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Flat Tow 2015 Ford Focus?

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Yes the Focus automatic is towable. However, when I was looking for a toad, my dealer contacted all the major tow bar companies and none of them had designed the base plate as the front end of the Focus had been changed.

As a result, I found a new 2014 and it tows very easily. You should always check the owners manual for the car you are planning to tow and it will tell you if it is possible and the procedures to follow if it is. Maybe they now have a base plate so you could go with the 2015.

Many automatics are towable. Most all jeeps and many Fords as well as many GM products.


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There are several Fords and many other makes that can be towed 4-down with an automatic transmission. The best way to determine if the manufacturer approves the car for towing is to check the owners manual and look for the "recreational towing" section. This will tell you if it can be towed 4-down and how to set the car up for towing that way. I looked in Motorhome magazine's towing guides for 2015 and it does not list the Focus. However, if you go www.remcoindustries.com and put in the description of your car on the left side of the page, it shows that the 2015 Focus is approved to be towed with an automatic transmission. I didn't look up the owner's manual, but they are usually available online. Just google the make and model and year and the words "owners manual."

There are several auto transmission vehicles that are towable 4-down. Ford makes many models as does Jeep. The Honda CRV from 2014 back is towable, but NOT THE 2015. Chevy also makes several models than can be towed 4-down with automatic. There are several others manufacturers that make towable vehicles.

As for towing using a dolly, again read the owner's manual. Most (but not all) FWD vehicles can be towed with a dolly. RWD and 4WD usually cannot be towed that way. Remco does make transmission lube pumps that can be added to some automatic transmission vehicles to tow it 4-down. Check Remco's website for information.

If you find the car is towable, you will need to install a towbar with baseplate, a braking system (highly recommended) and provide some kind of lighting mods to provide brake lights, turn signals and tail lights on the towed vehicle.

Hope this helps


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