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Marines and Navy talk

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I have a buddy who is a ''Former Marine'' (of course, there are no ''former marines." Once you are in the ''Corps'' you are always in the ''Corps,'' even if you are dead).

He is a very good friend and I tease him because I was in the NAVY. We kid each other about our service to our country. I told him that someday I would teach him how to count higher than four and the first number is not ''hup." He says the ''Corp'' just kept the NAVY around to haul them around to where the action was happening.

For what it's worth, I have great respect for ALL service personnel. When I see one in uniform I give my best Navy salute and thank them for their service to my country.

God bless our troops and keep them safe.

Wind to your back Marine ...


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Guest Wayne77590

Okay! I can't let it go by.

Tell your Marine friend, and I know you will agree with the first part;

The Marine Corps is a Department Of The Navy. It's called the "men's" department.


The Marine Corps is to the Navy as what the handle is to the bed chamber pot. We're attached to in, we are not in it!

Semper Fi!

If you served, thank you. If you did not get a chance to server, don't worry about it.

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Yooooh Marine.

Yes I am second generation NAVY. My father served in the south pacific in WW2.

He drove a ''Higgins boat'' hauling you guys ashore. He was in on five invasions and saw a

lot of action. He had a couple ''shot out from under him''. He was decorated but he never talked about that. He said he was just ''doing his duty''. His duty station on the ship was a 20 MM

anti-aircraft machine gun.

I was in from 58 to 62 and never got to shoot at anyone. I got out just before the Cuban missile

crisis. I was technical in the Navy. I was in communications. I served on the USS North Hampton

CLC-1 communications center for about 30 months.

I worked in he ''crypto'' center and rapid communications

I have ''peed'' in more sea water than most folks have ever seen.

We had a detachment of Marines on the ship and they never lost a chow line. a gangway or a Navy officers

baggage the whole time I was on the ''Norton''. lol .....

I became good friends with a couple of Marines and taught them to read big words and to count to

past a hundred. ........ lol .... (dont get upset, I'M TEASING)

One of the guys forgot to ''lock his M1'' in the rack and had to carry it with him for two weeks while we

were at sea. It was funny as heck to see him setting on the "john'' with the M1 between his feet.

He showered with it and slept with it. Everyone teased him.

''Goin' hunting there Marine''.....

''Gonna shoot some fish Marine?''..........

He would carry it to the mess hall with him and we teased him about that also ...

''Hay Marine, you gonna shoot someone it they try to take your powered eggs?''

His drill Sgt. told the squad that if they caught him without his hand on the rifle and they got it away

from him they would get a one week ''Basket leave''..... They could not ''take the weapon away from him''

using force but they could steal it if they got the chance. He hung onto that rifle like glue. He would take ''small stuff'' and tie it to his hand and his foot when he slept and he slept ''on the weapon''.....

I served four years and came out a E5. They wanted me to stay in but I figured I could do better

on the ''outside''..... I got out and went to work for $1.25 per hour and after three months I got a two and

half cent raise.

Anyhow. Thats the way it is with the Navy and ''that other group'' we haul around........

Stay safe Marine .........

Seajay and Willa ..........


The Navy recruits men..........lol.......

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Guest Wayne77590

Well, I'm just glad I didn't look like a pile of crap with a marshmallow on top! (Here we go again! - all in fun)

I spent two years as Ships Company, USS El Dorado (AGC-11), Aug 62 - Aug 64, and I did make the Cuban Crises. Made a few others also until I retired in 1984. I was a comunicator on the Dodo and had/have a speed key certificate from ComPhibPac. It made the Navy radiomen upset, because as a Corporal (E-4) we were supervisors in Radio 1 with Navy E-5 and E-6's sitting circuits under our "leadership." It was a good two years. We were on and ISE in the PI when the Gulf of Tonkin incident happened and I was asked if I wanted to extend as I was due for transfer and I said no thank you. I had a six month old son I had not seen (Some of the hardships the military goes through)

We will have to sit around the campfire some day and swap sea stories. Having served two years with swabbies I'm sure I can still handle my own.

By the way, do you know why the Navy has the Marines, and the Army has the mules?

The Army had first choice!

p.s., ARMY = Ain't Really a Marine Yet

Semper Fi!

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You bet my friend. I would really like to sit and talk around a campfire sometime with you. I am sure we could swop some sea stories and maybe have a sip of something 12 years old, over the rocks.

Before I forget it. CONGRATS. on your dedicated service to my country. Any person that will dedicate a big portion of his life to the service of this country gets a big ''tip of the hat'' and a solid thank you from this old salt. If we did not have men (and ladies) that will dedicate their time to the defense of this country, we would not have this country,

Freedom aint free. We have to earn it and defend it with our ***** if necessary.

Again,,,,,..... THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE..... I really mean that ..........

