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  1. Think if you look at the video on my first reply on July 15th. the mechanic shows a bad spot in the Positive crankcase Vacuum line running between the intake manifold and the PCV located in the Valve cover. Not an uncommon issue with the V-10 series engine. Also the V-10 / Trident does not have a vacuum reserve tank. Big Gas power engines make allot of vacuum. The small 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder engines do not make a large source of vacuum. For a Trident to loose vacuum, there is a rather large leak or hole somewhere. Same goes for the 8.1 L V 8 engines. Rich.
  2. Good Point Kay. However. The relay started to chatter after the Alternator was replaced. Trying to think of where or how the 12 volts that power the salesman switch coil power got crossed into the circuit that power the coach 12 volt power on and off switch circuit. some thing got changed around or cross wired. Sure sounds like it is toggling on an off every time the salesman switch is energized. Rich.
  3. They may have caused a short while replacing the alternator positive connection. Think you model Coach has a battery isolate block / device located in a bay area of near the area of the battery banks. Alternator feeds Positive voltage to one terminal and it is split to charge both the house and chassis batteries. through a diode circuit built inside the device.. Might be able to dis connect the center wire ( engine turned off) and see what the resistance is between the center connection and the cables feeding 12 volts to both battery banks. They should read the same . might need to reverse the ohm meter wires to get both the forward and reverse resistance. Very high in one direction and much lower in the other direction. I hope this link attaches, is an example of the device. There are many different makes and models. But a new one needs to match the specifications of the OEM unit. Lookup Sure Power. com Model number 1314 or 1315. Hope this helps It is my first thought, but each coach is setup a little different. Ignition circuit can come to play if there is a diode between the ignition switch and the and the starter solenoid relay mounted between the starter 12 volt battery power form the chassis battery circuit . The fact that you do not have any coach power when the salesman switch is turned on and the 12 volts is present when the generator or shore power 120 volts is powering the charger section of the inverter / charger. They should have the chassis/ coach wiring files for your coach to trace down the problem. It become a real issue when one is dry camping and using solar power to keep the coach batteries charged and connected, because 12 volts powers the refrigerator system, the furnace, lights, radio and many more critical systems. Because coaches have a split 12 volt system. They become much more complicated. EMS equipment people / techs work with every day. Rich.
  4. Sounds like they go the Chassis and Coach 12 volts reversed when the New alternator was installed. This could be the cause of the rapid clicking sound as the relay power is opening and closing as the relay coil power is interrupted every time the relay cycles. Something is wired wrong ! What cables did the Tech? remove and where did they get connected? It currently is wired incorrectly. Time to find out if the coach and chassis 12 volt sources got reversed somehow. Rich.
  5. Interesting thought Joe ! From the OP it sounds like things work with the AC / heat ducting vacuum switches, but the system defaults to the defrost mode only when the engine is under an increased load while going up a grade. I might be missing something ? Rich.
  6. Don, over the years I have missed adding water to the batteries more then once. Life gets in the way of our routines at times. Rich.
  7. My bad for not saying Catalytic Converter. I had only the engine in mind when I posted the Vacuum issue thoughts. Like, keep an eye on the one on the left-How fare left are you referring Sir? Rich.
  8. Don, It would not hurt to add some distilled water to them and charge them for 5 to 10 hrs. Then get a hydrometer reading of all the cells in all 4 batteries. That will give you a good starting point. The higher the better ! It is never good to have the water level(s) below the plates. Not knowing the age of the batteries in question, One might be able to revive the worst case battery. A load test will then quickly answer the question. You can then proceed with replacing just the one or the one paired with it. Running the Charger in the equalize mode will eater kill or cure the battery with the lowest water level. The odes do go down as the batteries age! Hope these thoughts help you get a answer to your question. Rich.
  9. Wes, Welcome to the FMCA Forum ! Totally agree that there is a vacuum issue. This Video might help find a hidden issue with a primary vacuum leak on V 10 engines. The fault codes listed also can come up, as the mileage on the engine increases . The Vacuum leak can cause converter failures down the line over time. Rich.
  10. This is the base app information, but I have not found any updated info. ether. Looks like AAA sent out the original information? https://gds.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html Rich.
  11. Thinking that if the batteries, both Coach and chassis are disconnected from the charger / inverter, by removing the ground cable from the output of the charger and the circuit breaker trips. That ether the 30 amp or 50 amp Breaker is defective or there is a short in the charger, if the inverter works fine when turned on and no shore power or generator power is supplied and it makes AC power. That indicates the inverter is working. Then the issue is in the charger portion of the Xantrex. Shorted power diodes or transformer ac line input side has an issue. Short big enough to trip the main power breaker. It's a 50 amp coach. My power management panel shows that I'm pulling just 2 amps. I still pop the circuit breaker when I turn on the inverter. One question! Is it the Xantrex input 25 amp breaker that is tripping or the sub. power panel 30 amp. circuit breaker that is tripping. If the 50 amp main power breaker is tripping. You might be looking at a failed breaker. The bulk Charge current on the DC side is around 75 to 80 amps on your model. That being the case the maximum AC current should be around 7.5 or 8.0 amps AC. It is around a 10 to 1 ratio. Rich.
  12. Joe, Check with a Wick filter dealer using the dimensions Carl mentioned. Rich.
  13. Gas Generators have a lever that you need to change to compensate for altitude. One setting is for running the generator above 5000 feet, the other setting works best at see level. Second, How many hrs. on the gen set? Might be time to replace the air filter, Fuel filter,spark plugs, plus some other items depending on the hrs How many hrs . sense the last oil change ? Rich.
  14. F347633, Welcome to the FMCA Forum! Personal thought because the gauge jumps, is the possibility of the issue is being caused by a damaged wire. Running from the pressure sensor to the gauge, rather then a corroded connection. A wire tracer like the ones used by IT installation tech. should help fallow the wire from the sensor to the connection at the dash panel. Lowe's sells them as a possible source. TIA Chris, This is a attempt to send a link to the information requested, by the original poster of the problem. I just tested the link and it worked for me. A little like finding the needle in the haystack. https://community.fmca.com/messenger/7828/?do=findComment&comment=19505 This should go to the original message posted about the issue and a copy of the requested drawing. Keep me in the loop ! Rich SMC Safari_Service_ Ctr.pdf
  15. dmctic1237, Welcome to the FMCA Forum ! Not familiar with the Blue Fire setup or other apps.. From some questions and information posted. IMHO they are lacking in some apps, but some do tend to be better then others. More familiar with the Scan Gauge systems, VSM silver leaf and the OBD readers offered from automotive supply outlets to read the correct system codes, Apps tend to offer information on a running system, but lack in pinpointing many of the codes and information correctly. Rich.
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