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  1. Ray, interesting photos! The first photo, vehicle on the right looks like an IMP.
  2. We carry this model by Bose. Looks like it’s discontinued. Sound is amazing https://www.amazon.com/Bose-SoundLink-Bluetooth-Discontinued-Manufacturer/dp/B00D5Q75RC
  3. Funny story, we’re in Florida now in the Jeep. Pulled into a toll booth, $1.00 toll, DW hands me the change, as I’m dropping the last coin into the funnel she says “hey they accept Ezpass now”, little late don’t ya think ??? Our Jeep has an Ezpass on the windshield
  4. People tend to follow the masses. Same with Tow bars. Doesn’t mean they are better quality just better advertising.
  5. Richard, we think alike. Everything on our coach has to work even if I don’t use it. I could see you actually needing it to help maintain even temperatures.
  6. You could go to a 12R22.5 or 315/80R22.5. I certainly would not go lighter with the 275/80R22.5. Our coach came with the incorrect steer tires on the front that were overloaded and wow did it handle bad! I was glad I caught it and made the dealer replace them before we became a statistic.
  7. I had a feeling, probably a heavier weight rated wheel also.
  8. Correct, the GAWR on the steer axle is the reason for the 295/80R22.5. This tire is capable of carrying 6940 on each to meet the axle requirements. Personally I would leave it as designed and continue with those sizes.
  9. That's how I unhook in front of our house since the coach is pointed up hill, makes a big difference.
  10. Did it come this way from the factory? I am pretty sure the reason for the 295/80 on the steer axle is to handle the weight capacity. What is the steer axle GAWR on the label?
  11. Glad it works. Might be a good time to consider an inverter upgrade at your convenience. Congratulation's on the 50 year milestone!
  12. Nice link! I made this for ours, just twist and it passes above the refrigerator door and below the freezer door.
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