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  1. You can do that with a traditional water heater. Tankless or Aquahot no good. Supposedly you cannot get it all out of the coil that wraps the heat source and it will freeze and break. As mentioned, most tank water heaters have three valves, inlet, outlet and bypass. You have to close the inlet and outlet, open the bypass to properly direct the solution around the unit.
  2. Now that makes sense! That leaves an out for campground management just in case! I believe they take the easy way out and run with the age.
  3. I thought I’d share this from the FMCA Facebook page. Quite a few folks on here do not have Facebook and it would be a shame to miss out on this blast from the past video.
  4. I encountered one in Florida (no issues getting in after submitting photos) and from what I have read there are quite a few in California.
  5. Richard, does your coach have the RVIA certification decal on it? I had a place that I had to send photos of ours because it was older than 10 and they asked that one photo be of that certification decal.
  6. This has been the subject of many topics. If you do a search (TPMS) in the top right of the screen you will have a lot to read. We Ru the EEZTIRE system and love it. Here is one post;
  7. That made ours run cooler with the new design. Steady 180 now, pulling hills loaded with toad 190. Only in stop and go traffic will it climb slightly above 190. Does sound cold, ours has a 180 degree thermostat.
  8. let us know how it goes after the dealer.
  9. From an engineering perspective do you see where filling that large cavity inside the tire could cause issues with tire longevity? Any idea how close to a fully inflated tire it resides, how far away would be considered “safe”? Also do you think mounting the tire could be a concern, cause potential tire damage during the mounting process?
  10. Mike, glad you caught that before it turned catastrophic. This is a common failure point due to lack of maintenance. Here is one of MANY posts on it;
  11. We do the same. Its free and it automatically changes as you move (it knows where you are). I can adjust the app to alarm visually, audibly or both and you can pick what kind of events you want or don't want i.e. rain, lightning strikes, snow etc. "Weather Channel" is the APP we use.
  12. Seems to be hit or miss. The Pilot on I-81 as you are headed up the Mountain in Lebanon area is HORRIBLE. I cant count on one hand how many times I have had breakdowns that pulled out of there in the winter months. Most cannot get up the mountain, if headed south you can coast into Harrisburg if your lucky. I have a mobile maintenance vendor in Hegins PA, I swear I put his kid through college . They run a B20 from their pumps, I don't know why but once it hits the atmosphere it turns into Butter.
  13. I was hoping the same. The issue we experienced could have been contained up here in the North East. I Never asked that question.
  14. I have no idea why. We got stung at work which lead to a meeting I can only pass along what I was told.
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