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  1. jleamont

    Keeping Mice Out Of Motorhome

    Bill, I use those in the garage, picked them up at Home Depot a few years ago, no mice since. Hadn't thought of using them in the coach basement, thanks. I also used the Peppermint oil in condiment cups with cotton balls in the coach, that and Fresh Cab seems to work. Ill keep my fingers crossed and add the sonic plug ins for another layer of protection.
  2. jleamont

    Keeping Mice Out Of Motorhome

    Richard, I believe you are right. They also chewed up a fair amount and made a nest out of it in the generator. After I pulled the cover and had all of the scratches buffed out I ditched the cover.
  3. jleamont

    Keeping Mice Out Of Motorhome

    Call me crazy but...I have only gotten mice when the coach was covered. Like clock work, put cover on got mice, take cover off no mice. Not to mention also got a bunch of scratches and other non desirable damage. I wrote Adco a letter asking if they used corn byproducts in their materials. Mice love their covers. Never got a response.
  4. jleamont

    12v Flourescent lighting upgrade

    Bill, I removed all fluorescent lights from our coach due to multiple ballast issues causing RF interference. Two tubes replaced with one LED strip were significantly brighter in LED. I bought all of it from this company. I don’t remember the finial price but since I was doing a full interior conversion he cut me a good deal. It ended up being cheaper that the Chinese junk available on line. I even swapped out the dimmable puck lights to LED. His lights are available in different color temperature ranges. The ones in the galley area are brighter than the rest of the coach and the color isn’t that annoying bright white you get with most LED’s. It’s more of a natural color. https://www.cabinbright.com/
  5. jleamont

    Brake Air Chamber Travel Alert

    Jim, kudos for observing your brakes! Most have no idea of an air brake operation and how it works. They just bee bop around assuming whomever did the last oil change is checking all of this out, meanwhile their compressor is on 100% duty cycle and the air drying is popping off like a gun. I have spoken to a few at campgrounds, trying to advise them of a problem, I get the same answer every time, "well it stops!" Or "My mechanic just changed the oil last week" .
  6. jleamont

    Buyer Beware Notification RE: Forrest River

    RKWenning, Welcome to the FMCA forums! This is not new news, Forrest River and a few others are known for quality issues and poor customer service. Sorry to hear about your situation. What happened that landed your coach at a body shop?
  7. jleamont

    Cummins ISC, ISL water pump update

    No, the Wix has fewer holes than the Cummins
  8. jleamont

    Cummins ISC, ISL water pump update

    Some finished photos. Oil changed today also. I bought a Wix/Napa filter, part number 1748xd, that filter will be coming off before the first trip! It has 1/2 of the oil entry holes than the Cummins OEM. From my seat that translates into low oil flow! You get what you pay for comes to mind!
  9. jleamont

    Fuse for Clearance Lights on Phaeton

    This is common on Tiffin. My friends Bus looks like spaghetti with in line fuses and non weather tight connections all over the place. Im glad you found the culprit, now onto why it opened?
  10. jleamont

    And so it begins.....Hybernation

    Rayin, no worries! So sorry to hear about your wife. I sincerely hope 2019 brings better health for her. Winter felt like it was bearing down on us early this year in PA. I winterized ours three weeks ago when the nights were drifting into the 30’s. Today we hit 70 degrees! Wont last! This was also the first year since we started RVing that we didn’t Halloween camp. I always love seeing the kids dressed up and handing out candy. We don’t get much Halloween traffic at the house.
  11. jleamont

    Campground Discounts for FMCA members

    I have found that you cannot stack discounts, so almost any membership will net you an average of 10%. Most RV’s folks are GS members for one or more perks. I just always pull that card out and give them that number. It became habit when I asked about FMCA discounts and there was silence on the other end, or they had to ask someone and put me on hold.....never fails the line would disconnect...had to call back.
  12. jleamont


    2brew, take the coach to a Cummins dealer. Ask them to look into it. It’s usually one wire to the ECM, the other to ground, when you press the switch it grounds that circuit. Finding that wire in a schematic... you would need their expertise for that.