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T minus 13 days

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Howdy All,

As mentioned previously, this weekend, May 15-16-17, is the motor coach testing weekend.... testing all functions and features...

The RV is fully hooked up to shore power, water, sewer, and cable TV. As the temperature here is now in the 100's the two AC units are getting a good workout.... it was 107 degrees today.... I've let the front TV and the bedroom TV stay on... I visited the rig several times a day... testing the water flow in the kitchen, bathroom area and shower, and also testing the Precision Water Heater unit I purchased several years ago... so far, all systems are working.

The front large sliding curtain to provide privacy had about a dozen grommets pulled from the curtain... so my task this morning was to figure out how to fix or reinstall the grommets... so I was off to the local True Value Hardware store, the store has been open for business for about 200 years.... yep, that's what I said, the store smells old, the floors and walls are old, and they have unmarked small closed metal bins,.. that only the cashier, who has worked there for about 150 of the 200 years the store has been open... anyway... I found a grommett repair kit, that included a small back blocking wood, and grommet set tools. My kind of hardware store :lol:

I also was thinking about a water pressure reduction gizmo, I was worried about the high city water pressure bursting the RV water pipes, but all I could find was a 25-30 psi reduceer made for lawn drip systems, so I passed on that. But, then I remembered the rig has a built in pressure regular set at 42 psi.

While at the hardware store I concluded that trying to repair the curtain grommets while the curtain was still hanging would be to much to do. As I wandered around the old store mumbling to myself, I came across rolls of thin insulation, like the dash protectors for cars. So the idea lightbulb went off in my head, why not buy a roll of insulation that was tall and customize it to place in across the dash of the RV... TADA!!!!!

So the old hardware cashier checked me out, and with a 4 ft x 10 ft roll of insulation in hand I head back to the RV to work my magic on the dashboard cover.


Doug, Trudy, Dale the Dog

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