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A Summer Like No Other

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Our travels this year have been delayed by family illness, a trip with grandchildren, a broken awning, a Monaco International rally and the FMCA International Convention. So it was almost the end of July when we began our summer travels. We will have to return to Missouri to take care of painting the awning we had replaced. We'll head west to California by the end of September and be in our winter resort by the first of November. So we get about six weeks of travel this summer.

Like all people, we fall into habits. We're used to traveling at a leisurely pace, doing sightseeing for a day or two and then just spending some time around the campground to do laundry or fix a problem item on the motor home. We've learned to rest once in a while just to catch up on sleep. A good rainy-day do nothing day never upset our schedule in the past. There was always something to do indoors. We never had a definite schedule, just a general agenda for the summer. In a good summer we would even tack on an additional stop or two between family visits.

We hardly ever play golf in the summer but we've played once a week for the last month. Tennis is a winter sport for me but I've managed several matches in the last month. Louise has had several days of card playing. It has been fun but not our normal pattern. In past summers we visited a few friends for a short while then resumed traveling. This summer we are visiting at least 10 of our friends and relatives. When we travel we seldom visit cities. This summer we'll stop in a string of large cities, we are outside New York City right now. Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa are all on our itinerary.

So this summer we'll experience travel in a different way. I think of it as vacation mode, travel for those whose time is limited. I know real vacationers would love to have six weeks but we've modified our travel plans several times to fit in as much as we can while keeping the quality of our travel. When we read the blogs of others on this site, we feel extremely lucky to be able to travel at all. We are, after all, among the most fortunate people on earth to be able to live this lifestyle. Carpe Diem

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This year spring and summer have flashed by. Your blog sounds like our summer has been. We covered many miles but quality of time spent actually enjoying the aspect of travel has not been there. A quick trip out west for the birth of a granddaughter, stayed there too long(2 1/2 months), and a fast return trip as the whole family made the trip back with us for the christening in Linda's church. Now we are leaving this weekend for Ottawa for a month for our second son's wedding.

Coming to the conclusion we may go full time in the spring as this past 12 months we have spent half the time in our coach!

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Sometimes we are carried along by circumstances beyond our control. The joy of this lifestyle is that it gives us the freedom to do just that. Being able to be there for family when we are needed is priceless. Perhaps we'll be able to do some of the things we planned for this summer someday in the future, perhaps not. In the meantime, we're making the best of what we have. Hope you have a good winter and can do some of the travel you plan for next year.

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