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  1. I looked at the Michelin / Continental pricing thru FMCA , and after the us$ and duty and tax plus the us tax , it is cheaper to buy them in Canada at full pop , I did purchase Bridgestone 283A for a decent price , gives us 5 years until I need another set , ...the phone deal does not work in Canada , and I have not found any campground in Canada that offers a discount for camping , most have not even heard of FMCA ,.... and a friend has a towing company , and would prefer to take AMA (associated with AAA) for tow , as he gets paid 3x faster , ….when we travel in the USA for winter we can access more perks , but camping discounts have not been better than what we already have , so no benefit so far , did attend the rally in Indio this year and had a great time , met lots of people , and enjoyed the show The 182 day cut for us allowed in the USA is misleading , as it is a formula of 1/ 3 of the days from last year , and 1/6 0f the days from the year before , and that total is subtracted from the total of 182 days , leaving about 120 days (4 months) when we have about 6-7 months of winter , we have to leave winterized and winterize before we return , either way we take our MH from Alberta to B.C. in late September to beat the chain up over mountain passes , and store in Vancouver until we are ready to leave . We are leaving in February this winter and returning in May , and hope to find a rally between Texas and Washington in that time period Bev and Allen Cunningham F475668 , 1999 American Coach Tradition 40TVS , Cummins 8.3 Alberta , Canada
  2. I am on linked in , and I get requests to add all the time from totally off the wall members just trying to get more numbers , and from industries way off from my own , or financial gurus trying to sell me something. I don't find linked in useful at all.
  3. I have used my phone as a hotspot for many hours at a time with no damage
  4. My 99 Tradition cost $33,000 , 2 years ago. It needed ball joints and tie rod ends at 53,000 miles because of faulty boots. Make sure you check this , they are very expensive. I did all the brakes and the front brgs as well.
  5. Our 40 ft Tradition, with 330 hp Cummins, 3000 trans , 295 75 22.5 Toyo tires, traveling light, avg speed, gen running 50% of the time55 mph got 10.8 mpg. At 60 mph got 10.6 mpg on trip from Detroit to Jasper, Alberta.
  6. when traveling in another country , shut off mobile data , so you don't incur roaming charges
  7. 7 years is the usual time most say to change tires , brand is a tough one , I have Toyo's and am quite happy with them
  8. we have plank snap lock , if we get tired of it , I would put in vinyl tile
  9. why would you need all of the ac units on at the same time , in your yard , I plug mine in to 20 amp and have not had a problem , fridge on to pre cool and front ac to cool off coach to drive , ac only needs to be on for an hour to cool , fridge over night
  10. roadster27


    I have 295 r 75 22.5 Toyo on my Tradition now , they are 7 years old and look perfect , I am looking for new as well
  11. we will be traveling in our 40 ft Tradition , pulling a Spark on a dolly , starting Dec 3 , Dec in Portland , Dec 6 in redwoods , Dec 9 in Monterey
  12. safeway started out , owned by the Nuns of the Quebec Catholics, there are many store , at least one in every town, Iga , Safeway , All Canadian Superstore < Presidents Choice and a slug of others Allen and Bev Alberta , Canada 99 Tradition 40TVS and I know this was posted long ago , but I am helping future travelers
  13. roadster27

    Consumer Alert

    phone corporate affairs , and ask for findings of the investigation , if they have none , phone the Canadian ombudsman I am a canadian Allen and Bev 99American Tradition 40TVS Alberta
  14. AT&T has a device called a mobley that costs $20 a month for 20 gig a month
  15. we visited Yellowstone last year and found parking at pullouts at most spots , do no take tower road , I did , and a porche would be tricky there , steep hills , narrow roads , big drop offs and stupid people 99 American Tradition TVS40 Bev and Allen Alberta
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