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To Plant a Garden, or Not



blog-0574875001399559618.jpgJennifer and I love watching things grow, planting them, tending to them and then – with our vegetable garden – picking them when they are fresh and ripe and enjoying them.

We’ve planted a garden for many ears but the last two years, because of our travel schedule, we’ve returned home from RV trips to find it mostly shriveled up from lack of water or, unpicked, gone to seed.

Nevertheless, there we were this week, getting the vegetable beds ready again, hoeing, weeding, improving the soil and planning it out.

The peas and the new strawberries will be in by the weekend. The rest, a couple of weeks yet when the threat of frost at night has gone away.

We’ll do it again this year, despite a travel schedule that will have us gone all but a few scattered days pretty much from June through September.

There is something that is just plain right about planting and tending a garden. It is deeply satisfying, relaxing, good for the soul.

But this year, we will enlist some friends and neighbors to water and tend to our garden while we’re gone.

Starting in a few weeks, we have trips planned that will take us to the east coast, all all around the Great Lakes in the Midwest and then a big trip to the mountains and national parks of the west and the Northwest. The veggies I plant over the next couple weeks will be ready for harvesting while we’re still out on the road.

But this year, we’ll ask friends and neighbors to harvest it as it ripens. Hopefully , we’ll find some ready for picking on our visits home between trips.

I’ve seen RVers who travel with small pots of staked tomatoes.

With the limited space in a Type B, I’m not sure how feasible that is.

How abut you? Have you traveled with fresh and container-growing veggies? f so, how?


This is my garden. We grow in raised beds behind a fence that keeps the deer out. I’ve been getting the dirt ready for planting this week.


This is last year’s garden, just before we took off on a long trip to Colorado. Most of it was lost because of neglect.

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We traveled 5000 miles last summer with "Tommie", a hybrid tomato plant in a 5 gal decorative pot. While on the road, he traveled in the shower stall on a towel and then set on the dash enjoying the sunshine and scenery when we set up camp. Never lost a single tomato while driving. Ate the best tomatoes during that 3 week trip half way across the country and back. otherwise he would have withered and died while we were traveling. Now, if i can figure a way to take some green beans and corn next time!

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