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  1. Southern route is more flat. I did this very trip in July 2008 with our last Motorhome. PA to CA and back. The Mojave Desert was HOT, but it was July. The Motorhome kept us comfortable and we stayed in Williams AZ for a few days on the return which was nice, gave us a break from the heat. Here is a link, the train ride to the Grand Canyon was fantastic, they also have a beautiful campground there that is close enough to down town to take a stroll and look around - shop, take in the Route 66 history. https://www.thetrain.com/ I would do it again in the summer, since we did it already I would consider a northern route on the way home just to explore but there was plenty to do on and off of I-40. William AZ; https://experiencewilliams.com/things-to-do-in-williams-arizona/
  2. It’s located under a portion of the valve cover. On a pusher it’s on the end closest to the transmission. The cover should separate on models equipped so you do not have to remove the entire valve cover. Very common filter to have been forgotten about.
  3. Stacy and Ted, Welcome! Don’t be strangers.
  4. We must be neighbors. I do not know of anyone around this area that does that type of work, let alone with that level of quality.
  5. jleamont


    What APP are you referring to?
  6. Its a new trend in most industries lately that are on the web. We are watching but they swoop in quickly. If you see any send me and Herman a PM. I hope no one clicks on their links, that's how they take over your computer.
  7. We spent the beginning of December 2013 in San Antonio TX due to an ICE storm that shut everything just north of us down. I made it down I-10 from Van Horn in an ice storm in our old motorhome. We were supposed to be on I-40, had to detour to I-10 while in CA to avoid the storms.
  8. This is the first time I will say I am glad to be in PA and not TX! I have been reading about all of the power outages. What surprised me is how few people have back up generators. Storms are not uncommon for TX, are power outages uncommon with hurricanes in the southern part of the state? Back up generators are pretty common up in this part of the US. We have the entire house on one and we have gas logs in fire place that do not require power to operate...just in case... Gas fire place in TX, I get that, no back up power, I struggle with.
  9. YUP! Run RV Antifreeze through the system is the ONLY option we have (Aquahot coach). Takes me 20 minutes by myself and 5 gallons.
  10. YUP, and they are notorious for sticking and leaking.
  11. Yes but could affect Type B, C RV’s and trucks that pull trailers. Thanks Ray
  12. Why do I feel like Captain Obvious is amongst us
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