I went down to watch a young man graduate from Air Force (bus drivers) basic training some time ago. I was shocked to see what they have done to the ''Navy uniform''....... They had a training facility there at Lacland AFB and sailors were training there. On liberty they were wearing a sort of a ''jump suit'' thing. The only way I knew they were sailors was the U.S. Navy tag on the uniform. I asked one where his ''Dress Canvas'' was and he didnt know what I was talking about. Good Lord, where has my Navy gone? Would you believe they actually have girls on Navy ships now????............. I guess you cant walk around in a towel and flip flops no more...... I would have never believed that they would have women on sea duty in my Navy.

Dont anyone know that it is ''BAD LUCK'' to have women aboard a man of war???????

I guess thats progress.

Anyhow, good chatting with you and if i have used words over five letters in them I am sorry. I am sure you can get your wife to explain what they mean...... lol .....

Be safe Marine

Seajay and Willa ..............

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Guest Wayne77590

Didn't it all start with Zumwalt?

Oh! Don't worry about big words. My wife understands them. After all, she is a former Marine!!!

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I just had the pleasure of reading through this thread and see Seajay and Wayne, both of whom I've read and communicated with before. I served as an HM from 1960-1969, and am proud of it.

We returned last week from a two week trip that took us to Lackland AFB to witness our grandson become an Airman. While standing in line, wearing a USS KASKASKIA (A0-27) ball cap, I noticed another former sailor (his ball cap said so), and I told him that my grandson had betrayed me by joining the AF and wearing a bus driver's uniform. This poor guy said he was sorry, but for him it was much worse; it was his daughter that had joined the AF. We commiserated (that means we talked about it Wayne) for a couple of minutes and came to the conclusion that we were both very proud of our family members for serving our country, in any capacity, and we wish them well and God's speed.

I'm proud to say, as I did to Seajay, that I have very strong feelings about the USMC, and some old buds were HM's with those folks. They are and will always be the best fighting force on our planet, and deserve our respect. Those words will not be spoken in public Wayne, though they are heartfelt.

Wind at your back always (that's the part where your rear end is, Wayne), and be proud of your service.

Doc Mike

Former HM1/USN (E-6)

Itasca Spirit

Honda CRV Toad

Roadmaster tow/M&G brakes

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Doc Mike...... You are a mess. You remind me of ME. I just love the way you explain things to Wayne.

When you use a ''BIG WORD'' you add the definition of it in the sentence.

For anyone else reading this that has not served in the Marine Corps (a small detachment of the Navy) or

has served in MY NAVY as a regular ''salt water sailor'' you must understand that ever since we ''added'' the

MARINES to the NAVY there has been a constant battle between Jar heads and Swob jockeys. All sailors know

that the MARINE solution to a situation is to KILL THE ENEMY. If a door wont open, a Marine will blast the

hinges off the door and kick it open. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.....''UHRAHHHHHHHAAAAAA''

(this is the mess hall guys)

To a Sailor, if a door wont open he will simply turn the knob. The door opens....... MISSION ACCOMPLISHED...

''Whats for lunch?''

This is the way it is and the way it has been and the way it will always be between the Marines (a small part of the

Navy) and the Salt Water Sailors of the United States Navy.

And one other thing........ I am best friends with Pogie Bait. I consider him ''brother'' and lifelong ''friend'' and I

think he feels the same of me. He is a Marine and very proud of it and I was a sailor and very proud of being in the

United States Navy.

All our teasing and ''back and forth'' comments are all in fun and we are simply carrying on a tradition that was started

when our Congress formed the United States Navy back in 1776. This reminds me of those famous words of

Captain John Paul Jones...


Seajay the sailor man

God bless our service personnel and bring them home safe.

God bless our veterans for they have insured our freedom that we so enjoy.

God bless America, the greatest nation in the world.

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I really hope that we can all meet on the road one day. Well, actually not "on the road" so much as in a campground where we can swap sea stories, and watch our Marine friends get dirty.

I agree with your sentiments regarding our service men and women; they have a wicked job with multiple deployments, etc. (I'll keep my politics to myself, for now).

The USMC, is, I repeat, the best of the best, and believe me when I say, that the USN is THE BEST, and the USMC is at least equal. I contradict myself.

At least USN and USMC folks know to remove their covers inside a building and when eating.

Best to you, Pogie, Wayne and all of our other fellow fighting men and women, and to the generation we are quickly losing who truly did fight for us to be free.

Doc Mike

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One other thing and then I will shut up ..........

Everyone should remember this.

The Marine Corps is PART OF THE NAVY. The little part. The Marine Corps belongs to the Navy and

it should be remembered that MY NAVY will not allow any other service to ''pick on our Marines.'' We,

as sailors have that exclusive ( only ) right of persecution (beating up on) our Marines. Our Marines

are under our protection (caring for) and if someone tries to ''sell them a bridge'' or ''swop them two nickles

for a quarter'' or ''confuse them with big words'' we, as sailors shall confront (step up) said offender ( bad person)

and prosecute (beat up on) said offender (bad person) until satisfaction (feel good) is attained (got).

