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T Minus 10 days

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Tonight I have a mild headache caused by walking into the RV ...

A bit of explanation.... right at this moment... if I look in the bathroom mirror, on the left side of my upper forehead is a half moon cut, maybe 3/4" long, attempting to heal. You may wonder how I came to acquire such an injury... here's the story, on our motor coach (like many motor coaches) there are cargo/battery/other areas that have doors that lift up... when the doors are opened they swing out and up, with the bottom edge of the door, ending at about a 30 degree angle tilted out from the RV... and in our case, at about 6 foot in the air. I'm about 6 ft 2 inches.... so when I changed directions while walking around the RV, BAMMMMMMM, I got a icky tattoo on my forehead :o Ouch :o !!!!!

Enough about the hazards while crawling on, over, and under, or walking around, the rig... however, a helmet could be useful :D

I was thinking of tools we'll need to have on board... for me, we'll have a small battery screwdriver, with the special square bit, a ratchet screwdriver with various bits, a multi-drawer tool box that fits nicely in an outside storage area... in the toolbox are a collection of fuses, string, wire nuts and in-line electrical connectors, a electric circuit tester with probes, several sizes of knives, wire crimper, hacksaw with extra blades, a socket set, a variety of self-tapping screws, variety of flat washers, the ever handy plastic wire ties.... and the one item you never lease home without, DUCT tape! One more tool I have found very useful is a battery operated screwdriver/drill-skill saw-sander combo set.

I think we've settled on a renting a uhaul car dolly instead of a car hauler, to pull the a Honda Accord back from Washington DC.

Today I manufactured a cover for the entry steps... when the entry door is closed, the two inside steps may be raised to form a flat platform for the person in the shotgun seat to have a floor to stand on. In the past the motor that lifts the steps into a flat floor has burned out and is very difficult to find... so I made a 24" x 32" 3/4 inch plywood cover that lays over the entry step area... since the Boss would not be happy if she fell through the floor I made, I then added a piece of angle iron to the underside of the platform to reinforce the plywood and also to keep the plywood from shifting. Not a bad job since I worked out of the back of the car.

Finally put on replacement Michelin front tires (275/70R22.5) today, cost $1,263.00. I did ask for long tire valve stems.... inflated tires to 120 lbs front and the rear duals to 110 lbs.

Return trip planning continues, from DC down the East Coast to Jacksonville, Florida, then West taking I10 to California. The goal is to drive 300 miles a day.

I'm going to take a couple of aspirins :lol:


Doug, Trudy, and Dale the Dog

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Ouch indeed! I've been there and done that - more than once! The last time it took staples to close the cut. I was busy looking at the ground while walking and then started to bend over to pick something up... At that point I did purchase a hard hat and some safety cones that I put under the corners of the open bay door! So far that is working for me! Knock on wood!

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