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  1. Ditto, when I open Safari I start to type “Co” and it pre loads and opens
  2. We have one, use it on every trip. We need to upgrade, ours is OLD. I bought the same one Puff recommended on a post 7+ years ago on here.
  3. Does it come with a generator? If not how do you run the AC?
  4. https://www.autometer.com/gauge-types/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAkNiMBhCxARIsAIDDKNWMyOvOUVXZ0GxR17buj9uUTrjr_F7akygiIKlXkxSiPU7oLXghwHwaAs20EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds the factory gauges were made by VDO. That link is below. You can purchase one from Autometer. The link above, scroll down and contact them. I know they make custom gauges to fit your needs. https://www.vdo-gauges.com
  5. I wouldn’t let anyone touch our coach but this business. And the specialize in Monaco products. http://talinrv.com
  6. Interesting topic. 7 years ago we bought our DP. It had scratches on it and I took it to a local body shop for repair. The owner asked me if he needed to plug it in to protect my batteries. I told him no, they are switched off. When I asked him how he knew that his response was shocking. He has classic cars that sit. Over time they will ruin the battery if not plugged in, I assumed an RV would have similar issues if not plugged in. Needless to say I was impressed.
  7. jleamont

    Tow dolly

    I believe it varies between states, best bet is to call your agent. When we had a dolly it fell under the vehicle towing it. That was quite a while ago and could have changed by now.
  8. Roland, all I’ve ever done; Pump RV antifreeze through the system until I see pink on the hot and cold sides including washer. Full tank of fuel prior to parking. leave coach plugged into electric. Add Fresh cab and Peppermint oil soaked cotton balls in the interior and basement (to keep mice away). I never started the engine in winter therefore I could care less if the fuel gelled. When we would get a warm spell (upper 30’s to 40’s) I would run my Aquahot on diesel and run the generator under load, each for an hour once a month.
  9. Great recommendation! Especially on a vehicle that doesn’t get tire rotations. The rear inner will always be rear inners.
  10. Mike, I use sold stainless steel extensions that clear the outer wheel from the inner. Then I have the rubber grommets the press into the wheel hole and hold the stem to keep it stable. I have never had a leak issue. When I pull them off I replace the o-ring inside to make sure it’s a fresh seal.
  11. At my first pass, I thought it was a Whoppie Pie . After I put my glasses on I realized it wasn’t.
  12. Very nice!! I am still considering the Bus Kote for our roof. I got a quote on the products, less than $400 wasn’t bad for a 41’ Motorhome
  13. , some people have no sense of humor
  14. I’d like to say have it inspected, you could but understand they find faults that don’t exist so you have to take their reports with a grain of salt. We had terrible luck with dealers until we stumbled upon the one we bought from. My best recommendation, if you go to a dealer and the coach is dirty, walk away. Both times we bought they were pristine and they handed me a list of items that needed addressed. We negotiated through them and bought both times.
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