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  1. Keith, we have the same issue after the coach sits all winter. But that’s it, once a year. DD mentioned lubing the S cams, have the tubes and slack adjusters been adequately lubed? we are both assuming you have air drum brakes? The clevis pins can also seize where the push rod connects to the slack adjuster and cause issues. Depending on the brake shoe compound might accelerate them rusting to the drums. If it were me I’d pull the wheels and have a good inspection performed, S cam bushings checked for excessive play. I have seen many that will bind due to bad bushings. They certainly shouldn’t wear out that soon but if never adequately lubed they certainly could fail in 15,000 miles. If they are air disc let me know. They can be quirky also, just much more $$ to fix.
  2. We use peppermint oil for Mice, supposedly works well for spiders and some other insects, I keep them in all year. Cotton balls soaked and placed in Dixie Condiment cups with holes punched in the lids. Joe I also keep an arsenal of sprays around. Depending on what I see when setting up ill spray my utilities coming up to the coach and around the tires.
  3. We run these at work. They work surprisingly well. https://www.raneystruckparts.com/searchresults.html?search_query=auto+socks&Search=&gclid=Cj0KCQjwz6PnBRCPARIsANOtCw22mpoD4alqzRchaPhX8JDTCzEGiC0RCkjdfYuz1JpDp_pv8hrCB3saAkfUEALw_wcB
  4. Good to know, guess who will be running the slide switches now
  5. It only does it when it reaches the end if you continue to hold the button in when the slide is bottomed out. It will pop, squeeze the seals tighter and pop again and continue to do so until you let off. I keep telling my DW to listen for when it reaches the end, don't hold it that long.
  6. Same design we have on the front slide, the rear has a clutch, once its tight if you don't let go of the switch it will begin to slip, which also makes an obnoxious clunking sound.
  7. Nope, he hasn’t given up. I keep in touch with Nick. He just purchased his first DP. And he’s been out several times in it.
  8. I use this company for work often. They do a good job, I’m sure they would have something https://www.petestire.com/
  9. Brett, Monaco and Foretravel sound similar, I can see all the way to the center of our tank (baffle blocks 1/2 of the tank) if the level is low. And there is a fill on both sides.
  10. I recently read that there were Monaco coaches built with steel fuel tanks, they rust from the inside and that crud gets sucked up into the fuel lines. There was a couple that sourced an aluminum tank from a salvage yard and installed it where there once was a steel tank, in their driveway. Most Monaco’s the fuel tank is very simple to replace.
  11. dsabers, I wouldn't be concerned. Its all relevant, smaller coach, smaller powertrain, bigger heavier coach larger powertrain more HP and torque.
  12. Load it with all of your belongings, fill the fresh water tank and have it weighed at each corner, adjust the tire pressures according to the pressure chart that can be found on the tire manufactures website. What size tires do you have?
  13. LUXOR4US, Welcome to the FMCA Forums and to the extended Family!
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