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  1. Gangster rap.... JUST KIDDING Seriously, Usually I am on the seek button for a local country station or classic rock, especially if headed south. Up here our country stations are pretty...HORRIBLE! or DW is talking, no reception and I shut it off, we just chat and admire the scenery.
  2. Marthachuck, great reminder!! If you scroll through this section you will quickly see how many don’t do that and usually up with destroyed electrical component. Common occurrence on the Transfer Switch. Speaking of Transfer switch, did you check that also, I didn’t see it mentioned above?
  3. UGH, glad you’ve got the heater and shelter. I feel your pain with the weather!
  4. Wow, that’s an interesting find! Do you have photos?
  5. As puff mentioned, year make and model all played a role in which remote part number was correct for the application. Sadly several looked alike.
  6. Air flowing through the valve or leaking out of the valve? Any issues with an air flow sound through the valve when you release the parking brake, any erratic gauge movement i.e. needle twitching that doesn't stabilize after a few seconds?
  7. That's a thought! Perhaps pull it down, cut along the cabinet edge and replace the ceiling in that area with something custom that is more manageable? I saw a coach that someone installed antique looking metal tiles (they weren't metal, it was a recycled composite product) along with window treatments that had a dated look from that era and it looked great. I am sure there are many options available if you think outside of the box and you are a DIY'R.
  8. Typically the ceiling is installed before the wall cabinets, that would be a huge undertaking to basically gut everything on both sides to pull that section down. Not that it couldn't be done, but certainly a lot of work
  9. Bob, the last two times I went in PA with friends I was told by the DMV examiner I wasted my time. He explained for RV’s that doesn’t apply, only if you are seeking a Commercial license. Call that branch of the DMV and ask, make sure they understand it’s a NON-CDL B for an RV. You might need a supervisor as most don’t know such a thing exists.
  10. Let us know what they say. The last time I saw something like that it was caused by cigarette smoke. It deteriorates the foam backing causing the headliner to drop, now that was on automobiles. I am curious to hear what Winnebago has to say.
  11. jleamont

    Inverter Died

    Xantrex told me that I would need to replace the RC7GS controller with the new and improved one if I decide to upgrade the unit. We currently have auto Generator start. Great little option to have.
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