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2004 Itasca Horizon



We bought our coach last February and have been having a/c issues since last summer. It has a TrueAir basement system, which we thought we would love. The heating system works great but the cooling system can't seem to keep up with temperatures at 90 and above. We have had to replace circuit boards, a relay switch, both blower motors and a fan over the course of a year. Each time we think it's fixed for good as soon as the temperature gets really hot it still can't keep up.  As we speak, they're now doing a freon check (because the temperature coming out of the vents is reading slightly higher than it should be). If it's a freon leak we will probably get two new compressors.  If not, the Tech is saying that brand just may be putting out as much cooling as it can( as with the factory installed units on all Alfa motorhomes. That company then started offering an option of adding a rooftop unit to compensate for the basement unit.)  Our Tech is suggesting we may have to do the same.

 We have an extended warranty and so far they won't authorize a new unit because we haven't completely exhausted all possible solutions. Can anyone contribute any advise/solutions on this? We love the coach but this is driving us crazy.  A rooftop unit would be installed in a cut out already housing a vent so the job would probably cost about $1200. It would be located in a central area so air flow would supposedly flow forward and back.  Spending the money on this is one thing...as long as it solves the problem.


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These basement units can cool the incoming (return) air about 20-24 degrees when both compressors are running.  

Measure the temperature at the return and compare that to the temperature at the first air outlet.  If it is in the above range the unit is working as intended.

Key to keeping cool is starting the air BEFORE it gets too hot in the coach.

Some people have had problems with the duct work coming up inside the rear end cap.  It can separate resulting in loss of cool air.


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Yes, the duct work could have come loose and sucking warm air.

I have found with our basement air that approximately 15˚ below outside ambient temperature is what to expect inside, so 90˚ outside should be around 75˚ inside. The AC will most likely not cut off.

Once when we were in temperatures above 90˚ we went to Lowes and purchased some "space bubble."  It comes in rolls and I cut it to fit each half of the big window. Half a window at a time because it was easier to manage storage.  When I put it in the window the temperature dropped inside to a comfortable level.  Even though the windows are double pane the heat emanating through them is very high when the sun is shining in.

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I have a 2008 Alfa and dI live in Phoenix.  I bought it 3 years ago and I had the same problem.  In phoenix in June 90 degrees occurs around 9:00am. My Alfa A/C never did cool to the point where it was comfortable.  After about 3 months of this I had a Dometic roof top installed and it completely solved our problem.  I had it installed at Alfateers in Fontana, California. 

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