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    Taking broken things apart, because if there already broken I can't brake it and might learn how to fix whatever it might be! Trying to tie trout fly's, learned how years ago and with my love to learn something new let that skill slid away.

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  1. Bill, Sniffers and UV dye work will when looking for those nasty little leaks! Rich.
  2. Have you sprayed some oil on all the pivot points? If they are hung up the current limiter circuity will stop any motion. I have had the best luck with a good bicycle chain oil. To get all of them one needs to get under the coach, But make sure you are clear of the area under the steps. They will pin you to the ground ! if they start to move. Not a good location if you are working alone. Rich.
  3. The low pressure side should be no higher then 30 to 35 lbs. on the low side of the gauge set. To high and one gets into high pressure issues that can get real expensive quickly. Rich.
  4. Felix, Have you looked for a bad fuse? Where is the condenser unit located, is it in the rear area next to the engine and CAC turbo air cooler, or under the coach between the front tires area? A bad fuse is far easier to replace then the blower motor. I would look real close around the passenger front kick panel for some screws hiding in the carpet nap. Some times it is much easier to find them with a magnet, held close to the bottom area where the panel and carpet meet. Got to be-leave that they would not make the coach that needs to have the entire dash removed to replace the blower motor. Rich.
  5. Andy, Take a look at this link. Especially the animated ignition system. There is a 5.0 Ohm and a .5 Ohm ballast resister . You mentioned that the engine starts right up and quiets while running. #1-- I suspect one of the resisters is bad or loose connection. #2----The other possibility is the Ground connection for the ECM. There could be other items in the ignition wiring. How long has it been sense the last engine tuneup ? http://dave78chieftain.com/Dodge_Electron02.html The link also has some other good information. Rich.
  6. Bobby, Try this link. It might prove helpful .https://www.atlantismarine.co.uk/Images/User//File/tp5014.pdf Looks like a clean link after checking it out with my network software. Rich.
  7. You mentioned no help from Rev Group. Last time I contacted them, they had a lot of people on fer-low with a very limited staff at the office. because of the pandemic. could be the reason for limited information. Carl mentioned Silver leaf as a possibility, but not sure what there situation is at the time . The system is often interchangeable as Carl mentioned. Rich.
  8. bethboden, Welcome to the FMCA Forum ! Nice looking Coach in and out! The only thing I found was power panel located above the drivers set. No Clue if it is AC power and 12 volt DC., But it might be worth a look. Downloaded the owners manual and it has no information covering the 12 volt power panels or fuse boxes. Think it would be worth a call to the seller and ask where the fuse panels are located. Rich.
  9. Srous , Do the interior lights, roof vent fan and other 12 volt items work? Rich.
  10. If you can attach a picture or 2 to a response. That would help pin down what you are looking for. Rich.
  11. Jon, Thanks for the heads up ! From your information and where the wire is run I see no problem(s) . Thinking from your information, that you cut the wire, repaired the problem after running it through the intended wire way. You have some good skill sets. Most of us would have been frustrated and not taken the time to find or even see where the issue was hiding. Good job and safe travels. Rich.
  12. Bobby, Thanks for the feedback! Glad you got the fuel lines figured out. Rich.
  13. Thanks Herman, but this is my concern. The odds are that your stick and brick wiring will not be exposed to the elements like a coaches is. This product is rated different then what one buys at a home supply outlet. https://www.energyefficientsolutions.com/Fire_Rated.asp Rich.
  14. Herman, Do you know the flame ability factor of the insulation? Could it be ignited by an electrical issue? Rich.
  15. Do you know if it is flame resistant? Could you also post the Make, Model and Year of your coach? great stuff! Intended for use in residential application to maintain the continuity of an approved fire block material. Not to be used in firestop applications. Rich.
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