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  1. We park ours in early November, it doesn’t get started until later March. I do exercise the generator (under load) and Aquahot for an hour monthly while it’s parked.
  2. Below is the link on the tire program. https://www.fmca.com/rv-tires-discounts I would call around to the larger truck tire dealers (not truck stop tire stores), ask them if they honor the FMCA program. They might have some deals currently outside the program that could provide a deeper discount, a few members have reported that scenario worked well for them. Michelin has a dealer locator, I would look at the brand you want that is on the FMCA tire program, go to their web page and seek out a dealer. https://www.michelintruck.com/tools/dealer-locator/
  3. Sounds like the clutch is out of adjustment. You can either locate your manual based off of that system you have or call Lippert for help, the link for both is below; https://support.lci1.com/power-gear-slide-out-system
  4. Most RV's illuminate the brake lights with the exhaust or engine brake on. Its a changeable setting in the Cummins software if its equipped with a Cummins engine. Most trucks, medium and heavy do not illuminate the brake lights with the exhaust or engine brake on. I have read several complaints over the years from consumers utilizing a toad braking system that engages with inertia or via brake lamp illumination. AF1 and M&G both utilize air pressure to engage the toad brakes, not the stop lamp circuit.
  5. After reviewing the brochure it appears its NOT equipped with IFS, or its not mentioned anyway. https://tiffinmotorhomes-rcgarkskyk9ln7qkrx.stackpathdns.com/uploads/model-brochure/AllegroRED-Brochure/Allegro_RED-Brochure-2019.pdf
  6. In the business we call that a “smoke test”. Install a bigger fuse and look for the smoke I don’t recommend that procedure, I’ve seen several vehicles sustain serious damage from that.
  7. Mahdialbassam, Welcome To The FMCA Forums! Sounds like when you engage the engine brake it is applying the toad brakes, and it’s a hard application. I’d call the supplemental brake system manufacturer for advice.
  8. Guys, we are drifting off topic, “Fantasy Tours”. Please keep it on topic. thank you
  9. More information is needed as mentioned. If you are looking for a recommendation, replace it with the same manufacturer that currently resides on the roof. The last thing you would want to have to conquer is pulling new thermostat wires. Most manufacturers you can up grade both the roof unit and the thermostat without changing wiring.
  10. If not the salesman switch you will need to seek out the relay that the switch controls, it’s most likely the culprit. Once located check back in, we can give you instructions on how to test it. they are usually in an electrical compartment, not inside the coach (constant duty solenoid).
  11. Clary, Welcome To the FMCA Forums! Can you attach some photos so we can see what you are looking at?
  12. Oldmarine, as mentioned Bendix makes many different models but most use the same desiccant filter. You are lucky it’s not a Haladex air dryer, Freighliner used those around the same year and they are very expensive! Any idea how old the dryer assembly is? I replace my filter every 2 years and the complete dryer every 4. While air dryers are pretty simple there are other components that wear out and a remanufactured assembly usually is not that expensive. Our coach has a Meritor SS1200, the filter is around $30.00 a complete air dryer is $189.00. Most parts on a RV chassis can be purchased online or in a truck parts store which gives you the ability to shop around.
  13. I saw a Facebook post recently where they unhooked the toad (full size pickup) forgot to engage the transfer case, DW put it in park, it rolled away, bounced off a motorhome and rolled down an embankment and struck a tree. Very sad, glad no one was in its path!
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