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  1. Thanks, Bill. Yes downshift helped to a degree until derating kicks in. thanks for links. I have reached out on them
  2. 2007 Holiday Rambler Endeavor pusher. Had issues returning from cross country trip with overheating and loss of power. runs fine on level but under load on long grades looses power at 208 degrees. Original diagnosis pointed to clogged radiator and clogged fuel filters after running biodiesel from west coast. Rad cleaned and both fuel filters changed. fuel delivery not issue. All now pointing to bad fan clutch. Local Cummins shop says the can not find replacement as this in not a Cummins part but one supplied from OEM (Monaco) Anyone had similar issues or difficulty in tracking down fan clutch. or potential source for same.
  3. by the way, magnum monitor also switched out with inverter.
  4. Richard, no, this was the reason i swapped out inverter. this first occurred while on a trip to Virginia 3 weeks ago where we had limited run times for generator. problem occurred after being away from coach for most of the day. when we returned, batteries showing 11.9, fired up generator and after only a few minutes, went from bulk charge to absorb. generator ran for an hour or so while we did dinner, then as soon as the generator was turned off, power went down. Magnum monitor said low batteries, but charge controller on solar indicated 12.8 v with solar panels off. did not have multimeter to confirm at time but basically got the same type readings when i got home. Batteries charged for days on shore power but as soon as shore power disconnected, power went down When swapping out inverter, batteries were off shore power only for an hour so should have been pretty good shape to begin with. took pictures of all original connections and reconnected identically.
  5. Herman, ATS is my guess now, any way to check it out or test theory. Richard, no new loads other than residential refrigerator installed 2 years ago. Water heater off.
  6. interior electrical system shuts down as soon as i disconnect from shore power. First thought it was the 15 year old 2000w Magnum ME modified sine wave inverter. batteries tested 12.6 volts but magnum panel showed low voltage fault. could not retract jacks or return slides without having engine on. even had trouble starting generator but thru boost got it fired up and made it home. had to run generator while driving to power residential refrigerator. when got home and plugged into shore power, all was again normal until after a few days of fully charging to float charge. again as soon as i disconnected from shore power, all power shut down. came back on as soon as reconnected. Replaced inverter with new MS 2012 and everything worked fine on start up. after an hour or so charging batteries to float, turned of shore power and power immediately shut down again, both 12v and 110v. panel indicated low batteries at 4.5 volts. I checked batteries with multimeter and each tested at 6 volts individually and 12.5 in parallel but magnum panel still indicated low voltage and no power even after connecting to shore power. went back thru start up procedures, did reset on inverter but nothing changed. shutdown shore power and tried to start generator. even with boost took a while and would not stay on. plenty of fuel. started engine and after a few minutes, power came back on and seemed to be normal and batteries at 13.8v until shutting of engine. then no power. reconnected to shore power, no change. restarted engine and power came back on as before. this time i reconnected to shore power before shutting of engine. this time power stayed on. left system plugged into shore power but confident power will go down as soon as i drop shore power. 12 years ago i bypassed the salesmen switch, so no issue there. last year i added 400 watts of solar but added a cut off switch to isolate solar panels into charge controller and controller to batteries to avoid potential conflict with charging batteries from solar while on shore power or using generator. not sure that caused issues with ATS. any thoughts of trouble shooting power issues. 2007 HR Endeavor
  7. Getting ready to install 400 watt Renogy solar panels with 40 amp MPPT controller to our 2007 Endeavor. RV is equipped with factory 8kw Onan Generator with 2000 watt Magnum inverter. Do not plan to change any of that. I have reviewed several wiring diagrams and YouTube videos of proper set up but none address how to deal with potential isolation of solar system from batteries while on shore power or while using generator. Do I need to add a cut off switch to the lead from the solar to the batteries to isolate solar system when on shore power or when running gen set. Renogy has not been too helpful with set up of this nature. Plan is to use solar for battery charging when dry camping in National parks or when restrictions to gen set run times are in place. I am sure someone has dealt with this before.
  8. Should have followed up. Replaced batteries in October with Crown 260 amp hr batteries. All is well. no inverter issues.
  9. Thanks for responses. Yes, I know batteries were on borrowed time but had one more trip scheduled before putting coach to bed for winter and was planning to replace next spring. Crown 260's are on order. Generator is 8 kw and has held up running both AC's and MW at same time in the past. New refrig is Samsung and says 5 amp draw max. I was only running ac's when on shore power anyway, so not sure that was an issue. Will see what happens when new batteries arrive.
  10. Magnum inverter/charger in our 2007 HR recently started shutting down giving us "internal fault 1" code while on generator. I powered down, did a hard reset and all seemed fine for while but next day and again day after, had similar issues but reset cleared code and all was fine. Batteries (flooded Crown 235 amp hrs) are approaching 8 years but holding charge overnight even running a recently installed residential refrigerator. Got home and everything seemed to be fine while on shore power for next few weeks. Hit road again and has similar issues while on generator but figured once I got to full hook up, 50 amp service, everything would be OK. Not the case, now fault occurs withing 5 mins of powering up either on generator or shore power. Reset clears fault but not nor long. Powered everything down now. I did observe that one of the batteries appears a bit swollen but water level was fine. Curiously, the AC unit continues to run even after the inverter cuts out. Apparently the AC units are bypassed and directly feed by shore or generator? unfortunately Refrigerator is not but I am guessing that is because of my choice of which plug I used when powering frig when i switched from the old gas/elect. Could not find fault codes for Magnum. So, does it sound like inverter is the issues or perhaps is a dead or shorted battery is causing the fault?
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    Places Endeavor has landed
  12. Will be headed East out of Vancouver in July along TCH and looking for suggestions on Campgrounds in the Lake Louise area or west to Kamloops area. Traveling in 40ft with toad, Electric preferred but no essential. Any suggestions on central location for best scenery, possible on lake.
  13. I have encountered no issues with burning furnace while traveling. If temps permit, i will instead run Gen Set and roof unit on Heat Pump mode and kept coach toasty. Ambient (outside) temp needs to be 38 or so but still plenty of times this is the case and dash unit just not enough.
  14. read some time ago about using Ridex periodically to clean black tank but can't seem to find thread on forum. even after using water flush system seem to have debris on sensor getting a false reading even when I am sure the tank is empty. Any thoughts or comments on benefit of filling a clean tank with water and dumping recommended amount of Ridex in tank and driving around for a while then letting is sit for few days before dumping and flushing tank.
  15. Nansue 58, If it works ok on electric but not on propane, and it has not been on propane in a while, may be that propane bleed off and there is air in the line. if so, igniter will attempt to light up to 3 times, and if no flame present, lock out. Try purging the line by turning on closest gas appliance, then turn fridge off, then on again to restart sequence. Listen outside to see if you can hear the igniter spark, then the flame. may still take a time or two. Remember that the fan will run and sound like fridge is working even if flame is not on.
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