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    Taking broken things apart, because if there already broken I can't brake it and might learn how to fix whatever it might be! Trying to tie trout fly's, learned how years ago and with my love to learn something new let that skill slid away.

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  1. DickandLois

    Bedroom Slide

    Ray, A good grade of grease makes a super lubricant. No oil to leak out and a good surface contact will keep the grease inside the gearbox. Should there be a crack or gap at any points between the 2 sections a traced out gasket will work well to seal things up. Should ether half of the gearbox be creaked / one can use Argon Co-2 gas Mig and fix the damage (works well up to 1/8 in.thickness) if it is a good Aluminium casting. The broken pin looks like common rolled split pin. Should be able to remove with the correct size center pin. Also, a good time to check for any run out ware on the primary gear center pin /axle or the casting bore. Rich.
  2. DickandLois

    Bedroom Slide

    Ray, From your description it sounds like there is a problem in the planetary gear section of the gear box. Most common problem is the bushing that keeps the center shaft centered in the gearbox. It wears an oblong hole in the casting. Fixable with the proper equipment. Getting the slide out opened takes a little extra manpower and removing as much of the load without dissembling everything helps. Rich.
  3. DickandLois

    Engine Cooling Fan Erratic

    Thinking the issue might be in the Hydraulic Valving that controls the fan speed. The setup can be quite different depending on model and year. The issue can be caused by wear of motor vane material - that can contaminate the HY fluid. Question: is the cooling hydraulics driven off the transmission or a separate system that needs some TLC, perhaps including new fluid and filter replaced. Rich.
  4. DickandLois

    Atwood Furnace motor bearing problem

    Joe, Some of the motors are easier to R and R then others. I have removed the Blower housing to replace the sail switches - While doing that job one can also clean the motor shaft bushing and apply some silicon grease to the shaft and bushing(bearing) area. Note, These motor blower bushing are open to dirt and dust. The best product to clean them that I have found is CRC spray. It removes all the old lubrication along with the dirt. Spray some Silicon on the shaft and bushing while the motor is running. Nice thing is they run on 12 volts, but keep you fingers clear on the blower (squirrel cage) They can wack a finger and that can brake the blower also! Motor part number is related directly to the system BTU's Field vice - 2 pieces of 2X4 held together with bungee cord(s) Rich.
  5. Bobmid, FYI. No welding should be performed on the coach, until the power is removed from the engine and transmission control boards. Best plan would be to contact the Chassis builder for the correct info before proceeding . Rich.
  6. DickandLois

    Journey odd electrical problem

    Journey odd electrical problem - Water intrusion , caused 3 contacts to short together. This is a picture of the part that was at the heart of the problem on this coach. Freightliner Chassis. The switch is attached to the park brake system - drivers side, close to the frame and rear axle. There was a relay buzzing sound. The issues caused are covered in post preceding this picture. Along with the circuit numbers in this case. Can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Rich Park Brake Pressure Switch.pdf
  7. DickandLois

    Higher Diesel Prices Starting Q4 2019

    fagnaml, To help assure good diesel fuel quality (lubricity, corrosion protection, detergent properties, prevent oxidation, etc.), I, like several other forum members, routinely use the Power Service "Diesel Kleen and Cetane Boost" additive available at your favorite Walmart. Diesel Kleen is the only additive endorsed by Cummins --> https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170510005497/en/Cummins-Officially-Recommends-Power-Service®-Diesel-Kleen Always add the White bottle because we live well north of RT 40, That is an arbitrary line mentioned by Power Service. Question pertaining to Biocid's . I had a bottle of it crystallize, was that due to cold weather or evaporation in hot weather? Keep some added when we are setting for more then 30 days. Rich.
  8. DickandLois

    24v to 13.8v Converter for Headlights

    Richard, This device is more for AC filtering and might cause other issues. Noise Suppressor Power EMI Filter Termianl Single-Phase Line-Conditioner JREle AC 115/250V 20A CW4L2-20A-S Rich. You posted a link for a DC to DC box and now I'm having problems finding the link. darned old organic computer circuits!
  9. DickandLois

    24v to 13.8v Converter for Headlights

    The real problem appears to be room to mount the needed LEDs . Close quarters and heat of 24 volt LEDs could lead to short life span. Rich.
  10. DickandLois

    24v to 13.8v Converter for Headlights

    I did run through that routine during the summer when I first realized I had a problem. The voltage leaving the resistor panel and the voltage at the headlamp sockets were the same. If I remember correctly, about 11.9v. That being the case you should be able to pick up close to 2 volts with a DC to DC converter. That extra would make a big difference in candle power. Rich.
  11. DickandLois

    24v to 13.8v Converter for Headlights

    Historical equipment was built to work - no real consideration of efficiency. That is why AC won over DC, but big generators did not travel well. Rich.
  12. DickandLois

    24v to 13.8v Converter for Headlights

    Richard, Voltage going to the resistor panel is where it should be. All four headlight circuits are providing over 24v with engine off and up to 28 with it running. The problem was apparently downstream from that. I removed the resistor panel and cleaned every connector and terminal. Everything visibly looked good - no broken resistors or wires, no corrosion, etc. Best I could get for output was 11.9v which is simply not enough for the sealed beams to shine bright enough. Lets try a different approach. With any one of the headlights removed, what is the dc voltage reading to a good chassis ground? What is the reading between the head light wiring ground and the 12 volt light feed. this is just a voltage reading. subtract one voltage from the other, what is the difference? Got a good digital meter? What is the resistance reading between the headlight socket pins.? not plugged in, No Power / light plugged in, lights power turned off, Measure the filament resistance again . Write down the number(s). Trying to see if there is a voltage drop difference between the harness wiring and a know good ground at a point on the frame. with some known numbers -seeing what you have /com paired to what the math come out to. Where is the voltage drop / resistance being injected/added? Rich.
  13. DickandLois

    24v to 13.8v Converter for Headlights

    Richard, Your 24 volt system should be a very stable source of power ! So there should be no need for a cap to filter the things. The resister divider you picture is old school but very reliable - only time one of them fail is when something shorts out. The lights should be fused to prevent any damage though. Oxidation or loose connections are the most common problem in the circuit pictured. The box you are looking at is a DC to DC converter, that is designed to convert 24 volts to 12 volts. A very Common practice in today's world. Are you saying that one of the headlights is not working or is just dimmer then the other? FYI. I got the last list of items you are hoping to get some info on and will keep looking around, sending things as I find them. Will keep you in the loop. Rich.
  14. DickandLois

    Dash Air

    Need you to post the Make, Model, Year and class of the Coach to narrow things down. Rich.
  15. DickandLois

    Windshield Wipers

    This Link might help, they supplier parts to Monaco. https://www.veurinksrv.com/parts-year-make-model/ Rich.