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  1. Cummins CAPS System Redesign

    Joe, Do you keep a soft blow hammer in the bay to start the fuel pump? LOl just could not pass it up! Did you forget to connect the water in fuel connection? or is it no longer in use? Rich.
  2. Inverter turning off

    Bill, I just added info. regarding the factory cutoff voltage level. Factory level is set at 11.00 volts, but is menu adjustable by the user. However ! There is a preset level of 5 watt load and lower and the inverter will power down and from my experience these system require a solid load of 5 watts to restart. They will not start when seeing a logic control board or other device below that level. I have set my Xantrex unit so it will stay on - even though the unit will use some power while in the idle state. Rich.
  3. Inverter turning off

    Carl, you could be onto something! New coaches have some bugs and a loose ground could be the issue. The item that keeps me scratching my hear is - only shuts down when on the road and the inverter is making power as far as I understand the OP. Lyle posted this though. Posted 9 hours ago Went off again last night while plugged into shore power and no fault codes mentioned. The factory battery level cutoff voltage is set at 11.00 volts. The inverter will shut down. With the coach connected to shore power unlikely issue. The inverter is set to power down if the load drops below 5 watts. This is a possible issue - can it be set to not turn off with little or no load? One might use a small light or other device that requires a constant load of 5 watts or more, to see if the inverter stops operating when the refrigerator or other loads drop below the low level set point . Lyle, you did not mention if the refrigerator warmed up - shore power was connected over night and the refrigerator should have continued to work with power supplied via the bypass relay circuit in the inverter. The manual mentions the the inverter should restart after an over temp event / when the temperature drops below a preset level - No info on what they set that temperature at. After a overload event happens one needs to manually restart the inverter. Think I,m reading the manual correctly ! I have no information on the primary wiring and how the EMS system that sheds loads while on shore power would work or interact with the inverter supplying power ? So the search goes on..... Not every piece of equipment is created equal. If the common ground is good at all points, then I would start wondering if there is something going on internally with the unit ??? They do have a limited warranty them for 3 years. Rich. There is a need for me to upgrade my organic microprocessor. Think I'm running on an older 8088 and updating to an I - 5 might help. Brett keeps telling me I need some cranial work. LOL
  4. No power to house, generator, on 2002 Diplomat

    Tim, Welcome to the learning curve we have all been on and in most cases still are. No problem and the thing is you asked and offering our thoughts and time go with our interest to help. Regarding those battery cables, a number of us have also missed things. LOL Safe travels and thanks for offering the apologies. Rich.
  5. Inverter turning off

    Lyle, been fallowing this thread and wondered if this issue has come up when the temperatures went up? Any issue when the temps where lower ? What items are you running that require 12 volts while driving? Hooked up to shore power - they are in bypass mode on the road and making power, they generate higher temperatures. The thought I have regarding the Inverter shutting down. This summer has been rather warm and inverters need to have enough air movement to keep from over heating. They are often mounted at the top of a closed bay where the heat is greater an air exchange is limited. There is a strong possibility that it is a terminal issue shutting it down. Rich.
  6. No power to house, generator, on 2002 Diplomat

    Tim, The Vintage coaches - in you coaches year used F usable Links, that where connected between the Large gauge wire terminals and the relay / solenoids coil that activates them when the switch supplies the ground point. These links burn open and leave no visible indication of them failing, They are gray in color and are very supple - Silicon coated wire. One needs to check them with an ohm meter to see if they still are good. In the picture there are 2 large high amperage fuses the supply the system fuses boxes - that might have failed. If the links or the high amperage fuses have failed then, there is a good chance that something in the system shorted out, failed or a 12 volt wire made a connection to ground due to loose terminal connection. I have no wiring drawing that pictures the control wiring - all I have are the drawing for the heavy gauge wiring circuits. Rich. You did offer this little tidbit. There will be a 12 volt terminal lug in that line - ether at the fuse panel or somewhere close - in most cases, as they run the cables from there source(in this case the manual disconnect switch and the post / that feeds power to the main fuse panel !!! In the electrical panel below the driver's side window is a terminal with a large cable labeled "House" and when I hook up my meter to this, I get no reading. I am assuming this cable is the same one that exits the battery box in the rear (?) in which case it should have 12.6v but it does not.
  7. No power to house, generator, on 2002 Diplomat

    Carl, Looking at some Monaco drawings and the start circuit / to engage the generator is powered from the house 12 volt system from some where and that system is totally dead from the information offered by the OP information. Rich.
  8. No power to house, generator, on 2002 Diplomat

    Tim , this is a picture of a Monaco 12 volt circuit the should be real close to your system. It sure looks like the generator starting power goes through one of the disconnect switches and a disconnect relay for your year coach. Top left corner of the image. House power, so there could be a coil fuse issue, like Richard mentioned. I will look over the manual more and see if there is a drawing that pictures the coil circuit wiring from the salesmen switch. This was taken from a secure file so I could not create a PDF file image. Hope you have a way to enlarge if needed. Rich.
  9. No power to house, generator, on 2002 Diplomat

