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  1. You could certainly add fans to help. Personally I wouldn’t take that path unless it was my only option due to the cost. There are plenty of options; https://www.summitracing.com/search/part-type/fans-electric?SortBy=Default&SortOrder=Ascending
  2. Here is the product recommended on many posts; https://www.google.com/amp/s/simplegreen.com/products/extreme-motorsports-cleaner-degreaser/ I put it into a lawn pump sprayer and was able to get the nozzle between the radiator and Innercooler. Soak it down and rinse with a garden hose. As mentioned no pressure washer. might take a few times to clear it all but will be worth your time.
  3. Normally they snap in unless someone glued yours in since that type is know to pop out.
  4. I would try and shine a light through the radiator stack. My guess it’s partially blocked with crud. My side radiator was and it cleaned up after a few doses of cleaner and washing.
  5. Bill, it sounds like a great idea. I had no idea that was the braking system on such a large coach. Let me know if you need photos, I’ll crawl around ours and snap some. Ours being a 8 bag coach in the same era might be useful.
  6. Bill, what do you have now and do you have photos of your current set up? Our coach has all S-Cam brakes on the 4 corners. My only complaint is they are single fixed anchor pin, not preferred but they work great. I installed 8.62” wide shoes on the rear and 6” wide on the steer axle up from 7” on the rear and 5” on the steer. There is a good chance the Spider mounting is ok to mount the S-cam spider assembly.
  7. Jocelyn, that time of year you should be ok unless it’s another weird year like we had a few years ago when it snowed on Halloween. That was a one off. In 2013 we got caught up in ice storms in Van Horn Texas, Coming from California to Pennsylvania, the day high were single digits and our 1998 Coachmen class C held up fine. We had a wet bay, the last compartment on the drivers side housed the directional valves and the one in front of it had the black and gray pulls. Both had heat blowing into them via the furnace ducting. Typically around here you are safe until early December before worrying about temps low and long enough to cause any problems.
  8. This would be a new one for me, I have never heard of anyone needing additional cooling on an Allison. Is there an issues with overheating you are trying to correct?
  9. I saw a book from these folks somewhere, anyway it looked pretty useful; https://www.big-rigs-rv.com/Home.html
  10. YUP, and you don’t usually know you have a problem until you have a problem. The majority of the time it’s years of build that if routine cleaning had been performed there would be no build up.
  11. At that age I’d have them change the gear oil in the rear if not already done. Inspect the brake hoses. At that age I’d probably replace them and flush the brake fluid.
  12. We live in PA, winters can be tough but not as bad as other parts of the country. Our coach had flooded batteries for several years. I would top them off and keep the coach plugged in for the 5 months it remain parked outside. Every two months I would check the water level. My charger remained on “float” most of the winter. Every spring I would equalize them. Our charger did a fantastic job keeping the batteries happy and I got 9 years out of those batteries. I swapped those out for AGM’s 2 years ago, changed the charger settings and only open that compartment to clean them and check the torque on the cable studs twice a year. If it gets cold and you do not keep it plugged in pull the batteries and take them inside, keep them charged with a battery tender or you risk them freezing.
  13. I was wondering if someone had a comparison. Our friends trailer has the Coleman Mach on the roof and you cannot have a conversation inside. Our Dometic Penguins I don't consider them quiet but you can carry on a conversation inside without yelling.
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