2 of them in our coach around the same age. A bad ground or corrosion will cause the LP valve not to open. There is a TDR Time Delay Relay in most furnaces and when the contacts get rusty, things an all so go south. this link might prove helpful. https://eldonrv.com/TDR-klixon-style-dinosaur-time-delay-relay-furnace.aspx A whole article on file if needed. Way more then most members need or want. Rich.
  8. this doesn't explain why it wont start ! Needed information is missing information. Does the engine turn over? when in the start position? Is the neutral safety switch closing ?When the Key is in the run position, is there 12 volts at the distributor? The stater ground is made through the neutral safety switch. Is there spark at the plug(S) ? Do you have a in line spark testing tool ? Is the oil pressure sensor circuit working? If not the fuel pump will not run, Do you have fuel pressure? What is the Model year of the coach and engine? Rich.
  9. The brochure mentions a 55-Amp, 110/12-Volt Power Converter. No inverter mentioned. How many batteries are you talking about? Many of the batteries used currently have a 3 year warranty. You might give Coachman a call and ask for the specifications on the OEM battery and who they used as a supplier? The brochure ALSO mentions. Stainless Appliance Package-- Stainless Residential Refrigerator, Stainless OTR Microwave, 17” Stainless Range/Oven. 1,000 Watt Inverter w/2 Six-Volt Batteries Rich.
  10. Carl, Sounds like may be Lazy Days changed the leveling jack assembly. Did you have them do an oil change at the same time ? 23 Quarts is a lot of oil, more then the hydraulic system requires. Rich.
  11. Ben family, Welcome to the FMCA Forum ! Can you post the Problem along with the Make, Model and Year of unit you are having issue(s) with ? Where are you located would also help. Rich.
  12. Now off to the Washington coast to celebrate Thanksgiving with just my bride of 50 years. I bet that 50 years has passed quicker then you expected ! Rich.😂
  13. Battbc, Welcome to the FMCA Forum ? You might try this phone number 800-509-3417 or use this link to contact them. Hoping your coach is new enough that they have the lock cylinder number on file. You will need the coach FIN number and the Vin number maybe required, to get the proper key for your missing key. Request at least 2 of them. I do keep 2 complete sets of keys and one short set including the ignition, pod and hood door keys with a name tag on them to leave when the unit is in for any necessary service work https://www.fleetwoodrv.com/for-owners/service-maintenance/parts Rich.
  14. Carl, When you reset the unit, did you need to reset the system presets ? Rich.
  15. Welcome to the FMCA Forum! Has the slide out mechanism been lubricated at anytime in 5 years? How much weight is loaded in the slide ? It is a natural tendency to overload them and there is a load limit, not the easiest number to get. Rich.
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