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  1. Information that might help motor home owners find a baseline for the proper torque level specifications for different class chassis used for the different class sized units. Torque levels vary considerably by class and the size coach in a given class. This tends to cause a point of confusion. This is also an issue for Tow Trailers and 5th.wheel units. The best information always comes from chassis builders not the tire shops! Safe travels to all Rich. Some Wheel lug torque levels for RV Wheels.pdf
  2. The attachment above was my original reply The real issue is kind of vanilla. The drive for the rams is attached to the frame of the coaches,ether between the axles and frames or the frames that extend a ram down towards the ground. This action raises the coach UP WARD, from a low point to level the structure relevant to the ground. This enables one to level the coach or any structure without digging holes in the ground to lower the high point. I do not think the park owners would let anyone just dig holes in the pads provided to level every model or size coach that arrives for a period of time so the vehicle was level. The Physics is for every action there is an equal reaction. Happy trails to all. Rich.
  3. Birds do some dumb things or just fail to pay attention of there surroundings at times. One very large ravine. committed suicide on The Yellow head Rt 16 in BC, Canada back a number of years ago. So glad I had installed a front crash bar before we left home. The bird hit so hard it sprung the top drivers corner back into the front fiberglass cowling that cracked the fiberglass. It was installed to prevent 4 legged critters from causing damage , not a 10 to 15 lb. dive bomber. Much higher up and the bird would have been in my lap! Rich.
  4. Chuck, Brett's Thoughts work real well to re leave the long-chain hydrocarbons from the supply side of the LP source. The "T" trap is a common solution as it lets the oil drop out of the vapor line. A common problem with LP powered backup generators for a stick and brick location when there is no NG source to connect to. Rich.
  5. I'm thinking of getting 2 output ports so I have a port for the pressure sensor. When the air pressure drops below around 50 psi an buzzer should sound! Once the air drops below 40 /45 psi the park brake's will lock on AND you will STOP!!! Mike, when the park brake is applied all the air is released from the spring loaded portion of the rear brake cylinder. The spring then keeps the brakes applied until the required air pressure is in the cylinders to release the park brake. ALWAYS block the wheels when working on the park or roiling brake lines. Rich. This link might help understand the difference and how the 2 air systems work. RV's and big trucks are very similar in many ways. https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1VFKB_enUS711US716&sxsrf=ACYBGNQc6d2MOkMSXOZ1PWnuk0SBJkoRag%3A1579115253521&ei=9WIfXsi3H9jKtQbb16XQBA&q=difference+between+primary+and+secondary+air+brake+air+lines&oq=difference+between+primary+and+secondary+air+brake+air+lines&gs_l=psy-ab.3..33i299.9639.22011..25704...0.2..0.155.1415.0j11......0....1..gws-wiz.......0i71j35i39j0i22i30j33i22i29i30j33i160.GHCAxTe1xfg&ved=0ahUKEwiIhvvdpobnAhVYZc0KHdtrCUoQ4dUDCAs&uact=5
  6. Bob's response. it had a heavy duty flasher & when he puts new one in it just buzz's . That indicates a low current issue. The flasher is a thermally activated style device. that uses a bi mettle strip to open and close the flasher switch inside the unit that plugs into a socket on or near the fuse box for both the 4 way and turn signal wiring. What is the voltage reading between the plus 12 volts and a known good ground? it is not hooked up to toad but he did put a new 7 pin connector on. Forward the wiring colors used at the seven different pins of the towed or trailer wiring. Each pin of the 7 pin connector supplies a ground, 12 volts, 4 way flasher signal or turn signal signal plus 12 volts for the marker lights. There are open pin(s) in some cases Do the marker lights work? ARE they Dimly lit or bright? Could you attach some pictures of the areas around the lights in question? What lights do work? A fast flash or a buzz indicate different issues. Has something been changed other then the flasher unit? Rich
  7. A Few questions. Are the bulbs incandescent / Filament style or LED ? Same speed on Left and Right turn active? Do you have the same speed issue when using 4 ways? any speed change when a trailer or tow-car is attached? Most flasher speed issues are caused by ban grounds at the socket point, bad or corroded contacts or failed flasher units. The most common mechanical flasher is a number 552. One can measure each marker light and flasher light resistance to ground, they should be very close in resistance. Rich.
  8. Bob,Welcome to the FMCA forum! Your coach is built on a Workhorse chassis ! You might try this link to find one close to each area you stop. There are a number of delivery and RV's built on there chassis's along with Ford. The fact that your coach has a Vortec8100 engine offers a number of GMC and Chevrolet service centers as options, because many of there products use the same style driver trains. info@workhorseservice.com Rich.
  9. As mentioned above Good job>Hope we did not muddy the water to much! Good to know you are back on the road.. Rich.
  10. With that information It is possible there is a 10 amp fuse located in the VIM(Vehicle interface module) Most of the wiring in this module is for relay circuits used to get the different control modules cross connected properly .Could be the point where the supply voltage is interrupted. Not much information on this fuse location out on the network. Hope this clears the missing Allison power. Rich.
  11. Thanks Joe! Miss that information somehow. Time to check out the Allison Manuals on file. Rich
  12. Gunnyjeep. Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your service! Could you post the Make, Model and year of the coach also include the model of the transmission. If everything was wired the same it would be to simple . Like flight line avionics nothing stands still . LOL There are some highly skilled members on this Forum. Maybe if you offer the information requested we can get everybody on the same page Rich.
  13. Factor, Welcome to the Forum! What is the Model year of the Coach? What is the voltage reading of the house batteries? And how old are they. Rich.
  14. Richard, I have a bell cover plate on the single outlet box on the back deck. It is 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 . This might be a source historrichouseparts in the city. Rich.
  15. Richard what is behind the cover? Cam lock key cylinder? The width dimension is not really readable. Looks very much like an old exterior single outlet box cover. Would something like this replace the current style cover? https://www.ultimatesecuritydevices.com/Metal-Dust-Cover-aka-Weather-Resistant-Cam-Lock-Cover-for-Cam-and-Key-Switch-LocksVertical-MountCover-Opens-to-Up-or-DownStainless-Spring_p_741.html There are key cylinder systems that hold this cover securely in place. Rich. OH! The patent date for the cover was 1965 !
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