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  1. Anyone on this business today would say NO! There is a shortage of qualified technicians around the USA, the ones leaving trade schools for the most part want to leave and make $100,000 after 2 years and do nothing for it but throw parts at something. When they cant get that they throw a temper tantrum and go onto something else. The skill set requirements have grown tremendously over the years while the mindset of the newer generations has deteriorated. Keep in mind the cost to do business with all of this technology is over the top as well and that is why the industry is falling apart. I was at a local dealership yesterday, the service manager and I were discussing the shortage. Most applicants do not return phone calls, the ones that do demand a six figure pay plan with a guarantee, air conditioned shop (we live in PA) and a 3-4 day work week with NO weekends. After I got done laughing we started to discuss how soon until retirement to run away from all of this nonsense! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you cant fix your coach yourself your in trouble and its getting worse by the day. Unless your willing to allow someone to throw your money at a problem until it goes away by process of elimination.
  2. jleamont

    Near Portland

  3. jleamont

    Near Portland

    Too many Portland's! You'd think we could be a bit more creative when towns were named
  4. jleamont

    Near Portland

    Another....Portland Oregon or Portland Maine? Could be others as well but those two popped into my head.
  5. jleamont

    Checking Browser

    missed that..thank you!
  6. jleamont

    Checking Browser

    The latest update on the forum made the emoji look like a sad drawing, any idea why? Where's Kay, hes the wiz at this stuff?
  7. jleamont

    Checking Browser

    Chrome on the PC, no idea on the I-Phone, both give the same message. Don't steal my thunder, it makes me feel important 😂 💪
  8. jleamont

    Checking Browser

    Richard, thanks for the link. I am getting them also on mobile and PC, i figured it was some extra level of security.
  9. YUP, thats the reason I removed the built in unit and opted for one on the pole. I have had cord damage in the past, which can be frustrating and expensive!
  10. jleamont

    Flat Tow Tow Bar Choices

    Mike, I missed the Unlimited in your post. We have a 14 Unlimited Polar edition, had it weighed it was 4850. I guess the steel bumpers I put on, lift and larger tires bumped it up. Your low weight made me think it was a 2 door
  11. jleamont

    Aqua Hot 450D

    You got it! Sounds like you are all set for old man winter to arrive.
  12. jleamont

    Failed Fuel Line Cummins 380 Diesel

    Richard, I’d bet you are onto something. I ran into this before in a utility vehicle, when the engine was designed no one thought about the Lineman in the air for several hours with the engine at idle with the PTO engaged and the truck goes into regen and raises the rpm’s, truck got real jerky like a carnival ride almost tossed a few out of the bucket, the fix caused more frequent tows away from a job site.
  13. jleamont

    Aqua Hot 450D

    Richard, correct! You never want Toxic Antifreeze in your fresh water circuit. RV Antifreeze for winterizing, no issues.
  14. jleamont

    Aqua Hot 450D

    Jim, I agree 100% Oasis is a much better design. I considered swapping over but the expense was too much.
  15. jleamont

    Aqua Hot 450D