    Thanks for the feedback Tim !!! There is a strong possibility that the problem is in your 12 volt fuse panel ! If you feel comfortable, disconnect the ground connection(s) from the coach battery bank, remove the 12 volt panel cover and check for loose connections at the screw terminals for both the 12 volts and the grounds . Note. because of the close proximity of the 120 volt power and the DC power it would be wise to disconnect from shower power !!! no interior lights, porch light, etc. 12 volts - microwave, 120 volts ??? The inverter should power the microwave from shore power. Possible tripped GFI, open circuit breaker at the inverter output. No power from the inverter when running from the coach batteries, would indicate an issue in the same items mentioned. Rich.
  10. No power to house, generator, on 2002 Diplomat

    Brett mentioned getting the Generator started. Is you generator on a slide out ? You should have 12 pulse volts at the battery connection on the generator. Rich. No !!! it generally connects directly to the chassis batteries and as I mentioned - there should be 12 volts at the connection point on the generator. No power there then got a feeling that there is a loose ground or supply cable at the generator or right at the battery, very little in between the 2 points. Note They use the Chassis for the ground between the generator and batteries - 2 to 3 possible locations for interrupting the ground side. We know that he has 12 volts at the house battery - but not what is at the chassis / engine batteries though, Good Point thought !!! Do you have power to the engine ignition switch ? A bad chassis battery could pull down the house batteries enough to bring them down !!!! when the cross connect is attempted with the assist switch. Rich.
  11. No power to house, generator, on 2002 Diplomat

    Tim, Have you inadvertently turned off the power at the salesmen switch, generally right in the entry and is easily bumped. Rich.
  12. Safari Sahara Leveling Issues

    The power for the jacks is supplied from the chassis batteries. Through the ignition switch in most cases. Might look in the front left bay of the coach, think there is a fuse panel there on your coach that powers the leveling system, but With the ignition switch in the off position - do the leveling system lights come on? If not then leave the Ign.. sw. in the off position for 10 min. or so then try them again. Transmission in Neutral - park brakes set. Reading some information and I think you have an older Power Gear leveling system that could include this feature. AUTOMATIC SAFETY SHUTOFF FEATURE If the touch panel is left on and inactive for four minutes it will shut off automatically. To reset the system the coach ignition must be turned off, then back on. Take a look at this link, look like your control panel or close to it? https://www.lci1.com/assets/content/support/drawings/pg-82-L0140-00.pdf Rich.
  13. A/C Charge on '02 Freightliner

    Kay, I think his system uses the R-22 - could be wrong ? Rich.
  14. Cummins ISB 300 - engine light and idle speed

    kwl0525, I will off my thoughts on the items. I will highlight them I actually have a couple questions/concerns and thought I throw this out to see if anyone has advices or experience with this. I have 2003 Monaco Cayman with the Cummins ISB300 and an Allison 5 speed transmission. 1) The other day when the exhaust brake engaged (PacBrake) and the transmission downshifts ( and RPMs increase), the Engine Light comes on and then goes out after the RPMs decrease. I don't have any loss of power or anything, but I've never had this occur before. Think that you are getting an over speed indication. Try to maintain an RPM level around 2300 max. Is this the only time you get a yellow warning light ? 2) Starting last year, I started noticing that when I start the unit (or when it's idling after being driven) it seems to 'hunt' for an idle speed to settle at and my tachometer is constantly bouncing all over the place, even when driving down the road. They are massive speed variations, but you can hear it. I know the air compressor comes on immediately for the suspension, etc., but I don't think that is the cause of the 'hunting'. I have experienced a similar issue, that has been caused by items. A. High heat in the engine compartment, serpentine belt needed replacement, Belt tension-er being defective, Defective cooling system thermostat, Failed engine alternator. The other items that might come into play are the engine speed sensor is failing, a weak, corroded connection at the sensor or at the ECM primary 50 pin connection. B. Low coolant level could come into play. Question - when was the radiator and the CAC / Inter cooler cleaned ? Last time the fuel filters where changed? Your coach year / if it is a 2002 to 04 - you will have an ISB-02 series engine and they are the model years that have a 3rd. fuel filter connected inline most often in the frame rail behind the rear axle on the drivers side, BUT it has popped up in other locations at times and it gets missed 99.9% of the time. just gets over looked or the shops have no clue it is there. ( I miss my old, mechanical 5.9 some days)? Simple is better, with less to go wrong, but there are some other issues that the newer setups have cured. I don't have any loss of power or anything, but I've never had this occur before. Question - how old is your fuel lift pump? Rich.
  15. A/C Charge on '02 Freightliner

    Think you are right. Things are going nuts as the industry looks for the best Freon Mix. R 410, R 32, R 55 and the list go's on and on . The issue that makes servicing the system and Freon differences is the operating pressures and temperatures an how they interact with the different ester's. Please give the cooling industry a brake and choose. LOL Rich.