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2005 Ductchmen Four Winds M34R

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Good morning,

I am looking to purchase a used 2005 Dutchmen Four Winds M34R Class C+. It is on the C55 chassis, Kodiak Chassis, and has the 8.1L engine. The motorhome is in really good shape and very clean, It only has 26,000 miles. I have a pretty good stack of receipts to go with it.

It is currently at Camping World having an inspection done on it.

Any thoughts or experience out there on this motorhome?



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Welcome to the Forum.

Is it original tires? If not, when was new ones put on? If original, then you need 6 new tires! Are you buying this from Camping World? If so, don't take their word for anything! Look inside for any kind of stain on walls or celling, could be a leak. Don't know if there is a FOX report on Class C's. but, if possible find out if it has been in an accident, or flood zone.

Take it for a test drive, with generator on and roof AC on then heat on if you can...run Freeway and secondary roads. If possible get a second opinion from another mechanic, even if you must pay for one, or friend who knows RV's!

The brand was good, Kodiak is good!


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