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  1. Inverter/GFI

    Sundance, From the feedback you offered, think I would change the outlet that the refrigerator is plugged into. When they build the coaches they do not use the top brand outlets and they are installed using the wire connection that uses the push on connection not the screw terminals and if the ground connection at the out let is defective that could be the issue. Think you mentioned there is an outlet and the GFI is there also, A test might be to plug the extention into the bath room out let and see if the GFI trips - you replaced that GFI if I remember correctly and the ground issue might be in the bath room outlet - if that works replace the bathroom outlet and the one for the rfergerator. the hardest problems to find are often the simplest to repair. Rich.
  2. Inverter/GFI

    Sundancev, Could you send some information regarding your inverter? I'm thinking it is a Xantrex 454 series. There are 2 - 20 amp circuit breakers in the units or 1 - 20 amp and 1 - 15 amp in some cases. The GIF's can trip when the inverter ground is loose that runs between the inverter frame ground and the electrical ground buss at the main breaker panel - 50 amp coach system often have a sub panel that powers the inverters and there is a possibility of a loose ground at the ground buss of that panel. I found the 15amp Circuit breaker on the Xantrax Inverter was tripped. I reset and some of the 110v ciruits came back but the fridge did not along with a couple of other circuits. A little more detective work later, I found the GFI in the bathroom tripped. I reset and the circuits were on for a few seconds and then GFI tripped again. Will the refrigerator work when connected to an extension cord connected ether the campground 120 volt outlet or at home? Where the inverter is grounded does not matter / just needs a good ground connection at both ends of that bare copper wire. They do loosen up as one drives down the road and its one of the items to put on your yearly check list - Like check all the power connections on the breaker panels, shore power connections, generator power "J" box and the transfer switch. If you have reset those two breakers on the inverter / them make sure the input 30 amp breaker has not tripped. Just a note, I have one GIF that is located inside a cabinet near the bedroom that gets tripped and out of sight out of mind issues comes up for me from time to time. Do you have the owners manual for the inverter? Rich.
  3. Created a Electrical Problem

    GOOD ! Look in the lower left hand corner with the drawing blown up and you will see the wiring diagram for the turn signal switch> measure from pins to pins to any shorts that show up - when the switch is open on both Left and Right or any shorts between any pin to pin that the drawing shows as open !!!! My bad, look at page 1 in the upper left hand corner. Hasty makes Wasty Rich. Back in the sticks and bricks !
  4. Created a Electrical Problem

    Do you have the chassis wring diagrams you you coach. There could be an issue(s) with the turn signal switch mounted under the steering wheel and that might be more then you want to venture into. You could run a circuit test at the connector between the switch and the connector under the dash that connects it to the main chassis harness. Look at the link to tutorial link I attach if you need some refresher info in a post just up from here in a reply! Rich.
  5. Created a Electrical Problem

    Joe,the simple answer is YES, because LED lights require only mil amps to light, and any path to power will allow them to light - Even if dimly and will off ten cause other issue in the lighting circuits. Rich.
  6. Created a Electrical Problem

    Do you have a multi meter? set it at ohms, The Greek symbol for omega. With the power off to all the lighting circuits, read the resistance of the ground wire to the chassis ! you might want to make up a ground long ground wire with a clip large enough to connect to a good point on the chassis. If your meter has a zeroing feature - short the 2 meter wires together at the ends used to measure the circuits. Set to meter to zero. THEN measure the resistance of the jumper wire you made up. You can then reset the zero point on the meter wit the jumper wire connected, re zero meter or just wright down the number. Now you measure the ground wire from each lamp and wright down the numbers. They will be from 0 to infinity. the closer to zero / the better the ground point, The higher the number the farther the connection is from ground. Measuring something like 0.005 has a better connection then one that reads .09 or greater like 1000 or 10, 10,000. Numbers like that will indicate bad grounds. Even 15, 20 or higher have connection issues that need to be address. link to learn- https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/how-to-use-a-multimeter/all.pdf Rich.
  7. Created a Electrical Problem

    Joe, I just use plane old diodes, that meet the current and reverse emf expected. The band goes to the lamp, relay or diode one wants to isolate. Rich. Most Diode / LED lights are polarity sensitive. Some of the more expensive ones have a circuit built into them that allow you to just plug them in and the circuit reacts to the polarity of the wiring.
  8. Created a Electrical Problem

