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RV 2009

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Guest Wayne77590

Did anyone get to watch RV 2009?

I recorded it and we watched it last evening. I was a little disappointed. I thought we would see a broader spectrum, but hey, it was only an hour.

They showed the Country Coach Veranda at around $800K. Darn, I could have picked one up at the Houston RV Show for $433K. I guess I missed my chance again ... NOT!

It is a very nice looking coach.

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Gosh only 800k for that outfit. I looked it over and I have but one question for the

folks that thought this up.

''DO THEY INCLUDE A FLY SWATTER'' with this outfit?

It seems to me that the complete side of this coach is open. Now I dont know about

anyone else but down in Florida or along the NC coast the sand gnats, flies and the ''skeeters''

would just love this when it is open in the late evening.

Another thing. I noticed that this rig had what looked like three sliding doors to

close this off to the outside. News Flash. in my Pace Arrow I had a ''sliding mirror door'' on

the back bed room slide out closet and the dang thing never did work right. You could

not keep it on the track. I finally replaced it with a ''bifold'' door that works fine.

All things considered I would prefer to sit under the awning and leave the coach closed up

to the bugs.

Seajay the sailor man ..............

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