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  1. jleamont

    Question about roof repair

    I look at those photos and I’m baffled. That is RV side moulding that accepts the colored vinyl inserts. I’m with DD on this! https://www.rvupgradestore.com/RV-Corner-Trim-Molding-Insert-16-p/20-6978.htm
  2. Our dash curves out more than the TV protrudes, so it forces you away from it. I've banged my head on it before. It happens when I'm routing through the tray on the dash and I lean up, even cut back it wouldn't fix clumsiness .
  3. Warning usually designates a fault code in the engine ECM. Usually related to an issue that will not leave you stranded. You will need to have the codes retrieved from the engine ECM soon. Often when Warning is illuminated the engine will go into a limp mode where it might cause the transmission to shift different.
  4. I do not have 7" protruding from the cabinet base. Maybe 3" for it to be flush with the cabinets on the left and right side of it.
  5. Thanks Everyone. Jim, no I did not change the depth, ours sits back closer to the windshield, where most come forward into the walkway. Modifying the cabinet wouldn't have netted me any interior headroom gains so I left it alone.
  6. jleamont

    Full timer - Sanitizing fresh water tank

    Richard, how do you test campground water?
  7. jleamont

    Grand Cherokee Jeep towing

    Being a jump pack or jumper cables just Incase.
  8. jleamont

    Full timer - Sanitizing fresh water tank

    Roland, 50/50 for us. We also never drink from either source, bottled water for us and pets as well. Learned that the hard way
  9. jleamont


    After a brief discussion today with my grandfather I just added Yellowstone to my 2020 plans. Yellowstone is the last thing in his bucket at 90 years old. I haven’t told him yet but I’m going to take him in 2020, just the two of us. He told me he could fly but he misses his RV and would rather drive out since there is so much beautiful country between PA and Yellowstone. Bill sounds like you’ve visited before, if you have any recommendations on where to park our coach being 50 amp and 41’ long, I’ll drive the toad into the park. Any recommendations with full hookups and when is the best time of year due to weather let me know.
  10. Weber baby Q is the propane model we carry. A friend had the one Bill posted the link to. It fell apart in 4 years of part time use. My Q is 11 and still going strong
  11. jleamont

    Is my truck capable to handle my load?

    Jayray, your truck is inadequate. As soon as you load belongings into the trailer you will be overweight and don’t forget to add people, fuel and belongings in the truck also will really make the combination overweight. I error on the overkill side. Your journey will be much more comfortable and enjoyable when you are not white knuckled driving down the road with a dually.
  12. Wow!! Ours is a Samsung LED, it’s very light weight. I mounted the brackets so the tv and sound bar actually rest on the rubber feet under the sound bar against the bottom of the cabinet. I purposely did this so they are not suspended in the air to avoid TV damage. I’m sure the tv by itself would be ok but the sound bar mounted to the tv was a concern. When you press the TV back it also sits on the old wood on the sides. I cut them specifically for that tv on the last installation so it would sit flush with the cabinet. As long is it doesn’t squeak I’ll be ok. I also bought the mount that is designed for a tv up to 70 lbs. I figured that was a good idea since it’s going into a RV. I’ll have more photos today, I’m waiting for the stain to dry on the wood trim.
  13. YUP, it pulls out for access. It’s not easy (so it won’t come out while driving).