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  1. YES. It really depends on how low you run the DEF, and most of all EXPOSED CLIMATES. The colder the more frequented failures. Each manufacturer has had their problematic years. I have had Bosch units identical fail in 2019 more than the exact ones made in 2018. And when I say fail, I mean every 6000 miles your getting towed in. Eventually the manufacturer corrects the issue and they’ll last MAYBE 80,000 at that point, some just go longer for no reason. DON’T FORGET, there is a filter at the bottom of the tank that requires annual replacement. Depending on how/where your tank is mounted it could be a pain to access. It will clog just from being submerged, not so much of an issue with how much DEF flowed through it (like a fuel filter).
  2. Don, avoid cable slides, I’m not a fan of hydraulic but they are not terrible (just over engineered with a lot of components). Ours are rack and pinion electric with manual crank ins (just in case). Rack and pinion can be identified with long gear tracks if you look up in the basement area or under a deployed slide. Very simple design and everything is easily accessible should you have a problem. Wait- the next comment “I’ve never had issues with mine” YET should be in that phrase! The more links in a chain the better the chance of failure.
  3. It’s 80 and sunny. Too hot for you two? 59 and rain at home. I’ll take this any day over 59.
  4. That really depends on a lot of different configurations if needed or not. Ours NO and never needed.
  5. Absolutely beautiful, highly recommend. https://www.santarosarvresort.com
  6. Don, coach year 2007 and older, you will bypass emissions systems. Chassis produced in 2007 (not the coach as a complete unit, chassis are usually built 1 year prior) will most likely be equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter, Catalyst and EGR system.
  7. Meatballs. Mexican chicken, pre cooked and vac sealed. We can pull over and whip together tacos or an Italian dish pretty fast. Haven't done the slow cooker while in motion yet.
  8. When you read the regulations, one common word popped up COMMERCIAL. Since RV’s do not fall into that category it’s really a moot point. Now if an axle is physically overloaded, that’s a safety issue! Our last coach fell into that category. I drove that like it was stolen for 7 years. All I did was add air bags to all 4 corners and went with a heavier tire load range. Not too much else you can do but enjoy it.
  9. Guessing, they routed the brake lines back to those duallies.
  10. Can someone help, what type RV is this?
  11. Ditto! Seeking another Jeep soon, that will be set up the same way.
  12. I have a friend with one as a toad. M&G brake system installed.
  13. Only if the alignment is out on the Jeep, I.e. lifted and the Caster was not set afterwards. Every Jeep Wrangler we have towed was lifted and not one ever had a death wobble on its own or while in tow. Just make sure your tow bar is level, but that is no different with a Wrangler or any other vehicle.
  14. Forgot about that one, us too!!! That and cleaning up after your pet. I don’t mind the children as long as they are well behaved and follow the rules and decent etiquette. When ours were little, As soon as they could read we would make them read the rules. They weren’t allowed to roam freely either. I never wanted to be “that family” with disrespectful kids. When they got older and were allowed to go to activities by themselves many times they would come back because others were out of hand and they didn’t want to be associated with that crowd. Goes back to, it’s all how you raise them.
  15. Unfortunately this has become “normal etiquette”. Cutting through sites, the list goes on and on. Seems to get worse with the location. We were in Myrtle beach a few years ago, they were turfing campsites with golf carts, sites with campers parked while people were on the beach, driving across peoples patio mats at a high rate of speed. Add alcohol and it gets much worse! Security watched it and shrugged it off. Sadly its a new world we live in.
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