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  1. To be honest, I do miss the simplistic side of our gas coach. Yeah the DP comfort is amazing when parked and driving. But the stress and anxiety of what could break and maintenance costs outweigh the comfort IMHO.
  2. Richard, I don’t blame you, makes sense from a cost standpoint!
  3. It’s been a few years, did it in a 42’ with toad, no issues!
  4. https://www.scangauge.com/products/scangauge-d/
  5. Worst hill I’ve ever encountered was in the Appalachian Mountains in PA, our class c, down in 1st gear foot to the floor 15 mph, I was going to stop and have my wife hop in the toad and help push. I was afraid if I stopped I couldn’t get started again
  6. I came from 81 and that was worse than coming from Fancy Gap, the descend was toward Fancy gap wasn’t bad, getting there was tough. I always joked, our Motorhome won’t climb that hill if your Explorer struggled like that.
  7. D, come down 84-87-287-78-476-95, depending on the time of day 476 can get jammed up, avoid rush hours. Otherwise DC is a non issue these days, many new highways through there. It gets backed up during rush hour in Quantico VA south of DC, If the express lanes are open south bound use it. hope you have an EZ PASS. When we lived in PA that was my only traffic jamb in VA, I would come through there after 7pm, or between 10 and 3 otherwise no issues. STAY AWAY FROM THE GW BRIDGE. That area is miserable and the toll charges are extremely expensive. Maryland is an exhausting drive, the scenery doesn’t change so you feel like your driving in circles. you could come down 84-81-77 through Charlotte and cut over to 95, that will add around 100 miles, there’s nothing but a VERY LARGE MOUNTAIN, to climb up and go down on 77, Very scenic and beautiful! You will avoid Philadelphia, Wilmington DE, DC, Quantico. Depending on time and the added fuel cost. I can tell you that mountain is a tough one, went up and over it in my wife’s Ford Explorer several years ago, it struggled, never tried it in either of our coaches. Been down 81 more times than I can count headed to Tennessee.
  8. Shot in the dark, did you try the selling dealer? I know Jeep makes a plug and play kit for their products, maybe GM offers something?
  9. The KOA in Kissimmee is very nice! Stayed there many times.
  10. Have you tried Hopkins? This kit is for a 2021, doesn’t mention LED tail lights. Probably worth a phone call to their tech support for assistance. https://hopkinstowingsolutions.com/products/dinghy-towing/universal-splice-in-diodes/55999.html
  11. Just keep it with you, when the light pops on scan it without shutting the engine down. It’s odd that it cannot see fault codes stored in history.
  12. No really, the dash cam we have is 9 years old, probably obsolete by now and I know technology has advanced and made them easier to use.
  13. Honestly, I’ve never experienced any issues cutting off all power. Any issues should be so minor you shouldn’t notice it. The most I’ve ever heard of was a slightly elevated idle.
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