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  1. Puff, have you tried it out to see how long? I only have one 2000 watt inverter, no solar and my refrigerator has ran over 8 hours without the auto start engaging the generator.
  2. How is the school progressing with Graduation? Our youngest is also supposed to graduate this year.
  3. That's a great deal! I haven't asked for anything yet but you just sparked my interest.
  4. Out of curiosity, if anyone is traveling during this time that is NOT a full timer, what are you going to do when you arrive at your destination?
  5. Mike, I agree! This has puzzled me from the beginning. In a typical campground environment you would be more spaced out than an apartment complex.
  6. Well that didn't last too long, all but 2.5 hours, now we have two confirmed cases within 5 square miles of our house.
  7. You know when you can feel it in your bones you belong somewhere? Texas gives me that feeling, as if I was there before and I am back home now, its strange. DW wants beach or close to one. So I have to book a gulf coast trip near Galveston to see what its like since we have never been there and see whats its like. Ultimately work will dictate most of this. She found a house in Bayview TX on a river of some sort, fell in love with it and the area (via google, never been there). Time will tell I guess. I have lost all ambition for 2020 trips. This will be a year of monthly RV bursts to exercise the coach and move the fuel around, stop and top off the tank, add Biocide . All of the trips I had planned were May - June. Covid-19 numbers are climbing here like wildfire. PA is up to 16239 as of noon today. None in my area, I suspect its here just no one is being tested. I just cannot wait for this to be over! I have cancelled all RV trips and vacations for the season except one to take our oldest for her internship around Labor Day weekend.
  8. No way! I am past the point of projects in my life.
  9. Saw this on Facebook and thought it was interesting enough to share. I would love to see some interior photos.
  10. We tried the curbside pickup at Target. Only 60% of what we wanted was available, everything else you had to go inside and get for yourself. I mask (PA recommendation now) and glove up to go into a public store. Yeah you can wash your hands, if you saw my cracked hands you would understand why the gloves have become critical. I am also trained how to remove them without contaminating the other hand, with lotion on under the gloves its helping to heal my hands.
  11. I found a pack of 6 opened N1105 in the garage from my bathroom remodel last April, one was removed from the pack. I was going to donate them, but they are opened. I have a drawer with an assortment of different masks. They are all old but useful or shall I say better than nothing I guess should I need to wear something.
  12. Now that I can believe!! I have and always will questioned the 6’ rule. Perhaps a sealed cough into your elbow then 6’ sounds reasonable. Wind will carry water droplets quite a distance. Any of us that have washed our coaches can certainly verify the distance the wind carries fine water droplets.
  13. I was thinking of him last night. Thank you for the update and please keep us posted.
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