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Tow/Haul And Cruise Control On 2015 Ford Chassis

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First time towing toad I pushed the Tow button on the gearshift (2015 Ford 24k, V-10) and entered that mode. The other day I took the MH to the dealer without the toad and could not disengage the tow mode. There is no give in the button like it is jammed. At the same time the cruise control would not come on. No light - nothing.

Checked the manual and the closest thing I could find was fuse 18, a 20 amp wide fuse that controlled tow haul and transmission. Pulled the fuse and it tested OK. Any thoughts?

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There was a problem with the shifter wiring harness chaffing on top of the steering column, it seems to happen every so often on most Fords. Either way it sounds like a warranty job, I recomend taking it to the dealer to facilitate the repair.

Just curious is it a Class C Econoline chassis?

Either way I would use the tow haul feature in most cases just from the shear weight of the unit, especially when towing, the engine braking feature will help you get it stopped.


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