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  1. Thought I would post an update. We have changed the route, a little!! Due to the rain & snow in the north & north west, I checking those roads for any problems. Using AAA for suggestions The biggest change, from Victoria we will travel north/west to Port Hardy. Take a Ferry to Port Rupert. Then connect to our original route. This 10 hour Ferry ride, will save me about 3 days of driving. I have contacted a Travel Agency, Knightly Tours, the put together a Custom day by day tours for our time, about 3 weeks. I think this is going to work our great for us. I had a problem getting camp site in Jasper, BC. Looks like they have several camp sites/grounds under construction or closed for a time this summer. We are know about 6 weeks from leaving, so it is getting real. Almost every day thinking, what am I missing for this adventure!,,, More as we get closer.
  2. Thanks, for the info. We are planning to stop in Dawson Ceeek. Still looking for people going this year.
  3. We are also planning an Alaska trip. I have posted our route in another blog. We are leaving the end of May 2019. Would love to have other drive along. Contact if interested. Mel
  4. Thanks for the info. I have a diesel, Ram 1500 V-6, 24 gallon tank, was going to install a extra 50 gallon tank in bed. Any idea what diesel cost up their? I have purchased a windshield repair kit, 3M brand. Still interested in others that would like to tag along!! Or suggestion for the trip. Have been reading other blogs, found several good ideas. Thanks Mel
  5. A update on planning this trip. I have put a lot of time into planning this trip. We plan to leave from Southern Illinois the last week of May 2019. Going near Sioux City, Iowa for a few days. Then up to I-90 South Dakota west, stopping along the way, including the Badlands. West to Redwood forest, again many camping stops along the way. Then north to Olympic National Park, Sol Duc Hot Springs. carry to Victoria for a few days. Then Farry to Van Couver. 99 & 97 Up to Prince George. Then 16 to 37 near Watson Lake. Than 1 Northwest to Tok then to Palmer where we will spend 5 days, exploring. The 3 days @ Denali then 5 days around Fairbanks. Then 1 back to Watson Lake, & 97 to Dawson Creek & Grande Prairie then 40 to Hinton. Then 93 to Jasper & Calgary. South on 2 to Glacier/ St. Mary's. Then to Great Falls & Butte, then east on I-90/ I-94 camping along the way to Fargo, ND. We have other stops before returning to Southern Illinois. We should be back by mid August I have already made reservations @ many campgrounds along the way. Please contact us if interested it traveling along!!! Mel
  6. So, Hello again...it's been awhile. Just to follow up on our Alaska trip, yes it is still on. I thought I will open up a new blog under the destinations. I will post updates their. Mel
  7. We are also in the planning stage to go to Alaska next year, leaving late May. Please contact us, my wife & I would love to have others travel along with your own rig. And, yes the "Milepost" is one of the first thing to get ASAP. Sometimes not the easiest to follow, but a must have. Make reversations at campgrounds soon. Some will not take a reversation until Jan 1,19, but be ready to call. We also have about 10 weeks set aside. Leaving from Southern Illinois.
  8. We are Mel & Dayna, Falcon@112. So we are wanting to meet some camper that maybe interested in going to Alaska around June of 2019. We live in Southern Illinois A lot of camping in Southern ILL. We are new to camping, so want to take several short trips this summer,fall, and spring. So contact us, we camp for a weekend. If not interested in going to Alaska, we would also like to meet up. We are located in Southern ILL, near I-57 & I-24, if you are passing through, several camping places near by. So send me a Personal Message.
  9. So we live in Southern Illinois, looking for that small out of the way camping spot, maybe just 4 to 5 hour trip get a way. June or July this summer. Quiet setting. Some where you have been that you would like to share? Thanks, Mel & Dayna
  10. We are planning a trip to Alaska for around June of 2019 for about 60 to 70 days round trip. I have a MilePost book, and was looking at the Suggested route #4 to go up and a different route coming back. Would like to see if a small group of 6 or less, would like to travel together. We will be newly retired. We live in Southern Illinois, and would like to meet this year. Would not mind going with a family. We are fairly new to the TT world. We have a 24 ft TT. We are planning 3 or 4 short trips between now and then, could meet up.
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