So shall it be as it has always been between our Marines and us sailors.

*note* words in parentheses (little roundie things) are for Marines that may or may not read this posting.

Seajay the sailor man ....

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Guest Wayne77590

It's "swap," not "swop," but then sailors cannot spell (or read) very well or they would be in the United States Marine Corps.

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Hi Guys...

I certainly have learned quite a bit about the Navy and Marines. It almost makes me afraid to introduce ourselves as non-military! Our son went to Panama with the 1/508 repelling with a mortar on his back at 18 and then to Desert Storm with the 101st airbourne and is still the Federal Resersves. Does that count and make us fit to be on this forum?

We have only been into rving since last May when we went to FL to pick up our coach. Clarke is not retired yet and while I don't work outside the home... I will never be retired because I have to take care of us both and Painter too!!! He has promised me retirement is on the horizon... it will happen next June.

So far we have stayed near to our home are only beginning to think about going out of state because there is a new 9% room and meals tax on campers here in NH this year. I don't understand how we can be taxed when we bring our own roof and food but the Gov. seems to think we should. This may be the start of our "far & wide" travel...

Seriously I have enjoyed reading Navy vs. Marine and hope someday we will be able to sit down and have a great chat.

I hope I have done this correctly... here goes... what do I press next?

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To Ojequack

Since I am not sure of your name I shall refer to you as Ojequack.

First. It should be understood that WE AS NAVY MEN do hold in high regard all our brothers that serve in the Marine Corps. It is further

understood that the Marine Corps is a small part of the NAVY. I always think of the Marine Corps kinda like I think about the anchors on the ship I served on.

''The MARINE CORPS and our anchors were a necessary burden that we hauled around on our NAVY SHIP. Each is only good for one thing and

Mostly useless for anything complicated but when my NAVY NEEDS THEM, they can be deployed with great effect.'' ... (our turn Wayne)...

Two. As stated earlier in this and other forums, THE NAVY and the Marine Corps have been ''poking fun'' at each other since the inception

of the Marine Corps as a small part of THE NAVY. This is the way it has been and the way it shall be so long as our mighty ships of THE NAVY

sail on or under the sea.

As to your sons service to this nation I say this....''GOD BLESS HIM AND ALL SERVICE PERSONNEL SERVING IN THE DEFENCE OF

THIS NATION.'' Any person serving, or that has served, this nation in any branch of the military has my greatest respect and my heart

felt thanks for their time and service to our great nation. Without these men and women we would not enjoy the great liberties and


It must be won and defended by fresh faced kids that are not old enough to

buy a beer but are old enough to ''GIVE ALL'' in the defense or this great nation. Any time I see a service person in uniform I give them

my best NAVY SALUTE and my heart felt thanks for their service to this great nation.

THREE... Since you are ''newbies'' I would like to tell you this.

You are going on the greatest journey of a lifetime. You have become r.v. people. You will go to places and see sights and meet people that will

impact your life in ways you can not imagine. I have been R.V.ing since 95. I am on my third coach and I have been in every state in the

union except Hawaii. I have explored most of Canada and been to Alaska from N.C. three times. I have logged over one hundred thousand

miles on the road and I still love the ''windshield time''. I have met people all over this great nation and all over Canada and they are mostly

friendly and very outgoing. There is something about camping that brings people close together. A certain bond between people like no other

that brings us, with a common interest, together. Go and enjoy.

One other thing...... Tell your son that Seajay the sailor man says thanks for his service to my country. May God bless him

and keep him safe...................

Watch for us on the road and dont be afraid to come over and say ''HOWDY''........

Seajay the sailor man

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Guest Wayne77590

First of all, you have to realize the "the sailor" doesn't know much about computers except breathing hot air on the screen

And, yes, the Marine Corps is a department of the navy, but as I have stated so many times before, it is the "Men's Department."

So, welcome Clarke & Judy (So easy to find your name)

We just completed a 4600 +some mile journey, including the New England state of Massachusetts (Had to spell that for the sailor). I was even in North Carolina, and the sailor didn't even wave at me. (I guess when you look like a marshmallow with a pile of "mud" on top, you don't want people to meet you. - I had to clean that up) We did stay in Conway last year so we are familiar with some of your areas. Y'all have 3 nice seasons, and one bad one. We just have two seasons here, very hot and cool.

When you retire completely you will have a lifestyle change that you should enjoy immensely. Example: My wife asked me today what I was going to do, and I replied, "Nothing!" To which she quickly responded, "You did that yesterday!" And I said, "Yes! But I'm not finished yet!"

See, there is hope after work.

As for not serving in the military, that is not a burden. It may have been a Godsend. Not having served does not mean that you are not patriotic. It means you were not needed when your time was right. So you didn't miss anything except, as a Marine, you would have had a camaraderie that would last a life time. For those who never served in a combat area, I say the same thing, "You didn't miss anything!" You are the proud parents of a military son.

Welcome to a great forum.

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