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2002 Monaco Lapalma Floor Truss Info Needed

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Looking at purchasing a 2002 Monaco Lapalma 36DBD with low mileage. Found recall info and there is a potential recall for floor truss needing to be reinforced. W22 Workhorse chassis.

Brake recall has been completed.

Who can I contact to find if this particular model needs the repair? Is there a easy way to inspect the coach if needed or completed? I was able to download diagram of where repair parts should be installed but B/W photos on recall are iffy quality.

Lifes bumps in the road (health issues is main reason for a used model in this price range) and wife wants the bath and a half.

Also, anyone chime in on other issues with this year Lapalma. Had a Winnebago brave and found out after purchase that they had run into a bridge and damaged roof. Minor leak issues that I had to stay on top of with sealants. Still enjoyed motorhome and took at least 3 vacations a year. Was able to learn all the in's and outs of motorhome life and do not want to travel any other way now. I will get a chassis/parts warranty, probably Good Sam for 1st year or so in case powertrain failure.

Looking forward to your comments

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One way to check is to call Monaco (877) 466-6226. Have the coach number ready when you call. The coach number is not the VIN. The coach number is listed behind the drivers seat on the wall on most Monaco coaches. They will want the last six digits of the unit serial number. Make a note of that number and keep it handy. Anytime you need parts or technical information they will ask for that number. They maintain a complete record of all equipment originally installed at the factory. I find this a particularly valuable resource!

If the previous owner had the recall done at a factory service center or a Monaco Dealer, they should have the repair information in the coach records. If that wasn't done, they should be able to tell you how to conduct a physical examination or where to take the coach to have someone check and/or perform the recall repair.

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