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  1. 12'5" and I always watch the signs and pre-plan my routing. When I see where a bridge is while planning I go to Google street view and read the sign. I had a campground in NY tell me "if we can get here with our trailer, you'll have no problems with a motorhome". Never went there, booked elsewhere!
  2. Mike, to answer your question NO! I see "professional" trucker drivers doing similar stuff (just as dangerous) all the time.
  3. Herman, ours airs up and down slow enough that you can use it as questioned, you might have to stop and set it again as it was raising. I have had to use it more than once for more clearance. I have aired it up (looked like a 4x4) and crawled out of gas stations and into campsites before so we wouldn't bottom out the rear.
  4. That’s great news….but. When you break down you will have to be towed into a Cummins authorized location. Then you’ll be at the mercy of their staff being aware of this change and hopefully they down load it properly, and again hopefully it actually works. Factory software changes are like a see-saw, something else will be changed, it always is and not disclosed. I can remember software changes in my dealer days and having people coming back screaming that their MPG’s were cut in half and the manufacturer denying it. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing if all of the dominoes fall properly.
  5. Welcome! I almost bought a 1994 Marquis. Beautiful coaches those are!!
  6. Sky, the magnets are in a pocket, they are not touching the glass directly, just the material.
  7. Is the coach wired for 50 amp or 30? I.e. what plug do you have and what gauge power cord is it?
  8. Understood, take your time and don’t push it. You should have the same lift pump that we once had. There are several spots for leaks to occur. My guess one of the banjo fittings or the motor portion is loose from the pump housing. Output side makes the most sense or you’d have a problem getting it started. That pump was buried on our ISL. Not fun to access!
  9. Love it!! We have stayed at several places with a 10 year rule and we were well beyond the 10 year age. They all asked for pictures, no issues after that. We stayed and enjoyed!
  10. Sorry for the redundant question, I was working out of pocket and for some reason signatures and how many posts a person has doesn't come over in Apple. Id pop the hatch open and snoop around, could just be a loose fitting that when the engine gets hot, it expands and leaks. Somewhere there has to be a trace of fuel, it should dry out that quick especially since its diesel fuel.
  11. Not likely. Can you open your floor and look at the lift pump? What year and engine do you have?
  12. Yes!! Ours in very cold, never mushy. As mentioned above its all about planning. If you have an automatic generator start/stop option then the planning gets easier. Should you forget while boondocking the coach has your back.
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