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2019 Alaska trip, looking for travel buddies. If you are looking to go to Alaska around June of 2019,  for about 60 to 70 days. We live in Southern Illinois. I have a MilePost book, was looking at the suggested route #4 to go & a different route back. My wife & I are retired, but would have no problem traveling with a family or several other couples, but not more than say 4 others, a small group. Would like to meet up this summer.  We are newer to the camping world, have a newer 24 ft TT. 

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2019 Alaska trip, camping/travel buddies

We are planning a trip to Alaska for around June of 2019 for about 60 to 70 days round trip. I have a MilePost book, and was looking at the Suggested route #4 to go up and a different route coming back. Would like to see if a small group of 6 or less,  would like to travel together.  We will be newly retired. We live in Southern Illinois, and would like to meet this year. Would not mind going with a family. We are fairly new to the TT world. We have a 24 ft TT.  We are planning 3 or 4 short trips between now and then, could meet up. 



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