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14 days until liftoff (The Trip)

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Just 14 days left... whoopee!!!

This past week has been fairly busy, remember in our previous entry I mentioned my rotary club was hosting a GSE Sweden Team from May 8 until May 13.... wellll, we did that.... hence, getting ready for the trip was on the back burner.... it was a great week and the Sweden Team was taken to the airport this past Wednesday morning.

Sooooooo, back to getting ready for the Trip.... on Thursday the RV was taken in to the local RV shop as planned to install a replacement bedroom slide topper.... and, one of the AC units motor had locked up, along with the plastic squirrel cage was shattered... so the AC motor was also installed along with a "metal" squirrel cage. I did discover that the squirrel cage was the first one of that design ever supplied by the distributor. I'm glad I ordered an extra squirrel cage in case the second AC unit plastic cage comes apart.

OK, so the last minute large repairs are done... that was yesterday, May 14.

Over several days, May 15-16-17, we have the RV parked at a local campground for testing of all functions and features.... as of tonight everything is working! Yahoo!!!!!! Even the 2 TVs.... and the ice maker is turned on... it would be nice (not critical) to have ice in the morning.

Tomorrow, Saturday, I plan to pickup a water filter, and take care of small nit-pick little things.

We have not yet made campground reservations for the trip back, which is down the East Coast and then I10 back to Palm Springs. Tomorrow we'll start that process... allowing for 2 days in New Orleans and 2 days in the Dallas/Austin/Houston area. For the trip back we'll be towing a car on a car dolly... so we'll need campgrounds with pull-thrus.

Any ideas or suggestions regarding campgrounds are welcome.

Signing off,

Trudy and Doug, Dale the dog

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