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  1. Well, you’ll have to take it to a shop for the Inspection. PA law only allows the inspection to be performed at their place of business and there is a so many feet from the office clause (I believe it’s within 100 feet). Water heater, a mobile RV tech could certainly help with that.
  2. jleamont

    What is it?

    YUP, coolant filter.
  3. Ross, keep us posted on how it goes. Putting ours up for sale also soon. Looking to down size.
  4. HERE’S YOUR SIGN 😂 🤦‍♂️
  5. Typically it’s caused by a seal internally bypassing.
  6. Wayne, when we went Kay held a spot for us, we went out for BBQ the next day, we had a lot of fun. I’d send him a PM, more likely to a response. this is also north, I enjoyed walking around this museum https://www.thealabamaband.com
  7. Tuscaloosa, you’ll be passing by Kaypsmith, There’s a hidden gem campground there also. https://www.tannehillstatepark.org
  8. 😂, that’s the truth! I’m guilty 😂
  9. jleamont

    Stair vent.

    My only concern would be condensation that might occur if covered up.
  10. Floridason, where are you in Florida? Head to the coast, especially the East coast, always a breeze, so far SE Florida is much more comfortable than SE Pennsylvania where we came from. Granted we are only 10 miles inland from the beach. We learned years ago, inland Florida is no place to be from May to November, no air movement and miserable. We would drive to Florida 3-4 times a year before we moved here, loved being outdoors, when we got home to PA I wouldn’t come out of the house, too darn muggy and hot! Mountains of NC, might be decent otherwise Maine, UP Michigan or New Mexico. Hopefully you can handle mountains, my wife cannot go above 5000 feet for any length of time (altitude sickness). We loved New Mexico but it almost killed my wife.
  11. Don’t forget those older coaches also had ignition switch problems.
  12. Serge, on our 02 HR, there is a mirror on the backside wall (kitchen in ours) that is removable, huge hole behind that mirror for access. mirror on the right side of the photo, just past the counter
  13. From a manufacturer when I asked this question. Keep in mind not all are equal. ”if you flat tow it, it will replenish the battery, and will undoubtedly burst into flames from overheating the system. It’s not designed for that long of a run and at those speeds”. I appreciated their honesty! I also asked at what speed can I drag it around behind another vehicle and for how long if the battery dies on me? I’ll carry a tow strap.
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