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Good morning, I just became a member and you are the fist thing I have read,saw that no one has answered you so thought I would let u know what we are doing. We got a wifi card from T-mobile. It is a  Device that connects you to the  Internet and it is about as big as a business card and you can streamline you TV as well. Not sure how many megabytes it has but we have a lot because we run our businesses from our coach. And like you, most site do not have good internet connections. All of the cell phone carriers have them. But we found that T-mobile Was the best for the money and they do not make you sign a contract. Hope that helps.

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We have a data contract for our iPhones with AT&T.  With unlimited service we get 22 G of high speed data for each line and then slowed service following that.  We also have two iPads for a total of 4 lines, 88 GB of high speed service.  May or may not work for all, investigate all companies before committing to any one.  Each of these devices can be used as a hotspot to provide wifi for your use.  Speed is determined by the quality of service available but I find them to be very fast even with one bar of signal as long as you can get an LTE signal.  If the signal is 4G or 3G you will get noticeably slower response times.  In the places we stay we can get LTE service most of the time.

We've used T-Mobile, very limited or no service in some areas.  I have canceled the T-Mobile service already.  We've used Verizon, good in most places but a few where we stay the service is very poor.  I dropped the Verizon phone service about 4 years ago and went with AT&T.  We just started the AT&T unlimited service (above) and the Verizon data contract expires next month, that will be the end of Verizon for us.  Dropping the other two offsets the cost of the additional line we added to our AT&T contract.

AT&T has good signal in most areas, still we find some small areas with no service.  If or when you know your frequent travel areas, then you will be better able to choose the company that can give you the best coverage for your particular travel habits.

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We've been using the Verizon system for a few years.  Seldom had problems with coverage, just data limitations.  The unlimited plan definitely isn't.  They just don't tell you that.

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