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  1. Wayne, is this the card you are referring to? https://www.efsllc.com/fleet/fleet-cards/efs-fleet-card/
  2. Tim, made this trip last summer. Wasn't to bad, coach A/C (both roof tops) kept us comfortable. We stopped in Santa Rosa NM for two days, it was really hot there. Back in 08 we went from PA to CA I-81 to I-40 and all the way to CA. It wasn't terrible until the Mohave desert. We stopped for lunch and it was 118, that was hot! When I opened the door on the coach it felt like I opened to oven door at home, but without the good smell of something cooking.
  3. Foreveryoung, Welcome to the FMCA forums! There is some good information on this discussion;
  4. rockey987, Welcome to the FMCA forums! Do you have any time constraints?
  5. I MUST change all 8 next year, mine look horrible!
  6. For the age, it looks more modern than any RV from that era.
  7. Tim, should you want to save yourself some money and take a shot at it read this post, there is a lot of great information.
  8. I believe this topic has run its course and it’s time to close it.
  9. Same here. Had the issue on our 14 JKU. I decided to lift it and drove it directly to the shop and got a FULL alignment not just “set the toe and let it go” alignment. No issues afterwards. That has been the same situation on 6 Jeeps over 25 years. All were lifted but my daughters current 2005. When I bought my daughters I drove it home from the dealership and made an appointment for an alignment immediately. It didn’t wobble but I knew it was only a matter of time. And the caster was out on it, go figure. The problem is Caster, if it’s not perfectly dialed in it will wobble and of course if steering or suspension parts are worn out it will wobble. I am confident this occurs when the suspension settles. They leave the factory set, springs settle, caster goes out. The new Cherokee is a different story.
  10. The on/off switch will blink a code as soon as the generator stalls out. Count the flashes and there should be a pause between the sequences.
  11. Nan, welcome back! I have owned a few enclosed trailers over the years. The last two were made by Pace American http://www.paceamerican.com/. They were price pointed well and the quality was great. One of them I used commercially and never had an issue with it and I ran that trailer for 11 years. Should you order it I would upgrade to torque flex axles, they require less maintenance. Here is a video on those axles; One issue I experienced that I will share was the wind drag off of the RV. At the time our gas coach really had a hard time with wind resistance on the front wall of the trailer and I even special ordered it with a shorter tongue to tuck it closer to the RV. With the trailer behind us we would see a minimum of a 2 MPG decrease, and it felt like the brakes were dragging if there was any head wind, the trailer with the cargo was only 2300 lbs. With that being said if at all possible look for one with a V nose, it will pay you back on gas. I would seek out a used one first to save a few $$.
  12. Jim, I felt they all go hand and hand with overall quality and real world experiences with all of their products could be beneficial to someone shopping and considering any one of their products. Customer service experiences, if bad are no good on any of their products. If I had seen or heard of good I would have passed it along. I looked last night, my coiled cord is a BO product it is at least 10 years old, while its faded still works good and the coating is not cracked. They probably switched suppliers which created the problem alv has experienced. That is common practice amongst most industries.
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