    The box size looks right as do the wire colors - they match the colors for turn signal and marker lights. Rich
  9. Created a Electrical Problem

    edain08 , Glad you got it working ! Could you post the location of the socket you replaced? The Rear Right or Right side marker? To me it sounds like the ground circuit for the flasher found a good ground when the socket was replaced, but it still needed a new bulb. Removing the bulb should cause the issue to return. The way the circuit reacted would have perplexed me also! IF It was a Rear light bulb socket, there is a harness connection at the passenger rear corner area, that is exposed to the elements. That connector does have a ground wire / circuit for all the rear lights except the trailer / Tow vehicle. Should the problem pop up again - find the mentioned connector and clean it with CRC, check the wiring and reconnect it. Did that resolve the original issue again? Here is the logic behind my thoughts - If like I mentioned above if the issue happens when the bulb is removed from the socket that solved the issue then you still have a week or open ground. Rich.
  10. New Engine oil formulation question

    The new oil formulations are not all backwards compatible and the engine protection will be compromised. The new engines are designed with tighter tolerances and for the 0 to 5 weight cold are needed to get the oil pressure up ASAP because tighter tolerances leave less space for a thicker layer of oil to keep the main and rod bearings from being damaged. Lost the bearings in one of the classic cars, they spun around, damaging the crank shaft and bearing. That was a new one for me. Oil changes on a regular bases are your friend. The engine shop found that this was caused by the WRONG oil formulation. Apparently at some point the lithium / zine based mixed got changed. So I now buy special oil that meats the engine requirements. Not an inexpensive lesson. The old vehicles do set longer now and then between start ups and I'm concerned that the old diesel engines could suffer the same problem with an oil mixture that is blended for newer engines and NOT backwards compatible. Rich.
  11. Created a Electrical Problem

    edain08, Welcome to the FMCA Forum! Symptoms: with lights off - Left side turn signals work normally Right side turn signal - all lights flash including running lights Left , right ,front and Back? With lights on - Left side works normally Right side nothing flashes lights are just on. The closest point to all the lights involved is the Turn Signal switch and the flasher units. Might just try replacing flasher units turn and 4 way. Do you have the chassis electrical drawings for your coach? The 1999 Discovery is built on a Frieghliner Chassis if I remember correctly. Where you working on the turn signal bulbs with the flasher or one side of the turn signals operating? Rich.
  12. 40' Holiday Rambler-- Cummins ISM Fuel Mileage

    I n our travels we have parked next to some of the 7 figure coaches and many of the owners have lamented over there older units with out slides. Have looked in the bays of some and the amount of space dedicated to the system control is like looking at the server installations for education and the corporate world. The thing is, those installations where not installed into a mobile environment, like planes, trains, trucks or automobiles. A whole different world!! Rich.
  13. 40' Holiday Rambler-- Cummins ISM Fuel Mileage

    There is one independent road service truck in the Rochester N.Y. area - That fixed an oil leak in the air compressor on our coach and one or 2 fleet service road trucks in the area. The part that many owners shutter over in the road time fee - to get them on location. Joe, congratulations on you 4 year anniversary! We have been through a few coaches over the years, but the one we have now has been the one that has just worked over and above the others and is simple enough for an old country boy to keep running. I'm not sure I want to go through that learning curve again. The newer coaches have gotten exponentially more complex with all the amenities an there software driven control systems. Rich.
  14. New Engine oil formulation question

    A little more digging in to my own question and found this White Paper information that helps clear things up. From the information offered it appears that older engines are considered to be 2017 model years and older, with the 2018 series of engines being considered new and designed to run on the new synthetic blends and total synthetic based lubricating chemistry. The part that was totally confusing for me was the CK-4 designation as it relates to the T-4 designation transition. The link below offers charts and explanations. Like Brett mentioned - you need to follow the the engine information for your particular engine(s) https://alliedoil.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Shell-Rotella-CK4_FA4-White-Paper1.pdf Rich.
  15. New Engine oil formulation question

    The question I have for those much better to reply to them I'm. Wear protection beyond CK-4 standards In API industry wear tests, Shell ROTELLA® T4 Triple Protection 15W-40 didn’t just meet CK-4 specifications; it delivered an average 50 percent more wear protection than required. It also provided strong wear protection in CK-4 engine tests including the Cummins ISM and ISB. That’s protection where it matters most - on the road. OK New Shell ROTELLA® T4 15W-40 Triple Protection and Shell ... with lower viscosity oils, so backwards compatibility is limited. Hum ? CK-4 oils will replace current CJ-4 oils and will be completely backwards compatible with all current engines. They will be designed with improved oxidation resistance, shear stability and aeration control. FA-4 oils include lower viscosity grades designed for next-generation diesel engines to help maximize fuel economy without sacrificing engine protection. Some older engines were not designed to operate with lower viscosity oils, so backwards compatibility is limited. So what year engines are considered older? Rich. http://rotella.shell.com/media/2016/new-shell-rotella-engine-oils-offer-improved-technology.html