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  1. I currently have a 2009 Georgetown 378 on a Ford F53 (550) 242 Wheelbase Chassis. My objective, if I decide to install Mor/ryde is to smooth out the ride. Any thoughts? Gary
  2. Has anyone installed the Mor/ryde Rubber Shackle Suspension system on their MH? Any comments good or bad. Gary
  3. With the current FR wiring on the 378ts the battery on/off light is very misleading. If you operate the battery on/off switch to disconnect the battery from the load, with no 110AC shore power, the battery light goes out. However if you connect to shore power now under this situation the battery light will come on giving the impression that the batteries are connected to the load and are being charged. The attached schematics show the current and proposed wiring. My question, does anyone see a problem with this change ?? Current Wiring.pdf Modified Wiring.pdf
  4. Can you provide a source ( web site or company name, etc.) for the weeping hole covers ? Gary Schultz
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