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  1. That makes sense. Campgrounds out here are pricey, not sure if it’s only here but costs are shooting through the roof.
  2. Ross, I wish you the best of luck with your new adventures. Don’t be a stranger!
  3. YUP, did the same once, just not on a Saturday night 😂
  4. Not a fan of using truck stops, they attract crime and tend to be issues at those.
  5. Wild guess, circulator pump issue. Gargling sound usually caused by a lack of flow.
  6. I’ve seen that model in action, no humming. I have heard certain models can be pronounced while others are quiet. As mentioned a fatigued unit can also be a contributing factor. If mounted in the basement you should be good on the noises if any are observed.
  7. Where did you get replacement seals? USUALLY, they are the same seal as a house toilet supply hose, I’ve found myself over the years purchasing a hose just to take the seal out for a leak here or there.
  8. Best of luck to you, I hope it solves your problems.
  9. she’s too busy telling me to turn left when I was supposed to turn the other left 😂
  10. Here is another post you might want to read; did anyone pressure test your cooling system for leaks?
  11. I had the Mustang in traffic down here back in June and my air intake went up to 120, felt like I lost 1/2 the engine and it almost stalled out hen I mashed it from a traffic light 😂. 2008 we went across the Mojave in our gas coach, 120 was the ambient temp, my intake temp went up into the 140’s, coach was pinging like an old Cat diesel on acceleration but coolant temp never budged over 198 with a 195 thermostat.
  12. If your air intake temperature is a legitimate 160 degrees you’ve got some serious design flaws or a hole allowing hot gasses to enter the intake. By chance did someone modify the engine bay layout or close off the places for hot air to escape? any exhaust leaks, perhaps a collapsed muffler (internal) By design air filters and almost all piping is on the opposite side of the exhaust. Only the turbocharger inlet should sneak over and drop into the turbo. Do you have a infrared temp gun, I’d get that engine hot and start looking at my engine bay and CAC temperatures.
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